Saturday Coord and lolita journeys

This weekend is also hot. It seems like the hallway is air conditioned, but the apartment isn’t.  We may end up getting a portable air conditioner, because window units are prohibited.

Today’s outfit was F+F Musical Palmer JSK with a half blouse from Little Dipper, black ankle socks and shoes from Antaina, and the petticoat from The Black Ribbon.  It is hot, which is why I picked the socks, but OH MY GOD they look bad.  And now I have this picture to remind me that the black socks are not a good idea.  They have the little lace cuff, but you can’t see it. It looks like normie socks. What the hell.

These shoes look so great with this dress though, and even my boyfriend said he really likes these shoes.  He also thought initially that the little grey fabric piece by my sleeves was supposed to be a hood, and that this was a hooded dress. Sadly, this is not the case, but Fanplusfriend will probably eventually get around to that cut.

On Instagram, I have noticed the #lolitajourney tag and I think it is such a cute idea.  Right now, there aren’t many posts (and thus I am too chicken to contribute on instagram), but I love the idea.  So I wanted to compare the first coord I ever put on instagram to today’s coord. It’s also a good comparision because it is the same JSK.  It was my first time wearing lolita to an anime con and I was super excited…and today I just went grocery shopping.

In 2016, I had the flat petticoat that came with the dress, a normie blouse from Target, and my bow flats (that I actually wore out today because I had to drive :p no driving in heels). Today, I had a poofier petticoat, proper shoes (for the picture), a proper half blouse…and I still feel like the old picture looks better.  The tights for one, and the second excuse I had is that the mirror set up is still not great.  In today’s picture, it looks almost like I am leaning towards the mirror, and I think my arms look a little fatter too.  But I’ve lost a little weight since 2016?!? I don’t have a scale at home anymore so I can’t keep track as well as I used to. Maybe I need to tone my arms or something.

I was kind of hoping that some signs of improvement would be visible in the picture, but I think most of the improvement is in my head instead.  I feel more confident wearing lolita fashion, and I don’t think I care nearly as much about fudging on some of the rules, especially if I am just wearing it alone and not with other lolitas.  Back in early 2016, I was also in the mindset that wearing lolita was a ~special occasions~ kind of fashion, which is fine.  However since moving to Oregon, I have not bothered reaching out to the local com yet for various reasons (“I’m shy” “Maybe I will just run into them naturally one of these days” “I’m moving again next year so why bother” etc) so I have ONLY worn it out myself (with my boyfriend) for errands.  I hope that by being a lonelita, I am not getting too lazy.

To improve on today’s coord, I think tights are the way to go, and my hair is pinned up in braids, but I think some nice navy hair clips would look good. I almost never show bags in coord pictures, but I think that is something I should start doing once I get some nicer bags.  I don’t have any black wristcuffs so I usually just wear these black bead bracelets, but I would like to get something for my arms.  And as always, I want to slim down more.



Another quiet weekend

I forgot it was July because the weather has been nice, but then the hot weather has finally hit. There will be highs in the NINETIES oh no.  It will be this way all month, which means I will have to go outside early in the day if I want to go places.

This past weekend, we went to the hardware store and I got supplies to plant my basil and green onion

I’ve been growing them in water and the little pot from the store since I got them, but I would like to keep them alive even longer. Can never have too many green onions, and fresh basil smells really good.  I had a few weeks where it seemed like every other recipe required fresh basil so I figure it is good to keep on hand.  I looked for other fresh herbs at the store, but they were only selling seeds.

I also baked my first cake since moving.  Last weekend, I made some cookies that turned out nice, but cakes are prettier.

Just plain white cake with cream cheese frosting and some sprinkles (to make it look cute!) It’s not too bad, but I think next time I will slice the cake in half so I can add a layer of frosting in the middle.

Today, I was originally planning to go visit one of the parks, but it would be an hour by train AND it’s hot, AND I slept in super late.  I still ended up getting dressed up, but it was only to go shopping and sit around the apartment and blog about anime. Oh well.

Today’s outfit is my Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special Set, with socks and teaparty shoes from Sosic Shop, and a Black Ribbon petticoat.  The turtle necklace is one that my boyfriend and I bought together on a daytrip a few years ago. I only wore my hair down for the picture. I ended up braiding it and then wearing a sun hat to go out shopping.  I am thinking I want to find some simple headbands to wear casually since I feel so weird wearing a headbow out in public when it’s not a meetup (cause then there are a herd of lolitas with odd things on their heads so I don’t stick out).

Maybe next weekend, I can do something more exciting.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Faeries RE-RELEASE

RIP my wallet.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears is re-releasing Kingdom of Faeries this Sunday! Four new colors and new cuts!

This is a new cut for sure, and I am thinking it may be an OP. Is that also high waisted? HMM.  This particular dress does not look like it would be plus-size friendly, based on those sleeves alone.

That light blue is really pretty too. I wonder what colors will be available. Last time, it was light green, emerald green, light lavender and black.  I also wonder if the old colorways will be available in addition to the new ones.  Making guesses with minimal evidence, I am going to guess that in addition to light blue, there will also be a light pink, a dark sapphire blue, and grey.

As for the other cuts …it is also a mystery! They don’t even have any of it up in their taobao shop.

I really want to get something from the rerelease, but I also found out today that my Fire Dress got in so it will be shipped to me soon.  I have that to look forward to.  But man, I really love this print. (・ε・` )

Soufflesong Easter Sale!

I ordered Don’t Eat Bunny, and told myself “OKAY no matter what, don’t blow more money on things unless Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit go on sale in cuts you like, so the JSKs or Short Sleeve OPs. No skirts, no salopettes, nada.” I though I would be safe. I thought they would continue with the weird little sales where it’s only their unfortunate ero collection and then 3 random items.

I was wrong. For the Easter sale, DOZENS of items are on sale! Butterfly Cemetary is on sale (again, and again, I don’t care that much?) and the OTHER Don’t Eat Bunny JSK is on sale now (goddamnit, I even like this cut better). Kitty Courtyard in another cut is on sale, but at this point, I think I really only like the long cut.

But the Sweet Cherry Deer High Waist JSK and Strawberry Rabbit Short Sleeve OP are on sale. I may be able to talk myself out of Strawberry Rabbit because that OP looks short (the largest size is 92cm long), but I am pretty positive I am going to buckle on Sweet Cherry Deer.  I am also tempted to get the other Don’t Eat Bunny JSK as well.

This sale goes from 3/30 to 4/2. Go check and suffer with me.

Also, my last order has been successful, but no notice of anything shipping yet or not, so it may actually take the 45-60 days to make it. (; ̄д ̄) Which is a pain, but that is written on every page of Soufflesong’s website, so be patient and if I move first, I better tell them ASAP so my Mom doesn’t get stuck with packages she is confused about.

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet MTO and (another!) Rose Museum Special Set

I really don’t even know how to respond to this aside from suffering. The other day, the Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet Made to Order was announced, and dresses will arrive in November.

Orders are between 3/31 and 4/4, Japan time. This is an older print, but I love it. It is a floral that is not roses (so unique!) and the JSK cut is nice and simple so it is super versatile. If I had a job right now, I would totally be searching for a way to buy it. I even expect that AP USA will announce that it will take orders for the MTO soon too, since MTO’s are pretty much custom orders for people (except still no custom sizing…).

JUST as I was recovering from this and knowing it is out of reach for current unemployed me, then THIS is announced.

WHY, ANGELIC PRETTY? I feel personally attacked here!  Not really, because it is highly improbable that the people at AP are trying to release things that are specifically targeted for my tastes in order to make me suffer while I cannot buy things. But this makes FIVE RELEASES IN 2018 I WOULD HAVE OTHERWISE BOUGHT ASAP.

Banquet Celeste, Holy Lacy Basket, Dramatic Rose Princess, Sweetie Violet and Rose Museum AGAIN.  I can at least console myself that I already have two Rose Museum JSKs (the rare Blue Rose Museum may be my most treasured dress, and the regular JSK in pink). But I want it again, but in a different colorway.  Maybe ivory since that would work well with my current set up, or mint since that looks pretty nice.  The lavender is a nice option but I feel it almost looks like the blue, and I still am unprepared to coord lavender things too well…yet.

If you want the Rose Museum Special Set, then it will be available 3/31 Japan time, so that is sometime tonight.

Also, wasn’t there another Rose Museum special set that I am forgetting? There was the blue which I have, and this one, but was there another one that had a canotier headdress?

YUP THERE SURE WAS…last March during the Flower Fair thing at Laforet. This shows the Lavender colorway, but it was available in the 4 standard colors.

Is Rose Museum really that popular of a print? Do they have that much material actually left? Or are they reprinting the fabric??? Could they have not waited until 2019 so I could give them all my money????

March Sweets Parade – I actually did it for once

The month is almost over and my plans have gone mostly ignored, but I finally dressed up to go eat pastries today. I came to the conclusion that eating pastries alone while dressed up is really, really stressful.  I probably would not have done so if I did not also need to go to the grocery store next door.

I also really like the March freebie stickers on Line right now, so I have been using the heck out of them.  I will be sad when they expire in a few months. Anyway, today’s outfit was Fanplusfriend Musical Palmer JSK in Navy Blue, black blouse, black tights, and my navy shoes from Antaina. I only wore them for the picture. If this was for a meet, I would have worn them, but since it was just me going out to run errands, I switched to some black flats instead.

I was worried that the crap petticoat I bought off Aliexpress would be too long for this dress, but alas, it was perfect. That petticoat, as dubious as it’s origins are, has turned out to be really great, even though it is kind of scratchy.  So great that I keep forgetting to use the one that I got from The Black Ribbon last Black Friday. ಠ_ಠ What the hell.

I really need to alter this JSK at some point, because the right strap does nothing but slide down and drive me insane.  Otherwise, this is probably the best fitting JSK I currently own.

So I went to Tous les Jour and got some pastries but only ate the Fruit Pastry there. I had other grocery shopping to do and wasn’t feeling super hungry. I was even thinking that this pastry would be super easy to make yourself. Just make and bake some good, cute pastry shells (that is the hard part), make whipped cream (I am pretty good at this), add cute fruit and dust with powdered sugar. The fruits are strawberry, green grape, purple grape, raspberry (it is there but hiding) and blackberry.  Maybe not the most cost efficient thing to make, but it could be done. So I want to try this sometime.

I have mentioned before that wearing a darker outfit like this during warmer spring months (even if it doesn’t feel like spring quite yet) is difficult for me, and I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone with this. But it looks cute. I am glad I did it.

Errand day and new plants

Today has been pretty wonderful so far. Wore AP True Rose Story out again, and remembered how much I love it

Strategically covered my hands because I painted my nails TEAL the other day and I really did not feel like repainting them today.  It will also probably grind someone’s gears that the pink in the dress is cool while the pink in my cardigan is warm.  I recognize my itaness and decided that I don’t particularly care.  I modelled my hair after an instagram post where Misako Aoki put her hair into 3 braids and then braided them together.  I a considering taking apart my AP headbows to convert the bows into large bow clips instead.  I will need to think about this more first.

Today’s plan was the go to Target, the post office and the grocery shopping at Aldi’s. I only intended to get some of the Bunny Bait trail mix, since it is only offered this time of year. Alas, I ended up getting some other goodies as well.

There is a journal that will work perfectly as a traveler’s journal, which I have been looking for! It absolutely helps that it is pink, which seems to be a theme of today’s shopping.  And notebooks to go with it.  I did make sure that Moleskine Cahier notebooks would fit the cover too, since I intend to eventually use those for the refills. Some skincare I have been wanting to try (needed more face wash and another face cream anyway~, and rose water is usually good but I haven’t found one that I really liked so far.) Lip balm (I was running out…finally) and these little flower grow kits.  It is spring and I am itching to plant things.

I started the flower growing kits today. The white one is Silver Princess Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum) and the pink is Angel Wings Mini Rose (Rosa chinensis).  I first noticed that that pots they come with do not have drainage holes, so I poked some using a nail.

Added some dirt and seeds.

And now sunshine and water, and hope that the cats won’t decide that these are fun to knock over. Since they DO have drainage holes in them now, I used old tea tin lids to collect excess water that drains out.

The instructions say to keep the growing medium (it’s dirt with some other material added in) moist, and then use standard fertilizer once the seedlings are 2-3in tall.

I also baked some cherry turnovers for Pi day, but forgot to get good pictures of them. Oh well. I plan on going to a bakery tomorrow anyway.