Let me tell you about my cat friends, because they will inevitably come up and they are my babies.~(=^‥^)/♡♡♡


This is the Devilkitty Jenny. She is 10 and was originally my brother’s cat, and he named her Jenny. Then decided her name was Kitty. Then dropped her off with my Mom for “a few days” while they sprayed his apartment for bugs. This was a few years ago. When she first came to live with us (well, again, because she lived in this house before my brother moved out), she HATED my guts. She would hiss and cry and hide whenever I came in the room (thus, the “Devil” part). However, I was determined to be friends, and over many months of playing ribbon and being cautious, she decided that I was a pretty good human after all.  Right now, she is back in the Midwest living with my Mom and I miss her very much. However, she loves my Mom very much so I am sure she is a happy girl.


Billy is actually my boyfriend’s cat of 15 years, and is a sassy brat.  She is now my cat, as I live together with my boyfriend now.  She is the reason my cats are back in the Midwest, as she insists on being an only kitty. Her favorite things to do are cry for food and sleep on your head.  Billy is fond of me, even though she bit the heck out of my arm one time (I deserved it for messing with her though :p). This is a cat who will not tolerate any disrespect.

~~~Other Cats~~~

Jack the Cat

Jack the Cat! This is the cat my brother (same one who originally adopted Devil Kitty…he is not a very responsible cat parent) randomly adopted and then when he moved back in with us, Jack came along. Jack the Cat is a GREAT CAT. He is friendly. He loves to be petted! He has great ears! He is a tuxedo cat, which is my favorite kind of cat.

Neighbor Kitty

This is the Neighbor Kitten.  He belonged to the little boy who lived next door, but his family moved away, and after a short stint of being on a farm, he has rejoined them.  Neighbor Kitty is a good boy.


This is my old kitty, Sargie. I had to put her down on 12/13/2016 because she was so very old and so very sick. She will always be the best kitty ever. We got her in 1997 and she lived a good, long happy life, mostly napping and demanding food from us. Her favorite food was whatever you were having for dinner (which is cat appropriate, was shared)(also potato chips).