My 2018 Bullet Journal ~ January

After much research, I decided to do a more proper bullet journal for 2018, like in all the cute videos and guides online.

I picked a pink Scribbles that Matter A5 journal. It has 100gsm paper and pre-numbered dot grid pages, and two book marks. I love that it is prenumbered. I had to put numbers on the pages of my old bullet journals, and my old lab journals, and let me tell you, it is boring and tedious as heck.  But also, this journal comes in pink.  I am a sucker for pink.

Will I use a key this year? Nah. But I am going to try better to use the index, even though I am SO lazy about it.

Sometime I did last year but did not show in my post was my 2017 goals. I didn’t show it for last year because I only accomplished one goal….graduate. ;_; For 2018, I have fewer goals, and will add more as I come up with them.

I also have a wishlist for 2018! For now, it is a laptop to replace the laptop I got from school (I will have to return it)(also I technically already accomplished this want ;__; whoops), a laptop bag (my current one is falling apart), a second STM journal when this one runs out (my last Bullet Journal lasted the whole year and had pages left over, but since I am doing more pages in this one, it may not last the whole year), and another MD Midori A5 gridline notebook, because I really love the one I have now. It is sort of a random note companion to this bullet journal.

Like last year, I did a yearly outpage set up. Usually I would put events like Nakakon and Paradiso on here, but my future is very fuzzy and mysterious right now. I will probably just have to fill these out month by month.

I wanted to change up my monthly view and habit tracker a bit, and instead, I didn’t. The only major change here is that I added a mini calender to the monthly view. I think for February, I will try something else, but I really like the mini calender. Also added a mood tracker to my habit tracker, but not sure if that will really be useful or not.

First week of January, and it is kind of an awkward set up. I want to keep the daily diary bit somehow, but this feels weird. I also am changing the weekly menu plan to be incorporated into each day’s things to do list. I also need a yoga tracker. One of my goals for 2018 is to do 50 hours of yoga, so that is approximately 70 minutes a week.

This was also where I found that some of my Jellyroll pens bleed like heck through the pages.

Weekly layout for later in the month. This leaves more room for the daily diary part, but it also feels like almost too much room. I will just have to play around with it and see. What I did before was write out the dates for the daily diary and then have leftover room for miscellaneous notes, so maybe I will do that here too.

This is new! Years ago, I would have little cash planners that I bought from GMarket to help budget. After awhile, I just stopped with it. However, I am going to try to track my expenses with this page. I have a few bills that I always have (rent, phone, car insurance and dental insurance), but the rest of the page is blank for things like gas, groceries, and frilly dresses ;_;.

On the other page, is a brain dump page. My old bullet journal had space for notes every week, but some weeks, I would write nothing, and other weeks, I would write a lot. I am not sure if just one page is enough for brain dump or if I will use it while it is so far away from the weekly pages.

I really thought about doing extra cute doodles to decorate, but in the end, I really just wanted to use some washi tape and random stickers.  I feel like having extravagent flowers and things around the edges of the page is a waste of space.


My 2017 Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals seem to be the trendy thing lately. I decided to make a Bullet Journal for 2017 because I was too lazy to order a new daily planner from GMarket, and the Sailormoon Planner I got for 2017 only had a monthly set up.

At the most basic level, a bullet journal is merely a list of things to do everyday, and you check them off as they get done. If you have a fresh idea, then you can add that to the list. Another important part of the bullet journal system is to have an index at the front, so you can go back and reference every time you had an idea about fresh tomato pasta (or whatever). The third important part of the basic bullet journal set up is that you can use different bullets to mean different things. However, this year, I found that I don’t like having dedicated bullets for different things, nor do I really care for the index function. I just wanted a cute planner that I could take notes in.

A lot of people do super fancy, overly decorated bullet journals too, where there is a cover page for each month with lots of nice art and watercolors, but I am too lazy for that. I mostly just used stickers, or doodled random things.

I bought this journal in 2015 from the Exploratorium gift shop in San Fransisco. What I like about this journal is that the pages are grid line on one side, and normal lined on the other. Also, I like the astronomy themed cover.

These pages are used for my yearly outlook, and marked the big events that happened this year. This was also good to keep track of all the meets I went to this year, as well as the trips and other events I took with friends. Some months were more exciting than others.

My early pages looked like this, and for the most part, did not change. Only major change was that on the lined pages, I divided it down the middle for random notes and then for a daily diary.  The daily diary started out as a way for me to try and track my mental and physical health (which is apparent here), but later, I just started using a few lines to write about whatever. This does not replace my actual journal, which is for more in-depth writing.

Something that I think was very important was my weekly menus. I like to cook, and as a way to save money and eat healthier.

An idea I got from some other blogs solely dedicated to bullet journaling was to have a monthly habit tracker

I love checking boxes and things off lists, so this is a nice way to do that.  Most months, I included ones for 15 minutes of yoga, 7000 steps, blogging, writing in my proper journal, putting on sunscreen, wearing a sheetmask, working on my dissertation, working on job hunting ;_; and working on learning R programming.

Also here is a monthly outlook. I like it because I can easily plan events for the whole month, but I wonder if maybe a more traditional calender layout would be better so I could see which days are which days of the week (even though I have it listed on here).

When I started this last January, I was a little worried that I would give up halfway through, since it isn’t a premade planner (which I have used in the years past). However here it is, the end of 2017 and I managed to get through the entire year!

I am already setting up a new bullet journal for 2018, and trying to make it even better. I will make a post about that later.


Angelic Pretty 2018 Special Sets

YES this is the release I am waiting for!

RIBBON BUNNY BERRY. I mean, yes, Khronous Utopia and Jewelry Snow are up there, and those are going to sell out SUPER fast, just based on how popular they were during the normal release. Also, they are OPs, so I do not care.



It is cheap (relatively) and comes in pink and red. WHY the red? Maybe people will see this worst colorway and ignore this release so I can easily grab the pink. But I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Like I said in my post yesterday, the universe is telling me I need a bunny dress.

If pink sells out before I can grab this, then it’s no good. I hate the red colorway. The red gingham and the red berries blend in together and it is just awful.

Cameo Window is an older print, and it comes in ivory, pink (background), wine (shown) and brown. I actually really like this print. But BUNNY BERRY RIBBON. I bet this is cute in pink and brown too. If I can’t get pink Bunny bunny bunny, then I am gonna get this.

Lovely Snow Fantasy will be in mint and dark blue. I kind of like this, but I don’t think I would bother getting it. The bodice cut is very interesting though.

These babies go up for sale on January 4th at noon Japan time, so that is 10pm CST January 3rd for me. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

I’ve actually been psyched for BERRY BERRY BUNNY all day…but Cameo Window…⊙︿⊙;;;

Innocent World White and Brown Rabbit

They have finally done it. Innocent World is releasing a print that I am in love with.

Bunnies! Flowers! It’s pink! I bet the other colorways will be light blue (background is a dead giveaway) and lavender. But I want the pink! I always want pink though…ha. I wonder if the model is wearing a white underskirt or if those two bottom layers of trim are attached to the dress. I am thinking it may be an underskirt.

Ahh I guess I will need to finally figure out how to order from Innocent World…or maybe not ;__; First of all, will need to see how the sizing is. If it is anything like the Red Riding Hood Ribbon JSK, then the bust is 84-112cm and waist is 64-100cm so definitely works for me.

In other news, Soufflesong released ANOTHER Strawberry Rabbit cut and I need it. OTL Of all the times in my life ;_; I suppose the universe is telling me that I need bunny prints in my life.

Desk cleaning and waiting

Today, I cleaned out almost everything from my lab desk. It still has not quite hit me that I am leaving my lab, but I am. Friday is my last day.

Since I will have some free time, maybe I will get around to taking pictures of my wardrobe afterall, but I don’t really want to go through all the effort from last year.  Who knows, we shall see.

I am still half paying attention to the Winter AP sale (the pre-sale did not have Fairy Rose!) but on the other hand, I am thinking I may ignore it anyway. I am really worried about my current situation anyway, and it is very likely that I will need to buy a new computer to replace the one the school is taking back (much to the vexation of my boss, who thinks I should be able to keep it since I will still be using it for writing papers for him). So any money that I could have used for Fairy Rose Museum and at least one other dress will be used for a computer instead, which is stressful.  I mean, technically I could go all out with my savings, but I would really prefer not to.

Arcadian Deer Fire Dress is still a go though. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) I am just waiting for a release time. Their weibo is instead advertising a mermaid print and an all-over sleepy Banana ship print (not even joking about the Banana ship) and something that looks like a pastel spooky print.


Angelic Pretty Winter Pre-Sale

The AP Pre-Sale starts 12/23 at noon, which is approximately 4 hours from when this blogpost will be posted. No idea what will be posted, and I will probably miss the start of it since I will be out tonight. So get your Tenso accounts ready!

Fingers crossed that Fairy Rose Princess is NOT for sale quite yet.  I don’t think it will.  Even if it does, I think I will aim for ivory, which is only in-stock at AP USA right now.  I think there will also be a Kronos Utopia Lavender OP Special Set, but that will be a bloodbath, and I can’t fit an OP anyway.

Also, the Toy Harmony and Lovely Bunny special sets will go for sale. These are the print and non-print special sets this year.  Not sure if AP Japan is doing any lucky packs at all (AP USA had lucky packs last week, but I did not notice until after they had already sold out. Whoops).

Edit 10:15pm CST: I am a LIAR. The Pre-Sale starts at 15:00, which is approximately 3pm Japan time, so another hour and 45 minutes.


Every winter, I always want to plan and host a tea party for my friends. I did try one year to host a Holiday tea for my friends, but it seems none of my friends actually want to get together to drink tea. Rather, they just want to have a normal party, and so that eventually evolved into the Christmas party we have every year.  If I had a nice house that was clean and drama-free, I would try to host a tea party for my com, since we have drunk tea together (at tea parties).  I just really love the idea of getting together with some friends, drinking tea and eating cute homemade snacks, and playing board games or card games or just chit chatting together. I guess we had a tea party earlier this year that was kind of like that, and that was a lot of fun.

Maybe there is just a part of me that wants to bake a lot and make lots of food and eat it with friends and just relax. (๑╹ڡ╹๑)