Mail call!

Got home to TWO packages today. What great timing, since I had a sort of rough day.  What are they?

SOCKS. And the Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology-Air dress. I could have used those socks….the last two days. HAH. But now I should be good on lolita socks for a good long while…at least until winter. I ordered them from Aliexpress on June 30 and today is the 10th, so got here faster than expected. Yay. Later this year, I will get some nicer tights.

Tired and feeling a little unwell at the moment, so all I did was unpack my Arcadian Deer dress, and I want to go ahead and say DAMN.

DAAAAAMN. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Print looks so pretty in person. It has gold trim and the dress is shimmery and beautiful and I am super impressed.

One thing I have noticed with Angelic Pretty is that there will be a button sewn onto the strap and then the loop on the bodice, so if you want to adjust the straps to fit you better, gotta re-sew the button. But with this dress (and actually a few other taobao dresses), the button is on the bodice and the strap has button holes, so all I need to do is move to a different button hole.

Also, they included a plastic garment bag so I can protect the dress from harmful things like direct sunlight and inconsiderate smokers. AND there was a freebie hand mirror included too.

Anyway, I am 100000% sold now on getting the Water dress and maybe even the Earth dress when those are released. Right now, the only other print they have even shown is the Fire print.  However, I figure that the Water print would have mermaids or something like that, so that could scratch my itchy for a mermaid-y dress (as opposed to the r-series dress I am keeping an eye out for) and the Earth print may have some forest nymph dryad something, which would be cute too. Neither of those prints have been shown yet, only the Fire print (and obviously, the Air print).

I should probably calm down a little, at least until I wear the silly thing. :p But it is SO PRETTY ಠ◡ಠ



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