AP Halloween Treats Release Date

We get three colorways: Black, Ivory and Lavender. No pink like I had hoped, and the red was only for that one special set. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Whelp.

I kinda like the JSK, however, I just bought a cat dress and am anxiously awaiting the release of the Arcadian Deer Fire Dress, so I am passing on this. I am curious to see how popular this print ends up being. That batty collar on the JSK is a little odd to me. I wonder if if can be removed, or if you are forced to tie it back like it is shown.

It goes up for sale 8/26/2017 noon Japan time! This is your chance to grab it (because AP USA is dead to me).


Angelic Pretty Bonbon Bunny

It’s going to be out THIS WEEK! It will be out Friday, August 11 at Noon (Japan Time) so approximately 11/10/9/8pm US timezones (pick your time zone).

The white, pink and red prints looks great for Valentine’s Day, and the red could maybe look nice for Christmas. Pink would probably be nice year round, really. I am 100% not impressed by the black colorway.  However, because I made all these holiday associations with this dress in my head, releasing it in AUGUST feels weird.

I don’t really like the bodice of the JSK. While I like that it is simple, but I don’t like the white mock bib (I guess it would look fine on the white colorway). Every time I look at it, I think it is a skirt with suspenders.

Honestly, right now AP Japan has a Sweet Bakery Special Set and a Baked Sweets Parade Special Set for sale and I would rather buy those instead of this. This is pretty cute, but I am not excited about it. Maybe in a few months when I have money to blow (hah) and this goes on sale (The yellow Ribbon Berry Bunny JSK is STILL for sale on AP USA, this dumb print is mocking me at this point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I might buy it. But I am not excited the way I was for Romantic Cat.

If you miss it this week, AP USA will probably have it in 2 or 3 weeks.

Angelic Pretty Laforet Grand Bazaar MELTDOWN

Guess how many special sets are going to be released. FUCKING ALL OF THEM.

Am I exaggerating? ONLY A LITTLE.

Luminous Sanctuary OP Special Sets in new colors.

Re-release of Freshly Picked Strawberries from 2013. CRAP I really like this. Will this come to US or the Japanese online store??? The Tiered JSK (upper right) and Normal Waist JSK (bottom left) are super damn cute and I want them both. This is the kind of strawberry print I have been looking for. ;_; I want pink and white.

Hallowee Treats Special OP is up. HEY I did not think red would be a color. They only previewed white, purple and black thus far. However, sack dress so I don’t care. But still, this print hasn’t been released yet.

LOOK AT ALL THESE DAMN SPECIAL SETS. On 7/27, we have Salon de Rose, Sweet Cream Princess and Chocolate Rosette. 7/28 will have Sweet Bakery. 7/29 will have and Milky Pony Carnival and Fancy Hospital (oh, Fancy Hospital is being re-released also but I don’t care). 7/30 has Cream Cookie Parade (THAT WAS RELEASED LAST WEEK DAMN AP). Finally, 7/31 ill have those Eternal Carnival Special sets again, Baked Sweets Parade and Creamy Cherry (but in RED so you can barely see the cherries ahaha what).

And NOW my FURY.

Rose Museum Lavender and True Rose Story Mint Special Sets, for HELLA CHEAP. Because they were UNPOPULAR. FUCK. I WANT THEM. I would have paid full Special Set price for them.

18 Special sets. EIGHTEEN. AP what the hell. And it is all In-Store only, and I am 1000% sure that Tenshi is going to be FLOODED so there is no hope. Not unless the Unpopular sets remain unpopular and things go online on their shop. In the case, I will spend money on things. ;__;

Angelic Pretty Mid-July Releases

tl;dr: Nothing I feel like spending money on but want to comment on anyway.

AP USA is releasing Cream Cookie Parade tomorrow. Actually, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Especially the pink colorway. Who am I kidding, I really only like the pink colorway. However, not enough to actually spend money on it.  It also seems like this print is something that would fit in otome fashion also. I think my favorite part of this print is the tea cups. I think I would buy a pastel print with tea cups and stuff on it.

AP Japan will release Milky Pony Carnival at noon, 7/21/17 Japan time, so actually just about an hour from now.  I like the JSK cut.  I like how it seems to be a throwback to older prints (which I missed out on because it was before I started seriously paying attention to lolita fashion), however others seem to think it’s AP making crappier versions of their old prints. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I don’t particularly like the print, but I don’t like any toys/carnival/etc theme anyway.  But more cuts like this with a print I do like would be worth spending money on.

I am always amused when AP USA and AP Japan have new releases on the same day (technically). It seems so exciting, even if I am not buying any of it.


Angelic Pretty Halloween Treats Preview

I love halloween, even though no one around me seems to care for it.  But it’s fun and candy related and I love candy.  This is the other Angelic Pretty print from the new scans of Melt that I like. I wonder if I can find a copy without having to pay stupid amounts of shipping.  There is a third print, Suyasuya Toys/Peaceful Sleeping Toys, which is another all over print, but I do not like toy prints, so not going to post about it at all.

This print is called Halloween Treats. It’s got an all over print of halloween treats on it, like candy and ghost marshmallows and coffins. And CATS.

Heck, why is it so cute. The little ghost bag is cute too.  The Angelic Bat beret is apparently already super popular, and from what I hear, shopping services are already taking orders for it (and the dresses too actually). o___o Surely they won’t actually release this print until late September/early October, right?? It is JULY.

Also commenting on how Larme-ish the model looks. I know it’s popular and all, but meh.

We have a sack cut and a jumperskirt, and it appears the three colorways are black, purple and white. I want pink. A pink colorway with the cute little cookies and candies on it would be SO DARLING. I would have to go for a pink JSK, but as it stands…eh maybe? ヽ(´ー`)┌

STILL waiting for re-re-re-releases of the lavender and pink Holy Lantern special sets…someday. AP USA has preorders for the normal Holy Lantern JSK (the zipper JSK ugh) and OP up right now, but only lavender (and the other usual colorways I guess) and no pink.

Melt scans from Lolita Updates FB/Mint Kismet FB.

Angelic Pretty Bon Bon Bunny Preview

The name is silly, but I think I actually like the print.

At first, I wasn’t sure because it has a lot of boxes and little cookies and candies sprinkled all over.  But this looks very cute and reminds me of Valentine’s Day. So this would be cute for a chocolate themed meet-up, or a Valentine’s Day meet-up.

The model is very Larme-styled though, which I am not a huge fan of.

Okay definitely not a fan of the red colorway with the blue boxes on it. I do like the lace detail here though.

Looks like the black, red and pink Colorways have green, purple and blue boxes, while the white. The Jumperskirt looks pretty decent.  Not sure if I like it enough to buy, but if I did, I would get either the pink (I love pink) or white (Valentine’s Day outfit!)

Pictures taken from the Lolita Updates FB, and ultimately Mint Kismet’s scans of Melt.  Melt (kawaii fashion book, not to be confused with a different Melt magazine) is a new j-fashion magazine and not sure how often it will be published, maybe monthly? So surely there will be more summer (autumn maybe?) prints announced soon, aside from the Halloween one. ❤

Ribbon Berry GO TO HELL



You guessed correctly, ME.

AHHH ANGELIC PRETTY GO TO HELL FOR TORTURING ME LIKE THIS ;___; I mean, I am still 2cm too big for the JSK, and I do NOT need to be spending that kind of money on a dress. Not right now. So it is actually a blessing that I am unable to buy this dress right now. Plus, I get to go to the zoo tomorrow. THE ZOO.

If it was a special set, I would be all over it and resetting passwords and everything. But nah. U__U If AP had not JUST announced this TODAY, then I may even have been able to plan a little. But nah.

Also, AP’s Pre-Summer Sale started yesterday, and guess what was somehow restocked and 20% off? ROMANTIC FREAKING CAT.

I mean, if I was rich, I would have used the opportunity to buy it in lavender, but then I remember that the JSK is a bit short on me and the fabric is just okay. :S

SO again, waiting on special sets for Romantic Cat AND Ribbon Berry Bunny, if AP wants my money for prints they already released.

There ARE two special sets being released in two hours, an ivory Eternal Carnival OP and a pink Eternal Carnival JSK. For a moment, I considered the JSK, but after looking at the print a bit more, I am not.  Carnivals and merry-go-rounds, while cute, are not my thing. I do know someone who likes similar prints so I am kinda hoping that she will be able to jump on this opportunity.