Soufflesong Easter Sale!

I ordered Don’t Eat Bunny, and told myself “OKAY no matter what, don’t blow more money on things unless Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit go on sale in cuts you like, so the JSKs or Short Sleeve OPs. No skirts, no salopettes, nada.” I though I would be safe. I thought they would continue with the weird little sales where it’s only their unfortunate ero collection and then 3 random items.

I was wrong. For the Easter sale, DOZENS of items are on sale! Butterfly Cemetary is on sale (again, and again, I don’t care that much?) and the OTHER Don’t Eat Bunny JSK is on sale now (goddamnit, I even like this cut better). Kitty Courtyard in another cut is on sale, but at this point, I think I really only like the long cut.

But the Sweet Cherry Deer High Waist JSK and Strawberry Rabbit Short Sleeve OP are on sale. I may be able to talk myself out of Strawberry Rabbit because that OP looks short (the largest size is 92cm long), but I am pretty positive I am going to buckle on Sweet Cherry Deer.  I am also tempted to get the other Don’t Eat Bunny JSK as well.

This sale goes from 3/30 to 4/2. Go check and suffer with me.

Also, my last order has been successful, but no notice of anything shipping yet or not, so it may actually take the 45-60 days to make it. (; ̄д ̄) Which is a pain, but that is written on every page of Soufflesong’s website, so be patient and if I move first, I better tell them ASAP so my Mom doesn’t get stuck with packages she is confused about.


Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet MTO and (another!) Rose Museum Special Set

I really don’t even know how to respond to this aside from suffering. The other day, the Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet Made to Order was announced, and dresses will arrive in November.

Orders are between 3/31 and 4/4, Japan time. This is an older print, but I love it. It is a floral that is not roses (so unique!) and the JSK cut is nice and simple so it is super versatile. If I had a job right now, I would totally be searching for a way to buy it. I even expect that AP USA will announce that it will take orders for the MTO soon too, since MTO’s are pretty much custom orders for people (except still no custom sizing…).

JUST as I was recovering from this and knowing it is out of reach for current unemployed me, then THIS is announced.

WHY, ANGELIC PRETTY? I feel personally attacked here!  Not really, because it is highly improbable that the people at AP are trying to release things that are specifically targeted for my tastes in order to make me suffer while I cannot buy things. But this makes FIVE RELEASES IN 2018 I WOULD HAVE OTHERWISE BOUGHT ASAP.

Banquet Celeste, Holy Lacy Basket, Dramatic Rose Princess, Sweetie Violet and Rose Museum AGAIN.  I can at least console myself that I already have two Rose Museum JSKs (the rare Blue Rose Museum may be my most treasured dress, and the regular JSK in pink). But I want it again, but in a different colorway.  Maybe ivory since that would work well with my current set up, or mint since that looks pretty nice.  The lavender is a nice option but I feel it almost looks like the blue, and I still am unprepared to coord lavender things too well…yet.

If you want the Rose Museum Special Set, then it will be available 3/31 Japan time, so that is sometime tonight.

Also, wasn’t there another Rose Museum special set that I am forgetting? There was the blue which I have, and this one, but was there another one that had a canotier headdress?

YUP THERE SURE WAS…last March during the Flower Fair thing at Laforet. This shows the Lavender colorway, but it was available in the 4 standard colors.

Is Rose Museum really that popular of a print? Do they have that much material actually left? Or are they reprinting the fabric??? Could they have not waited until 2019 so I could give them all my money????

Art Museum Meetup

I haven’t been to the art museum this often in my entire life, wow.

I wore Angelic Pretty Rose Museum JSK in pink, my first non-special set, darling dress that I love. Did not think I would like photo realistic prints, but I love this print, damnit.  Everything else is nonbrand. I think these pictures are pretty cute here. However, I am also in some group pictures, and oh lord. My face looks weird or it looks like I am slouching or just don’t look as cute as I feel. If only I could put a filter on my face in real life oh wait that is called makeup and I am wearing it anyway, oops.

I haven’t posted a selfie on here in awhile, but they go up on instagram. But this blog is just out there on the entire INTERNET, and so I am now a cat.

I kind of like how this katyusha/head bow looks. I have been moving away from it in general, but I think the one that goes with Rose Museum looks flat enough. I also did not have any brilliant hair ideas, aside from making tiny hair buns (which you can kind of see in this selfie! That is why I posted it!)

It was the newbie meetup, which I have actually never been to before.  We chatted and introduced ourselves and then explored the art gallery.  I was hoping that we might spend time in the exhibits I didn’t see last time I went to the art gallery, but alas, they wanted to see the exact same ones.  I think I ended up paying more attention to chatting with people instead, which isn’t a bad thing.  Can you imagine that, me actually being social! Good times.  The group splintered over time and people went to get food, and I went home because I was exhausted. And I had so many pastries to eat.

Something else notable from this meet is that I am getting much better at explaining what our fashion is when randomly asked. I do leave out the term ‘lolita’ so people don’t get the wrong idea, but just call it a Japanese street fashion.

What are you wearing/is this for a play/is this a traditional ceremonial garb?

Nah it is a Japanese street fashion. It’s just for fun. We get together and hang out.

Where do you buy this stuff? Is it homemade?

Mine is from the internet.

And then usually people are impressed and their curiousity has been sated, so they go on their merry way.

Angelic Pretty Lovely Snow Fantasy

I like it. I like the print. I like the absence of stupid bows on the hem. I do not like the bib-style bodice on the JSK. They did something similar on Bonbon Bunny, ugh. The bib style is NOT cute, AP. Well, it is cute in a baby-ish way. But the little fur collar is SO perfect for a winter dress. I want it anyway.

But oh man, this style of print is so cute and I love it. I bet this one will be popular and sell out quickly. The colorways are pink, sax, lavender and kon (navy blue). This is such a precious and darling winter print, and it WILL be here in time for Christmas, unlike Little Dipper’s current Christmas print that won’t even arrive until January. What are they thinking??

OH hey Bonbon Bunny is still in stock? Oh goodness. If it goes on super sale (like 40% off), I may buy it. The pink and red are both so holiday-appropriate. And now Fairy Rose Princess…and now Lovely Snow Fantasy. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 Gotta focus and graduate and get a job first!!

UPDATE 11/17/17: Lovely Snow Fantasy did NOT sell out in Japan today! Yay~ Also, for reference, the JSK bust is 88-112cm and the waist is 76-102cm. Fabric is chiffon, and it is 91cm long. Yikes, would need an underskirt but otherwise this would fit great. Ugh I want it.

Little Dipper Camouflage Alice Series

It is called “伪装爱丽丝系列” on the site, and Google Translate says “伪装” is camouflage, or disguise. Maybe it is just a plain ol’ Alice style dress. Maybe it is supposed to be Hidden Alice. I have no idea.

Which it really kind of is. It hits all the points of looking like Alice.

I like the flower lace, but am not so much a fan of the ribbon lacing on the front and sleeves. But according to their site, the shoulders go up to 42cm. That is my new concern- my shoulders cannot fit into anything.

I would get pink, not light blue. Pink is superior.

And then there is red and I do want a Christmas-y type dress still. The flower lace must be dyed to match the fabric, but it IS there still. Maybe only the pastel colorways have white lace.

This is what it looks like without the apron. Also, black colorway! With black lace flowers! Also, not shown here but on the Taobao page, the little collar is removable too.

It appears there is a long version and a short version, but these pics are all of the short version and I am not exactly sure how the order page distinguishes between them.  Usually I can pick out characters, but I am having trouble today.

There are also matching headbows.

In other news, the Lady Victoria Rose Jewelry dress from BTSSB is up for reservation until the 9th.  Upon closer inspection, there are some weird bits in the print that I don’t really like, such as photo realistic portraits of some lady who must be Lady Victoria. I’m more excited about this Alice knockoff dress and that Ista Mori meme dress than I am about real brand. Hah, I am so odd.

AP Halloween Treats Release Date

We get three colorways: Black, Ivory and Lavender. No pink like I had hoped, and the red was only for that one special set. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Whelp.

I kinda like the JSK, however, I just bought a cat dress and am anxiously awaiting the release of the Arcadian Deer Fire Dress, so I am passing on this. I am curious to see how popular this print ends up being. That batty collar on the JSK is a little odd to me. I wonder if if can be removed, or if you are forced to tie it back like it is shown.

It goes up for sale 8/26/2017 noon Japan time! This is your chance to grab it (because AP USA is dead to me).

Angelic Pretty Laforet Grand Bazaar MELTDOWN

Guess how many special sets are going to be released. FUCKING ALL OF THEM.

Am I exaggerating? ONLY A LITTLE.

Luminous Sanctuary OP Special Sets in new colors.

Re-release of Freshly Picked Strawberries from 2013. CRAP I really like this. Will this come to US or the Japanese online store??? The Tiered JSK (upper right) and Normal Waist JSK (bottom left) are super damn cute and I want them both. This is the kind of strawberry print I have been looking for. ;_; I want pink and white.

Hallowee Treats Special OP is up. HEY I did not think red would be a color. They only previewed white, purple and black thus far. However, sack dress so I don’t care. But still, this print hasn’t been released yet.

LOOK AT ALL THESE DAMN SPECIAL SETS. On 7/27, we have Salon de Rose, Sweet Cream Princess and Chocolate Rosette. 7/28 will have Sweet Bakery. 7/29 will have and Milky Pony Carnival and Fancy Hospital (oh, Fancy Hospital is being re-released also but I don’t care). 7/30 has Cream Cookie Parade (THAT WAS RELEASED LAST WEEK DAMN AP). Finally, 7/31 ill have those Eternal Carnival Special sets again, Baked Sweets Parade and Creamy Cherry (but in RED so you can barely see the cherries ahaha what).

And NOW my FURY.

Rose Museum Lavender and True Rose Story Mint Special Sets, for HELLA CHEAP. Because they were UNPOPULAR. FUCK. I WANT THEM. I would have paid full Special Set price for them.

18 Special sets. EIGHTEEN. AP what the hell. And it is all In-Store only, and I am 1000% sure that Tenshi is going to be FLOODED so there is no hope. Not unless the Unpopular sets remain unpopular and things go online on their shop. In the case, I will spend money on things. ;__;