Another quiet weekend

I forgot it was July because the weather has been nice, but then the hot weather has finally hit. There will be highs in the NINETIES oh no.  It will be this way all month, which means I will have to go outside early in the day if I want to go places.

This past weekend, we went to the hardware store and I got supplies to plant my basil and green onion

I’ve been growing them in water and the little pot from the store since I got them, but I would like to keep them alive even longer. Can never have too many green onions, and fresh basil smells really good.  I had a few weeks where it seemed like every other recipe required fresh basil so I figure it is good to keep on hand.  I looked for other fresh herbs at the store, but they were only selling seeds.

I also baked my first cake since moving.  Last weekend, I made some cookies that turned out nice, but cakes are prettier.

Just plain white cake with cream cheese frosting and some sprinkles (to make it look cute!) It’s not too bad, but I think next time I will slice the cake in half so I can add a layer of frosting in the middle.

Today, I was originally planning to go visit one of the parks, but it would be an hour by train AND it’s hot, AND I slept in super late.  I still ended up getting dressed up, but it was only to go shopping and sit around the apartment and blog about anime. Oh well.

Today’s outfit is my Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special Set, with socks and teaparty shoes from Sosic Shop, and a Black Ribbon petticoat.  The turtle necklace is one that my boyfriend and I bought together on a daytrip a few years ago. I only wore my hair down for the picture. I ended up braiding it and then wearing a sun hat to go out shopping.  I am thinking I want to find some simple headbands to wear casually since I feel so weird wearing a headbow out in public when it’s not a meetup (cause then there are a herd of lolitas with odd things on their heads so I don’t stick out).

Maybe next weekend, I can do something more exciting.


End of June Update

Angelic Pretty’s online store in Japan is having it’s summer sale on July 2 (so tomorrow in the west) and I can feel it in my bones that Sky Banquet and Sweet Lacy Basket are going on sale. The print name disappeared from the webshop, which is usually a sign of things either being sold out, or about to go on sale.  Sky Banquet (oh my bad, Banquet Celeste) even restocked in Japan and at APUSA, and it is about to be gone.  Sweet Lacy Basket was pretty popular, but in colorways that weren’t my preferred colorway (always pink > lavender > the rest, cause I am basic), so I wasn’t too worried. But once it goes on sale, it’s going to be gone unless there is a rerelease or MTO or maybe some special sets later on.

The rest of this is just musings so if all you care about is knowing AP Japan is having a sale soon, you can move along.

I am pretty bummed about this, but on the other hand, it may be for the best.  I haven’t worn lolita much since moving. I think this is for a combination of reasons (no com or friends out here yet, still nervous about going places by car, still nervous about wearing lolita on public transportation, being super exhausted by the time the weekend shows up, and of course how frustrated I am with how badly I fit into Romantic Cat). Plus, I have received two Soufflesong dresses I have not even opened since moving here, and my Arcadian Deer Fire dress is in the mail (still in transit from China according to tracking, but was shipped 12 days ago by Clobba, so who knows). So I really do not need to spend money on more dresses right now.

I did dress up last Saturday to go grocery shopping. A very, very toned down coord of my lavender F+F Chiffon Lover JSK. I really should have bought all the colorways of that damn JSK when I had the chance.  It is the comfiest thing ever.  I really need to focus on solid dresses, and I think Atelier Pierrot would have cuts I like but not in the colors I want.

Then last Sunday, we went to the local Chinese Mall. Not just a grocery store, but an entire mall…which was mostly a grocery store but it was inside a large mall-type complex with other shops including a cosmetics store, bakery, bubble tea place and some other shops.  I was curious about the cosmetics store, but it was disappointing.  There wasn’t much stock on the shelves (is this for aesthetic purposes?), and sheet masks were overpriced compared to buying online.  The grocery store was pretty awesome, and the bakery was amazing! We bought some steamed BBQ pork buns and ate those for lunch.  I wish there was a Chinese bakery on my route home from work so I could go buy more easily.

Yesterday, I went to get sushi after work with my friend from college, who was in town for a family event. It was so nice being about to see her, and makes me want to explore town even more.  After dinner, we did walk around a little, and came across a tea and spice shop, the downtown location of the French Bakery I love, and also a really amazing bookstore.  I really want to dress up and drag my boyfriend downtown to see these places and make a day of it.

I am going to try to focus on exploring rather than moping over the sales I can’t participate it.  It’s better to wear what I have and work on fitting into brand better than to spend money I can’t afford on things I will put off wearing.

More Angelic Pretty Special Sets from the Anniversary Tea Party

There was a tea party hosted by APUSA today, which I didn’t go to for many reasons, but there were a ton of special releases today!  Some happy packs which I did not really have any feelings about, but also some special sets and starting MTO orders for Cream Cookie Collection. I swear that print is fairly recent and I didn’t think it was that popular, but once again I am proven wrong.  There were also some nice exclusive items, which is kind of funny since isn’t everything from Angelic Pretty somewhat exclusive?

Some rosettes and a $40 keychain! How exciting.  On to the Special Sets!

I posted about this Rose Museum Special Set a few months ago when it was released in Japan. This baby did not sell out today, because this print is over a year old and wasn’t even that popular to start with. But I love it. I wish I could drop the money to buy it in any color but pink (because I already have the pink colorway). I don’t care if this print has tacky clipart roses…this is my favorite print.

Space Lolipop is a stupid print, but I really like this cut, and again, if I just had $300 I could light on fire for no reason, I would get this.  There is only the white colorway available, which seems dumb to me. This one did sell out (I heard there were only a few available anyway), and since it IS a recent print, they could have made money if it was in various colorways.  But what do I know?

For some reason, I think this special set came out last year, which is false since this print didn’t come out til this year anyway. This cut is still ugly as heck to me. What the heck are those straps?  If the straps were less frilly, it could be more versatile. I vaguely recall the sax colorway being pretty popular, but instead they picked this new colorway.  If only they had picked yellow as a regular colorway instead of red.  The red cherries on a red background was a MISTAKE.

Wonder Patisserie was not super popular so why did they make a special set of this? Actually, this print on a wine colorway does not look that bad, but again, the cut is just awful.  It looks like a little girl’s pinafore.  Is that the point, since most of the Wonder (noun) prints are all related to Alice in Wonderland. Wonder Cookie, Wonder Queen, Wonder Memorie, Wonder Toy and so on…so it may make since for the cut to be something Alice herself would wear. But I hate it. (。◕‿◕。) But clearly it is a popular theme so someone out there loves it.

I am glad that none of these really call to me (not even Rose Museum…) since I really can’t drop any money on lolita or fun stuff at the moment. Still paying off moving expenses and then to save for moving again (to the Bay Area) early next year. At least they will pay for our actual moving expenses next year, but I still need to get together the money for down payments and all that noise. But maybe, if I am lucky, I will be able to attend an AP Tea Party myself in 2019.


Tiny bits of hope for brand and late Spring AP releases

Checked AP USA and AP-Japan online shops, and behold, Banquet Celeste and Sweet Lacy Basket JSKs are still for sale! And they have not gone ON sale yet because there are still some around.  So there is still hope for me to actually buy them, althought maybe not in my first choice colorways, but I can live with that.

I have mostly ignored the other releases recently, but let’s go through them anyway. It also appears that AP USA is releasing things the same weekend as in Japan, so there is not a nice buffer period anymore.

I last talked about Space Lollipop, so the releases since then have been  Wonder Patisserie, Doll’s Tea Party, Vintage Marine, Unicorn Mermaid and now Toy Doll Box. I will comment on if things sold out also, because that is a measure of how popular it actually was.

I swear there was a cake dress last year, and it was not very popular. Wonder Patisserie was released 4/21 and only one of the JSKs is sold out online.  I see themes of Alice in Wonderland and cake. It must go in with Wonder Queen and the other Alice-themed print with Wonder in the name from the past 2 years.  Also, I hate the bodice of the JSK.

Doll’s Tea Party was released 4/28.  Kira Imai prints are usually popular as heck, and this one is not an exception. This one features these ugly face bears, and sold out except in Black in Japan.  A few of the other colorways are available as OPs on APUSA, but this was fairly popular. They would have sold out 100% if that black colorway was pastel blue. The lavender colorway looks grey here, but they swear it is lavender.  It’s an all over print, which seems to be kind of popular this year.  The JSK cut is simple and really nice, and I would have bought this JSK if I liked the print.

Unicorn Mermaid features actual unicorns and under the sea themes, but no actual mermaids.  Plus, more crosses that AP is so fond of shoehorning into prints for no damn reason.  But I love the name, and the JSK cut is super cute. If Doll’s Tea Party feels otome to me, this this feels larme to me.  This was released 5/19, and only the navy blue JSK colorway sold out, so not super popular. But I like it, which continues the trend of me liking things that other people hate.

Toy Doll Box was released yesterday! And I hate it because it is the sugar vomit type of AP that people love and I am just not a fan of. But plenty of people like this print, as it sold out the JSK and salopette in both Japan and the US! The JSK cut is actually quite nice, and the scalloped hem at the bottom is also cute. The OP did not completely sell out anywhere, which is interesting.  I bet there will be a Special Set or an MTO of this print.

Not gonna comment on Vintage Marine, because marine prints are so boring to me, but it exists.  A quick look on APUSA indicates that the print wasn’t too popular as everything is still available. There was also a non-print variant of this released at the same time, Tradition Marine, with different cuts but the same theme of “marine”, and it did better.

I think AP is getting to the end of the prints previewed at the beginning of this year, so there will probably be a fashion show to show off more prints! We have not seen a cat print yet, or the yearly fall rose print, so I expect that at least.

Angelic Pretty Space Lollipop MTO ?!

Space Lollipop was literally released this past weekend, and isn’t even 100% sold out (the Pink JSK is still available!), and hasn’t been released at AP USA yet, but it is getting a Made to Order.

I like how the model looks about as confused about this as I am.

If you want to get in on this MTO, it will be in stores (in Japan), so fire up your shopping services, and also on the online site.  I would expect this print to come to AP USA fairly soon, unless this MTO announcement means they sold so much that there is no stock left to send west (this is just bad theorizing on my part. I have no idea how economics or business works). This will take place 4/14 to 4/18 Japan time, and your dress will actually arrive in November 2018, so keep that in mind.

Obviously I won’t be partaking in this MTO, even though the JSK cut is very cute. I am just not the biggest fan of the print. It’s not terrible, it’s just not something that is immediately appealing to me.

Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet MTO and (another!) Rose Museum Special Set

I really don’t even know how to respond to this aside from suffering. The other day, the Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet Made to Order was announced, and dresses will arrive in November.

Orders are between 3/31 and 4/4, Japan time. This is an older print, but I love it. It is a floral that is not roses (so unique!) and the JSK cut is nice and simple so it is super versatile. If I had a job right now, I would totally be searching for a way to buy it. I even expect that AP USA will announce that it will take orders for the MTO soon too, since MTO’s are pretty much custom orders for people (except still no custom sizing…).

JUST as I was recovering from this and knowing it is out of reach for current unemployed me, then THIS is announced.

WHY, ANGELIC PRETTY? I feel personally attacked here!  Not really, because it is highly improbable that the people at AP are trying to release things that are specifically targeted for my tastes in order to make me suffer while I cannot buy things. But this makes FIVE RELEASES IN 2018 I WOULD HAVE OTHERWISE BOUGHT ASAP.

Banquet Celeste, Holy Lacy Basket, Dramatic Rose Princess, Sweetie Violet and Rose Museum AGAIN.  I can at least console myself that I already have two Rose Museum JSKs (the rare Blue Rose Museum may be my most treasured dress, and the regular JSK in pink). But I want it again, but in a different colorway.  Maybe ivory since that would work well with my current set up, or mint since that looks pretty nice.  The lavender is a nice option but I feel it almost looks like the blue, and I still am unprepared to coord lavender things too well…yet.

If you want the Rose Museum Special Set, then it will be available 3/31 Japan time, so that is sometime tonight.

Also, wasn’t there another Rose Museum special set that I am forgetting? There was the blue which I have, and this one, but was there another one that had a canotier headdress?

YUP THERE SURE WAS…last March during the Flower Fair thing at Laforet. This shows the Lavender colorway, but it was available in the 4 standard colors.

Is Rose Museum really that popular of a print? Do they have that much material actually left? Or are they reprinting the fabric??? Could they have not waited until 2019 so I could give them all my money????

Art Museum Meetup

I haven’t been to the art museum this often in my entire life, wow.

I wore Angelic Pretty Rose Museum JSK in pink, my first non-special set, darling dress that I love. Did not think I would like photo realistic prints, but I love this print, damnit.  Everything else is nonbrand. I think these pictures are pretty cute here. However, I am also in some group pictures, and oh lord. My face looks weird or it looks like I am slouching or just don’t look as cute as I feel. If only I could put a filter on my face in real life oh wait that is called makeup and I am wearing it anyway, oops.

I haven’t posted a selfie on here in awhile, but they go up on instagram. But this blog is just out there on the entire INTERNET, and so I am now a cat.

I kind of like how this katyusha/head bow looks. I have been moving away from it in general, but I think the one that goes with Rose Museum looks flat enough. I also did not have any brilliant hair ideas, aside from making tiny hair buns (which you can kind of see in this selfie! That is why I posted it!)

It was the newbie meetup, which I have actually never been to before.  We chatted and introduced ourselves and then explored the art gallery.  I was hoping that we might spend time in the exhibits I didn’t see last time I went to the art gallery, but alas, they wanted to see the exact same ones.  I think I ended up paying more attention to chatting with people instead, which isn’t a bad thing.  Can you imagine that, me actually being social! Good times.  The group splintered over time and people went to get food, and I went home because I was exhausted. And I had so many pastries to eat.

Something else notable from this meet is that I am getting much better at explaining what our fashion is when randomly asked. I do leave out the term ‘lolita’ so people don’t get the wrong idea, but just call it a Japanese street fashion.

What are you wearing/is this for a play/is this a traditional ceremonial garb?

Nah it is a Japanese street fashion. It’s just for fun. We get together and hang out.

Where do you buy this stuff? Is it homemade?

Mine is from the internet.

And then usually people are impressed and their curiousity has been sated, so they go on their merry way.