Fire Dress has a release date!

SO I have been talking about this damn Arcadian Deer fire dress for months, because I am going to buy it, unemployment be damned. I have the money earmarked for it.

Today, on LU, I see that someone has figured out it will be put up for order on February 16. FINALLY.

In other news, IW White and Brown Rabbit series is for sale ;_; and while everything is still in stock, the L and long M sizes are running out. DAMN I am probably going to end up missing this, which sucks. And NONE of the AP Sky Banquet JSKs have sold out yet (even now) so that is inspiring.


Bakery Meetup

Yesterday I went to a meetup at a vegan bakery called Mudpie.  It was with the com I am less familiar with, so I was a little nervous. Usually, they dress much better than I do, plus the whole thing about being nervous around new people.  But it is good practice for when I have to pick up my entire life and move to a new timezone.

My first coord of 2018 is…lackluster.  I am wearing Fanplusfriend’s Puck’s Prank JSK (with the flower applique on part of the bodice but I am covering it up with the cardigan), an H&M blouse (covered) and cardigan that does not perfectly match. My teaparty shoes are from Sosic Shop. Wearing tights are fleece lined tights because it is cold. I did actually plan to wear exactly this because I have gained a few pounds over the holidays, and decided I would rather wear something that fits comfortably.  Also using the questionable Aliexpress petticoat here.

The ribbon pin was originally from a beret I never wore, and since I was going to originally wear a headbow, I tried to make the cardigan look a little more cute. It was a moot point, because I decided the headbow looked weird and stupid on my head. It returned to the beret, and I decided to try wearing it.

Consensus is that yes, I am wearing this beret okay and it looks cute. Actually, I really like it. I am thinking of getting more berets in different colors to wear with other outfits now.

I was really worried that I was going to stick out like a sore thumb with my mediocre outfit, but there there was a range of outfits, so I did not feel like the worst dressed one of all (like I was prepared to be). But everyone at the meet was really nice, and that is what is most important. It’s especially nice to meet people in person when you have seen them post in the FB groups and finally be able to put a name to a face.

Everyone got a chocolate chip scone. Not sure if this is one of the vegan or gluten-free items, as I just panicked and picked something that looked tasty. I am trying to get into the habit of looking up menus online before I go somewhere so I can budget a bit better, but Mudpie just says that the daily baked good selection changes daily. Okay~ It was really good though.

Overall, I had a good time, and I am excited to go to more meets. That is kind of the way I feel after all meets though. I think most of them have been pretty good, regardless of which group I am meeting up.  I am pretty fortunate that nothing too crazy or dramatic happens at meetups, and that people I know usually aren’t involved with any drama online.

Unrelated rant now. I usually take pictures on my phone and then transfer to Google Drive/Backup and Sync and upload to imgur on my laptop.  However, Backup and Sync likes to somehow turn itself off and then I can’t get it to work again without reinstalling it. So I decided to see if I should just download the Imgur app so I can upload directly from my phone. It will not allow me to upload images and add them to an already existing album- so I would have to make a new album every time I upload multiple pictures. ಠ▃ಠ And I just noticed my text face app in Chrome deleted all the text faces I custom added to it. Why. I am not succeeding at technology today…

Classism and Lolita Fashion

On social media lately, there seem to be a few posts about how the Lolita Fashion communiy is so elitist, and so classist. Usually, this refers to how the main community looks down on people who do not own pieces from the major Japanese brands, such as Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Moi-même-Moitié, Innocent World, and Victorian Maiden (RIP)(1).  People tell tales of how they went to a meet up not wearing these brands and were laughed out, or were made fun of on the internet for their outfits and it is solely because they are not wearing brand.

This is such nonsense to me, and it makes my head spin.  And so I am going to rant about it here. There is a TL;DR at the bottom.

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Thursday things

Actually, I am more disappointed over getting none of the AP Special Sets than I was last night. Cameo Window is so cute! u_u Now I want to buy something else to make myself feel better, but everything I want is not out.

The Little Dipper OPs are all sold out in the size/colors I want, and Arcadian Deer is releasing a Moon Caramel Bunny somethng print, and more Royal Hamster Circus (but only in red right now???), but still no sign of the Fire dress. They said New Year…so Chinese New Year I guess. I will have to go back to check my older post to think about what color I would want. I still want some kind of red dress eventually, but pink was an option.

I guess Soufflesong does still have Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit available, but those are absolute last resort.  I think I have settled on getting the mint for Cherry Deer and pink for Strawberry Rabbit, but eventually.

I am not supposed to be spending money anyway. u__u; I mean, I am already a little grumpy over being unable to attend any events this year, but that is entirely my own fault for timing things so badly (and the universe making it so all the events I want to attend are at the beginning of the year…).

Exciting things (or not)

The Special Sets go up for sale today and I am so excited.

I think I am going to go for Cameo Window after all.  I know I have been excited about Ribbon Berry Bunny for forever (well, since last January ha ha ha), but I just keep thinking about Cameo Window, and how graceful and elegant it looks. The wine looks so good, even though I probably should get the pink since I already have a ton of pink things to go with it.

On an interesting note, in the Japan webshop, Fairy Rose Princess restocked?? That is interesting.

9:05pm Never fucking mind, all the special sets sold out in 5 MINUTES. Except the Lovely Snow Fantasy one. Damn. Maybe if AP USA gets them in, I will give it a second shot.

My 2017 Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals seem to be the trendy thing lately. I decided to make a Bullet Journal for 2017 because I was too lazy to order a new daily planner from GMarket, and the Sailormoon Planner I got for 2017 only had a monthly set up.

At the most basic level, a bullet journal is merely a list of things to do everyday, and you check them off as they get done. If you have a fresh idea, then you can add that to the list. Another important part of the bullet journal system is to have an index at the front, so you can go back and reference every time you had an idea about fresh tomato pasta (or whatever). The third important part of the basic bullet journal set up is that you can use different bullets to mean different things. However, this year, I found that I don’t like having dedicated bullets for different things, nor do I really care for the index function. I just wanted a cute planner that I could take notes in.

A lot of people do super fancy, overly decorated bullet journals too, where there is a cover page for each month with lots of nice art and watercolors, but I am too lazy for that. I mostly just used stickers, or doodled random things.

I bought this journal in 2015 from the Exploratorium gift shop in San Fransisco. What I like about this journal is that the pages are grid line on one side, and normal lined on the other. Also, I like the astronomy themed cover.

These pages are used for my yearly outlook, and marked the big events that happened this year. This was also good to keep track of all the meets I went to this year, as well as the trips and other events I took with friends. Some months were more exciting than others.

My early pages looked like this, and for the most part, did not change. Only major change was that on the lined pages, I divided it down the middle for random notes and then for a daily diary.  The daily diary started out as a way for me to try and track my mental and physical health (which is apparent here), but later, I just started using a few lines to write about whatever. This does not replace my actual journal, which is for more in-depth writing.

Something that I think was very important was my weekly menus. I like to cook, and as a way to save money and eat healthier.

An idea I got from some other blogs solely dedicated to bullet journaling was to have a monthly habit tracker

I love checking boxes and things off lists, so this is a nice way to do that.  Most months, I included ones for 15 minutes of yoga, 7000 steps, blogging, writing in my proper journal, putting on sunscreen, wearing a sheetmask, working on my dissertation, working on job hunting ;_; and working on learning R programming.

Also here is a monthly outlook. I like it because I can easily plan events for the whole month, but I wonder if maybe a more traditional calender layout would be better so I could see which days are which days of the week (even though I have it listed on here).

When I started this last January, I was a little worried that I would give up halfway through, since it isn’t a premade planner (which I have used in the years past). However here it is, the end of 2017 and I managed to get through the entire year!

I am already setting up a new bullet journal for 2018, and trying to make it even better. I will make a post about that later.



Every winter, I always want to plan and host a tea party for my friends. I did try one year to host a Holiday tea for my friends, but it seems none of my friends actually want to get together to drink tea. Rather, they just want to have a normal party, and so that eventually evolved into the Christmas party we have every year.  If I had a nice house that was clean and drama-free, I would try to host a tea party for my com, since we have drunk tea together (at tea parties).  I just really love the idea of getting together with some friends, drinking tea and eating cute homemade snacks, and playing board games or card games or just chit chatting together. I guess we had a tea party earlier this year that was kind of like that, and that was a lot of fun.

Maybe there is just a part of me that wants to bake a lot and make lots of food and eat it with friends and just relax. (๑╹ڡ╹๑)