Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Faeries 2018 Release

Wow, they are releasing a TON of stuff here.

First, some tights! But you can only buy them if you are buying a dress with this release. Their page makes it sound like you may be allowed to buy them if you bought a dress from the previous release, but it is not clear.

But they are pretty! And I would never be able to fit my fat ass into them.

Now onto the dress cuts, since that is what I really care about. There is one OP, two JSKs and a skirt.  I am not going to post about the skirt because I would not even consider it.

First is Embroidery JSK I.

The five colors are light turquoise (first image, left), navy (first image, right), black red (second image, left), icy blue (second image, right), and emerald (shown below in middle of JSKII picture).  Also, this release is made of Kokka cotton, while the last release was polyester (although printed at Kokka, whatever that means).  Emerald and Black Red are repeats from the last release, so the light turquoise, icy blue and navy are new variants. I really like the navy. The embroidery on the bodice is a really nice touch.  This cut feels less like a fairy themed dress and more like European royalty, possibly due to the embroidery.

The measurements for this JSK are as follows:

Size 1:
Bust 80-88cm, High waist 68-76cm, Dress length 88cm, Length from shoulder to waist 31cm.
Size 2:
Bust 88-96cm, High waist 76-84cm, Dress length 90cm, Length from shoulder to waist 33cm.

The second JSK is this High Waist JSK II, and I really like it.  It is LONG. It has a POCKET (actually JSK I has a pocket too). I really like the little overlay effect. This dress has a cute fairy feeling to it.

Size 1: Bust 80-88cm, Underbust 70-76cm, Dress length 95cm, Length from shoulder to waist 28cm,
Size 2: Bust 88-96cm, Underbust 76-82cm, Dress length 97cm, Length from shoulder to waist 30cm,

Unfortunately,this cut is not more forgiving than the other JSK cut, also the whole trying to save money business.

The OP comes in three sizes, but there is no mention of pockets. But it is pretty and is also very long.  I have been wanting longer dresses lately so this would be perfect.

Size 1: Bust 84cm, Waist 66cm, Dress length 105cm, Shoulders width 34cm, Length from shoulder to waist 34cm, Sleeve length 63cm

Size 2: Bust 90cm, Waist 72cm, Dress length 106cm, Shoulders width 35cm, Length from shoulder to waist 35cm, Sleeve length 64cm

Size 3:
Bust 96cm, Waist 78cm, Dress length 107cm, Shoulders width 36cm, Length from shoulder to waist 36cm, Sleeve length 65cm

There is also a blouse they are releasing that has the same style of sleeves as the OP, which is a nice touch. But also, there are a TON of different accessories being released with the dresses.

This nice little lace bolero. It only comes in white, which is kind of a bummer but life goes on.

For headdresses, there is a crown, a bonnet, a round headdress, a flat type “Butterfly Veil” headdress, a pearl chain headdress, some ugly wristcuffs and a necklace. And something new is that these headpieces can be purchased without a dress order.

The crown. It can be purchased in a set with a veil and the chain headdress.

The chain headdress which comes with a veil but it’s not pictured here. Go figure.

The bonnet, which is reversible? How do bonnets even work.

The Butterfly Veil headdress, which I love.

The round headdress, which I also love. Except what the fuck are those fabric butterflies attached to the veil itself. That will be awkward as heck and I would remove it. Also, is this a headband or a clip? It looks like a clip and that would be really heavy…

Since this is the preorder phase, custom sizing IS available, for a fee of $12 or $22 depending on how much bigger you need to go. That is actually very reasonable for custom sizing fees, which seem to be going up all the time.

If I had money to burn, I would get the OP and the High Waist JSK, likely with one in navy and the other in emerald (since I didn’t get emerald last time).  The navy feels like a blue version of the Black Red, which I have and really like.  I would have to size up because their Size 2 for both are just slightly too small (I would be more comfortable with 98cm bust and 84cm high waist/underbust to be safe according to the +4cm rule, and maybe they can make the OP shoulders a little bit wider???). I love how long those cuts are though. I would also want the cute lace bolero, and the Butterfly Veil headdress and round headdress.


More Angelic Pretty Special Sets from the Anniversary Tea Party

There was a tea party hosted by APUSA today, which I didn’t go to for many reasons, but there were a ton of special releases today!  Some happy packs which I did not really have any feelings about, but also some special sets and starting MTO orders for Cream Cookie Collection. I swear that print is fairly recent and I didn’t think it was that popular, but once again I am proven wrong.  There were also some nice exclusive items, which is kind of funny since isn’t everything from Angelic Pretty somewhat exclusive?

Some rosettes and a $40 keychain! How exciting.  On to the Special Sets!

I posted about this Rose Museum Special Set a few months ago when it was released in Japan. This baby did not sell out today, because this print is over a year old and wasn’t even that popular to start with. But I love it. I wish I could drop the money to buy it in any color but pink (because I already have the pink colorway). I don’t care if this print has tacky clipart roses…this is my favorite print.

Space Lolipop is a stupid print, but I really like this cut, and again, if I just had $300 I could light on fire for no reason, I would get this.  There is only the white colorway available, which seems dumb to me. This one did sell out (I heard there were only a few available anyway), and since it IS a recent print, they could have made money if it was in various colorways.  But what do I know?

For some reason, I think this special set came out last year, which is false since this print didn’t come out til this year anyway. This cut is still ugly as heck to me. What the heck are those straps?  If the straps were less frilly, it could be more versatile. I vaguely recall the sax colorway being pretty popular, but instead they picked this new colorway.  If only they had picked yellow as a regular colorway instead of red.  The red cherries on a red background was a MISTAKE.

Wonder Patisserie was not super popular so why did they make a special set of this? Actually, this print on a wine colorway does not look that bad, but again, the cut is just awful.  It looks like a little girl’s pinafore.  Is that the point, since most of the Wonder (noun) prints are all related to Alice in Wonderland. Wonder Cookie, Wonder Queen, Wonder Memorie, Wonder Toy and so on…so it may make since for the cut to be something Alice herself would wear. But I hate it. (。◕‿◕。) But clearly it is a popular theme so someone out there loves it.

I am glad that none of these really call to me (not even Rose Museum…) since I really can’t drop any money on lolita or fun stuff at the moment. Still paying off moving expenses and then to save for moving again (to the Bay Area) early next year. At least they will pay for our actual moving expenses next year, but I still need to get together the money for down payments and all that noise. But maybe, if I am lucky, I will be able to attend an AP Tea Party myself in 2019.


Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Faeries RE-RELEASE

RIP my wallet.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears is re-releasing Kingdom of Faeries this Sunday! Four new colors and new cuts!

This is a new cut for sure, and I am thinking it may be an OP. Is that also high waisted? HMM.  This particular dress does not look like it would be plus-size friendly, based on those sleeves alone.

That light blue is really pretty too. I wonder what colors will be available. Last time, it was light green, emerald green, light lavender and black.  I also wonder if the old colorways will be available in addition to the new ones.  Making guesses with minimal evidence, I am going to guess that in addition to light blue, there will also be a light pink, a dark sapphire blue, and grey.

As for the other cuts …it is also a mystery! They don’t even have any of it up in their taobao shop.

I really want to get something from the rerelease, but I also found out today that my Fire Dress got in so it will be shipped to me soon.  I have that to look forward to.  But man, I really love this print. (・ε・` )


Clobba sent out the email that they are taking orders for Arcadian Deer’s Four Elements of Astrology ~Fire~ dress, SO I BOUGHT IT. I am getting the JSK in red, along with a hair clip, the headbox and the necklace.  I would prefer to get two hair clips, but I don’t want to overcomplicate things.

I want to say there was originally a JSK, an OP and a skirt available, but there is only a JSK and Skirt up for sale, as well as a blouse? There was a presale earlier this year, right around the Chinese New Year, but when I messaged about that, they said it would be tough to put an order in.  Maybe they decided to only do a second batch of JSKs and skirts, which is fine since I wasn’t interested in the OP anyway.

I have been SO excited since I got the email this morning. The only worry now is that the second batch will be sent out in August, which is when I *might* be moving again. I included a message about this in my order, so I hope that everything goes well.

The next dresses in this series by Arcadian Deer are the Water and Earth dresses, which I expect will take another year each to be released, but I am determined to collect them all. I am so happy.  Even my boyfriend said I should treat myself, after such a good first week of work. (╯✧▽✧)╯

Why yes, I am more excited about this than seeing if Sky Banquet and Sweet Lacy Basket are in stock anywhere, because I will be disappointed probably, and I really cannot justify buying full price brand at the moment. Maybe by Christmas, or next January’s lucky packs and special sets.

Errand day and new plants

Today has been pretty wonderful so far. Wore AP True Rose Story out again, and remembered how much I love it

Strategically covered my hands because I painted my nails TEAL the other day and I really did not feel like repainting them today.  It will also probably grind someone’s gears that the pink in the dress is cool while the pink in my cardigan is warm.  I recognize my itaness and decided that I don’t particularly care.  I modelled my hair after an instagram post where Misako Aoki put her hair into 3 braids and then braided them together.  I a considering taking apart my AP headbows to convert the bows into large bow clips instead.  I will need to think about this more first.

Today’s plan was the go to Target, the post office and the grocery shopping at Aldi’s. I only intended to get some of the Bunny Bait trail mix, since it is only offered this time of year. Alas, I ended up getting some other goodies as well.

There is a journal that will work perfectly as a traveler’s journal, which I have been looking for! It absolutely helps that it is pink, which seems to be a theme of today’s shopping.  And notebooks to go with it.  I did make sure that Moleskine Cahier notebooks would fit the cover too, since I intend to eventually use those for the refills. Some skincare I have been wanting to try (needed more face wash and another face cream anyway~, and rose water is usually good but I haven’t found one that I really liked so far.) Lip balm (I was running out…finally) and these little flower grow kits.  It is spring and I am itching to plant things.

I started the flower growing kits today. The white one is Silver Princess Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum) and the pink is Angel Wings Mini Rose (Rosa chinensis).  I first noticed that that pots they come with do not have drainage holes, so I poked some using a nail.

Added some dirt and seeds.

And now sunshine and water, and hope that the cats won’t decide that these are fun to knock over. Since they DO have drainage holes in them now, I used old tea tin lids to collect excess water that drains out.

The instructions say to keep the growing medium (it’s dirt with some other material added in) moist, and then use standard fertilizer once the seedlings are 2-3in tall.

I also baked some cherry turnovers for Pi day, but forgot to get good pictures of them. Oh well. I plan on going to a bakery tomorrow anyway.

Soufflesong Flash Sale

For reasons unknown to me, Soufflesong has put a ton of stuff on sale! For a limited time only, until March 10! As of publication, there is 1 day and 12 hours left to this sale!


Including my beloved Kitty Courtyard Dress (do I finally buy it again but in pink?), Song of Skylark (I like it, but do I want to pay money for it?), Butterfly Cemetary JSK (damnit this was one of the first things I blogged about wanting and STILL don’t have), both Wishing Stars JSKs (they went on sale last summer, remember?) and a bunch of others.

The Sweet Cherry Deer Salopette is one of the dresses for sale, so I initially panicked and though Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit may be for sale, but they are not.

Soufflesong has also put their new series of ero-lolita items for sale also, which all I can do is shake my head at. ఠ_ఠ

But before I buy anything, I wait for news on jobs and even then, I am going to buy some brand once I get a job.

Fire Dress Postponed

Apparently Arcadian Deer only had 5-20 of each cut/colorway prepared for the Chinese New Year release of AD Four Elements of Astrology – Fire. Clobba said he is still getting information, but it is likely that things will sell out super fast and there will be a larger release around May.

I do not mind this at all, since I would be begrudgingly spending money on a dress now when I really should not be. So as sad as I am that the Fire Dress will have to wait even more…I am glad I can hang onto that money a bit longer.

However, a preorder page is up on Arcadian Deer’s Taobao…it says the first batch of stock will be up in early May, and there will be a total of 10 XL JSKs for each color, and 5 XL dresses for each color. Ahh. There will only be 5 skirts each (why) in all sizes, and there are 25-30 of each color JSK and dress in the smaller sizes.

I do think I have settled on getting the red colorway, so that is good. If I get another email from Clobba saying that this first batch hasn’t sold out yet, then I will give it a shot. But otherwise, I am content waiting for the second batch.

If there is no second batch, I will be so damn pissed.