Weekend Crafting Activities

Yesterday, I made another tote bag, and then hemmed some other fabric for embroidery.

I used heavy interfacing for this one as well. So the first tote I made used heavy interfacing, and it was a pain to do the one step where you pull the correct side out, because the heavy interfacing makes the fabric thicker. But in the end, the bag is sturdier. The second tote bag only used medium interfacing, and while it was easier to perform that step, the bag itself is much weaker. So I think I will at some point remake that bag, maybe with a different pink fabric. This tote is also smaller than the other ones, because I wanted to do something different.

Something I should try is to make a tote and instead of using patterned fabric, but embroider something. I wonder if that would be a nice Christmas gift for people. ;__; I need to figure out gifts for people and if I am going to make something, I need to start working on it now.

No idea what to embroider on these handkerchiefs. They are cute and bright, so not really fitting of the ~elegant lolita aesthetic~, but then again, they are handkerchiefs and who really cares.

Doing a weekly theme on them would mean actually having to wash them every week.  I also feel a little weird about putting words on them. I’d worry that people would ask why my handkerchief says “whatever”, or why I put my name on it. Initials alone are kind of boring too. At least for now, they are ready so once I have a good idea, I can start immediately.


Hello again

There was a picnic this past weekend, but I had to go see family at the last minute instead. It’s awful, because the weather was PERFECT for a picnic! Maybe the weather will stay nice too. Seeing family was pretty nice though, so it’s not all bad. I hope next weekend is nice, so perhaps I can dress up and run my errands.

While hanging out with family, I worked on some embroidery.

I think this looks really good! I drew the pattern out and then tried to use a variety of stitches to make it look cute.

I spent the night at my Aunt’s house, and this is her little dog. She’s a cutie.

Summer Crafts

I visited some friends this weekend, and one of them complimented the blue strawberry tote bag I made a few months ago. This inspired me to make the one with pink fabric today.

It is pretty much the same as the other bag, except I used pink strawberry fabric, a different lace trim, and the fusible interfacing is medium weight instead of heavy duty. Therefore the bag itself is less stiff.

Last time, it took me 2 days to make a bag, but I got this one completely done today. Yay! I never used the strawberry felt plushes I made before, so maybe I will attach some of those onto here for decoration.

Now that I have used up all the nice lace from those bloomers that didn’t fit, I will need to actually go buy some nice lace. ;+; All the lace I currently own is the awful scratchy lace that I got from a craft store before I could tell the difference between nice lace and crappy lace.  Or maybe the next tote bag will just not have lace on it. OR I could embroider it for decoration.

Speaking of embroidery…

I hand-sewed the hems of two random pieces of cloth to then embroider with flowers and practice stitches.  They are totally uneven and look kind of funky, but it is just for practice.

I really need to buy one of those pens for drawing the design on the fabric instead of just free hand embroidering.

On the other piece of fabric, I just made a random flowery design. I don’t know why it is flowers and antlers (or is it a weird tree?).


Pink Pearl and Rose Necklace

Finished making this necklace today. Turns out I have a couple rose charms. So I will make another one in blue.

Still not the best at making the loops for the pearl chain, but practice makes perfect.  The imperfect loops cause the chain to kink up occasionally. I made a similar necklace that I wore to Paradiso (but sans charm), and it didn’t kink up while worn, so that is a good sign.

I’d like to find some gold tone eye pins, but I can’t find any on Amazon that are the right length. >_>;; I am able to find tons of the glass pearl beads, and of course I want them, but I should probably use up the ones I have right now. This necklace only uses 39 beads, so that is good to know for when there are listings of 100 beads.

Random Strawberry Crafting Weekend

Worked on some crafts this weekend. After all, this next weekend is Paradiso and the weekend after that is the Strawberry Festival, so need to get my strawberries done.

All of my other accessories are red but these strawberries are pink. Whoops. Luckily, no one will ever see this handkerchief anyway.  It’s not even part of my outfit, it’s just a cute little extra that only I will know about.

Made some little plush strawberries that are 3D. Original plan was to make them into a charm for my bag.

But now…crap I am unsure, since I already have the other pin.

More flat strawberry plushes in two sizes. Made the larger ones and then though they might be too large to be okay for hair clips. I guess the larger ones could be for a proper brooch for my dress. Or not. I will figure something out. I made these a bit differently from the other one I made, and I think I like these a bit better. Can’t just have a plain strawberry for a brooch or hairclip (well, maybe hairclip) so I will finish these up later this week.

I also went to a craft store to find a strawberry charm to make a necklace, and see if I could get more red and green felt. Felt was successful, but there were no strawberry charms. I did find some other super cute charms instead, but didn’t buy them.

Crap, the little strawberry cake and biscuit charms probably would have worked well enough now that I think about it. Oh well. There is a super cute strawberry necklace from Kuma Crafts that would be nice, however, I don’t think I want to spend that kind of money on strawberry themed jewelry until I have a real strawberry print dress.

Look at all these little tea set charms! They are so cute! I did get a different (not pictured) teapot charm, but these would be cute for earrings (that I can’t wear ha ha) or a necklace with lots of charms on it.  Maybe eventually.

Strawberry Tote Crafting Project

ILD this year will be a Strawberry Festival, but alas, I have no strawberry dresses STILL. So the plan is strawberry accessories. First and most importantly, a tote bag.

I followed this guide. My bag is a bit larger, and the straps were not canvas because I had trouble finding canvas straps online.

I really like the tutorial and it only took one evening to get most of it done. I used the heaviest interfacing I could find, but I think medium weight interfacing would probably be fine also. Hand-sewed the lace to the outer layer, which took awhile but it’s not bad when you turn on Netflix. I also managed to line it up so it matches on both sides!

The fabric on the inside and outside got super wrinkled in the almost step where you turn the layers inside out. I though the hole I left would be big enough, but no. So next time, I will leave a larger hole for flipping the fabric right-side out.

Then today, I made this little strawberry brooch. The strawberry is all felt, and then some lace and ribbon, and the back is another piece of felt with a small bit of interfacing attached for support. The ribbon part looks weird to me, so I may end up just pinning it to my bag and making a nicer brooch to wear on my dress.

I did finally test out a trick for working with ribbon. With some ribbon, you can prevent the ends from fraying by melting them with a lighter slightly. Be careful while doing this, because you don’t want to get caught on fire.


Crafts and daydreams

Went shopping yesterday, but once more, I just wore normal clothes. I thought about it, but it was raining very hard all day. I did wear a nice outfit, but failed to take a picture.

ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

My brother who is supposedly moving in with us sometime says he will give me a new bed. Technically a used bed, but new to me. I’ve had a twin size bed all my life, and was planning on getting a bigger one when I move out with the boyfriend. So I am not currently in the market for a new bed, but I may get stuck with one anyway. And thus I went to look at sheets.

This Shabby Chic brand has some really cute ones.

Pink and little pink flowers!

White with little pink and blue flowers!

None of these would be my boyfriend’s style at all. (*≧▽≦) And I don’t want to spend too much on sheets for a full size bed I won’t need to too long. Maybe someday when we have a house, I can pick out floofy girly sheets for a bed in the guest room. (If there is a guest room in the future house….). At the very least, at least I have pictures of cute sheets.

Today I was feeling very crafty, but also wanting to try and reduce the amount of craft supplies I have. So I made a very fluffy, hideous petticoat, and a cat bed. I had a ton of tulle that I bought years ago with the desire to make petticoats…but then got lazy. Now that I know what a more appropriate petticoat should be like, I decided to make one with pink and lavender tulle. I even attached it to an old skirt I made years ago and was thus throwing away (until now). I’ll test it later this week and perhaps it will quench my desire to buy petticoats for the moment.

Here is my Devil Cat testing it out. So the cat bed is made of a sheet she is fond of sitting on, and stuffed with some old sweatshirts that are too ratty to donate but still something she liked to sit on. So a lumpy cat bed for a spoiled cat.

I ordered some fabric online a while ago to make a cute bag, and also ordered a set of pastel fabric pieces. Instead, they send me yellow, orange, some beiges and browns. I can live with all of those colors except orange. THIS orange. Yuck. It’s like the yellow orange crayon. Gross. So I am going to make something out of it. Not sure what, but it will give my hands something to do while watching Netflix.