More Stupid Things

Originally, I wanted to dress up today. ;_; But then found out that this morning, we were supposed to have a family meeting.  I am still not quite confident enough to wear alice otona around my family (aside from my Mom), so plain jeans it was.

We were on our way there when I got a call saying it was off, and for very good reasons that I am not going to describe here. So back home we go. I figured that I would see family members later in the day, so remained in jeans to run errands.

Later, we got news that a family member would now be staying with us for an indeterminate amount of time, so I scrambled to move all of my possessions back to my own bedroom. It was nice being spread out with the attic room for storage, but it is no more. u__u

Going to go see friends tomorrow (hopefully) so probably no opportunity to dress up either. I do not feel like being brave in that aspect right now.


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