Moonlight Forest – Poetry of the Fantasy City RELEASE

Aka “City Castle Hella Pastel Whose Name I Cannot Remember” Print that I still cannot get because of 94cm bust and I am sad.

There are 3 OPs and 2 JSK, and I love them all, but my chest is too big so I guess at least I am saving money. Preorders are up until July 10 so if you love this print, don’t wait.


OP with frills in the front

OP with hella cute peplum (the left one, the right is the JSK)

Sailor OP

Peplum JSK


All of the L sizes are 94cm (bow JSK is 95cm) bust and waist are 84cm (Bow JSK and frilly OP have a stretchy waist that goes up to 88cm?) and are all 98cm long.

FIVE CUTS. FIVE. And not even one would fit because chest. :S I mean, they have S,M and L so definitely catering to many sizes, but would it kill them to make an XL too? Which I predict would be 98/78(78~94) if going by the pattern of the size increases from S to L. That theoretical XL would work. ;__; OH WELL at least my Arcadian Deer dress arrived at my SS and it should be here soon, and then maybe I can get other elements from that series. In August. When I am allowed to shop again. ;___;


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