Sweet and Elegant Activities for when your internet dies

My internet has been dead 2 day thanks to a thunderstorm somehow besting Google Fiber. Luckily, my mother still buys her own internet in addition to my internet, which is how I can post (after setting up internet sharing and messing with other settings she was unaware existed).

So what kind of activities can one do offline and isolated from the digital world?

  • Write in your journal.
  • Take pictures of cute things and NOT post them online (yet)
  • Actually work on sewing and embroidery projects
  • Clean house
  • Do yoga
  • Draw or color in coloring books
  • Garden (unless it is hot as sin and bright as heck outside)
  • Make lists
  • Ponder topics for writing about on blog, and write about them offline (and then copy paste into word later)
  • Work on that damn dissertation
  • Bake all the sweets
  • Konmari your wardrobe
  • Drink tea
  • Try to not waste too much of the mobile data plan

I really hope my internet service gets fixed tomorrow. All I can do is wish the repair guys luck, I guess.

UPDATE: Woke up and the internet was fixed. Yay

Lethargic summer times

I guess ILD was only two weeks ago, but it feels like it’s been forever since I wore any lolita clothes.  I briefly considered wearing something super toned down for today, but decided it is too damn hot. It’s already +90F and it’s only the middle of June! I can’t stand this! I am still a bit cautious about wearing it around my non-lolita friends, since it might attract attention to them that they would be uncomfortable with. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I wonder if I am feeling so antsy because instead of going to meets (I think there was one today but I originally was going to help a friend move today, but I helped her yesterday so I could see my old friends today). I will try again in July, except both coms have scheduled a meet at the same bakery one day apart. Can I really eat donuts two days in a row? Absolutely. But do I want to dress up in many frilly layers in the middle of July to do so?

๏_๏ I am still undecided. It’s so hot and my house barely has AC so even getting ready for a meet would be torture.

Today, I went to go see my college friend who is back in her hometown for about 2 weeks.  We had a great time!

There is a little donut shop in town that we always meet up at, so the other out of town friends and I have an easy place to park our cars. But also, donuts. I am pretty proud of myself because I only bought this one cream cheese donut. Most years, we end up getting a ton and stuffing our faces.

We did do to lunch right after donuts. My friend from this town told us about this bistro that has 5 different kinds of Asian cuisine, so we went there (mostly because no one else wanted to pick and that was the last place I remember her talking about). It was delicious! There was egg drop soup (not pictured), and I got the galbi (ribs) bento box. Included is kimchi (I ate one bite and that is about all I can handle), vegetable tempura, some gyoza (dumplings), rice and a small slice of roll cake. It was so delicious, and almost too much food. I made sure to finish the meat though- it was amazing.

Also, restaurant bento box lunch specials are so fun to eat because you get to try a bunch of things.

After stuffing our faces, we explores some shops, such as the yarn shop we always ALWAYS go to (my friends like to knit and crochet….I embroider….), and then to the British food shop, which means, of course, I had to buy tea.

Tea enthusiasts seem to say that PG tips and Yorkshire are very good tea brands that normal people drink in the UK, so giving it a shot. Literally cannot mess this up. Also, a variety tin from The English Cream Tea Company with 4 different flavors of tea. Cream tea doesn’t refer to a beverage called ‘cream tea’, but a small afternoon meal, where you drink tea and have scones with clotted cream and jam.

Also I bought shortbread, in memory of the one time I tried to bake shortbread and failed spectacularly.

After a little shopping, we went and got ice cream.  I would have taken a picture, but I was busy eating ice cream.

International Lolita Day – summer edition

It was hot and I was lazy, so I went grocery shopping. Also, I overslept.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t take pictures.

Today’s coord was (again) Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK, the stained pink Diamond Honey blouse, and my beloved Sosic Shop shoes. Not pictured are hair (I did a new hair style that I think was cute, and a couple bow hair clips) and socks. NORMAL SOCKS. It was hot and I was dying.  Actually, I think aside from the socks (which were pink and had cats on them, so they matched in a round-about sort of way), this was an okay basic outfit. Lots of strangers told me I looked cute, and should check out a store called ‘Donna’s’. Okayyy.

So I went grocery shopping, and then got fried chicken for lunch because I’ve been wanting it all week.

I barely ate any of it. T_T I planned on eating it for dinner. But then I ran more errands…to my beloved pastry shop!

They were extra cute today.

A large pastry full of cream, oh my goodness. I ate this one. It was lovely.

Strawberry pastry. Is the shell just dark or is it chocolate flavored? I will find out tomorrow when I eat it.

Blackberry and chocolate? Weird combination but I will give it a shot. I hope sitting in the fridge overnight doesn’t mess it up.

Then I got home from shopping, which includes many things (rice, noodles, grapefruit tea…) and then THIS

Kit Kats with almond and cranberry on top? Sure, why the heck not. They taste okay. I think they are dark chocolate.

However, the fluffy part of the day was cut short so I could go see one of my very much non-lolita friends, and eat yet more fried chicken as a weird coincidence.

To be fair, I think I like Popeyes better than Slim Chicken, but I am a sucker for Texas toast. The “Slim sauce” is awful though, do not recommend.

So I spent ILD doing some of my favorite things: shopping for and eating food. (๑╹ڡ╹๑) No wonder boobloaf is a problem.

Calamine lotion hell

I am itchy. My eyelid is swollen for reasons beyond me.  I have poison ivy on my face, but it’s almost gone, but I still do not want to mess around with makeup. It is hot outside.

So even though one of the two coms decided to reschedule their ILD from the distant Strawberry Fest to the Art Museum that is within spitting distance of my house (and thus incredibly convenient for me), I am staying home.

Okay, I am going to leave the house quite a bit actually. Grocery shopping and then to my favorite pastry shop. I might even wear Romantic Cat again, but I want to do a much more toned down outfit. Jeez, if I had socks, I’d go the sock route.

I just don’t feel like driving far away to an outdoor festival when it will be 88F out and can’t wear makeup because my face is being stupid. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I’ll have other chances to hand out with people in the future.

Twas the night before Paradiso….

and I had planned to do a long beauty routine and pamper myself a lot and relax.

But no, I am still battling a dang cold. This morning, I almost felt better, so I forgot to take cold medicine and now it has come back and kicked me in the face. So I am clearly not 100% over this thing yet.

I have tried everything. Cold meds. Ginger tea. Salt water. Cayenne pepper water. Sitting in a steamy shower. Napping a lot.

Apparently I am just gonna have to suffer instead.  Or I might leave early.  I want to see how the Midwest Ouji Pageant works out.  There is also a raffle which I imagine will be at the end, but I used up all of my lolita raffle luck that one time I won a parasol, so if I do miss it, I may end up giving that ticket away.

Misako save me  〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) I don’t wanna be too gross around other people!

Oh, also, it’s supposed to be thunderstorm-y in the afternoon. Crap.

Crafts and daydreams

Went shopping yesterday, but once more, I just wore normal clothes. I thought about it, but it was raining very hard all day. I did wear a nice outfit, but failed to take a picture.

ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

My brother who is supposedly moving in with us sometime says he will give me a new bed. Technically a used bed, but new to me. I’ve had a twin size bed all my life, and was planning on getting a bigger one when I move out with the boyfriend. So I am not currently in the market for a new bed, but I may get stuck with one anyway. And thus I went to look at sheets.

This Shabby Chic brand has some really cute ones.

Pink and little pink flowers!

White with little pink and blue flowers!

None of these would be my boyfriend’s style at all. (*≧▽≦) And I don’t want to spend too much on sheets for a full size bed I won’t need to too long. Maybe someday when we have a house, I can pick out floofy girly sheets for a bed in the guest room. (If there is a guest room in the future house….). At the very least, at least I have pictures of cute sheets.

Today I was feeling very crafty, but also wanting to try and reduce the amount of craft supplies I have. So I made a very fluffy, hideous petticoat, and a cat bed. I had a ton of tulle that I bought years ago with the desire to make petticoats…but then got lazy. Now that I know what a more appropriate petticoat should be like, I decided to make one with pink and lavender tulle. I even attached it to an old skirt I made years ago and was thus throwing away (until now). I’ll test it later this week and perhaps it will quench my desire to buy petticoats for the moment.

Here is my Devil Cat testing it out. So the cat bed is made of a sheet she is fond of sitting on, and stuffed with some old sweatshirts that are too ratty to donate but still something she liked to sit on. So a lumpy cat bed for a spoiled cat.

I ordered some fabric online a while ago to make a cute bag, and also ordered a set of pastel fabric pieces. Instead, they send me yellow, orange, some beiges and browns. I can live with all of those colors except orange. THIS orange. Yuck. It’s like the yellow orange crayon. Gross. So I am going to make something out of it. Not sure what, but it will give my hands something to do while watching Netflix.

Sunday Rambling

Today, the weather was gorgeous. A perfect day for a cherry blossom festival, which I did not actually attend. I went to the local March for Science yesterday, and then my brother come over for an impromptu cook-out, so I felt like I already had spent way too much time outside. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it seems like every time I am outside for long periods of time (over an hour), I then get headaches that last for the rest of the day. Maybe I am chronically dehydrated. Maybe I have a vampire as an ancestor. Maybe I am just weak. Either way, the original plan today was to do some cleaning and then go to the library to work on my dissertation.

I wanted to dress in lolita clothes, but just could not find the drive to actually do it. So I wore super normal clothes.

Actually felt like this was a pretty well put together outfit.  Today was going to be a good day!

But then my brother came over and we discussed moving things around in the attic room where he will have his bed and stuff while he ‘lives’ here. He claims he will mostly stay at his girlfriend’s place, however I would prefer to have minimal items in “his” room. Somehow, this angered the alcoholic hidden within my mother, so I got to deal with her being extra drunk all day. I got her to take a nap so I had peace and quiet to clean, but I did not feel comfortable leaving the house.  This was smart, because when she woke up from her nap (still drunk), she decided to turn the stove on for some reason that she could not exactly articulate to me. I got her to drink a meal replacement shake and go back to bed.

Moved some stuff around my bedroom. I have this TV stand which I actually use to hang my parasols on, but my brother doesn’t want it around. I had to move it into my bedroom. I was hoping I could position it so that I could hang up some dresses on it as well, but no dice. I feel like my bedroom is very small, but perhaps that is because I am trying to cram a house’s worth of stuff into one room, and I also like rooms that feel minimalist and have open spaces. I have too much clutter.

I think my next step is to actually go acquire some more of the plastic tubs to store things in. If I have to live in a crowded room, I may as well have things stored away so they do not get dusty.