Angelic Pretty Halloween Treats Preview

I love halloween, even though no one around me seems to care for it.  But it’s fun and candy related and I love candy.  This is the other Angelic Pretty print from the new scans of Melt that I like. I wonder if I can find a copy without having to pay stupid amounts of shipping.  There is a third print, Suyasuya Toys/Peaceful Sleeping Toys, which is another all over print, but I do not like toy prints, so not going to post about it at all.

This print is called Halloween Treats. It’s got an all over print of halloween treats on it, like candy and ghost marshmallows and coffins. And CATS.

Heck, why is it so cute. The little ghost bag is cute too.  The Angelic Bat beret is apparently already super popular, and from what I hear, shopping services are already taking orders for it (and the dresses too actually). o___o Surely they won’t actually release this print until late September/early October, right?? It is JULY.

Also commenting on how Larme-ish the model looks. I know it’s popular and all, but meh.

We have a sack cut and a jumperskirt, and it appears the three colorways are black, purple and white. I want pink. A pink colorway with the cute little cookies and candies on it would be SO DARLING. I would have to go for a pink JSK, but as it stands…eh maybe? ヽ(´ー`)┌

STILL waiting for re-re-re-releases of the lavender and pink Holy Lantern special sets…someday. AP USA has preorders for the normal Holy Lantern JSK (the zipper JSK ugh) and OP up right now, but only lavender (and the other usual colorways I guess) and no pink.

Melt scans from Lolita Updates FB/Mint Kismet FB.


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