Fire Dress Postponed

Apparently Arcadian Deer only had 5-20 of each cut/colorway prepared for the Chinese New Year release of AD Four Elements of Astrology – Fire. Clobba said he is still getting information, but it is likely that things will sell out super fast and there will be a larger release around May.

I do not mind this at all, since I would be begrudgingly spending money on a dress now when I really should not be. So as sad as I am that the Fire Dress will have to wait even more…I am glad I can hang onto that money a bit longer.

However, a preorder page is up on Arcadian Deer’s Taobao…it says the first batch of stock will be up in early May, and there will be a total of 10 XL JSKs for each color, and 5 XL dresses for each color. Ahh. There will only be 5 skirts each (why) in all sizes, and there are 25-30 of each color JSK and dress in the smaller sizes.

I do think I have settled on getting the red colorway, so that is good. If I get another email from Clobba saying that this first batch hasn’t sold out yet, then I will give it a shot. But otherwise, I am content waiting for the second batch.

If there is no second batch, I will be so damn pissed.


Angelic Pretty The Sky Banquet Release


Actually, I knew this would be released about now, but the trauma of all those special sets slipping away and now this release.

Colorways I like: ALL OF THEM. But if we have to rank them, then it goes lavender > pink (predicting it will be the last colorway to sell out) > mint (I bet mint will be popular) > wine.  It’s so nice and springy and cute! Though I would probably buy the wine rather than mint, but the mint looks cute…just not on me.  I will probably end up with the pink if it turns out to be a bloodbath.

I love everything about this, except I am wary of how the white lace on the body cuts right across the chest.  Are boobs supposed to go above or below the white ruffle? Is that physiologically possible? It seems like every AP JSK I like falls in the realm of 97/98cm bust max and 80cm waist max, so I am quite sure that this JSK will be about the same.

I wish there was a floral headdress instead of a bonnet and a headbow. I don’t do bonnets, and I am starting to dislike headbows.  I am surprised they did not use a feather decoration or motif on either headpiece, or a little crown that looks like the birdcages. Not that I would wear a mini crown, those are pretty passé, but if AP was going to go with a wacky headpiece, this would be their chance.  When I eventually get this dress (someday…), I won’t bother with the headband at all.  I like floral headbands better.

A detail I missed before…BIRDS. That is where the SKY part of the print comes from. We have clouds and bird cages and birds and roses and suffering on my part. And the wings on the sides of the little birdcage images.

Unless I get an email back tomorrow saying that I have a post doc, I am not buying this dress. I can only hope that people don’t like it so I can grab it on sale later this year. Or I may have to wait for it to come up second hand, but that is a whole barrel of monkies I don’t really want to deal with.

(・ε・` ) That’s not too vicious of me, is it? Meanwhile, Fairy Rose Princess STILL isn’t on sale…ivory is sold out in Japan (or rather, they would need to check the in-store stocks) and wine is sold out on AP USA, and I feel it slipping away. I though they would be part of the winter sale, but I guess thinking back, Rose Museum was a 2016 fall/winter release and I didn’t buy it until the beginning of February, so maybe there is yet another Winter Sale to go.  If I had to pick, I think I like Sky Banquet better than Fairy Rose Princess, but I’ve seen pictures of Fairy Rose worn and I really want it. Partially so I can long distance twin with lolitas who are more stylish than me. (・ε・` ) ;;;;

Anyway, AP Japan is getting this on 1/27/2018, so US Central time, that is the night of 1/26. TOMORROW. Prepare yourselves!  AP USA will probably get this print in the next 2-3 weeks.


Attack of the Berry Prints aka AP Laforet Grand Bazaar 2018

First LE&SE had a super affordable, good deal special set with a Strawberry print, and now AP is releasing TWO berry print special sets at LaForet.


Melty Berry Princess Special set on 1/26 for ~$150USD, and then Strawberry Whip Special set on 1/27 for ~$150.

AHH I want both of them! They are cheap and berries and I like the cuts. But alas, Laforet Bazaar specials require the use of a Shopping Service that travels to Tokyo.  Not all of them do.  For example, I don’t think Tenshi Shop usually goes to Tokyo, but Muuh does, and some other services I have seen posted on Lolita Updates are Sunny Shopping Tokyo and Luna’s Delivery Service.


I noticed it was gone from the AP site yesterday and thought “Oh someone finally bought them all up lol okay” but no, they are on sale.

And from checking the flyers on Sunny Shopping Tokyo, the Cameo Window set is available again on 1/25 (so later today).

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ AHH why did I even check these things! There are seriously now 4 special sets that I really want that I can’t buy! At least I now know of more shopping services (and you do too!) but I can’t buy anything* until I get a job~!


*Except the Fire dress, which is still not released, damn Arcadian Deer.

Haenuli Beauty and the Beast

I sometimes wonder if Haenuli is worth brand pricing, but considering it is more likely to fit, it just might.  But seeing as I am unemployed and there are 2 dresses I am currently hunting, this is really more of an appreciation post for a Haenuli dress I actually want.

The print is really nice. There are a lot of details and it looks intricate.  I don’t know why I am a fan of so many Beauty and the Beast prints, since I don’t particularly like the story itself, nor the Disney adaptions or the live action or anything. It just so happens that the prints are well done and I want them.

I usually avoid OPs because they rarely fit me.  However, due to the variety of sizes produced, I would be able to fit this OP.  It’s elegant but not too over the top.  The back is fully shirred too, which helps. I think I would like the addition of a large back bow, or waist ties too though. I also prefer this yellow colorway to the black.

If I was a rich girl, and a series of fairytale prints like this existed, I would buy them all. For the Snow Queen, there could be a dark and light blue colorway; for Sleeping Beauty there would be a dusty rose and dusty blue colorway.  I think for Cinderella, there would be a silvery blue colorway and ivory. Snow White would have a red colorway and maybe a green colorway too.  I don’t think Alice in Wonderland would fit an ornate type of print like this.

Angelic Pretty Winter Pre-Sale

The AP Pre-Sale starts 12/23 at noon, which is approximately 4 hours from when this blogpost will be posted. No idea what will be posted, and I will probably miss the start of it since I will be out tonight. So get your Tenso accounts ready!

Fingers crossed that Fairy Rose Princess is NOT for sale quite yet.  I don’t think it will.  Even if it does, I think I will aim for ivory, which is only in-stock at AP USA right now.  I think there will also be a Kronos Utopia Lavender OP Special Set, but that will be a bloodbath, and I can’t fit an OP anyway.

Also, the Toy Harmony and Lovely Bunny special sets will go for sale. These are the print and non-print special sets this year.  Not sure if AP Japan is doing any lucky packs at all (AP USA had lucky packs last week, but I did not notice until after they had already sold out. Whoops).

Edit 10:15pm CST: I am a LIAR. The Pre-Sale starts at 15:00, which is approximately 3pm Japan time, so another hour and 45 minutes.

Waiting for Releases

I am presently waiting for 3 prints to be released, and whenever I see updates or previews, I get so excited.

First, Arcadian Deer Four Elements Fire, which I already blogged about the other day.

But also, Long Ears and Sharp Ears Camelot Market and Moonlight Waltz. Girlism (a Chinese fashion magazine) had a fashion show recently, where there were previews of these prints!

Moonlight Waltz in black. I am indecided on which colorway I would want, or even which ones are available, but I like the cut of this dress. No weird bustles in the front, and it almost looks like the top may be similar to the top of the Kingdom of Faeries OP. Not entirely sure if this is an OP or just a JSK with a fabulous blouse.

Here is Camelot Market, and again, I like this style of skirt, aka plain. That trim is kind of interesting too- doesn’t look like regular lace. Not a hufe fan of this emerald color, and not sure how I feel about those sleeves either. Will there be a shorter sleeve version? I hope so.

I am just anxiously awaiting the release of these prints.

Black Friday 2017

I love Black Friday online shopping. I can sit at my computer with a cup of tea and don’t have to deal with angry people or anything.

So far today, I have ordered some cute shirts from Tasty Peach Studios (unfortunately the Sakura Meowchi shirt was already sold out in my size >_>) and a petticoat by The Black Ribbon from Lolita Collective (it was cheaper than going straight to The Black Ribbon). I hope that this petticoat is one that will finally work and be wonderful.

AP USA, in addition to the Fairy Rose Princess special set and Lovely Snow Fantasy releases today, is also putting some stuff on sale. But what stuff? Won’t know until noon PST/2pm CST. What are the chances that Fairy Rose Princess will ALREADY go on sale? No way. Most of the prints they mentioned were going on sale were from earlier this year.  Fairy Rose Princess is slowly selling out on the Japanese page, which makes me a little nervous, but no big deal.

I am going to see what AP USA puts on sale before buying anything else. I want some skincare and there are a few PS4 games on sale too.

UPDATE: Fairy Rose Princess Special set did not sell out as of right now (7pm CST) and nothing I was particularly interested in went on sale.  Bonbon Bunny, Fairy Rose Princess and Lovely Snow Fantasy are all I am interested in. So instead, I went and bought some video games and skincare.