Fire Dress Postponed

Apparently Arcadian Deer only had 5-20 of each cut/colorway prepared for the Chinese New Year release of AD Four Elements of Astrology – Fire. Clobba said he is still getting information, but it is likely that things will sell out super fast and there will be a larger release around May.

I do not mind this at all, since I would be begrudgingly spending money on a dress now when I really should not be. So as sad as I am that the Fire Dress will have to wait even more…I am glad I can hang onto that money a bit longer.

However, a preorder page is up on Arcadian Deer’s Taobao…it says the first batch of stock will be up in early May, and there will be a total of 10 XL JSKs for each color, and 5 XL dresses for each color. Ahh. There will only be 5 skirts each (why) in all sizes, and there are 25-30 of each color JSK and dress in the smaller sizes.

I do think I have settled on getting the red colorway, so that is good. If I get another email from Clobba saying that this first batch hasn’t sold out yet, then I will give it a shot. But otherwise, I am content waiting for the second batch.

If there is no second batch, I will be so damn pissed.


Long Ears and Sharp Ears Blood Moonlight Waltz

Whelp, I am not getting this print after all.

There is a dress set (extra fancy OP with a bonnet and choker included), a long sleeve OP, two JSKs and a skirt. The colorways are wine, navy, black/brown and black/purple.

JSK2 in blue on the top left, then the OP in black/purple on top right. JSK1 in wine on the bottom left, and the dress set in black/brown on the bottom right. As usual, I don’t care about the skirt cut, but it appears to be a high waist skirt.

Not a huge fan of any of the cuts. JSK1’s neckline bothers me, and JSK2 all together is just meh. I don’t like the vest-style bodice and I don’t like the faux open underskirt style of skirt (that is more acceptible if it is a back bustle, but as a front bustle, I am not a fan). I would combine the bodice style of the dress set with the skirt of JSK1, with a bustle in the back. Maybe a more simple bodice than dress set, but combine with the waist ribbon from JSK2.  I would probably be the most okay with the Dress Set cut if it was a JSK.

On top of disliking the cuts, the bust for all of these only go up to 96cm. >__> Custom sizing IS available, for $10 for <100cm and $20 for >100cm, however the cuts do not make it worth it for me.

It’s better that I am not preordering more dresses right now, but I had hopes for this. Oh well.  Now also worrying that Camelot Market will be disappointing too, but that’s okay because it just frees up money for other things, right? Ugh, but I really love this brand so far. Maybe I just want sweeter things right now.

Right now, it is up for preorder on Taobao and Clobba, and the Storenvy will likely start taking orders soon. On Clobba, they are asking for 50% of the full price, and indicate the dresses will ship in March.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Fairies OP Preliminary Review

IT’S FINALLY HERE. No time to wear it right now, so this is just a broad overview and first impressions.

Cute postcards I got along with my package. Thanks Clobba Online! I know it’s more expensive than Taobao alone, but I think I will use them anyway, at least for preorders.

This dress is very long, but I wanted the long OP. The material is a soft satin-y type, and the back bustle is chiffon and lace. The back of the bodice is fully shirred. This dress feels kind of HEAVY. But the print is so lovely in person.

Some of the decorative pins that come with the dress. The rose and ribbon pins, and a weird frilly ribbon that I am unsure of how to attach it to the dress because it lacks a pin.  OKAY so looking back at the official pictures, the ribbon pin goes at the waist, the rose at the collar and the weird extra frilly bow is tied in with the waist ties. HUH okay.

First black wristcuffs, and I though they would be more versatile to go with my upcoming Krad dress, but nah. However, I am trying to wear them in two ways here. Which way is correct? (I think the top way :p )

Finally, the headbow and veil! The bow on the headbow comes off (see the second picture) and I am unsure of how to attach the veil to the headbow. It has button holes, but there are no buttons on the headbow. Actually, the bow being adjustable isn’t the worst sin ever.  Am I to just use pins and pin the veil on my head? Damn, I’ll need to figure that out. I think I will be able to use the veil with my upcoming Krad dress, so that is being thrifty, right?

Anyway, it looks beautiful and also huge, so I don’t think I will have any fitting issues. I also kind of want to go ahead and buy the JSKI in Emerald Green, but on a no-buying-new-dresses-I-haven’t-already-preordered thing this month (and next month…and until I get a job…;__:). I am completely turned off of the lavender after seeing it worn badly in person. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Oh well.

I am still waiting for the Krad Lanrete Vampire dress (it was supposed to be released Mid-to-Late May and here we are in June, so behold the curse of Krad Lanrete taking forever to do things), and the Arcadian Deer Astrology Air (June or July?) dress. I imagine that I will be a bit antsy once I know I don’t have anything else to wait for in the mail. I might just need to be distracted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

UPDATE (7/1/2017) – tried it on, and it fits. The issue with the sleeves being too tight is apparently not even remotely an issue for me. The sleeves are super comfortable. The long OP is SUPER long though, and I am not sure if the petticoat I have will cause an awkward lampshade effect or not. It is comfy and fits, however the dress is still heavy and waaay too heavy to wear during summer in the Midwest.

Long Ears Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Mishaps

This morning, got an email from Clobba that the LE&SE Kingdom of Fairies dresses are having some issues.

Custom OPs were made with too small busts and the sleeves were the same size as the one size, and JSK I dresses in size 1 were made with the shirring too tight. Clobba is returning these to LE&SE so the factory can fix the mistakes, but anything that has already been sent out may have problems.

I ordered the OP, but not a custom size because the one size should be fine.  It sounds like the problem is just with the Custom OPs and JSK I, so I won’t be affected. However, this is pretty concerning. But I guess this explains why it has been taking so long to hear about this dress. :p

Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden JSK and High Waist JSK

These dresses arrived while I was out of town. Thus concludes all the lolita dresses I have ordered from Clobba Online this year.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden High Waist JSK

This is the High Waist JSK in white. It’s so pretty. I love the fabric. It is light and has a slight sparkle to it. It’s longer than the other dresses I have.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden High Waist JSK

I love the little gems on the bows. I love the little ribbon tie. I though this dress would have a side pocket like the Normal JSK, but it doesn’t. The description said it would, but I just can’t find them??

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden High Waist JSK

A close-up of the print, however you can’t see the sparkle. Too much sparkle would not be okay. I have always been a fan of roses, so a print with pink roses feels perfect to me.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden High Waist JSK

The back is shirred, which is a blessing because I can barely fit into this. The site said bust fits up to 114cm, and I am quite a bit under that. It’s too hot to try and fit a blouse underneath, but I also don’t plan on wearing this anytime soon either.
Cat's Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK

The normal waist JSK in lavender. Oh my gosh, I love this dress.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK

Love the bow, like on the other dress. Sadly, part of the bow is attached to the dress (so the bow doesn’t flop over) and it came undone when I tried it on. It was easy enough to re-sew (just a few stitches) but makes me wonder how delicate this dress is. The lacing on the front is literally just ribbon and lace, and I fear that could rip easily.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK

Here is the skirt detail. Love this so much. This fabric is also slightly sparkly as well.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK

The back is shirred, and there is a side zipper and a side pocket (woo!). However, there should be pink ribbon lacing up the back as well, but I removed it. My fears about the lace ripping, and also I couldn’t fit into this dress perfectly.

Again, the sizing says bust should fit up to 109cm. I measured before I ordered, and I measured right after trying it on, and I measured JUST NOW to be sure. I come in under 100cm. I should be able to zip it up all the way. but nope.The zipper comes up about halfway.

The side zipper lacks a hook and loop, so I am considering sewing a few on to help it zip up (I can hold the fabric together and it appears I can fit). However, a more immediate solution is to try and lose a little bit of weight. The past few weeks, I have been more lax in my menu planning and eating habits, plus while I was in Orlando, there was a delicious buffet with so many desserts. It would not hurt to slim down a bit and then try again. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to think about how I could alter it slightly, but I’d rather avoid that if possible.

Cat's Broom The Secret Garden Headpeice

There were several options for headpieces that matched the colorway, or just get a pink one that would match both, so I did that. This headband does not disappoint. It is beautiful, and I could probably wear it with another pink outfit (which I do not currently possess but it’s nice to be optimistic).

Very pleased with Clobba as a service (again).Less pleased with the brand Cat’s Broom. I wish these dresses fit better. Even with the part about how it fits better if the clothes are at least 4cm larger than your body for a good fit (which for both waist and bust, I am at least 4cm smaller than the maximum measurements!), these don’t fit well.  I will make this work somehow, but I would be hesitant to order from this brand again. Bummer.

So to conclude, I am going to try to diet, and I don’t plan on spending money on more lolita dresses for awhile anyway because I have my SF trip in a few months and also the sheer terror of graduating next year (my Boss is determined, and I have a committee meeting before the end of September where I’m sure he will remind everyone that I am absolutely leaving in May….). Thankfully, nothing has popped up lately that I am in love with, but I will let you know if something does come up.

I mean, besides the rose themed Angelic Pretty print I saw the other day. I can’t even be mad because I can’t afford that yet. I’ll buy Angelic Pretty after I have a job (a post doc counts…)

Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK

Since I got the shipping notification last week, I have been checking the EMS site daily. However, the last update was Friday, so I wasn’t expecting it to arrive on Monday. But then it did, so yay!

I got home and it was in a cardboard box wrapped in red polka-dot paper (tape?), so it was very safe. I had to go try everything one and look at it in person.

First, there is the lavender dress.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

It is so beautiful! The fabric is super soft and the print is so pretty in person. There is an attachable bow that you can put anywhere. The little fake lace belt ties in the front and there are fabric straps to tie in a bow at the back as well.

However, it just barely fits me. I can get it on and off, so probably a good motivator to slim down a little before I wear it out. There is shirring in the back, but no zipper. It comes in one size, but custom sizing is available, so I think next time I get dresses from Long Ears and Short Ears, I will investigate that. I seriously don’t think I can fit a blouse under this dress. It has a built in petticoat but I plan on wearing another one with it anyway.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

The straps are adjustable, so that may or may not help with wearing this dress. Actually, it might be more helpful in taking the dress off, but I have a little bit of practice with that now.

Also, a big selling point of this dress is that it has POCKETS. And not just little sad pockets, but pockets you can fit a smartphone into. ಠ◡ಠ I am just thrilled at such an idea. Of course, the pockets are not super reinforced or anything, but they exist and that is beautiful.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Chocolate

The same cut of dress in Chocolate. I KNOW I AM SILLY. But wow this is also so beautiful. I regret NOTHING. Like the Lavender dress, I can fit into it barely (it’s really my chest that is the main problem), but I can get in and out and hopefully I can at least sneak a thin blouse under it.

Mushroom Forest Accessories

Here are the accessories I ordered, along with the bows that come with the dress. For both dresses, I got the little bow hair clips. Other options were more bunny ears-like or had an abundance of pom-poms, so I decided on just these. I really like the little charms on them!

Mushroom Forest Accessories

If you look closely, it’s a little cat with an S (for Sharp Ears!) and a little bunny with an L (for Long Ears). 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) That is adorable. I love this so much.

Was that all? Nope, there was a set of bloomers available also, so I decided to buy those as well. I don’t have any other bloomers so I though it would be a good addition to my wardrobe.


Alas, they don’t fit. (。ノω\。)゚

I take that back. They do fit. I can put them on and take them off and sit down in them. But they do not fit comfortably. I would have to lose a great deal of mass around my rear and hips for them to be comfortable.  The elastic for the waist and the thighs are completely stretched when I wear them and they are 100% cotton, which means they are probably going to shrink.

At this point, I’m not sure if I am going to re-purpose them into something else (the ruffles and lace on them are so darling) or just try to get rid of them at a swap meet (never been to one, and I’m super nice so I’d probably end up just giving them away……).

As a brand, I am super happy with the quality from Long Ears and Short Ears. However, I definitely should pay closer attention to the sizing next time, and “one size fits all” is most likely NOT a good idea for me.

This was my first complete experience using Clobba Online to buy lolita clothes. I actually made a different order earlier but it’s not due to ship til late June. I had a great experience using Clobba, and definitely plan on using them again when there is something else I want/I have more funds. Everything worked out super smoothly.

Weekly Lolita Dress Run Down

Wow, there are a ton of dresses up for order this week. Some I want, some I want to poke fun at, and some I want but not really but also cats. But seriously, Clobba Online’s Facebook is amazing at letting me know what dresses are available. Soufflesong has had some of these listed as well.

First, let’s start with ones I want and am under a time limit for.  Long Ears & Short Ears (they have a Storenvy, but also sold on Clobba) is re-releasing their Mushroom Forest print, and the JSK is cute and would fit me.

so prettylavender is always the bestomg mint

So cute. I really want to support LE&SE because they are an indie brand and I really like  these patterns. But once more, I am faced with the whole “don’t buy the same print/cut in different colors, you dummy!” thing. I probably have about a day to make up my mind on this because everyone is saying this fabric print is limited. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I’ll probably not order them, but I do want to share my love for them with the world.  I suppose I am waiting for them to release something like Stardust Jewel again, which I fell in love with but missed out on. Or for a Lucky Pack. They have amazingly affordable Lucky Packs.

But man, if I was super wealthy, I’d get this same JSK in all the colors. Sadly, the OP wouldn’t fit, and the Salopette is a bit awkward and requires a nice blouse, which I am still lacking).

Next up is Neverland Butterfly Graveyard JSK and OP.

Dark Blue JSKPurple High Waist OP

These are on Clobba AND Soufflesong for around the same price, and there is no deadline. NONE. So I might buy these after I get paid. Even if it breaks the “same print/different cut/different color” rule. I think these two dresses are different enough. Definitely getting one in purple, and the other in either dark blue or dark red. I am leaning towards blue.

When thinking about lolita fashion, since I am on a budget, I want to try and figure out the image I want to portray. Do I want to be a Sweet Lolita (more akin to the Mushroom Forest JSK above, and the dresses coming in June)? Do I want to be a Gothic Lolita (like these dresses)? What about Shiro/Kuro Lolita (akin to what F+F pieces I am most interested in, generally)? I can’t really afford to be all of the above, but then again, with careful planning, why not? It is something to think about when drooling over all these different dresses.

Next is kinda a fun one: Neverland Cat’s Courtyard.Cats OP
Cats Highwaist JSK

I am not a huge fan of the massive screen-print patterns on some dresses. I don’t like the screen-printing on these, but otherwise I like the top part of these dresses, and the layered lace at the bottom. Also, Soufflesong has had these up for weeks now, but Clobba is just now putting them up? (•‿•) Okay.

Finally, I have to show off the name of this one.

Classical Puppets Maiden's Breasts JSK
Classical Puppet’s Maiden’s Breasts. What. It’s nice pattern with macarons and there are 3 different cuts (the high waist JSK shown here, a high waist OP, and a dolly cut which has no waist but looks crazy short on the model). Very cute, but WHY that name? (。ノω\。)゚

Actually, after some careful googling of “少女的酥胸”, you get pictures of macarons (and an alternative name of “马卡龙”, and that is macaron. Thanks google!) So I must assume that this is all kind of a disconnect between what it means in Chinese and what it means in English. This print is all about super cute macarons and sweets and ya’ll need to get your minds out of the gutter. (´・ω・`) I do too, I guess.