Summer 2017 Pusheen Box

I did not mean to buy this, and I will 1000% not be getting a Fall Pusheen box because I am moving/?????/etc. But let’s get started.

LOL a sleeveless shirt. It is also HUGE. For casual clothes, I do prefer things to be a bit oversized, but this might almost be too much. Granted, I have assigned all of my Pusheen clothes as pajamas anyway, so it won’t be a big deal.

Here we have an ice pack, some silly straws, ear buds and a luggage tag. Oh man, the luggage tag would have been handy back when I traveled a lot but I do not foresee my future containing much travel.  OR I just jinxed myself.

Ice pack will be handy. I don’t particular like the soft earbuds here, but I do like the little case they are in. I will comment on the silly straws further down.

Popsicle mold! Heck yea! Unlike the ice cube tray from last year, this is a sturdy plastic and I really want to make some popsicles. These are mini sized too. I want to make tiny peach pie popsicles.

Oh look, a cute little pouch, right?

IT’S A BACKPACK! It is very thin material, so probably not good for heavy use. It’s funny though, because today I was trying to compare the cost of a fall parking pass to the price of some new walking shoes and a sturdy backpack that won’t hurt my back (in the event I forego the parking pass and just walk to lab instead). (I am just going to get the parking pass, even though I really do need new shoes, and a new daily bag).

This backpack is way too thin to use daily, however it may come in handy when travelling (hmm is that a THEME of this box? ಠ◡ಠ) and you suddenly need a backpack, and ta-da!

Pusheen Passport case! US Passport not included, but it DOES actually fit. On second though, why would they make a passport case that doesn’t fit passports?

The figurine that is included in each box. This season, it is a beachy Pusheen. Sunglasses and a palm tree. So summery.

So I tried out one of the silly straws, and it is very narrow. Maybe all silly straws are like this. The hole is narrow so you have to use more force to drink your drink. Also, I did not see any advice on how to wash them.

Overall, a good box this time. Unfortunately, I would have been able to use some of these things more if I got them last summer. HAH oh well.

Summer Taobaoring Order

My last outstanding Taobao has arrived! I ordered July 2nd, and with EMS shipping and a delay with the shoes, everything arrived today.

I got shoes from Sosic Shop, hair clips and wristcuffs from Haruhiclover, and headbands from Red Maria. Also, two petticoats from Aurora&Ariel. Finally have blue shoes! I already own some of these same wristcuffs in different colors, and they are great.

The three headbands from Red Maria are identical, except pink, light blue and lavender. The little chain and gem are not removable, but I can squish the “bow” down a bit so it sits flat on my head. Also, the bows are a lie! They are not really looped bows but just sewn to look like bows.

Hair clips from Haruhi Clover. My SS wanted to make sure I only wanted 1 of each bow clip, because they are modeled as clips for pigtails (so you’d have to buy two). Maybe I will buy more later, but these look nice and seem to be pretty good quality for cheap hair bow clips. Also, Haruhi Clover included another shiny star hair clip, so now I have two. The little rose hairpin actually came with my shoes, which is kind of off, but okay, I love free gifts.

Not exactly sure on how to take a good picture of the petticoats. Not even sure which is which, but I think the Ultra Violence one is the poofier one (as it should be).

I tried on both petticoats and am disappointed, but mostly in myself. The waistband is less stretchy than expected, so I have to pull them over my head and while they technically fit, they do not fit comfortably.  Of course, I am watching my food, but life has been stressful (let me rephrase that, my FAMILY is stressful) so I have been overeating still. u__u It may be easier to replace the elastic in these instead. I will have to think about it.

There is a meet this weekend, a picnic that isn’t far from my house, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to test out these petticoats and shoes a bit more. Alas, my family is causing problems so I will have to go out of town.

Summer Birthday Meetup

Today was the meetup at the Crepe shop. I love crepes. They are basically super thin pancakes filled with sugary goodness, and topped with more sugary goodness. Savory crepes are also a thing, but if I want savory, I may as well get an omelet.

The first outfit from yesterday! I am wearing the Latasa shoes, but every picture I took with them looked awful. Oh well.  I am just wearing the pretty deflated F+F petticoat with this dress (LE&SE Mushroom Forest, not Kingdom, FOREST), which has a built in petticoat too. This needs more poof. I was the least poofy person at the meet.

I dunno, I think I was still pretty cute, even if there is a lot of forehead. (◡‿◡✿)

Drove out to the little crepe shop, where there are tons of different flavors and I kept forgetting which crepe I actually ordered. I would have eaten any of them, really. The one I ordered was actually filled with strawberries and lemon curd, with whip cream on top and raspberry sauce.

There were also macarons, a lemon one and a raspberry one, but they were the tiny ones and I did not get a good picture.  I want to try to make macarons someday.  It is probably more effort than it is really worth, but it seems like the ones I get from shops (or the frozen ones Trader Joe’s has) are never really that good.

Next we went to an antique mall to look at clothes. This store had the BEST selection of vintage clothes I have ever seen! There were legitimate petticoats there, as well as some cute cardigans and pretty flower skirts.  Apparently this place has several floors worth of stuff (just the one floor of clothes though).  We didn’t get through the entire shop.

Next, we went to a museum/mall/streetcar station area.  There was free parking at the mall, and we intended to take the streetcar to some cute shops. On the way to the station, we peeked into this tea shop I’ve been curious about. Actually, this particular shop had a booth at the Midwest Tea Festival last year, and I was able to try some tea but wasn’t able to buy any because the booth was too crowded.  Today, we were able to sample some teas, and then I bought some sample packs of tea.

So we rode the streetcar down to the farmer’s market and other shops. It’s July in the Midwest, so it is already kind of hot, but also, everyone and their mother also wanted to ride the streetcar so we were packed in like sardines.  But eventually we got to our stop and went to the cute Japanese snack-and-merchandise shop, Yoki.  I think the best way to describe it is a smaller, more expensive version of Daiso, but also with legitimate Hello Kitty and misc anime merchandise. INCLUDING A NESOBERI PLUSH OF MY BEST AQOURS GIRL.

I was looking for her at Nakakon this year only to learn she wasn’t released until after Nakakon, so I though for sure that I’d either have to go online and pay shipping or hope they might show up next year at Nakakon (if I am even able to go….). But no, she was right there, and now she is mine. I am glad I am comfortable enough with this group that I can be a bit of an anime dork in front of them.

After buying some goods, we went to a bubble tea place for drinks (I got cherry limeade actually) and be asked by strangers about what we were wearing. Shortly thereafter, we parted ways.

Here are the rest of the goodies I bought today: mini samples of tea (tangerine blossom red, pao blossom white, honeysuckle white and jasmine green) and some sheet masks (one of the other people wanted to split a buy-3-get-1-free deal).

Today was a lot of fun.  I’m really glad I ended up going after all.  After such a long day, I am pretty tired, but I am still planning on going to the donut meet tomorrow.  I hope that goes well too.

Ribbon Berry GO TO HELL



You guessed correctly, ME.

AHHH ANGELIC PRETTY GO TO HELL FOR TORTURING ME LIKE THIS ;___; I mean, I am still 2cm too big for the JSK, and I do NOT need to be spending that kind of money on a dress. Not right now. So it is actually a blessing that I am unable to buy this dress right now. Plus, I get to go to the zoo tomorrow. THE ZOO.

If it was a special set, I would be all over it and resetting passwords and everything. But nah. U__U If AP had not JUST announced this TODAY, then I may even have been able to plan a little. But nah.

Also, AP’s Pre-Summer Sale started yesterday, and guess what was somehow restocked and 20% off? ROMANTIC FREAKING CAT.

I mean, if I was rich, I would have used the opportunity to buy it in lavender, but then I remember that the JSK is a bit short on me and the fabric is just okay. :S

SO again, waiting on special sets for Romantic Cat AND Ribbon Berry Bunny, if AP wants my money for prints they already released.

There ARE two special sets being released in two hours, an ivory Eternal Carnival OP and a pink Eternal Carnival JSK. For a moment, I considered the JSK, but after looking at the print a bit more, I am not.  Carnivals and merry-go-rounds, while cute, are not my thing. I do know someone who likes similar prints so I am kinda hoping that she will be able to jump on this opportunity.

Neverland/Soufflesong Thin Chiffon Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

I bought these from Taobao and not the international site, because Taobao was cheaper. Either way, it will literally take them 2 months to make these blouses. Or anything else. I think in the future, if I get anything from this brand, I will make sure it is something that only they do (like one of their dresses or prints) so that 2 month wait will be worth it. Considering I still like Strawberry Rabbit and now Sweet Cherry Deer, I think my graduation present/new job/new life gift to myself will be those dresses…if I can afford them (◡‿◡✿);;;;. (Oh nevermind Strawberry Rabbit is GONE from Taobao and the international site…damnit)

Got it in black, white and navy.  I am sure you can imagine how the black and white blouses look. It also comes in apricot, which is just their version of a cream blouse.  I considered getting it, except I couldn’t really differentiate between the white and apricot colors in their pictures, so I played it safe and just got white.

I consider these to be princess sleeves, sounds cuter than trumpet sleeves.  Tried it on, and the upper sleeves feel slightly tight. I don’t think it will be a problem. It was hot the day I tried it on, so I was glad to get this blouse off. I think this will be great for cooler weather.

The sleeves are so pretty, however I know that once I wear these out and about, I am going to constantly be worried about them falling in tea/food or getting stuck somehow. That is just part of the fun of princess style sleeves.

Taobao shop is called Neverland, tags say Soufflesong. I do like the tags here too, and the engrish. You belong to that kind, mature, lady or simple and natural, or pure, or movement, a fact that can all be fashionable.

Little Dipper Lace Chiffon Blouses

I want Little Dipper to be my favorite basic clothing Taobao shop. I want to like these blouses so I can in the future, buy more clothes from this shop and live out my dreams of being super cute but also comfy and basic.

I got a short sleeve blouse in black, and “lotus sleeve” (medium length) sleeve blouses in pink, white and cream. This is my first cream blouse, so that is exciting. The pink and cream blouses also have white lace on them. This blouse was also available in grey when I ordered, but decided against it.

Tried on the black blouse but not any of the others. Arm elastic is a concern, but it’s not too bad. I think over time, the elastic softens up a bit. Also, trying to slim my arms a bit too, so that will help. The larger size allows for a bust up to 120cm. It fits as expected and the fabric feels slightly heavier than the other chiffon blouses I own.

Are these not the cutest tags ever? AP doesn’t even have a cute bunny shaped tag.

Lace details are important! There are stars, because this brand is Little Dipper, like the constellation! It actually took me awhile to make that connection. Custom lace like this makes me so happy.

Comparison of the white and the cream blouses.

And now comparing the white, cream and pink. This pink is a softer pink color compared to the Diamond Honey blouse.  I can’t wait to wear these blouses, since they are so cute.

So which do I like better, the Diamond Honey blouses or these? I will make that final call after I have actually worn them. However, just from first impressions, I like these better.

Diamond Honey Sweet Heart Summer 2WAY Blouse

Not exactly sure how this is a 2-way blouse.

I saw these online from Diamond Honey‘s Taobao shop and the colors were super amazingly cute, so I ordered some.

Got white (always get white blouses), pink, lavender and black for some reason. There is also brown, red and mint blue. I almost got the blue instead of the black.

I tried it on and it fits ok. This is just a half blouse, so it’s short, but it fits as expected. The listed size is busts of 86-120cm.  Only worry I ever have with these kinds of blouses are the elastic on the arms and if they will dig into my arm and look bad.

A better picture of the blouse.

The tag is so cute, so I am saving it.

So after I got all my blouses yesterday, I steamed them and hung them up, and then sprayed a little perfume on them to get rid of the weird plastic smell. I was then folding them to put them away, when I noticed this atrocity.

What the heck is this stain on the pink blouse already?!?! There is a second one under the ruffle as well. I checked how I hung up the blouse to make sure it wasn’t something from the plastic hanger, checked where I hung it up, checked the perfume, checked the streamer. Nope. Nothing I have done to this blouse would have caused the stain.

This is really disappointing, because I was looking forward to this blouse the most (of the Diamond Honey blouses). Not sure how visible it will be when worn under a JSK. Hopefully hidden. I don’t even know how to remove this stain. It might even be an abnormality in the fabric itself. That said, it would be entirely too much effort and chaos to try and return a $10 blouse to China, so we will suffer with the stain.

UPDATE (6/4/2017): So I wore the pink blouse for ILD, and the stain wasn’t visible. Today, I washed it in the washing machine on delicate and in the dryer on delicate…and the stain is GONE. So that is nice. So if you got a stained Diamond Honey chiffon blouse, maybe running it through the wash would be helpful.