Another Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I went to Ren Faire with my friend! And this year, I *did* wear lolita.

I took a few pictures of my outfit, but upon review, I don’t think they are nice enough to post. I wore my F+F Chiffon Lover JSK in blue with the “black” Little Dipper half blouse. It actually looked more dark navy/blue-black. Also wore solid black tights and some old boots I got from Walmart literally a decade ago. The boots kind of match, but also look kind of bad, however, it has been rainy and no way am I going to test my blue tea party shoes in the mud-hell of Ren Faire. I considered wearing a witch hat, because it was Witches and Wizards theme this weekend, but it looked awful.  I did not do much with my hair either. In some circumstances, comfort is more important.  I also brought my parasol, which came in handy because it ended up raining! My friend and I were prepared though.

It was very humid, so one of the first things we did was buy fans. I really want a lolita-appropriate fan, but even these didn’t quite cut it for me. But it was so nice to have with the humidity. While waiting for my food, my fan ended up breaking. ;_; The little metal piece that held it together was cheap and broke. When I got home, I just removed the metal completely and now it is held together with embroidery floss.

As is tradition with this particular friend, we visited all the booths relating to yarn and fiber arts. She is very interested in someday acquiring a spinning wheel.  Some of the ladies in the historical fiber arts booth were making lace by hand, which I think is super cool. I want to try that someday! The group for historical arts also do blacksmithing and other skills from the Renaissance era.

Eventually, there was a downpour, and my friend and I decided to leave. We went to a bookstore, and then got ice cream and wandered around a bit.

At the Ren Fest, I kind of blended in with other people who were in costume (even though lolita is different from renaissance era clothes), but there was one girl who wanted to talk to me about lolita and cosplays. There were a few people at the mall who told me I looked nice too, which I guess isn’t too different from when I go out myself.

I had a lot of fun yesterday.


Trying to not shop

I want the Soufflesong dress and the Pink Up dress, and then this morning I was looking over old coordinate pictures, and guess what? I REALLY LOVE PASTELS. Why do I want these very much not pastel dresses? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ What am I thinking?

After further inspection, I would have to get the Bat Collar JSK, even though I like the other JSK a little better. The Bat Collar JSK would fit better.  And then I would get the 2nd Wishing Stars JSK, the one with the tiered skirt, since I like it better.

And then I also want to buy sheet mass from Etude House (they’re on sale! But I don’t need more! But there are also freebies!) and also merchandise for a phone game.

Maybe instead, I should just get the Strawberry and Cherry dresses from Soufflesong.

I wanna shop OTL

Miss Grumpy Head

Every time I go look at the Little Dipper Taobao and see their Tasman dress , I just get so cranky. I want it so much! It’s exactly the kind of dress I want for wearing on a normal day to the store.

I would get the red and the pink in the long version, and I could coord it in many ways. For Christmas, the red dress with a white blouse, and a red headband. I have red shoes to go with it too. It would be super simple, but nice. And then for Valentine’s Day, I could wear the red dress with a pink blouse, and the pink flower hairpin. I could go with pink shoes or red shoes for that. And then the pink dress could be worn whenever because I love pink. I could wear the red dress whenever also, but I was just kind of excited for how nice this dress could work for a holiday. Simple enough where I could even wear it around my family (they already think I am strange anyway).

But no. I won’t be buying these dresses after all.  I need to save and wait for Arcadian Deer’s Fire Dress, and surely Little Dipper will still be making dresses next year after I have a job and already own a toaster.  Fire dress is more important.

There are other expenses coming up anyway. I need to get my car tags renewed, and my friends want to take a trip but I am unsure if I should go now. I shouldn’t complain so much. Anyway, I got some things in the mail recently, so I shouldn’t whine like I have been soooo totally responsible anyway. (Even if that stuff was all preorders I paid for months ago ヽ(´ー`)┌)

I get stressed out by life (family issues, experiments not working, coworker issues, having to be transportation for people, being asked about graduation all the time) and when I get stressed, I have two responses: (1) eat, and (2) shop. I am trying to do less of both.  But it is making me cranky.  I wish I could celebrate this week’s achievements: I applied for graduation and I submitted one of my dissertation chapters for editing.   I need to try to reward myself in other ways that are not food or shopping.

I will work on this tomorrow, along with more chapters. But tonight I will be grumpy.

So many ideas, so little time

First, cat update. Charlie the Cat’s owners were found, he has a sister, and his name is actually Sydney. I took him home the other day and that is that. I hope he comes to visit again someday~

I have so many things I want to make right now.  The Black Ribbon is an indie shop that makes petticoats, and they are in stock.  I checked their measurements and it looks like they would fit over my thighs, but I am still nervous. So again, do I make a petticoat or do I buy one?

I also now want to make bloomers. Making bloomers is supposed to be super easy. I’ve watched the Youtube videos. I would need more fabric and elastic though.

On top of all of that, I want to make some simple fleece cloaks. I am too cheap/lazy/?? something to buy a proper lolita coat. I have yet to find one that would fit over other clothes. A cheat around this is to buy a short cape. I’ve seen those sold too, but again, there are lots of simple tutorials for those too. I could make a light one that is just a single layer of fleece, and a heavier one that has a sherpa lining. The tutorials talk about hoods though, and that seems like it may be confusing. I should try to make a simple cape first.

(*≧▽≦) So many fun projects I want to do, but I need to finish my writing first.

I would go scout out local prices for supplies (at the least I know it is easiest to get elastic locally), but instead I am going to the Tea Festival! I still have a crazy amount of tea stashed away, so my goal is to buy more tea accessories (like tea bags) and less actual tea. But we will see how things work out in reality.

Many Cats

From my Cat page, I had one old cat who passed away last year and a neighbor cat who moved away, leaving me with just my darling Devil Kitty.

My brother has moved in, and brought his kitten, Jack.  And then there was a stray cat, Charles, who wandered into my yard, which my brother and Mom decided needs to be in the house until the owners contact me. The vet gave me his microchip information and I have posted in a neighborhood forum about him, but it is day 3 of hearing nothing. My Little Devil is not amused, but at this exact moment, all three of the cats are sitting in my room with me.

I need to take Charlie the Cat back to the vet to get him checked out anyway. I am also fairly certain that now everyone has fleas, so any money I was hoping to use for dresses this month is definitely going to flea medication instead. I will still look lovingly upon those Little Dipper dresses though.

On top of all that, I did get my Soufflesong dress in the mail today! Not 30-60 days after all! I should wear it to the Tea Festival this weekend.

Lulls and Floofs

I still want the Little Dipper dresses I wrote about recently, but I don’t think I will order them.  Soufflesong/Neverland Weekly Sale this week is Song of Skylark, which I like, but I am cautious about the print quality. My Kitty Courtyard dress HAS shipped already though, so that is good to know.

I also want to buy a copious amount of eye shadow that I probably won’t wear, and the fabric needed to make a petticoat.  In a totally selfish and petty way, I am worried world politics will make it so I can’t buy these things anymore, but also I should wait to buy myself things until at least October.  I really just some want eyeshadows that are pink and red.

After some careful thinking and close examination, I am never going to be able to wear the Aurora and Ariel petticoats the way I would like, which is being able to pull it up over my hips. My hips are too wide. A few weekends ago, I tore one of them up and altered the top part to have a drawstring waist. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it out yet, but this weekend is the Tea Festival so I will try it then.

More importantly, looking at these proper petticoats has given me a better idea of how to make one.  I have made simple skirts in the past, and my current fluffiest petticoat is a skirt I sewed a bunch of tulle onto (it worked somehow). But it is comfortable, and I think that is one of the most important things for a petticoat.  So at this point, my options are to either buy one from MelikesTea and probably email her to make sure I pick the correct waist size (I do not want to pull a damn petticoat over my head; I want to pull it up over my hips), or to make one myself.  MalcoModes is another brand I hear good things about for A-line petticoats, and they have a sale right now…with everything sold out. o__o;;

Alternatively, I could just buy really crappy cheap ones and layer them. But that is what I have done so far and I don’t want to do that anymore.

Pastry and Errands

Finally tried on my Arcadian Deer Air dress, and HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE.

Didn’t wear the headband or wristcuffs, since I was just out running errands. But damn, the fabric of this dress is beautiful and feels so soft. I bought an XL and it fits perfectly. Is my diet working? Or is this just the greatest dress ever?

So I am ALREADY sold on getting the rest of the Four Elements of Astrology series. I got so many complements today too. This makes me want to back off on the Little Dipper dresses (maybe just get 1…) and save up for the Fire dress.

Errands went well and I got my beloved pastries.

A croquette filled with ground meat and veggies, and a cream cheese pastry. Oh man, the croquette was the best thing I ate all day. Also bought a bunch of the milk pastries since they are only 180 calories each. NEAT.