Angelic Pretty Bon Bon Bunny Preview

The name is silly, but I think I actually like the print.

At first, I wasn’t sure because it has a lot of boxes and little cookies and candies sprinkled all over.  But this looks very cute and reminds me of Valentine’s Day. So this would be cute for a chocolate themed meet-up, or a Valentine’s Day meet-up.

The model is very Larme-styled though, which I am not a huge fan of.

Okay definitely not a fan of the red colorway with the blue boxes on it. I do like the lace detail here though.

Looks like the black, red and pink Colorways have green, purple and blue boxes, while the white. The Jumperskirt looks pretty decent.  Not sure if I like it enough to buy, but if I did, I would get either the pink (I love pink) or white (Valentine’s Day outfit!)

Pictures taken from the Lolita Updates FB, and ultimately Mint Kismet’s scans of Melt.  Melt (kawaii fashion book, not to be confused with a different Melt magazine) is a new j-fashion magazine and not sure how often it will be published, maybe monthly? So surely there will be more summer (autumn maybe?) prints announced soon, aside from the Halloween one. ❤


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