Saturday Coord and lolita journeys

This weekend is also hot. It seems like the hallway is air conditioned, but the apartment isn’t.  We may end up getting a portable air conditioner, because window units are prohibited.

Today’s outfit was F+F Musical Palmer JSK with a half blouse from Little Dipper, black ankle socks and shoes from Antaina, and the petticoat from The Black Ribbon.  It is hot, which is why I picked the socks, but OH MY GOD they look bad.  And now I have this picture to remind me that the black socks are not a good idea.  They have the little lace cuff, but you can’t see it. It looks like normie socks. What the hell.

These shoes look so great with this dress though, and even my boyfriend said he really likes these shoes.  He also thought initially that the little grey fabric piece by my sleeves was supposed to be a hood, and that this was a hooded dress. Sadly, this is not the case, but Fanplusfriend will probably eventually get around to that cut.

On Instagram, I have noticed the #lolitajourney tag and I think it is such a cute idea.  Right now, there aren’t many posts (and thus I am too chicken to contribute on instagram), but I love the idea.  So I wanted to compare the first coord I ever put on instagram to today’s coord. It’s also a good comparision because it is the same JSK.  It was my first time wearing lolita to an anime con and I was super excited…and today I just went grocery shopping.

In 2016, I had the flat petticoat that came with the dress, a normie blouse from Target, and my bow flats (that I actually wore out today because I had to drive :p no driving in heels). Today, I had a poofier petticoat, proper shoes (for the picture), a proper half blouse…and I still feel like the old picture looks better.  The tights for one, and the second excuse I had is that the mirror set up is still not great.  In today’s picture, it looks almost like I am leaning towards the mirror, and I think my arms look a little fatter too.  But I’ve lost a little weight since 2016?!? I don’t have a scale at home anymore so I can’t keep track as well as I used to. Maybe I need to tone my arms or something.

I was kind of hoping that some signs of improvement would be visible in the picture, but I think most of the improvement is in my head instead.  I feel more confident wearing lolita fashion, and I don’t think I care nearly as much about fudging on some of the rules, especially if I am just wearing it alone and not with other lolitas.  Back in early 2016, I was also in the mindset that wearing lolita was a ~special occasions~ kind of fashion, which is fine.  However since moving to Oregon, I have not bothered reaching out to the local com yet for various reasons (“I’m shy” “Maybe I will just run into them naturally one of these days” “I’m moving again next year so why bother” etc) so I have ONLY worn it out myself (with my boyfriend) for errands.  I hope that by being a lonelita, I am not getting too lazy.

To improve on today’s coord, I think tights are the way to go, and my hair is pinned up in braids, but I think some nice navy hair clips would look good. I almost never show bags in coord pictures, but I think that is something I should start doing once I get some nicer bags.  I don’t have any black wristcuffs so I usually just wear these black bead bracelets, but I would like to get something for my arms.  And as always, I want to slim down more.



Another quiet weekend

I forgot it was July because the weather has been nice, but then the hot weather has finally hit. There will be highs in the NINETIES oh no.  It will be this way all month, which means I will have to go outside early in the day if I want to go places.

This past weekend, we went to the hardware store and I got supplies to plant my basil and green onion

I’ve been growing them in water and the little pot from the store since I got them, but I would like to keep them alive even longer. Can never have too many green onions, and fresh basil smells really good.  I had a few weeks where it seemed like every other recipe required fresh basil so I figure it is good to keep on hand.  I looked for other fresh herbs at the store, but they were only selling seeds.

I also baked my first cake since moving.  Last weekend, I made some cookies that turned out nice, but cakes are prettier.

Just plain white cake with cream cheese frosting and some sprinkles (to make it look cute!) It’s not too bad, but I think next time I will slice the cake in half so I can add a layer of frosting in the middle.

Today, I was originally planning to go visit one of the parks, but it would be an hour by train AND it’s hot, AND I slept in super late.  I still ended up getting dressed up, but it was only to go shopping and sit around the apartment and blog about anime. Oh well.

Today’s outfit is my Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special Set, with socks and teaparty shoes from Sosic Shop, and a Black Ribbon petticoat.  The turtle necklace is one that my boyfriend and I bought together on a daytrip a few years ago. I only wore my hair down for the picture. I ended up braiding it and then wearing a sun hat to go out shopping.  I am thinking I want to find some simple headbands to wear casually since I feel so weird wearing a headbow out in public when it’s not a meetup (cause then there are a herd of lolitas with odd things on their heads so I don’t stick out).

Maybe next weekend, I can do something more exciting.

End of June Update

Angelic Pretty’s online store in Japan is having it’s summer sale on July 2 (so tomorrow in the west) and I can feel it in my bones that Sky Banquet and Sweet Lacy Basket are going on sale. The print name disappeared from the webshop, which is usually a sign of things either being sold out, or about to go on sale.  Sky Banquet (oh my bad, Banquet Celeste) even restocked in Japan and at APUSA, and it is about to be gone.  Sweet Lacy Basket was pretty popular, but in colorways that weren’t my preferred colorway (always pink > lavender > the rest, cause I am basic), so I wasn’t too worried. But once it goes on sale, it’s going to be gone unless there is a rerelease or MTO or maybe some special sets later on.

The rest of this is just musings so if all you care about is knowing AP Japan is having a sale soon, you can move along.

I am pretty bummed about this, but on the other hand, it may be for the best.  I haven’t worn lolita much since moving. I think this is for a combination of reasons (no com or friends out here yet, still nervous about going places by car, still nervous about wearing lolita on public transportation, being super exhausted by the time the weekend shows up, and of course how frustrated I am with how badly I fit into Romantic Cat). Plus, I have received two Soufflesong dresses I have not even opened since moving here, and my Arcadian Deer Fire dress is in the mail (still in transit from China according to tracking, but was shipped 12 days ago by Clobba, so who knows). So I really do not need to spend money on more dresses right now.

I did dress up last Saturday to go grocery shopping. A very, very toned down coord of my lavender F+F Chiffon Lover JSK. I really should have bought all the colorways of that damn JSK when I had the chance.  It is the comfiest thing ever.  I really need to focus on solid dresses, and I think Atelier Pierrot would have cuts I like but not in the colors I want.

Then last Sunday, we went to the local Chinese Mall. Not just a grocery store, but an entire mall…which was mostly a grocery store but it was inside a large mall-type complex with other shops including a cosmetics store, bakery, bubble tea place and some other shops.  I was curious about the cosmetics store, but it was disappointing.  There wasn’t much stock on the shelves (is this for aesthetic purposes?), and sheet masks were overpriced compared to buying online.  The grocery store was pretty awesome, and the bakery was amazing! We bought some steamed BBQ pork buns and ate those for lunch.  I wish there was a Chinese bakery on my route home from work so I could go buy more easily.

Yesterday, I went to get sushi after work with my friend from college, who was in town for a family event. It was so nice being about to see her, and makes me want to explore town even more.  After dinner, we did walk around a little, and came across a tea and spice shop, the downtown location of the French Bakery I love, and also a really amazing bookstore.  I really want to dress up and drag my boyfriend downtown to see these places and make a day of it.

I am going to try to focus on exploring rather than moping over the sales I can’t participate it.  It’s better to wear what I have and work on fitting into brand better than to spend money I can’t afford on things I will put off wearing.

Souffle Shuffle – the finale

My dress was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, but they were unable to get into my building. o__o So then I called DHL to reschedule delivery, and in the end, I was able to get it on Wednesday. Or rather, my boyfriend was able to get it for me.  But it was kind of a mess, so I think next time I order something using DHL, I will try to have it dropped off at a service point so I can go pick it up when I have a chance.

I really need to actually unpack my two new Soufflesong dresses and try them on and everything, but I feel so overwhelmed with life and such.  This weekend, I have to go in to lab on Saturday, and we may be taking a road trip on Sunday.  It may just be to see people, so I could probably wear a toned down coord if I felt like it.  I don’t think there will be any surprise hiking, but you never know.



Souffle Shuffle pt 2

My first Soufflesong order from this year finally shipped, yay. Only a month later than expected, but I was too distracted to care so they got off easy this time.

So far.

Because I got the shipping notice on Saturday, promptly changed my address with DHL, and then today got a text that they cannot deliver it. Oh, and it’s in Kansas City right now.


But is apparently in route to Portland once again? And will get here on Wednesday?? We shall see how this shakes out.  It worked well last time.  Here is hoping.

Summer ILD – half ass stay at home edition

This morning, I realized that this year is my third Summer ILD. Two years ago was when day 2 of Paradiso fell on ILD and there was a picnic at the art musuem, and last year was me half-assing a coord to go eat pastries alone because I was getting over being ill and also recovering from Paradiso.  This year, I recovered from getting sick again, and half assed it even further!

I also pretty much recreated the outfit I wore last year. Pink half blouse from Diamond Honey, Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK, normie as hell socks, The Black Ribbon petticoat, and some pink shoes. Last year I wore normie socks that were pink with cats, and this was because at the time, I did not have the lace ankle socks yet. This year, it is because I am not even wearing my coord outside of my apartment.  I am not going anywhere or posting this to instagram, so not going to give any fucks.

This JSK is so damn disappointing.  I mean, the print is beautiful and I love it. It has pockets. But this dress short on me (86cm! Way too damn short!), and it just does not fit the way it should.  Looking at measurements again (bust being 90-97cm, waist being up to 79.5cm), it doesn’t fit because my waist is a bit too big (82cm).  But this dress is also high waisted, and I am thinking about my natural waist.  But even if I lost 10cm around my waist, the skirt would still only be 86cm long.

I did use this opportunity to try and find a good place to take pictures in my apartment as well. So far, leaning the mirror against the window gives the best lighting for the dress itself, but the rest of everything is lost in darkness.  Maybe I will have to recruit my honey to just take coord pictures every. damn. time.

The apartment is pretty good for selfies though.

Filters are magical, as are app stickers. I also didn’t decide to put on makeup until deciding I wanted to take selfies, so threw on eyeliner hastily.

And with Billy cat, because cat selfies are the best.

I think ever since my first summer ILD, I have spent it being lazy and ditching meetups, or this year, being a lonelita who doesn’t have a group to hang out with anyway.  This time next summer, we would have moved again, so I wonder what next year will be like.

post-poning Summer ILD

Woke up crabby this morning.  I have been sick the past week (just like last year…) and last year I managed to wear AP Romantic Cat to go buy pastries and half-assed my coord. This morning, I was crabby and started to put together a similar coord- again Romantic Cat and a pink blouse, and was going to do pink shoes and socks.  But Romantic Cat is really short- it may be the shortest dress I own.  It just did not look right with a petticoat and an underskirt. None of the pinks matched, which usually doesn’t bother me, but it did.

I took it all off and just put on normal clothes instead to run my weekly errands.

A lot of things are frustrating me right now. Our apartment feels too cramped. I’m in debt from the move which stresses me out.  I miss my cats back home.   Traffic here is stressful too and it makes me not want to drive anywhere, and there aren’t any nice places within walking distance, AND I am not confident enough to wear my nice clothes on public transport yet.

I will try again tomorrow, since technically Japan celebrates ILD on a Sunday (it just happens to be Saturday here because of how time zones work out).  I want to do more than just sit in my apartment in a dress though, and I don’t really foresee that working out since I can’t afford to go do anything fun.