Mail call!

Got home to TWO packages today. What great timing, since I had a sort of rough day.  What are they?

SOCKS. And the Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology-Air dress. I could have used those socks….the last two days. HAH. But now I should be good on lolita socks for a good long while…at least until winter. I ordered them from Aliexpress on June 30 and today is the 10th, so got here faster than expected. Yay. Later this year, I will get some nicer tights.

Tired and feeling a little unwell at the moment, so all I did was unpack my Arcadian Deer dress, and I want to go ahead and say DAMN.

DAAAAAMN. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Print looks so pretty in person. It has gold trim and the dress is shimmery and beautiful and I am super impressed.

One thing I have noticed with Angelic Pretty is that there will be a button sewn onto the strap and then the loop on the bodice, so if you want to adjust the straps to fit you better, gotta re-sew the button. But with this dress (and actually a few other taobao dresses), the button is on the bodice and the strap has button holes, so all I need to do is move to a different button hole.

Also, they included a plastic garment bag so I can protect the dress from harmful things like direct sunlight and inconsiderate smokers. AND there was a freebie hand mirror included too.

Anyway, I am 100000% sold now on getting the Water dress and maybe even the Earth dress when those are released. Right now, the only other print they have even shown is the Fire print.  However, I figure that the Water print would have mermaids or something like that, so that could scratch my itchy for a mermaid-y dress (as opposed to the r-series dress I am keeping an eye out for) and the Earth print may have some forest nymph dryad something, which would be cute too. Neither of those prints have been shown yet, only the Fire print (and obviously, the Air print).

I should probably calm down a little, at least until I wear the silly thing. :p But it is SO PRETTY ಠ◡ಠ


Paradiso 2018 Announced!

Next year’s theme is “Woodland Arcadia”. SO we do mori lolita now? Actually, I think mori kei is super cute and I would love to do a mori-kei/lolita outfit.

Day 1 is at The Athenaeum, a historic Kansas City building which I have never heard of before despite living here my entire life. But a quick google map shows the distinct lack of parking (aside from street parking or a parking lot on the other side of the block) (because clearly I am overly paranoid about parking all the time) and being two blocks from a Police Station. But hey, it won’t be in a basement this time, right?

Day 2 is at the Webster House again. YES. That alone will be worth it. Can’t wait for easy parking and all the tea and snacks I can stuff my face with °˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖°

Ouji Pageant is back also. ALSO, the FAQ addresses many concerns, such as parking, and also if there will be seating for everyone. Also, Day 1 will last from 1pm to 7pm? 6 hours? That seems long to me, but it will be after lunch. Hope the snacks are better, since 6-7pm is around dinner time. Overall, it looks like they took a lot of the feedback this year. Good job ❤

I hope that I can even attend, but it depends on if I’m in town or if I feel like coming back home for a weekend to also visit my cat (and perhaps family).

On a more bitter note, I can now find a picture of me on the website and I am thus refusing to let my picture be taken ever again. (╯°Д°)╯Ahhh why does my face look like thisssss?

Lazy times

This Saturday is Summer International Lolita Day, a holiday made up to dress up for fun.  Both local coms have planned to attend a Strawberry Festival in Independence (not sure if they both know….) and I was planning on attending.  That is why I went through all the trouble of making a strawberry fabric bag and cute little accessories.

However now, I am so exhausted from Paradiso and seeing friends and traveling the weekend before…I need a weekend where I can just be at home and get chores done. Pretty much, if I leave my house for long periods of time for two weekends in a row, I get too tired and want to hide from everyone, even my Mom. Also does not help that I have been sick for the last 10 days. (︶︹︺)

So right now, my options are either stay home and grocery shop and maybe go to the cute bakery that I love, or man up (woman up?) and just go anyway, and try to go at a time where I can see people from both groups. I haven’t decided yet. Right now, I am leaning towards the anti-social route but maybe on Friday, I will feel a lot better and want to do more.

Also, I have to go do family things in the middle of nowhere on Sunday.

AND pictures from Paradiso were posted online, including one of me, where I look like a slouchy potato-face.  I am not used to people wanting my picture so I have no idea how to pose. I was also trying to hide the bandages and red marks covering my arms. (。ノω\。)゚ Ugh I look awful.

Angelic Page Views

I have been blogging a long time. I had a Blogger for 5 years, deleted it, then had another one for a few years, deleted that. Had a beauty and makeup blog for a few years concurrent with the other ones. Also deleted. Have a 5 year old Tumblr account and several side blogs. The point is that for the most point, I don’t get many views or follows or anything. I probably just am boring, or do not tag things properly. ヽ(´ー`)┌ okay

I am pretty okay with that. I mean, not to say I wouldn’t welcome more views and followers, but also I am not in it for the e-fame. I just like to blog and post random thoughts on the internet. Maybe it will provide insight to future generations about how the 2010s were (I hope most of my internet usage from the 2000s is wiped…)

So I have/had a side tumblr blog where the idea was to post one picture a day. I have gotten lazy at this. But there was one post that was really damn popular.

Just scans of freaking Romantic Cat back when we only knew about the teal (actually mint) and periwinkle (actually lavender) colorways. I got over 200 likes! Woah!

On tumblr, it’s not difficult to get over 100k likes/reblogs though. But I am impressed with my 200. Hah.

And then I notice on this blog, I don’t get too many views (I do appreciate the ones I get), but when I do get them….ANGELIC PRETTY.

So clearly, to get more views on the internet, I need to talk about Angelic Pretty. Unfortunately the newest print, Fancy Hospital, is terribad. Well, okay, it is cute and not hideous and the cuts look like they could be comfy clothes but not worth paying THAT much money for, and I am not into menhara. So I don’t feel like talking about it.

Spring Lolita Update of the Week

No point in weekly updates if I am only ever inspired at random intervals.

Haenuli announced a the Royal Kitten in black, blue and green, and the Royal Puppy in black only. This is apparently a re-release of the Royal Kitten print from 2013, which had red, purple and grey colorways. That is from way before I was paying attention to any of this, so I thought this was a new print. Ha ha whoops.

Royal Puppers and Nyans. On one hand, not sure how I feel about it being so photo-realistic. I mean, everything is photo-realistic here. The cats, the crowns, the puppy, the frames, the flowers and random rabbits and deer. Not a huge fan of the colors either. I suppose I am more into pastels in general.

The pupper though. He’s so cute. Even with all the qualms I have about this print, and Haenuli dresses so far (the more recent releases are usually around $270 USD so a little less than Japanese brand but a lot more than Taobao brand, and also I have yet to see a cut I really love), I want the black puppy and the black kitty prints. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ  I really liked the print for The Story You Don’t Know, but I wasn’t a fan of either JSK cut (JSK I was too plain for the cost, and JSK2 had the pentagram halter straps that I am not a fan of, at least not for lolita fashion). I think I would be more excited for a nice lavender and/or pink colorway…We will just have to see what the dresses look like, and if they are different from the OP, JSK and skirt from 2013.

Metamorphose temps de fille (or just Meta) is a brand I have mostly ignored, because they only list one bust/waist measurement, so I have been paranoid that nothing would fit. I asked around, and apparently it is actually one of the most forgiving brands in terms of stretch. So just to wait for a release that I think is super cute…

Oh shit look at this. This is what I picture in my mind when I think of stereotypical sweet lolita (as opposed to the stuff I end up actually buying). I think I will eventually look for Bakery Cafe second hand.

Little Dipper JSK that is similar to an OP they released earlier.

Still waiting on my blouses from Little Dipper and Dear Celine (they were supposed to be shipped on the 12th to my shopping service but haven’t heard anything so far). However, whenever I look at the Little Dipper web shop, everything looks so comfy and soft. I would like to save up some money and get a bunch of basics from them, and that could be my theoretical daily lolita clothes.

Hunting Mushrooms Doll is a brand I have never heard of before, but they posted this release, Royal Irtysh Princess. Custom sized, but the big selling point is all those 3D hand sewn flowers.

This dress is crazy busy.

Is that lace supposed to connect there?

Moonlight Forest is BACK. Last April, these dresses were released and I decided to not buy them. Also, for some reason I though it was from Angel’s Heart. No, the actual name of this is Moonlight Forest (that is the brand) and the print is Fantasy Castle.

Ahhhh this was so damn cute, but the bust only goes up to 94cm which is why I didn’t get it. In addition to trying to be financially responsible. Ha. Although now, I wonder

Man, it was so pretty. It still is so pretty. I wanted the JSK in both colorways, but alas, didn’t happen. The print itself, the little star buttons, the overlays…

And now, as if I did not suffer enough last year, they are re-releasing the print! With new colorways! And new cuts!

AHHHH actually conflicted on this cut. Sure, it is only a drawing, but it looks longer and the overlay is longer too, which is nice. What I am less okay with are the bare shoulders and the v-line of lace.

AHHHH And also a Sailor style OP? I am not a huge fan of sailor style OPs for myself, but damnit this is cute.

The four colorways appear to be light blue, dark blue, lavender and dark purple. Last year, it was only light and dark blue. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ But they’re all so damn cute. If I had bought the two JSKs last year, I’d still go buy more JSKs in the new colorways this year. But I won’t, because chances are, there is still a 94cm max bust and that just isn’t going to work for me.

Spring Picnic Event

My comm had a picnic today! Or rather, it was originally going to be a picnic, but ended up being a tea inside. The weather was originally supposed to be nice, then rainy, but ended up being nice after all.

Finally wearing my Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK. I was worried it wouldn’t fit, and struggled with the zipper. But it fit. Also, I am trying out my new chiffon blouse from Taobao. It fits. It is super warm. Also part of my outfit are two petticoats (I need to stop buying dresses and invest in poofier ones), pink shoes and plain white tights. No wrist cuffs due to long sleeves. Wore my hair down with a flower veil headdress. It’s not shown here, but I though it worked out well.

Since I knew we would be outside, I took a parasol with me. Wasn’t sure if pink or white looked better. Technically, the pinks nor the whites match, but I ended up taking the white one today.

So the zipper was fine, but the shoulder straps of the dress kept slipping down. There are 3 button holes and I had it on the loosest one since I hoped it would help the dress fit better. This lead to the strap slipping, my arm reaching in a bad angle and popping off a button. What the hell?! This is the second time I’ve had to mend a Cat’s Broom dress. The button was originally sewn only into the lining. So while wearing the dress, I pretty much turned it around, sewed the button back on and reinforced the other button. Then tried to button up to the second hole.

The straps still kept falling down all day. What the heck/

There was a lot of food at the tea party.

It was pretty simple stuff, but super yummy.

A lot of people showed up, which was nice. Eventually we took a group picture, and I don’t look like complete trash so that is nice.  Talked a little about AP’s new prints and how people think the 2010-2012 era of Angelic Pretty was the best. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Also chiffon is not at all breathable.

Eventually, some of us went to the local shops. There is a British store there, which I have been to before and every time I go to this town, I buy tea there. Just Twinings, but I cannot find Earl Grey-Jasmine or Earl Grey-Lavender in stores in my city. Also, supporting small businesses, blah blah.

When we first got there, we lost everyone, since we drove to the shops in two groups. So my group was looking around for everyone else. A few random people helped up out by saying they saw similarly dressed people a block over (where we had started from, ha). That still makes me giggle a bit. We did eventually regroup and all was well.

Since we were a crowd of lolitas, there were comments from strangers. For the most part, people just said they liked out outfits. There was one group of hooligans who was saying something about “can we be princesses too?” but we all just walked by without responding.  After this, a few people were a little grumpy about how they’ll snap if one more person says something sassy. ⊙︿⊙ Did I miss all the other sassy remarks? The only other remotely sassy bit was some guy asked why we were dressed up, so I quickly responded with “For Easter”. It’s a good excuse, technically correct, and a few people (not me) had bunny themed outfits.  That shut them up, but I don’t think it was out of spite that they asked.

We went to a Japanese Garden to rest. It was pretty small, but a nice use of space in a mostly commercial area.


Finally, we went and got drinks at a Boba Tea cafe. I just got regular tea, since I don’t like boba tea. After that, everyone went home.

Today’s meet was really fun, and I had a good time. I also feel like my outfit was pretty good too. I could probably do with some more accessories (a necklace, I think), and I just remembered that I was going to add some pink hair clips too but obviously forgot. Haha whoops. Didn’t have an appropriate bag today, but I’m not too beat up over it.

Still, home was an hour from where the meet was, so I was happy to get home and change back into normal, more breathable clothes. I just wanted to air things out, but the cat decided she needed to sleep on them instead. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ So looks like I get to do more laundry tomorrow!

In the Midwest, weather ruins everything

Actually, not everything is ruined yet.

Tomorrow, we have a high of 71F, low of 32F. Friday (Nakakon day 1) will be a high of 48F and low of 29F…AND MAYBE SNOW. But not til late, so I’ll be home by then.

But Saturday? High of 41F, low of 29F and 70% chance of snow in the morning. The Final Fantasy concert starts at 11am so I plan on being there by 10am (last year, the lines were epic).

And then Sunday will be high of 47F and low of 34F, so not too awful.

I have been thinking about my shoe issue (before the weather issues popped up) and decided to switch the Saturday and Sunday outfits, so wear Rose Museum on Saturday and Mushroom Kingdom on Sunday to the Tea Party. There’s nothing on Saturday requiring a dress code (went to the Atelier Pierrot fashion show at Nakakon a few years ago, looked like a damn mess, and was let in anyway. That said, the show lasted a good 10 minutes after waiting forever and I was disappointed) so if I am wearing bow flats, whatever.

But now, knowing that the weather on Saturday will be crap, I don’t know what to do. I have a white cardigan I could use with Aquarium Carnival or Mushroom Kingdom in a pinch, but don’t really have any black or navy jackets that I could wear with the Blue Rose Museum long enough to get from car to inside. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, since I plan on stuffing the jacket into my bag…

Alternatively, I am wondering if I should just say screw it and dress cute but non-lolita? But that isn’t any fun.

I’m going to continue checking the weather and hoping that the 70% chance of snow is actually just plain, boring rain. Meanwhile, there are SO MANY THINGS I want to buy.

Getting over my fear of Taobao was a mistake. (´・ω・`)