Paradiso 2018 Announced!

Next year’s theme is “Woodland Arcadia”. SO we do mori lolita now? Actually, I think mori kei is super cute and I would love to do a mori-kei/lolita outfit.

Day 1 is at The Athenaeum, a historic Kansas City building which I have never heard of before despite living here my entire life. But a quick google map shows the distinct lack of parking (aside from street parking or a parking lot on the other side of the block) (because clearly I am overly paranoid about parking all the time) and being two blocks from a Police Station. But hey, it won’t be in a basement this time, right?

Day 2 is at the Webster House again. YES. That alone will be worth it. Can’t wait for easy parking and all the tea and snacks I can stuff my face with °˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖°

Ouji Pageant is back also. ALSO, the FAQ addresses many concerns, such as parking, and also if there will be seating for everyone. Also, Day 1 will last from 1pm to 7pm? 6 hours? That seems long to me, but it will be after lunch. Hope the snacks are better, since 6-7pm is around dinner time. Overall, it looks like they took a lot of the feedback this year. Good job ❤

I hope that I can even attend, but it depends on if I’m in town or if I feel like coming back home for a weekend to also visit my cat (and perhaps family).

On a more bitter note, I can now find a picture of me on the website and I am thus refusing to let my picture be taken ever again. (╯°Д°)╯Ahhh why does my face look like thisssss?


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