Pastry and Errands

Finally tried on my Arcadian Deer Air dress, and HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE.

Didn’t wear the headband or wristcuffs, since I was just out running errands. But damn, the fabric of this dress is beautiful and feels so soft. I bought an XL and it fits perfectly. Is my diet working? Or is this just the greatest dress ever?

So I am ALREADY sold on getting the rest of the Four Elements of Astrology series. I got so many complements today too. This makes me want to back off on the Little Dipper dresses (maybe just get 1…) and save up for the Fire dress.

Errands went well and I got my beloved pastries.

A croquette filled with ground meat and veggies, and a cream cheese pastry. Oh man, the croquette was the best thing I ate all day. Also bought a bunch of the milk pastries since they are only 180 calories each. NEAT.


Little Dipper Tasman Solid JSK Series (UPDATED)

“Tasman” is what Google Translate is using for “塔斯亚”, and google search of those characters brings up Tasmania, so…Tasman JSK it is.

I LOVE IT ;__; It will come in short (as shown) and long. The long has option for weird circular ruffles on the skirt, but they are optional. Available colors will be light blue, apricot, maroon red (cyanosis?), 绀 (process of elimination says that this is the navy blue!), black, lotus root (this is pink?) and green.

Little Dipper only has the preview pages up, so not sure on size or even preview pictures of all colors yet. But oh man, I want them. (ヽ `д´)┌┛★)`з゜) THEY ARE SIMPLE AND BASIC LIKE ME. I am not even concerned about how the bodice has ruffles. I love ruffles.

_(:3」∠)_ I guess I will just wait and see about this dress. I want the pink and maybe other colors too.

Also when is Arcadian Deer coming out with the Fire dress?!?

UPDATE 8/25/2017
So preorders are open from today until September 15, Chinese time. LOOK AT THESE AND HOW LOVELY THEY ARE. And they are only $44/45 each (if you get the ones lacking the weird circle ruffle, which I would).

Light yellow/beige. I like it. The other model of this dress is in light blue, but I already have a light blue dress and don’t feel like I really need another one. Not now anyway.

A nice dark green. I don’t have any green dresses yet.

Wine red. Wouldn’t this be a nice Christmas dress? Or Valentine’s Day dress? Or just to wear whenever because it is pretty?

I am not showing the black or navy blue dresses. Actually, both the long and short versions come in all of the colors (pink, yellow, light blue, navy blue, wine red, green and black) but they are only modelling the long dresses in the darker colors and the lighter colors with the short dress.

I want the pink dress for sure, in the shorter cut, and I am thinking about getting the red and green dresses in the longer cut. However, I am going to wait until September before deciding for sure. Torn on the yellow dress. Ha I kind of want the pink dress in both cuts because I am ridiculous. (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง Come September, I will think about what I can afford and if I still want this.

AP Halloween Treats Release Date

We get three colorways: Black, Ivory and Lavender. No pink like I had hoped, and the red was only for that one special set. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Whelp.

I kinda like the JSK, however, I just bought a cat dress and am anxiously awaiting the release of the Arcadian Deer Fire Dress, so I am passing on this. I am curious to see how popular this print ends up being. That batty collar on the JSK is a little odd to me. I wonder if if can be removed, or if you are forced to tie it back like it is shown.

It goes up for sale 8/26/2017 noon Japan time! This is your chance to grab it (because AP USA is dead to me).

Soufflesong Kitty Courtyard Sale

From August 18th to August 25th, Soufflesong/Neverland’s Kitty Courtyard print is on sale.

After much pondering and asking opinions, I decided to buy the long JSK in purple. This will be a super easy dress to coordinate. It has black, so I can wear black shoes. It is purple and I have other purple accessories. It has cats on it, and I love cats.

I considered getting this JSK and then the short JSK in a different color, but then decided the bodice on the short JSK looks so weird to me. And then I considered buying TWO of this JSK, but decided I should be saving for moving out and buying microwaves, so I can buy this dress in pink some other time. If it is comfy, of course. Or maybe the 3rd weekly sale will be another dress I have been wanting (Sweet Cherry Deeeeer).

Unfortunately, Soufflesong takes forever to make and ship dresses, so that will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Fanplusfriend Neo-Ludwig Mitologia Egypt Series

Mitologia is just spanish for Mythology.〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

The long awaited Bastet print from F+F is up for preorder! There are two dresses in several sizes!

First is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Dress with a Hooded Blouse. It has an open skirt front and is a sleeveless dress. However, this comes with a tulle blouse, as the model is wearing.

A view with the detachable hood of the blouse on.

There are three colors: white/gold (for daytime), green/gold (for life) and black/gold (for mystery). I really like all three of them.

The other cut is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Gauze Cape Sleeveless Dress. It includes a detachable mini capelet that buttons on the shoulders to create the little sleeves. I am a little worried about that neckline though.

I like it styled like this much, MUCH better. A blouse underneath and the bow from the other dress? I like it.

Same colors as above, except here, the dark green is paired with black, while above, it is paired with light green/gold.

I really want these dresses. ;__; I know the Lady 90 size will fit perfectly (if maybe a little big). I like the second dress in green for sure, and the first dress in black. That way, the bow from the first dress could be used with the second dress.  The black colorway makes me think of the black colorway for my LE&SE Kingdom of Faeries dress too, which is kind of a good thing.  I already have some black blouses (both long and short sleeve) that I could pair with both, and without a blouse, both of these could probably work as classy normal dresses too.

Right now they are on sale, and there is an addition 12% coupon code on top of that. With the coupon, shipping is pretty much free.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I want them!

I also need to buy jeans and other more daily normal clothes though. I guess jeans are on sale right now too…

But I want these dresses. They have CATS on them. The GODDESS OF CATS BASTET.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Man, why do I have to be the responsible person in my family.

Musings and such

Life is stressful now, and that doesn’t even take into account the terrible events going on in the world. (Nazis?! Really?!?!).

Had a blog post all ready for the Angelic Pretty USA debacle, but I don’t feel like publishing it after all. To be succinct, I am boycotting until the problematic staff member is fired.  This can be an opportunity to explore Japanese brands beyond AP, like Atelier Pierrot, Metamorphose, Baby and Innocent World.

Every time I look back on my instagram and see posts where I dressed up nice or ate something tasty, it makes me want to dress up nice and go eat pastries or dim sum (I did this over the weekend with my friend!) or ramen.

More Stupid Things

Originally, I wanted to dress up today. ;_; But then found out that this morning, we were supposed to have a family meeting.  I am still not quite confident enough to wear alice otona around my family (aside from my Mom), so plain jeans it was.

We were on our way there when I got a call saying it was off, and for very good reasons that I am not going to describe here. So back home we go. I figured that I would see family members later in the day, so remained in jeans to run errands.

Later, we got news that a family member would now be staying with us for an indeterminate amount of time, so I scrambled to move all of my possessions back to my own bedroom. It was nice being spread out with the attic room for storage, but it is no more. u__u

Going to go see friends tomorrow (hopefully) so probably no opportunity to dress up either. I do not feel like being brave in that aspect right now.