Pastry and Errands

Finally tried on my Arcadian Deer Air dress, and HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE.

Didn’t wear the headband or wristcuffs, since I was just out running errands. But damn, the fabric of this dress is beautiful and feels so soft. I bought an XL and it fits perfectly. Is my diet working? Or is this just the greatest dress ever?

So I am ALREADY sold on getting the rest of the Four Elements of Astrology series. I got so many complements today too. This makes me want to back off on the Little Dipper dresses (maybe just get 1…) and save up for the Fire dress.

Errands went well and I got my beloved pastries.

A croquette filled with ground meat and veggies, and a cream cheese pastry. Oh man, the croquette was the best thing I ate all day. Also bought a bunch of the milk pastries since they are only 180 calories each. NEAT.


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