Fire Dress has a release date!

SO I have been talking about this damn Arcadian Deer fire dress for months, because I am going to buy it, unemployment be damned. I have the money earmarked for it.

Today, on LU, I see that someone has figured out it will be put up for order on February 16. FINALLY.

In other news, IW White and Brown Rabbit series is for sale ;_; and while everything is still in stock, the L and long M sizes are running out. DAMN I am probably going to end up missing this, which sucks. And NONE of the AP Sky Banquet JSKs have sold out yet (even now) so that is inspiring.


Angelic Pretty The Sky Banquet Release


Actually, I knew this would be released about now, but the trauma of all those special sets slipping away and now this release.

Colorways I like: ALL OF THEM. But if we have to rank them, then it goes lavender > pink (predicting it will be the last colorway to sell out) > mint (I bet mint will be popular) > wine.  It’s so nice and springy and cute! Though I would probably buy the wine rather than mint, but the mint looks cute…just not on me.  I will probably end up with the pink if it turns out to be a bloodbath.

I love everything about this, except I am wary of how the white lace on the body cuts right across the chest.  Are boobs supposed to go above or below the white ruffle? Is that physiologically possible? It seems like every AP JSK I like falls in the realm of 97/98cm bust max and 80cm waist max, so I am quite sure that this JSK will be about the same.

I wish there was a floral headdress instead of a bonnet and a headbow. I don’t do bonnets, and I am starting to dislike headbows.  I am surprised they did not use a feather decoration or motif on either headpiece, or a little crown that looks like the birdcages. Not that I would wear a mini crown, those are pretty passé, but if AP was going to go with a wacky headpiece, this would be their chance.  When I eventually get this dress (someday…), I won’t bother with the headband at all.  I like floral headbands better.

A detail I missed before…BIRDS. That is where the SKY part of the print comes from. We have clouds and bird cages and birds and roses and suffering on my part. And the wings on the sides of the little birdcage images.

Unless I get an email back tomorrow saying that I have a post doc, I am not buying this dress. I can only hope that people don’t like it so I can grab it on sale later this year. Or I may have to wait for it to come up second hand, but that is a whole barrel of monkies I don’t really want to deal with.

(・ε・` ) That’s not too vicious of me, is it? Meanwhile, Fairy Rose Princess STILL isn’t on sale…ivory is sold out in Japan (or rather, they would need to check the in-store stocks) and wine is sold out on AP USA, and I feel it slipping away. I though they would be part of the winter sale, but I guess thinking back, Rose Museum was a 2016 fall/winter release and I didn’t buy it until the beginning of February, so maybe there is yet another Winter Sale to go.  If I had to pick, I think I like Sky Banquet better than Fairy Rose Princess, but I’ve seen pictures of Fairy Rose worn and I really want it. Partially so I can long distance twin with lolitas who are more stylish than me. (・ε・` ) ;;;;

Anyway, AP Japan is getting this on 1/27/2018, so US Central time, that is the night of 1/26. TOMORROW. Prepare yourselves!  AP USA will probably get this print in the next 2-3 weeks.


Attack of the Berry Prints aka AP Laforet Grand Bazaar 2018

First LE&SE had a super affordable, good deal special set with a Strawberry print, and now AP is releasing TWO berry print special sets at LaForet.


Melty Berry Princess Special set on 1/26 for ~$150USD, and then Strawberry Whip Special set on 1/27 for ~$150.

AHH I want both of them! They are cheap and berries and I like the cuts. But alas, Laforet Bazaar specials require the use of a Shopping Service that travels to Tokyo.  Not all of them do.  For example, I don’t think Tenshi Shop usually goes to Tokyo, but Muuh does, and some other services I have seen posted on Lolita Updates are Sunny Shopping Tokyo and Luna’s Delivery Service.


I noticed it was gone from the AP site yesterday and thought “Oh someone finally bought them all up lol okay” but no, they are on sale.

And from checking the flyers on Sunny Shopping Tokyo, the Cameo Window set is available again on 1/25 (so later today).

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ AHH why did I even check these things! There are seriously now 4 special sets that I really want that I can’t buy! At least I now know of more shopping services (and you do too!) but I can’t buy anything* until I get a job~!


*Except the Fire dress, which is still not released, damn Arcadian Deer.

Bakery Meetup

Yesterday I went to a meetup at a vegan bakery called Mudpie.  It was with the com I am less familiar with, so I was a little nervous. Usually, they dress much better than I do, plus the whole thing about being nervous around new people.  But it is good practice for when I have to pick up my entire life and move to a new timezone.

My first coord of 2018 is…lackluster.  I am wearing Fanplusfriend’s Puck’s Prank JSK (with the flower applique on part of the bodice but I am covering it up with the cardigan), an H&M blouse (covered) and cardigan that does not perfectly match. My teaparty shoes are from Sosic Shop. Wearing tights are fleece lined tights because it is cold. I did actually plan to wear exactly this because I have gained a few pounds over the holidays, and decided I would rather wear something that fits comfortably.  Also using the questionable Aliexpress petticoat here.

The ribbon pin was originally from a beret I never wore, and since I was going to originally wear a headbow, I tried to make the cardigan look a little more cute. It was a moot point, because I decided the headbow looked weird and stupid on my head. It returned to the beret, and I decided to try wearing it.

Consensus is that yes, I am wearing this beret okay and it looks cute. Actually, I really like it. I am thinking of getting more berets in different colors to wear with other outfits now.

I was really worried that I was going to stick out like a sore thumb with my mediocre outfit, but there there was a range of outfits, so I did not feel like the worst dressed one of all (like I was prepared to be). But everyone at the meet was really nice, and that is what is most important. It’s especially nice to meet people in person when you have seen them post in the FB groups and finally be able to put a name to a face.

Everyone got a chocolate chip scone. Not sure if this is one of the vegan or gluten-free items, as I just panicked and picked something that looked tasty. I am trying to get into the habit of looking up menus online before I go somewhere so I can budget a bit better, but Mudpie just says that the daily baked good selection changes daily. Okay~ It was really good though.

Overall, I had a good time, and I am excited to go to more meets. That is kind of the way I feel after all meets though. I think most of them have been pretty good, regardless of which group I am meeting up.  I am pretty fortunate that nothing too crazy or dramatic happens at meetups, and that people I know usually aren’t involved with any drama online.

Unrelated rant now. I usually take pictures on my phone and then transfer to Google Drive/Backup and Sync and upload to imgur on my laptop.  However, Backup and Sync likes to somehow turn itself off and then I can’t get it to work again without reinstalling it. So I decided to see if I should just download the Imgur app so I can upload directly from my phone. It will not allow me to upload images and add them to an already existing album- so I would have to make a new album every time I upload multiple pictures. ಠ▃ಠ And I just noticed my text face app in Chrome deleted all the text faces I custom added to it. Why. I am not succeeding at technology today…

Classism and Lolita Fashion

On social media lately, there seem to be a few posts about how the Lolita Fashion communiy is so elitist, and so classist. Usually, this refers to how the main community looks down on people who do not own pieces from the major Japanese brands, such as Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Moi-même-Moitié, Innocent World, and Victorian Maiden (RIP)(1).  People tell tales of how they went to a meet up not wearing these brands and were laughed out, or were made fun of on the internet for their outfits and it is solely because they are not wearing brand.

This is such nonsense to me, and it makes my head spin.  And so I am going to rant about it here. There is a TL;DR at the bottom.

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Innocent World White and Brown Rabbit Series

AHHH I LOVE IT. Special Members can order it starting Friday 1/19, and for everyone else, it starts next Friday, 1/26

High waist cut is 298000yen. L size has a of bust 89-102cm and waist 74-90cm, and is 87cm long.  The model here is definitely using an underskirt, which would be required for me with such a short dress.

Bustle cut (Bucky Skirt, as Google Translate is calling it), is 29800yen.  I think she is also using an underskirt. Why not just make the skirts longer in general? I wonder what underskirt the model is wearing. Chances are it would not fit me anyway though >_>;; I need a good underskirt.

L size has a bust of 89-102cm and waist of 68-85cm, 92cm long, so a little longer than the high waist cut. Still pretty short for someone who is 5’7”.

Finally, the Waist Ribbon JSK is 29000yen.  M and L both have a bust of 84-112cm and waist measurement of 64-100cm, but the L is for LONG and is 107cm instead of 92cm long! No underskirt required for the long version!

Here is the long version.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) I want all 3 cut (all 3 cuts would fit me just fine!) and I want all 3 colors. I think I want the Ribbon Waist Long version in pink, then the bustle skirt cut in lavender, and the high waist cut in blue. And I think I would want to get them in that order. Mostly because I will need to get a nice underskirt for two of those cuts.

It’s just so cute and beautiful and I need to learn to order from Innocent World now.


Angelic Pretty 2018 Spring and Summer Previews (more!)

More previews of the new 2018 prints, from the Tea Party back in December.

Sky Banquet still looks SO nice. I want the JSK. That hat looks ridiculous though. I can’t remember what all the colorways are, but there are mint and lavender shown here, probably a pink, and I think red? I bet mint and lavender will be the popular colorways. I really like the lavender shown here.  Anyway, assuming the order here is somewhat similar to the actual release dates, Sky Banquet will be released later this month or sometime next month, which means there is no hope of me getting it. Maybe it will be unpopular like Fairy Rose and will go on sale. Though the AP Japan Winter Sale actually started on 1/13/18 (last night at 9pm for me…hehe I didn’t even notice) and Fairy Rose STILL isn’t on sale. ಠ_ಠ Well okay then.

The Wonder Patisserie JSK appears to have an odd bodice, but the OP is cute and I think a lot of people will like the little apron it has. Probably not included though. I am interested in that grey colorway, since grey doesn’t happen too often.

Sugar Candy Shop reminds me of older AP prints, and I think it will be popular with people who miss the good old days of AP. But what the heck is that melty apron on the JSK? Why? The skirt of both cuts is really nice though, and I almost want it because of that.

Doll’s Tea Party release will be insane, because Kira Imai. Fresh Cherry looks kind of cute, but I don’t really like the JSK that much. Maybe it’s just the black colorway, because it looks too sexy to me.

Dessert Berry looks adorable! I want the pink, and whatever cut the left image is. I think it is the OP because it has sleeves, but the right image looks way fancier so I wonder if both cuts will have some variety of sleeves? I don’t like the mini apron the right cut has. And once again, there is a red colorway, but I can see the berries a bit better compared to the red colorway of Ribbon Berry Bunny.

Honestly, I am not able to make out too much detail from any of these prints. Fantastic Horoscope and Space Lollipop both seem to have prints that appear somewhat subdued, but maybe because I am focusing on the ones with periwinkle/lavender colorways and the print seems to include very similar colors. However, I like both JSK cuts! They are cute, and I actually like the subdued nature of the prints! This is a surprise, because I was expecting super bright pastel something.

Unicorn Mermaid continues to baffle me. I see unicorns and crosses (AP loves cross motifs) but still no idea where the mermaid part fits in.

Finally, the one I am super excited for, Sweet Lacy Basket! That JSK cut is great! I hope that I am employed when it comes out this summer so I can buy it…in pink. I really like it. The little wicker basket is super cute too. I wonder if they are going to sell that.

And then here is a nice group picture of the models.

There are also the Exclusice Couture Dresses, which I don’t know if people actually buy these or what. They are ridiculously OTT.

Happy Bunny Party – I don’t even know what to say about this.

Wonder Patisserie Queen – I like the detail on the skirt that looks like frosting. Also, the cake on her head is a nice touch.

Space Lollipop Fantasy – The cut of this dress is actually nicer than the simpler cuts. The little star side-bustle thing is neat. I feel like people would actually buy this.

Brilliant Jewelry – Why those striped ribbons?

??? Holy Dress that RinRin is wearing – I am just confused by this.

Extra Fancy Holy Lacy Basket – The bodice is hidden here by the bouquet of flowers, but the skirt looks really good. Why NOT do a longer JSK/OP with a longer skirt as a third cut?

Flower Shower – It’s like someone sewed tulle poofs to it and called it a day. The more I look at it, the more I hate it. Are those ankle cuffs? Also made of tulle poof balls?

Melody Dress – WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOOOOOOSE?? Meaning the leg warmers. No one does leg warmers. Leg warmers never looked good. Is AP trolling? I think they are trolling.


Dramatic Princess – Is that a long sack dress? I can see this selling if it was a more standard lenght actually.

Victoria Dress – This is just slightly more OTT than some of their existing OPs, and is longer.

Something Starlight Angel Dress – clearly a wedding dress. Seems completely appropriate.

As I clearly do not understand couture, these dresses just confuse me. I am aware that couture dresses for fashion shows don’t necessarily exist for people to actually wear them, but more as showing off art. It mostly just befuddles me though. This is what I get for not paying attention in art history classes, hah.