Chocolate Meet Up

WOW I am exhausted, but not solely due to the meetup.

Anyway, here are coord pictures!

Long Ears and Sharp Ears Mushroom Forest JSK in brown, with the pink Diamond Honey half blouse. Literally the closest thing I have to a chocolate print. I just don’t like chocolate prints. I want to eat chocolate, not wear it. My frankensteined Aurora+Ariel petticoat is TOO fluffy to fit under the skirt, and also too long, so just using the really old petti I got from Amazon. It actually works really well and is super comfy, I just have to shorten it a little. Maybe my petticoat issues will be solved by simply buying 2 of these Amazon pettis, sewing them together and then making them shorter??

I could have worn socks today, but was too lazy to shave my legs so instead I wore the white tights I always wear. Ha ha ha. And then my Latasa Pink Shoes from Amazon. They are so broken in now that I can use the elastic by the buckle to carefully slip into them. It’s fantastic. I just wish these shoes were a bit more comfortable.

I had to go grocery shopping before the meet, so my hair was fairly simple, and I wore some bracelets instead of wristcuffs.

So went grocery shopping, then came home until it was time for the meet. We went to Andre’s, a cafe that sells specialized chocolate and pastries.  I think they may be famous for their chocolate, which is super tasty, but I’ve had their tea cookies before and THOSE are amazing. I believe my boss buys chocolate for his wife from this shop for all holidays where a wife should receive chocolate. (◡‿◡✿)

Anyway, there is a tea room where there is a new set menu everyday.  Today the choices were two kinds of quiche, some kind of roast beef, or something else.  I got the quiche Lorraine.

There were also pickled beets and carrot salad. The beets were actually very tasty. I think I would have liked the carrot salad if I was feeling a bit better.  And then there was some kind of apricot jam cookie crust thing for dessert. I actually wanted princess cake instead, but someone else got it and I didn’t want to bother the server any more by making her go get another one. ;_; It was still very good though, and not too sweet, which is nice.

The others ended up buying some sweets after lunch, but all I did was take some pictures. Topleft are some cute marzipan punpkins (for HALLOWEEN!). Top right are a bunch of little cakes and pastries that I would eat all of if my stomach wasn’t feeling weird. Bottom left are some fancy cakes. I want to get good enough to make fancy cakes like this. Bottom right are the little packs of tea cookies. Full price, they are $16, but when I got them before, they were only $8.

After we ate, we took some group pictures (with the sun RIGHT IN MY EYES GYAH) and then parted.  The original plan was to go to a park afterwards but I guess people had places to be. That’s fine, I forgot my parasol and wanted to just go home anyway.

The kitten Jack has discovered the joys of sitting on petticoats. What a good cat.

I had a good time today, but I am also completely and totally drained of energy now. Need more mana potions. Surprisingly, I ate zero chocolate at the chocolate meet as well. Huh.


Trying to not shop

I want the Soufflesong dress and the Pink Up dress, and then this morning I was looking over old coordinate pictures, and guess what? I REALLY LOVE PASTELS. Why do I want these very much not pastel dresses? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ What am I thinking?

After further inspection, I would have to get the Bat Collar JSK, even though I like the other JSK a little better. The Bat Collar JSK would fit better.  And then I would get the 2nd Wishing Stars JSK, the one with the tiered skirt, since I like it better.

And then I also want to buy sheet mass from Etude House (they’re on sale! But I don’t need more! But there are also freebies!) and also merchandise for a phone game.

Maybe instead, I should just get the Strawberry and Cherry dresses from Soufflesong.

I wanna shop OTL

Soufflesong Weekly Sale – Wishing Star Series

There have been several sales in the past few weeks, but I have ignored them because I didn’t care for those prints. But this week, from today until October 2nd, the Wishing Star series is for sale!

JSK has corset lacing in the front.

JSK2 is kind of tiered.

This is one of those somewhat generic sparkly starry print dresses that other brands like V-Castle and Shimotsuki Sakuya have very similar versions of.

I love these. I want one in navy and one in black and I think I once saw a version in red.

Depending on many things (paying off bills and saving a little extra and how I feel), I may buy one of these dresses. I kind of like the second one better, so I would get it in navy.  I already have lots of navy accessories. Second choice would be black. This dress also comes in white, but it seems too…wedding-y.  I don’t think I could ever do shiro style because of that. ~(=^‥^)/

Pink Up Little Devil’s Emblems aka Updates that don’t matter because I am broke

EDIT: Was out of town over the weekend, and the print in question is called Little Devil’s Emblems, not Trick or Treat. LOL whoops, it is now fixed.

Saw on Weibo (Chinese Facebook!) that Neverland is re-releasing Strawberry Bunny, in all 6 cuts, starting September 23rd. Now would be a good time to win the lotto so I can go wild T_T Maybe they will stick around for a good long while and I can revisit this at Christmas or something, even though I was thinking of trying to do some lucky packs for Christmas.

Still no update on the Fire dress release from Arcadian Deer. This is fine. I need more time. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ There will be a red and a black colorway, and I am already thinking I will go with the red.

Pink Up, sister brand to Long Ears and Sharp Ears, has a stupidly cute Halloween dress that will go up for sale this weekend and orders will close October 3rd, because they only can make 500 pieces for it to be ready by Halloween.

Ah crap it is darling. Like a low budget Holy Lantern, but also with added notions to the dresses and no stupid zipper deco.

Still cute in real life too, but a bit short for me. Underskirts fix everything, right? Maybe there will be a longer version too.

JSKs1, in wine. Not sure how much I like the straps that are batty, but also, it is halloweeny and I like it. The blouse is sold separately.

JSK2 in navy. I actually like this cut much better. The one part I do not like is the bat bow. Can I just remove that?

Finally, the OP in white. Posted just for the record. I cannot fit the OP, I can never fit the OP (except that time I could fit the OP). I don’t like the print in white nearly as much.

I like it, it feels like a low budget Holy Lantern but BETTER, but so far, I have not worn any of my spooky dresses (it’s too hot! I don’t feel spooky yet! It’s not even October! I might not even be a goth at heart!!), so there is no reason to even consider these. Also, I am broke. But maybe someone out there on the internet will see these and be able to buy them and be happy. (◡‿◡✿) Good luck, internet people.

EDIT: Now updated with sizes and prices! Even though it is ALL on Pink Up’s taobao and not in their storenvy. Also, I can only find pages selling the Navy Colorway, because all of the red and white colorways ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT. OP has 4 sizes (not listed here), JSK1 has 3 sizes and JSK2 has 2 sizes. JSK sizes listed here, from their main page on taobao.

Size 1 is 82~92cm bust,64~74cm waist,bodice length is 32cm,and 90cm long for JSK2, and 82~90cm bust,74~80cm waist,bodice length is 30cm,and 90cm long for JSK1

Size 2 is 90~100cm bust,74~84cm waist,bodice length is 33cm,and 92cm long for JSK2, and 90~98cm bust,82~88cm waist,bodice length is 31cm,and 92cm long for JSK1.

Size 3 is JSK1 only, and 96~104cm bust,88~94cm waist,bodice length is 32cm,and 93cm long.

Holy shit what a bloodbath if it is already sold out. But if they wanted to make only 500 pieces…that would mean around 55 of each cut in each size. (3 cuts, 9 different sizes within those 3…). I hope that they see how popular it is and do a second release (on storenvy or Clobba) for international buyers.

Weekend Crafting Activities

Yesterday, I made another tote bag, and then hemmed some other fabric for embroidery.

I used heavy interfacing for this one as well. So the first tote I made used heavy interfacing, and it was a pain to do the one step where you pull the correct side out, because the heavy interfacing makes the fabric thicker. But in the end, the bag is sturdier. The second tote bag only used medium interfacing, and while it was easier to perform that step, the bag itself is much weaker. So I think I will at some point remake that bag, maybe with a different pink fabric. This tote is also smaller than the other ones, because I wanted to do something different.

Something I should try is to make a tote and instead of using patterned fabric, but embroider something. I wonder if that would be a nice Christmas gift for people. ;__; I need to figure out gifts for people and if I am going to make something, I need to start working on it now.

No idea what to embroider on these handkerchiefs. They are cute and bright, so not really fitting of the ~elegant lolita aesthetic~, but then again, they are handkerchiefs and who really cares.

Doing a weekly theme on them would mean actually having to wash them every week.  I also feel a little weird about putting words on them. I’d worry that people would ask why my handkerchief says “whatever”, or why I put my name on it. Initials alone are kind of boring too. At least for now, they are ready so once I have a good idea, I can start immediately.