Neverland/Soufflesong Thin Chiffon Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

I bought these from Taobao and not the international site, because Taobao was cheaper. Either way, it will literally take them 2 months to make these blouses. Or anything else. I think in the future, if I get anything from this brand, I will make sure it is something that only they do (like one of their dresses or prints) so that 2 month wait will be worth it. Considering I still like Strawberry Rabbit and now Sweet Cherry Deer, I think my graduation present/new job/new life gift to myself will be those dresses…if I can afford them (◡‿◡✿);;;;. (Oh nevermind Strawberry Rabbit is GONE from Taobao and the international site…damnit)

Got it in black, white and navy.  I am sure you can imagine how the black and white blouses look. It also comes in apricot, which is just their version of a cream blouse.  I considered getting it, except I couldn’t really differentiate between the white and apricot colors in their pictures, so I played it safe and just got white.

I consider these to be princess sleeves, sounds cuter than trumpet sleeves.  Tried it on, and the upper sleeves feel slightly tight. I don’t think it will be a problem. It was hot the day I tried it on, so I was glad to get this blouse off. I think this will be great for cooler weather.

The sleeves are so pretty, however I know that once I wear these out and about, I am going to constantly be worried about them falling in tea/food or getting stuck somehow. That is just part of the fun of princess style sleeves.

Taobao shop is called Neverland, tags say Soufflesong. I do like the tags here too, and the engrish. You belong to that kind, mature, lady or simple and natural, or pure, or movement, a fact that can all be fashionable.

Little Dipper Lace Chiffon Blouses

I want Little Dipper to be my favorite basic clothing Taobao shop. I want to like these blouses so I can in the future, buy more clothes from this shop and live out my dreams of being super cute but also comfy and basic.

I got a short sleeve blouse in black, and “lotus sleeve” (medium length) sleeve blouses in pink, white and cream. This is my first cream blouse, so that is exciting. The pink and cream blouses also have white lace on them. This blouse was also available in grey when I ordered, but decided against it.

Tried on the black blouse but not any of the others. Arm elastic is a concern, but it’s not too bad. I think over time, the elastic softens up a bit. Also, trying to slim my arms a bit too, so that will help. The larger size allows for a bust up to 120cm. It fits as expected and the fabric feels slightly heavier than the other chiffon blouses I own.

Are these not the cutest tags ever? AP doesn’t even have a cute bunny shaped tag.

Lace details are important! There are stars, because this brand is Little Dipper, like the constellation! It actually took me awhile to make that connection. Custom lace like this makes me so happy.

Comparison of the white and the cream blouses.

And now comparing the white, cream and pink. This pink is a softer pink color compared to the Diamond Honey blouse.  I can’t wait to wear these blouses, since they are so cute.

So which do I like better, the Diamond Honey blouses or these? I will make that final call after I have actually worn them. However, just from first impressions, I like these better.

Diamond Honey Sweet Heart Summer 2WAY Blouse

Not exactly sure how this is a 2-way blouse.

I saw these online from Diamond Honey‘s Taobao shop and the colors were super amazingly cute, so I ordered some.

Got white (always get white blouses), pink, lavender and black for some reason. There is also brown, red and mint blue. I almost got the blue instead of the black.

I tried it on and it fits ok. This is just a half blouse, so it’s short, but it fits as expected. The listed size is busts of 86-120cm.  Only worry I ever have with these kinds of blouses are the elastic on the arms and if they will dig into my arm and look bad.

A better picture of the blouse.

The tag is so cute, so I am saving it.

So after I got all my blouses yesterday, I steamed them and hung them up, and then sprayed a little perfume on them to get rid of the weird plastic smell. I was then folding them to put them away, when I noticed this atrocity.

What the heck is this stain on the pink blouse already?!?! There is a second one under the ruffle as well. I checked how I hung up the blouse to make sure it wasn’t something from the plastic hanger, checked where I hung it up, checked the perfume, checked the streamer. Nope. Nothing I have done to this blouse would have caused the stain.

This is really disappointing, because I was looking forward to this blouse the most (of the Diamond Honey blouses). Not sure how visible it will be when worn under a JSK. Hopefully hidden. I don’t even know how to remove this stain. It might even be an abnormality in the fabric itself. That said, it would be entirely too much effort and chaos to try and return a $10 blouse to China, so we will suffer with the stain.

UPDATE (6/4/2017): So I wore the pink blouse for ILD, and the stain wasn’t visible. Today, I washed it in the washing machine on delicate and in the dryer on delicate…and the stain is GONE. So that is nice. So if you got a stained Diamond Honey chiffon blouse, maybe running it through the wash would be helpful.

TaobaoRing Order Review

I made two orders in early March, one March 3rd, and the other March 10th.

The March 3rd order contained Neverland items, so it was gonna take about 2 months for them to be made (according to Neverland). The shoes from Sosic Shop arrived at TaobaoRing about a week after the order.

The March 10th order was blouses from Diamond Honey and Little Dipper. The Diamond Honey blouses arrived first, and then the Little Dipper blouses arrived later. It was the pink blouse that held up the order. However, these were all preorders that were supposed to ship early April but apparently things got behind. This is more on the shops themselves and not TaobaoRing.

I got the message to pay for shipping on May 9th, so 2 months and some days for the Neverland order and a day short of 2 months for the blouse order. I paid, and got the shipping notice the next day.  I used EMS shipping, which ended up costing about what I expected (around $50 for the Neverland and shoes order, because shoes, and $30 for the other blouse order), and they were delivered today. So 6 days to ship from TaobaoRing to my house in Midwest USA.

Neverland and shoes order

Shoes are securely packed inside.

And here we have a pile of blouses. In total, I got 11 chiffon blouses (3 black, 3 white, 2 pink, 1 lavender, 1 cream, 1 navy) and 2 pairs of shoes, one red and one pink.  This should cover any and all blouse needs for awhile, particularly since they are chiffon and thus warm. The Neverland blouses have princess sleeves and some of the Little Dipper blouses are medium sleeve.

I’ll review things more individually later.

I am very pleased with TaobaoRing as a Taobao shopping service. I will definitely use them again in the future. I felt that the shipping was fast and reasonably priced, they provided images before shipping, and the fees were not that bad. If there were questions about something I ordered, they would message me to double check, and I think their site is super easy to use to set up an order.

Krad Lanrete – Beauty and the Beast JSK II

Blessed am I, for I got this Krad Lanrete before the heat death of the universe!

This is definitely not the nicest picture, but I am too excited to talk about this dress. But first, let’s talk about fabric. This is not some floofy light chiffon. Oh no, this is a heavier cotton fabric, but the lining is polyester.  This is the pink (more like pink-ish lilac really) colorway. It reminds me of the fabric used in AP True Rose Story, which is also a heavier fabric.  I checked for pockets, alas there are none.

Here is the back, where there is some shirring and some ribbon lacing. I already took it out and re-did it so you would tie at the bottom rather than the top.  Interestingly, there is some lace at the top of the shirring panel that is not present anywhere else on the dress. Kind of off to me, but whatever.  It stretched quite a bit, so I am not too worried about this being too small. There is a hidden side zipper, and those are usually a pain though.

Here is the front bow. It is not detachable, and has pretty lace on the bow and as a little cravet-sort of decoration. Again, this lace is unique from all the other laces used in this dress. Then there are two little bows at the waist which are…silly to me.

As I have discussed before, the JSK II cut is the more boring of the cuts. JSK I has the cute bow on the front and little chiffon side poofs. But the reason I love this dress is because of the print. There are four little drawings they have, and this one is my favorite, of the Beauty looking in the mirror. There are some little gold specks on the fabric, and they are SHINY IN REAL LIFE.

Panel with the Beauty AND the Beast. And this isn’t even my favorite fairy tale. The art style of having the people draw and then no features on their faces and being all blacked out reminds me of an anime that I really love, Revolutionary Girl Utena (tl;dr: Girl wants to find her prince, so instead she becomes a prince, sword fights a lot of people, saves a witch and somehow there was a movie where everyone turned into cars for the final battle. Good stuff).

Third panel of the Beauty and her no-longer-beastly Prince. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the fourth panel because it is almost the same as the first one I took pictures of, but she is going up some stairs instead of looking into a mirror. And again, there are many rose motifs and patterns on this dress.

Waist ties are pretty simple, pattern on both sides but no lace trim. Also, like almost every waist tie I have encountered, they are removable.

This is the lace that is at the bottom of the dress.  I like it, but also think that they could have used the lace style from the cravet for the hem instead. This lace is nice too, and JSK I doesn’t have lace at the hem, but instead it has a weird chiffon ruffle. I suppose a good thing about this hem is that I could wear this dress out with a jacket or cardigan over the top to make it more casual (compared to bows and frills EVERYWHERE). That was one of the reasons I picked the more simple cut. Also cheaper.

And now the flower headband! Like most flower headbands, it has large flowers and lace, and a veil. A veil hemmed in rickrack. Okay.

Also a matching bow and small pearl chain. Lovely. However, the actual headband part feels very delicate. It is very comfortable on my head (what, of course I try on new headbands and bows when I get them!), but I worry that this may be easily crushed or something could be done to break it. Also makes me worry about the other Krad Lanrete head piece I am waiting on.

It’s certainly no Aurelia Lost at Sea, and I’ll have to see how comfy it is to wear, but I am pretty happy with this dress thus far. I’m glad it got here, because I am hoping to wear it to Paradiso later this month.

Spring 2017 Pusheen Box

Ah, farewell dear friend, cause I have to unsubscribe after this box. But I am glad I waited for this one, because there is SO MUCH USEFUL STUFF.

Heck, it’s a bunny Pusheen. These are pretty good boxes for storing stuff in.

Oh man, there is a shirt. I love getting clothes.

So for this spring, we have a T-shirt, a bento box, plastic utensil set, bottle opener, bluetooth speaker, pennant banner, balloons….,paper photo props and a selfie stick.

This is the stuff I am excited for. Always want clothes. I was just thinking the other day that I ought to buy a bottle opener, so that I can drink my booze without having to go all the way to the kitchen to get one and then risk Mom nagging at me (“oh you yell at me for drinking but you have a beer yourself hurr hurr hurr”). Plus, this one is a cat. Also, a selfie stick. I am vain and like my selfies, but just never got around to actually buying one. Also, I feel like my friends/family would make fun of me. I tested it out, and it actually works. Neat! That would have been handy when I was travelling and then I could have taken cuter selfies. Oh well.

Not the cutest shirt ever, but it is cute enough, and now it will be a pajama top. Heck yea! I guess if I ever want cuter Pusheen shirts, I’ll just have to actually buy them individually.

I love bento boxes. They are great. As for the utensils…meh. They’re plastic but I feel like they are weak, so who knows how easily they will break. Maybe they will live in my bag in case of emergency.

The new bento box is HUGE compared to the one I usually use. I guess I do have a few larger ones also, but this one has two layers! I could put so much food in it! And it has the elastic band (the old one used to have an elastic band but I lost it).

Oh goodness, the bottle opener is cat shaped AND magnetic.  And much cuter than a bottle opener I would buy at the store.

Not really sure why I would want or need a bluetooth speaker. The postcard included said it is so I can take the “party” with me. Uh what?  I guess now if I want to play music from my phone without using the phone’s speaker. I wonder if I can connect it to my computer, and then can play music from my laptop in a different room. Not that it matter much since the other room I would even play music in is about to be given to my brother.

Oh boy, another Pusheen vinyl I am …okay with. I am thinking of selling them, actually. I checked eBay for prices and apparently the very first one goes for around $100. Wow, do people actually pay that much? Is that Pusheen vinyl really that rare??

In case I ever want to have a party (hah), here are some balloons and pennants and props for a photo booth. Oh I know, I can use them for my graduation party….when I graduate….eventually. T_T Don’t remind me of my impending doom.

Which is why I have to cancel this box subscription for now. It was my first one, and the last one to be unsubscribed. Maybe in 2018, I will start fresh with it, and even buy it by the year so I can get that slight discount.  But if there was ever any cutesy subscription box to get, the Pusheen Box is the best one. It may be more expensive and doesn’t arrive as often as the other ones, but it has quality stuff that I use in my everyday life. The umbrella, apron, water tumbler, now a bottle opener, a few shirts, a notebook, and so on. This is the best subscription box. The only reasons I would discontinue it are money (like now) or eventually deciding that I have too much Pusheen stuff.

Krad Lanrete Transilvania Moonlight

Oh shit, I’ve been calling it “Transylvania Moonlight” the whole time. LOL WHOOPS.

It went up on Clobba this morning. Happy Easter! Here are some vampires!

This is a nice image of JSK II, showing off the little over skirt part and how there is a waistband. This is the high waist version actually, and is more pricey. This cut comes in M and L, and the measurements for L are 96-104cm bust and 76-84cm waist (but remember this is a high waist). The L is the longest dress, at 96cm, while the medium of this cut and the other cut are both 95cm,

JSK I is a normal waist dress and comes in just one size. It is a little bit more simple, but I like it better. The sizes for this are 88-105cm bust and 64-84cm waist. This JSK is also cheaper.

But now, which color do I pick? I already mentioned that I thought the pink was wonky, but it looks nice after all. Still, I think I will go wither either navy, red or black. BUT WHICH ONE?  I already have a ton of navy dresses (Rose Museum, Musical Palmer…)(I guess that is only two but it feels like a lot). I don’t have any primarily red dresses yet, but the more I look at JSK I in red, the more it seems off to me.

My LE&SE dress that is coming is black with red on it, which is similar to this colorway. Also, Clobba calls this “dark purple”. HOW? I mean, maybe if you look at it at a weird angle?? But I think I like this colorway the best. Do the details blend in a bit with the back? A little, but I kind of like it. ヽ(´ー`)┌

There are three head piece options, a bonnet (HA HA HA), this headbow with a veil ($56) and the flower headdress shown below ($50). You see, if Krad charges more for a dress, I could take that, but these headpieces are more than what AP charges. I think the dumb cat ears bow headband for Romantic Cat was around $40.

As much as floral head pieces usually are my thing, I am not a fan of this one. The previews for the veil headband also show there are many ways to wear it, so I guess I’ll get that one even if it is a little bit more.

The estimated release for these is around late May!