Waiting for Releases

I am presently waiting for 3 prints to be released, and whenever I see updates or previews, I get so excited.

First, Arcadian Deer Four Elements Fire, which I already blogged about the other day.

But also, Long Ears and Sharp Ears Camelot Market and Moonlight Waltz. Girlism (a Chinese fashion magazine) had a fashion show recently, where there were previews of these prints!

Moonlight Waltz in black. I am indecided on which colorway I would want, or even which ones are available, but I like the cut of this dress. No weird bustles in the front, and it almost looks like the top may be similar to the top of the Kingdom of Faeries OP. Not entirely sure if this is an OP or just a JSK with a fabulous blouse.

Here is Camelot Market, and again, I like this style of skirt, aka plain. That trim is kind of interesting too- doesn’t look like regular lace. Not a hufe fan of this emerald color, and not sure how I feel about those sleeves either. Will there be a shorter sleeve version? I hope so.

I am just anxiously awaiting the release of these prints.


Black Friday 2017

I love Black Friday online shopping. I can sit at my computer with a cup of tea and don’t have to deal with angry people or anything.

So far today, I have ordered some cute shirts from Tasty Peach Studios (unfortunately the Sakura Meowchi shirt was already sold out in my size >_>) and a petticoat by The Black Ribbon from Lolita Collective (it was cheaper than going straight to The Black Ribbon). I hope that this petticoat is one that will finally work and be wonderful.

AP USA, in addition to the Fairy Rose Princess special set and Lovely Snow Fantasy releases today, is also putting some stuff on sale. But what stuff? Won’t know until noon PST/2pm CST. What are the chances that Fairy Rose Princess will ALREADY go on sale? No way. Most of the prints they mentioned were going on sale were from earlier this year.  Fairy Rose Princess is slowly selling out on the Japanese page, which makes me a little nervous, but no big deal.

I am going to see what AP USA puts on sale before buying anything else. I want some skincare and there are a few PS4 games on sale too.

UPDATE: Fairy Rose Princess Special set did not sell out as of right now (7pm CST) and nothing I was particularly interested in went on sale.  Bonbon Bunny, Fairy Rose Princess and Lovely Snow Fantasy are all I am interested in. So instead, I went and bought some video games and skincare.

Angelic Pretty Fairy Rose Princess Special Set and Lovely Snow Fantasy

;__; I want it.

I did not like the sax colorway of Fairy Rose Princess, but navy looks so NICE.  The bow on the bodice is nice and I wish the regular version had that style of bow instead. The bow at the waist is kind of weird looking, but I can live with it.

It will be available at AP USA in store on Black Friday at 11am PST, and online at noon PST. For $300. That is so much for a special set. Right now, the normal JSK is $312. I suppose this set does come with a headpiece, which maybe helps make it a good deal?  What happened to ye old days of special sets for $120-$240?

Lovely Snow Fantasy JSK is also for preorder from AP USA on Black Friday also! (It was already released in Japan, and as of right now, none of the JSKs have sold out yet).

I like the pink and lavender colorways. I like the pattern- it is cutesy and winter-themed without being Christmas themed. AND it is only $291 compared to a special set!? (Well, $270 if you buy from the Japanese shop with yen to USD conversion, and honestly the shipping from Japan isn’t that much more than what AP USA charges for shipping).

Like the normal Fairy Rose Princess JSK, I will wait until a sale to get Lovely Snow Fantasy. But special sets usually (but not always) sell out, so I guess I am passing on the special set. Last year I got the navy Rose Museum special set and then the normal JSK in pink, so do I really need to get two of the same print again?

Lolita Black Friday Sales

I am torn between buying anime merchandise (NENDOROIDS), random cosmetic and skincare items, or clothes for Black Friday.  Last year, I bought parasols and blouses.  I am still undecided and a little bit preoccupied, but here are some of the Black Friday sales I have seen posted so far.

Not really expecting brands to do anything, since Black Friday is an American thing.

The Black Ribbon will have free shipping until 11/29/17 with coupon code THANKFUL17, but nothing ships until after the 30th.

Soufflesong has a weekly sale on some dresses that would be nice for Christmas, except I don’t like the ones on sale. Don’t Eat Bunny or Sweet Deer go on sale when?

Anna House is having a sale from 11/20 to 1/19 where you get a 40% discount if you spend over $200 using code likesevent, and free gifts if you spend over $300, $400 and $500, or one of their dresses.

Lady Sloth is having a sale where it is 20% off blouses, underskirts and casual dresses. That is pretty sweet! I’ve been wanting to buy some things from this shop in the past so maybe this is a good chance.

Lolita Collective is doing a pop-up shop next month, but no mention of a Black Friday sale yet. Last year, they really hyped it up.

UPDATES 11/22/17:

Cotton Candy Feet has a deal where if you buy 3 pairs of shoes, you get a bag for free! A nice bag!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright SF is having a sale also! 15% for 2 items or 20% off for 3 items in store, or 15% off online items. Some restrictions apply (as always). Also, there are some limited sets but no lucky packs.

Puvithel is having a variety of lucky packs also.

UPDATE 11/23/17:

Yo Lolita Collective is having a Black Friday sale after all! 25% off stuff! Announced only 2 hours before it starts 😀

Souffesong Weekly Sale – Butterfly Cemetery


Butterfly Cemetery is one of the prints from Soufflesong that I have loved the entire damn time. I think I even posted about it when it was first released. I wanted these last fricking April. And now they are on sale. I would buy two. One in blue and one in purple, one JSK and one OP, and it would be super cheap and I would be happy with cute dresses. I know that with Soufflesong, you have to go print-by-print because some have better quality than others. However, I have seen this print in person, and I still love it.

In blue.

In wine.

In purple.

AND I AM ON A NO BUY UNTIL I GET A JOB and probably longer after that.  I have had such a bad week though, I almost want to just buy it anyway, but then I would feel bad and probably get yelled at.

This summer, I kept thinking that there were not really any dresses that I loved enough to want to buy (Brand is held to pretty high standards for me, since it is so pricey, but even with Taobao brands, there were dresses I liked but not enough to really make me want to buy them, aside from the Arcadian Deer dress). And now it is fall and I cannot do anything. I even have money saved for my next AP dress (if they ever release anything that I both want AND fits the 4cm+ rule…), but I would feel guilty spending it now.

This is HELLLLL. Seeing something you have wanted for a long time go on sale and you still cannot buy it.

2017 Japan Fest

Another October, so another Japan Festival.  This year, I brought my flat comfy shoes in my bag so I would not die in heels. Unfortunately, I died in heels anyway. ;__;

I still had fun, and am still exhausted.

Finally wore my Long Ears and Sharp Ears The Kingdom of Faeries OP. It is comfy and wonderful, even thought there were a few adjustments I had to make to it. I still need to find a long petticoat that will work a bit better also, but I think this looked pretty good.

Still have no idea how to attach this damn bow to the back of the dress, so I sewed a pin on. After having it pinned all day, it drooped, so I think I am going to have to attach more pins to it.

The veil has places for it to be buttoned to something, but the headband did not have any buttons. So I added my own damn buttons. This was actually trickier than I expected, but it seemed pretty secure, and my hair didn’t get tangled up in the buttons either, which is nice.

Something new this year were ikebana flower arrangements near the food court. They were really pretty.

I especially like the pink one on the right.

These are especially beautiful.

Last year, I ran into the problem of waiting in line for a long time and then finding out that food booth only took cash when I had no cash. ;__; It was awful. So this year, I made sure to bring plenty of cash, and went to the food court immediately. This worked out in my favor.

I got some takoyaki, and honey ribs with rice.  I have been craving takoyaki lately and didn’t think there would be any, but behold, there was! However, it tastes like the frozen takoyaki I tried once (and it was kind of gross). I wish the local restaurant that used to serve takoyaki still did. That stuff was amazing. I guess the craving for takoyaki is somewhat fulfilled.

Another display the Japan Festival has every year is bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are pretty neat.

However, this is a bonsai orchid! Look at how cute and tiny it is! °˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° I love it so much!

I ran into people from both local coms and was waiting for meet ups to happen. Eventually found a group and followed them around for awhile, and then we left to go get sushi.  The group that I hung out with forgot that I had donuts with them a few months ago, but to be fair, I wore a drastically different outfit for the festival than I did a few months ago. :p They eventually remembered me.

This was a place I had never been to before, but damn, their lunch special is fabulous. $8 for 1 roll, $13 for 3 rolls, and that includes soup or salad, and some of the best crab rangoon I have ever eaten in my entire life. Sadly, this sushi place is far from where I live, but it is near where one of my friends lives. Or it may be worth going out to anyway. Ugh, this now makes me want to go out to eat sushi again, even at the Japanese restaurant by my house. ;__;

As with all festivals and events, there were goodies to buy.

There was a Japanese bakery at the Tea Festival last month, and I got some sesame and herb cookies from them. They were so good. They also had a booth at the Japan Fest, so got more sesame cookies, and chocolate chip matcha cookies. (。ノω\。)゚ I think they are pretty simple cookies, but sesame cookies are really tasty.

Mom lost the lid to my favorite bento box awhile ago ;__; so I had looked online for a new one (and I actually found some super cute ones on Rakuten but too lazy/cheap to buy due to shipping). I found this black 2-layer at the fair for $5! That is a great price! I did have to make an elastic band for it myself, but no big deal. The cat lunch bag was $3. I think it is cuter than the lunch bag I made.

Most events, I buy a big plushie. I did not buy a big plushie even though there were some cute sloth plushies. Instead, I got two little anime figurines, and two pens with pretty designs on them.

What a happy keychain.

It was a fun day, and then I had to go home and nap so I would be alive for a work-related party afterwords (it went okay).

Midwest Tea Festival 2017

Did not think I would still be in the area in time to attend, but here we are. I went with my friend from college and my friend from the com, and I think we all had a good time.

My purple Kitty Courtyard JSK arrived this week, just in time! It fits nicely and is much longer than most of my other dresses. I believe this is a tea-length dress (har har) and I think I like this better than dresses that hit closer to the knee. Being as tall as I am, most at-knee dresses hit above the knee.

Am I totally in love with this dress? No, it does not make my heart pound the way other dresses do, but this is a solid JSK. I mentioned I like the length and the fit. It is comfy. One concern I had was if the print was blurry, since I have heard that Soufflesong/Neverland prints are sometimes blurry. The print on this dress is fine. One minor complaint is that the ribbon around the waist does not have any loops to be threaded through, so it is held up by merely being tied tight enough.  Overall, if this dress goes on sale again, I am DEFINITELY getting it in pink, and eventually blue, and in this cut. I am very pleased with how it feels to wear this dress.

Otherwise, wearing a half blouse, the Frankenstein-ed Aurora+Ariel petticoat, lace socks and flats. Flats, because I am lazy. Bracelets instead of wristcuffs because I was treating today as more of hanging out with friends than a proper meet. Hair isn’t shown, but it is just half pulled back with some purple hair clips that don’t really match.ヽ(´ー`)┌ Whoops.

My friend picked me up and she was also wearing a purple cat-themed dress. We are clearly super awesome. The Festival itself was pretty fun, but we were unfortunate enough to not be able to attend any of the tasting cafes. I missed out on that last year too. ;__; But we did meet up with friends and taste lots of different teas and snacks.  I ended up buying a bunch of tea too, because I am weak.

Shown here are cute boxes of tea from Big Heart Tea Co, and I sniffed all of them to make sure I would actually like them. There is a mini tasting tea cup, and a clay teabag holder, and some fruit teas from Herbal Alchemy (they also smell amazing). Also, tea bags so I can easily brew all this loose leaf tea.

Also bought some tea from The London Tea Merchant (I smelled these first also), and a bunch of cookies!  The iced cookies are so beautiful! They are apple, lemon, chocolate and vanilla flavored. Also got herb garden and sesame seed cookies from a different little bakery.

There were only 3 tea samples this year, but thinking back, this is for the best. I ended up not liking the tea samples I got last year anyway.

After the festival, we went and ate lunch and parted ways, and now I am in a food coma and pondering cats. It was a good, comfy day.