I keep getting hits because I posted about AP’s Halloween Treats what seemed like a decade ago. It has been released by AP Japan and now USA (right after they let go of the problematic person so I could have even posted about that), and there is a NEW extra Halloweeny orange colorway which I have pretty much done zero research on.


I need to post more cute things. Today, I made (yet another) tote bag and hemmed the rest of the fabric I got from Aliexpress a few months ago so I can make a ton of huge handkerchiefs. The small ones I was making myself are just not as useful as a larger handkerchief. I also wanted to use up craft supplies before I buy anymore to make petticoats or anything else.

Tomorrow (well, Sunday after I wake up), I want to go through the rest of my craft supplies and decide what I can get rid of. Scraps I will never use and the like.



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