Black Friday 2017

I love Black Friday online shopping. I can sit at my computer with a cup of tea and don’t have to deal with angry people or anything.

So far today, I have ordered some cute shirts from Tasty Peach Studios (unfortunately the Sakura Meowchi shirt was already sold out in my size >_>) and a petticoat by The Black Ribbon from Lolita Collective (it was cheaper than going straight to The Black Ribbon). I hope that this petticoat is one that will finally work and be wonderful.

AP USA, in addition to the Fairy Rose Princess special set and Lovely Snow Fantasy releases today, is also putting some stuff on sale. But what stuff? Won’t know until noon PST/2pm CST. What are the chances that Fairy Rose Princess will ALREADY go on sale? No way. Most of the prints they mentioned were going on sale were from earlier this year.  Fairy Rose Princess is slowly selling out on the Japanese page, which makes me a little nervous, but no big deal.

I am going to see what AP USA puts on sale before buying anything else. I want some skincare and there are a few PS4 games on sale too.

UPDATE: Fairy Rose Princess Special set did not sell out as of right now (7pm CST) and nothing I was particularly interested in went on sale.  Bonbon Bunny, Fairy Rose Princess and Lovely Snow Fantasy are all I am interested in. So instead, I went and bought some video games and skincare.


Angelic Pretty Fairy Rose Princess Special Set and Lovely Snow Fantasy

;__; I want it.

I did not like the sax colorway of Fairy Rose Princess, but navy looks so NICE.  The bow on the bodice is nice and I wish the regular version had that style of bow instead. The bow at the waist is kind of weird looking, but I can live with it.

It will be available at AP USA in store on Black Friday at 11am PST, and online at noon PST. For $300. That is so much for a special set. Right now, the normal JSK is $312. I suppose this set does come with a headpiece, which maybe helps make it a good deal?  What happened to ye old days of special sets for $120-$240?

Lovely Snow Fantasy JSK is also for preorder from AP USA on Black Friday also! (It was already released in Japan, and as of right now, none of the JSKs have sold out yet).

I like the pink and lavender colorways. I like the pattern- it is cutesy and winter-themed without being Christmas themed. AND it is only $291 compared to a special set!? (Well, $270 if you buy from the Japanese shop with yen to USD conversion, and honestly the shipping from Japan isn’t that much more than what AP USA charges for shipping).

Like the normal Fairy Rose Princess JSK, I will wait until a sale to get Lovely Snow Fantasy. But special sets usually (but not always) sell out, so I guess I am passing on the special set. Last year I got the navy Rose Museum special set and then the normal JSK in pink, so do I really need to get two of the same print again?

Lolita Black Friday Sales

I am torn between buying anime merchandise (NENDOROIDS), random cosmetic and skincare items, or clothes for Black Friday.  Last year, I bought parasols and blouses.  I am still undecided and a little bit preoccupied, but here are some of the Black Friday sales I have seen posted so far.

Not really expecting brands to do anything, since Black Friday is an American thing.

The Black Ribbon will have free shipping until 11/29/17 with coupon code THANKFUL17, but nothing ships until after the 30th.

Soufflesong has a weekly sale on some dresses that would be nice for Christmas, except I don’t like the ones on sale. Don’t Eat Bunny or Sweet Deer go on sale when?

Anna House is having a sale from 11/20 to 1/19 where you get a 40% discount if you spend over $200 using code likesevent, and free gifts if you spend over $300, $400 and $500, or one of their dresses.

Lady Sloth is having a sale where it is 20% off blouses, underskirts and casual dresses. That is pretty sweet! I’ve been wanting to buy some things from this shop in the past so maybe this is a good chance.

Lolita Collective is doing a pop-up shop next month, but no mention of a Black Friday sale yet. Last year, they really hyped it up.

UPDATES 11/22/17:

Cotton Candy Feet has a deal where if you buy 3 pairs of shoes, you get a bag for free! A nice bag!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright SF is having a sale also! 15% for 2 items or 20% off for 3 items in store, or 15% off online items. Some restrictions apply (as always). Also, there are some limited sets but no lucky packs.

Puvithel is having a variety of lucky packs also.

UPDATE 11/23/17:

Yo Lolita Collective is having a Black Friday sale after all! 25% off stuff! Announced only 2 hours before it starts 😀

Holiday Embroidery Projects

As part of my quest to save money to move out soon, all of my Christmas gifts to people will be embroidered items.  While I was in DC visiting friends, I worked on a few items in my down time. Sometimes it is just really nice to sit and chit-chat and embroider at the same time.  I probably would have done it on the plane, except I imagine the TSA has something against sewing needles and scissors.

Since I am 1000% sure that my friends do not read this blog, I feel comfortable spoiling their embroidered gifts here.

I embroidered a dinosaur. I found a dinosaur pattern online and I copied it as best as I could, and then added the fancy bowtie. Who wouldn’t love a fancy dinosaur gentleman? I don’t know precisely what kind of dinosaur this is.

This one is actually for my brother and sister-in-law’s kitchen. They are very health conscious, and at a dinner recently, they said they would get a kick out of having an embroidered sign that says “Gains are made in the Kitchen”. After all, you cannot outrun a bad diet.

I still have 5 more things to embroider. My Mom and Boyfriend will not be getting embroidered things, so I need to find them something else.

Angelic Pretty Lovely Snow Fantasy

I like it. I like the print. I like the absence of stupid bows on the hem. I do not like the bib-style bodice on the JSK. They did something similar on Bonbon Bunny, ugh. The bib style is NOT cute, AP. Well, it is cute in a baby-ish way. But the little fur collar is SO perfect for a winter dress. I want it anyway.

But oh man, this style of print is so cute and I love it. I bet this one will be popular and sell out quickly. The colorways are pink, sax, lavender and kon (navy blue). This is such a precious and darling winter print, and it WILL be here in time for Christmas, unlike Little Dipper’s current Christmas print that won’t even arrive until January. What are they thinking??

OH hey Bonbon Bunny is still in stock? Oh goodness. If it goes on super sale (like 40% off), I may buy it. The pink and red are both so holiday-appropriate. And now Fairy Rose Princess…and now Lovely Snow Fantasy. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 Gotta focus and graduate and get a job first!!

UPDATE 11/17/17: Lovely Snow Fantasy did NOT sell out in Japan today! Yay~ Also, for reference, the JSK bust is 88-112cm and the waist is 76-102cm. Fabric is chiffon, and it is 91cm long. Yikes, would need an underskirt but otherwise this would fit great. Ugh I want it.

Comfy afternoons and terror

Last Friday, before I left for my trip, I turned in my dissertation for formatting review. It was not actually complete. Chapter 3 was a farce, but my boss said that they will not care.  Yesterday, I got an email saying that the review is done and I need to schedule my actually dissertation (it will be the week of Dec11-15 but I have not picked an actual day yet).

December 11 is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. (°ロ°);;;;

My December paycheck will be my final one (I think that will be the one that posts Dec 1, not Dec 31), and this means my final day of lab will be December 31. Because I am not going in to lab if I am not getting paid.  If my boss wants to work something out for me to come do dishes or run the lab (both of which are unlikely cause I know what his funding situation is…), I will stick around. But instead, it looks like I have 50 days to get my lab stuff together, desk cleaned out and to find a new job.

(¬‿¬ );; Well, I guess any hopes I had of buying lucky packs or Fairy Rose Princess anytime soon are put to rest. At least none of the Fairy Rose Princess JSKs sold out on AP USA. None of the OPs either. Bless me for liking such an unpopular print!

If I get a good enough job before it goes on sale, I’ll get ivory AND wine JSKs. Haha. So that gives me a month cause the Winter Sale is usually in January.

Something else I wanted to talk about was that since the Halloween Tea, and even a little before that, I feel like my participation in lolita is waning a little. Maybe I feel that way because I have not bought anything lately, or because there have been several events that I ended up not going to. This time last year, I was doing my ‘wear 1 dress per week’ project and that really helped me feel good. Maybe I should try to do something like that again, however I am going to be under a TON of stress for the next month.

Next weekend- need to see my cute boyfriend. Weekend after is Thanksgiving. Weekend after that is Winter ILD, so I guess I will have to dress up. Weekend after that is the weekend before I defend.

Maybe I need to go easier on myself. This is a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, and I can resume it once I graduate.


Traveling and other misc thoughts

I am out of town this week, visiting friends in the DC area! None of them are into lolita, so I didn’t bother bringing any dresses to wear.  We are having a fun time anyway. On Saturday, we went to Annapolis and hiked on some trails, and on Sunday, we explored Capitol Hill a little bit.  This is not our first trip to DC, but it is still a lot of fun.

The Japan release of Fairy Rose Princess came and went, and there are still dresses in stock. So I should be able to wait until AP has a big sale before buying that dress. Also, the JSK has a bust of 91-98cm and waist of 70-80cm, is 94cm long (will want an underskirt) and the fabric is shantug. AP USA is releasing this print THIS Friday also, which seems to be very quick considering only 1 colorway of the OP and JSK sold out (Pink and Sax respectively). I am thinking for the JSK, I want ivory or wine. The pink colorway has little sax bows on it and I am not a fan.

There have been some previews of the snowflake dress AP is going to release later this season too, and it looks cute so far. Not sure if it would be worth getting though.  I am also getting excited for any lucky packs or special sets that will show up at the end of the year. Last year, it was around New Years and in January.  I have not tried any lucky packs yet, but for special sets, I would want a Fairy Rose Princess special set.  A Ribbon Bunny Berry special set would be nice too.  Actually, I don’t think I would bother with a Romantic Cat special set, unless it was in an unreleased colorway (pink was my favorite, the grey turned out to not be so great, just not that into mint and I can’t remember what the forth colorway was- maybe ivory?).