Halloween Tea Party

Last weekend, I went to a Halloween Tea Party. It was nice.

So cute! The little snack at the top is candied popcorn, and the little witch hat was made of pretzel and chocolate.

The tea was Vanilla-Pumpkin flavored. I don’t like pumpkin flavor. I have never liked it, but I realized a few days before this tea that I have made a grave mistake because there is going to be pumpkin everything at this tea party. Whoops. However, this tea was pretty good, and I didn’t even have to add a ton of sugar to get over the taste. Maybe I do like pumpkin after all?

The treats are the most important part of a tea party. Here, we have garden cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, roast red pepper on striped bread sandwich, a cinnamon ginger scone with Devonshire cream, a spooky pumpkin cake (with apple filling), a sugar cookie and a petite pumpkin (it was an olive baked in cheese!). The only blatantly pumpkin-flavored thing here was the cake, and it was pretty good. I did end up putting extra cream on it. I did not like the sugar cookie, for some reason. Or rather, I ate everything else and was full so I didn’t want to eat it.

I was rushing in the morning, so I wasn’t able to get nice coord shots in my room. However, the weather was nice and we did coord shots outside the tea house.  These look okay.  I need some black wristcuffs (here I just have a bracelet), and I think a black underskirt would look better too. I thought I had lost enough weight to fit into this dress better, but I don’t like how the bodice looks strained.

The JSK is Krad Lanrete Transilvania Moonlight, and I have the matching headbow/veil. The blouse is the one from Diamond Honey I got earlier this year.  Everything else is offbrand.

I had a good time last weekend. However, I am feeling very stressed out about various things in my life. Clobba does have Krad Lanrete’s Dullahan for sale now, but I haven’t looked at it again.  I really want it, but I should not buy it.  There are actually several taobao dresses I want right now, but holding back. Partially because I am in no position to be spending money on anything for fun, and also partially because I am not happy with how I look.


Small Halloween Friends

Life, for the most part, has been awful this week.

But there is a Hallowen Party at school on Friday, so I made some felt decorations while relaxing and watching shows online.

I have a pumpkin, a black cat, a witch (with a removable hat!!!), a bat and a ghost. For the most part, all I did was cut out shapes, embroider details on, sew together 90%, stuff with leftover felt pieces or cotton balls, and then sew up. The bat and ghost need to hang on something, but the other little plushes can stand up on their own. For the witch and cat, I sewed a piece on the bottom so they are like little plush pyramids and can stand up.

A long day

Today, we drove to my Dad’s hometown to visit my Grandpa, and to finally bury his ashes. My Dad passed away 8 years and 17 days ago.  It is a complicated thing, but this is for the best.

On the drive, I worked on some embroidery, which I am proud of.

I went to a tea party yesterday too, and I intend to write it up at some point too. But I have been a bit distracted this weekend.

Krad Lanrete Dullahan

I have done a good job of restraining myself. No Pink Up Devil Emblem, no Little Dipper dresses (neither of them!), no F+F anything.

And then Krad Lanrete releases previews of this dress, Dullahan. If I am fortunate, they won’t actually release it until next year, right?

Oh no, I love this print style. It is exactly the type of crap I love. For colorways, it looks like there is navy, grey/lavender (but they are calling it “foggy ash”), wine and black (“black coffee” is the translation so it may be slightly brown).

First image I found is of one of the JSKs, but there are usually two.  This is pretty cute.

OP? other JSK? I like this one a but better since it has a more plain skirt.

On Krad Lanrete’s weibo, it appears to have a date of 10-20-2017, which is today, so it should have order pages posted, right? YUP.

JSK I in blue…what the fuckity fresh hell is this cut? Is this the same as the first image I posted?? The weird neck ruffle can be removed, to show a pretty normal square cut collar with minimal frills.

There is one size, with a bust of 88-98cm (best to be below 94cm), and a waist of 68-84cm (best if below 80cm), and it is 94cm long.  Why is the bustle not totally in the front OR the side, but at a weird angle? Why corset lacing the way is it there? WHY.

JSK II in grey/lavender! The second modeled dress I posted looks lavender, and this looks more grey. I don’t know. And it has the cute peplum ruffles at the side. I like this one the best. There is one size, with a bust of 88-98cm, and a waist of 68-82cm, and it is 94cm long.

Finally, the OP in wine. What the heck is going on with the collar here.

The OP comes in two sizes though, M (bust 84-96cm, waist 70-86cm, 94cm long) and L (bust 88-100cm, waist 74-90cm, 95cm long).

Look at those SPOOKY DETAILS. And it’s a cotton dress.

If this is actually released now, then I expect Clobba will get it sometime next week. I originally though I would want the wine or navy colorways, but the more I look at the lavender ash colorway, the more I like it. Not going for black, since I have Transilvania Moonlight in black and these prints feel similar to me.

After my previous experiences with Krad Lanrete headpieces, I am NOT going to bother with these headpieces. Ha ha ha nope. I may be able to reuse the Transilvania Moonlight headpiece with this, or just find a different one.

Another Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I went to Ren Faire with my friend! And this year, I *did* wear lolita.

I took a few pictures of my outfit, but upon review, I don’t think they are nice enough to post. I wore my F+F Chiffon Lover JSK in blue with the “black” Little Dipper half blouse. It actually looked more dark navy/blue-black. Also wore solid black tights and some old boots I got from Walmart literally a decade ago. The boots kind of match, but also look kind of bad, however, it has been rainy and no way am I going to test my blue tea party shoes in the mud-hell of Ren Faire. I considered wearing a witch hat, because it was Witches and Wizards theme this weekend, but it looked awful.  I did not do much with my hair either. In some circumstances, comfort is more important.  I also brought my parasol, which came in handy because it ended up raining! My friend and I were prepared though.

It was very humid, so one of the first things we did was buy fans. I really want a lolita-appropriate fan, but even these didn’t quite cut it for me. But it was so nice to have with the humidity. While waiting for my food, my fan ended up breaking. ;_; The little metal piece that held it together was cheap and broke. When I got home, I just removed the metal completely and now it is held together with embroidery floss.

As is tradition with this particular friend, we visited all the booths relating to yarn and fiber arts. She is very interested in someday acquiring a spinning wheel.  Some of the ladies in the historical fiber arts booth were making lace by hand, which I think is super cool. I want to try that someday! The group for historical arts also do blacksmithing and other skills from the Renaissance era.

Eventually, there was a downpour, and my friend and I decided to leave. We went to a bookstore, and then got ice cream and wandered around a bit.

At the Ren Fest, I kind of blended in with other people who were in costume (even though lolita is different from renaissance era clothes), but there was one girl who wanted to talk to me about lolita and cosplays. There were a few people at the mall who told me I looked nice too, which I guess isn’t too different from when I go out myself.

I had a lot of fun yesterday.

Souffesong Weekly Sale – Butterfly Cemetery


Butterfly Cemetery is one of the prints from Soufflesong that I have loved the entire damn time. I think I even posted about it when it was first released. I wanted these last fricking April. And now they are on sale. I would buy two. One in blue and one in purple, one JSK and one OP, and it would be super cheap and I would be happy with cute dresses. I know that with Soufflesong, you have to go print-by-print because some have better quality than others. However, I have seen this print in person, and I still love it.

In blue.

In wine.

In purple.

AND I AM ON A NO BUY UNTIL I GET A JOB and probably longer after that.  I have had such a bad week though, I almost want to just buy it anyway, but then I would feel bad and probably get yelled at.

This summer, I kept thinking that there were not really any dresses that I loved enough to want to buy (Brand is held to pretty high standards for me, since it is so pricey, but even with Taobao brands, there were dresses I liked but not enough to really make me want to buy them, aside from the Arcadian Deer dress). And now it is fall and I cannot do anything. I even have money saved for my next AP dress (if they ever release anything that I both want AND fits the 4cm+ rule…), but I would feel guilty spending it now.

This is HELLLLL. Seeing something you have wanted for a long time go on sale and you still cannot buy it.

Neo-Ludwig Alchemy Spell: Cure JSK

What do I even call this, since Alchemy Spell Cure has a ton of dresses and the prints are all kind of different.

Doesn’t matter, since I can’t buy this dress, even if it is super on sale and then a coupon on top, because I am practically unemployed at this point (funding runs out in two months and I am panicking).  But it is free to whine and appreciate dresses on the internet.

So pretty! Not the biggest fan of the sparkly ruffle at the bottom, but the bow with the moon charm is precious. There is something very elegant about this print and cut too.

You can do bustle nonsense in the back, if you have proper underskirts! One bustle or two bustles? So many options. Also, see the two colorways here: blue and gold/ivory, and green and silver/black. I like them both. ;__; And they are both on sale right now. This is the Egypt dress all over again, and that SOLD OUT.

Details of the Moon Bow pin, and of the print. It looks like a tree from mythology or something mystical like that.

I like seeing the promo art for prints and dresses. Certainly an interesting way to coordinate this dress…

Ugh it is so cute. >_> I am so disappointed in myself that I can’t get this. Or anything, anymore.