Stupid Things

My boss saw me last weekend when I was dressed up. So the other day, he commented that I looked extra fancy and asked if that is how I always am outside of lab.

(。ノω\。)゚ hah sure I wish.

Then today I panicked about being around other people so I came home early and tried to bake cream horns. They turned out okay, but I ran out of whip cream so I had to fill the rest with cream cheese.  I want to buy some proper cream corn molds and then I will try the other cream filling recipe I know. That one always makes a TON of filling. But this worked pretty well.

And now my family is exploding because of stupid life decisions. So once more, I am pondering moving all of my belongings into my original bedroom to make room for other people or not. ¬_¬ I really prefer to be spread out the way I am now, but the weather is starting to cool off (in August!?)(GLOBAL WARMING) so I will probably end up moving back into the other room soon anyway. Before moving the heck out.


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