Angelic Pretty The Sky Banquet

There is a limited special preorder of The Sky Banquet!

Pink colorway of the plain JSK. Oh no, it’s beautiful. It strongly reminds me of Rose Museum, but in a good way.

Detail of the lavender colorway. There is also wine (which I kind of have a preview image of  here, and mint which I have no idea what it would look like.  I really like the lavender colorway, so I think when this comes up (or if it is unpopular and goes on sale later), I will go for lavender. Next would be pink, but I am predicting the pink won’t be popular. No idea what the mint looks like, but with the blue in the print, I don’t think I like it, and I think this dress is too sweet for the wine to look good. Wine is a better colorway for more elegant styled dresses, like Fairy Rose Princess (WINTER SALE WHEN).

However, before you get too excited, not just anyone can preorder this dress right now. If you attended the recent tea party/fashion show “A dinner with an angel dreaming of a sky”, then you can order. And you can’t even fake it, because you have to add in your invitation number and name to your order. So I feel a little bit better.

This early reservation is only until December 17th and dresses will be delivered in January-February 2018. Public sales will probably be around the same time.

What I am very interested in is the sizing and price! The JSK is 32,184 yen, or approximately $284 USD (at the moment).  There is a headbow or a bonnet available for this print too.

Sizing, the bust is 90-99cm, and the waist is 70.5-81.5cm, and the dress is 96cm long. The fabric is Doby Deshin, which I think is dobby?

In addition to Sky Banquet, Fresh Cherry and Doll’s Tea Party are also up for special preorder.


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