Comfy afternoons and terror

Last Friday, before I left for my trip, I turned in my dissertation for formatting review. It was not actually complete. Chapter 3 was a farce, but my boss said that they will not care.  Yesterday, I got an email saying that the review is done and I need to schedule my actually dissertation (it will be the week of Dec11-15 but I have not picked an actual day yet).

December 11 is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. (°ロ°);;;;

My December paycheck will be my final one (I think that will be the one that posts Dec 1, not Dec 31), and this means my final day of lab will be December 31. Because I am not going in to lab if I am not getting paid.  If my boss wants to work something out for me to come do dishes or run the lab (both of which are unlikely cause I know what his funding situation is…), I will stick around. But instead, it looks like I have 50 days to get my lab stuff together, desk cleaned out and to find a new job.

(¬‿¬ );; Well, I guess any hopes I had of buying lucky packs or Fairy Rose Princess anytime soon are put to rest. At least none of the Fairy Rose Princess JSKs sold out on AP USA. None of the OPs either. Bless me for liking such an unpopular print!

If I get a good enough job before it goes on sale, I’ll get ivory AND wine JSKs. Haha. So that gives me a month cause the Winter Sale is usually in January.

Something else I wanted to talk about was that since the Halloween Tea, and even a little before that, I feel like my participation in lolita is waning a little. Maybe I feel that way because I have not bought anything lately, or because there have been several events that I ended up not going to. This time last year, I was doing my ‘wear 1 dress per week’ project and that really helped me feel good. Maybe I should try to do something like that again, however I am going to be under a TON of stress for the next month.

Next weekend- need to see my cute boyfriend. Weekend after is Thanksgiving. Weekend after that is Winter ILD, so I guess I will have to dress up. Weekend after that is the weekend before I defend.

Maybe I need to go easier on myself. This is a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, and I can resume it once I graduate.



Traveling and other misc thoughts

I am out of town this week, visiting friends in the DC area! None of them are into lolita, so I didn’t bother bringing any dresses to wear.  We are having a fun time anyway. On Saturday, we went to Annapolis and hiked on some trails, and on Sunday, we explored Capitol Hill a little bit.  This is not our first trip to DC, but it is still a lot of fun.

The Japan release of Fairy Rose Princess came and went, and there are still dresses in stock. So I should be able to wait until AP has a big sale before buying that dress. Also, the JSK has a bust of 91-98cm and waist of 70-80cm, is 94cm long (will want an underskirt) and the fabric is shantug. AP USA is releasing this print THIS Friday also, which seems to be very quick considering only 1 colorway of the OP and JSK sold out (Pink and Sax respectively). I am thinking for the JSK, I want ivory or wine. The pink colorway has little sax bows on it and I am not a fan.

There have been some previews of the snowflake dress AP is going to release later this season too, and it looks cute so far. Not sure if it would be worth getting though.  I am also getting excited for any lucky packs or special sets that will show up at the end of the year. Last year, it was around New Years and in January.  I have not tried any lucky packs yet, but for special sets, I would want a Fairy Rose Princess special set.  A Ribbon Bunny Berry special set would be nice too.  Actually, I don’t think I would bother with a Romantic Cat special set, unless it was in an unreleased colorway (pink was my favorite, the grey turned out to not be so great, just not that into mint and I can’t remember what the forth colorway was- maybe ivory?).

Trying to not shop

I want the Soufflesong dress and the Pink Up dress, and then this morning I was looking over old coordinate pictures, and guess what? I REALLY LOVE PASTELS. Why do I want these very much not pastel dresses? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ What am I thinking?

After further inspection, I would have to get the Bat Collar JSK, even though I like the other JSK a little better. The Bat Collar JSK would fit better.  And then I would get the 2nd Wishing Stars JSK, the one with the tiered skirt, since I like it better.

And then I also want to buy sheet mass from Etude House (they’re on sale! But I don’t need more! But there are also freebies!) and also merchandise for a phone game.

Maybe instead, I should just get the Strawberry and Cherry dresses from Soufflesong.

I wanna shop OTL


I keep getting hits because I posted about AP’s Halloween Treats what seemed like a decade ago. It has been released by AP Japan and now USA (right after they let go of the problematic person so I could have even posted about that), and there is a NEW extra Halloweeny orange colorway which I have pretty much done zero research on.


I need to post more cute things. Today, I made (yet another) tote bag and hemmed the rest of the fabric I got from Aliexpress a few months ago so I can make a ton of huge handkerchiefs. The small ones I was making myself are just not as useful as a larger handkerchief. I also wanted to use up craft supplies before I buy anymore to make petticoats or anything else.

Tomorrow (well, Sunday after I wake up), I want to go through the rest of my craft supplies and decide what I can get rid of. Scraps I will never use and the like.


Miss Grumpy Head

Every time I go look at the Little Dipper Taobao and see their Tasman dress , I just get so cranky. I want it so much! It’s exactly the kind of dress I want for wearing on a normal day to the store.

I would get the red and the pink in the long version, and I could coord it in many ways. For Christmas, the red dress with a white blouse, and a red headband. I have red shoes to go with it too. It would be super simple, but nice. And then for Valentine’s Day, I could wear the red dress with a pink blouse, and the pink flower hairpin. I could go with pink shoes or red shoes for that. And then the pink dress could be worn whenever because I love pink. I could wear the red dress whenever also, but I was just kind of excited for how nice this dress could work for a holiday. Simple enough where I could even wear it around my family (they already think I am strange anyway).

But no. I won’t be buying these dresses after all.  I need to save and wait for Arcadian Deer’s Fire Dress, and surely Little Dipper will still be making dresses next year after I have a job and already own a toaster.  Fire dress is more important.

There are other expenses coming up anyway. I need to get my car tags renewed, and my friends want to take a trip but I am unsure if I should go now. I shouldn’t complain so much. Anyway, I got some things in the mail recently, so I shouldn’t whine like I have been soooo totally responsible anyway. (Even if that stuff was all preorders I paid for months ago ヽ(´ー`)┌)

I get stressed out by life (family issues, experiments not working, coworker issues, having to be transportation for people, being asked about graduation all the time) and when I get stressed, I have two responses: (1) eat, and (2) shop. I am trying to do less of both.  But it is making me cranky.  I wish I could celebrate this week’s achievements: I applied for graduation and I submitted one of my dissertation chapters for editing.   I need to try to reward myself in other ways that are not food or shopping.

I will work on this tomorrow, along with more chapters. But tonight I will be grumpy.

So many ideas, so little time

First, cat update. Charlie the Cat’s owners were found, he has a sister, and his name is actually Sydney. I took him home the other day and that is that. I hope he comes to visit again someday~

I have so many things I want to make right now.  The Black Ribbon is an indie shop that makes petticoats, and they are in stock.  I checked their measurements and it looks like they would fit over my thighs, but I am still nervous. So again, do I make a petticoat or do I buy one?

I also now want to make bloomers. Making bloomers is supposed to be super easy. I’ve watched the Youtube videos. I would need more fabric and elastic though.

On top of all of that, I want to make some simple fleece cloaks. I am too cheap/lazy/?? something to buy a proper lolita coat. I have yet to find one that would fit over other clothes. A cheat around this is to buy a short cape. I’ve seen those sold too, but again, there are lots of simple tutorials for those too. I could make a light one that is just a single layer of fleece, and a heavier one that has a sherpa lining. The tutorials talk about hoods though, and that seems like it may be confusing. I should try to make a simple cape first.

(*≧▽≦) So many fun projects I want to do, but I need to finish my writing first.

I would go scout out local prices for supplies (at the least I know it is easiest to get elastic locally), but instead I am going to the Tea Festival! I still have a crazy amount of tea stashed away, so my goal is to buy more tea accessories (like tea bags) and less actual tea. But we will see how things work out in reality.

Many Cats

From my Cat page, I had one old cat who passed away last year and a neighbor cat who moved away, leaving me with just my darling Devil Kitty.

My brother has moved in, and brought his kitten, Jack.  And then there was a stray cat, Charles, who wandered into my yard, which my brother and Mom decided needs to be in the house until the owners contact me. The vet gave me his microchip information and I have posted in a neighborhood forum about him, but it is day 3 of hearing nothing. My Little Devil is not amused, but at this exact moment, all three of the cats are sitting in my room with me.

I need to take Charlie the Cat back to the vet to get him checked out anyway. I am also fairly certain that now everyone has fleas, so any money I was hoping to use for dresses this month is definitely going to flea medication instead. I will still look lovingly upon those Little Dipper dresses though.

On top of all that, I did get my Soufflesong dress in the mail today! Not 30-60 days after all! I should wear it to the Tea Festival this weekend.