Popin’ Cookin’ Tanoshii Donuts

These kits have been around forever and are easy enough to find in the US if you have a local Asian market.  The Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ kits! I got one to do for Valentine’s Day, but then was lazy. So I did the kit today.

I actually tried one of these kits a few years back, when the instructions were all in Japanese. I know these are super easy to find now because the instructions on the box were all English. Heh.

Cut up the plastic piece to separate the parts out and follow instructions.

All of the pieces of the kit to mix things in. There is also a pink spatula to mix things with. All you need is some water!

Donuts are made, plus the tubs of icing and choco sauce, and crumbs and sprinkles, all ready.

They are pretty cute.

But what do they taste like? Imagine eating raw cookie dough or cake batter (I know you do this even if the instructions tell you not to!), but it is gummier and just unpleasant. That is what this is like. Unpleasant to eat. :< I ate one of the donuts just to remember how gross they are. Tried to eat a second donut but spit it out.

The frosting actually tastes okay. The pink strawberry frosting tastes like the stuff on strawberry pocky – that extra fake strawberry flavor. The little crumbs and sprinkles taste ok, but the doughnut dough is just gross. Especially the chocolate dough.

I really just wanted to decorate cute tiny donuts.  I think there are similar kits out there, only instead of it making food, it just makes decoden plastic pieces, or erasers.  So this is how I wasted $4 on some dumb nasty tiny donuts.  I did buy better chocolate to eat for Valentine’s Day too though, so it’s not like it was a total loss.


(ノ≧∀≦)ノ mildly successful adulting!

Yesterday, I listed three items to sell on Facebook, and already have sold two of them! I am glad to have two more items out of my house, and slightly more cash in my pocket.  Unfortunately, more valuable things I could see myself selling (some of those useless Pusheen vinyl figures, for example) would be harder to sell locally and I’d rather not deal with having to ship things.

The weather today has been really nice too, 54F! Which was nice, since I went to meet the buyers today, and tonight I am meeting my friend for dinner. I was able to open my room windows today to let in some fresh air, but it will be cold again tomorrow, and it might even snow more on Saturday. That is partially why I decided to only go to one of the meets on Saturday, instead of both.  Also, I don’t know if they would want to put up with me for so many hours in one day. (・ε・` )  It is the Valentine’s Day meet, so tomorrow I will look through what dresses are still unpacked and see what I can put together.  I still don’t have a nice red dress yet.

Unfortunately, my head is hurting a lot today, so I should try to take a nap before going out, since that is usually the tried and true way of curing headaches. Not dehydration since I have been drinking water all day, nor caffeine withdrawl since I had some black tea earlier this afternoon. Not out of hunger either, since I remembered to each both breakfast AND lunch today, and had a snack earlier.  I wonder if it is eye strain, or the drastic weather change.

The Big Day

I started grad school in Fall 2011, and today I defended my PhD dissertation, on the very last day of the Fall 2017 semester. So it took 6 whole years. Well, technically 6 years and 4 months. But it is done.

I don’t feel any different yet, but I think that will set in soon enough. I suppose I can officially retire the “graduate school” tag of my blog, huh?

Comfy afternoons and terror

Last Friday, before I left for my trip, I turned in my dissertation for formatting review. It was not actually complete. Chapter 3 was a farce, but my boss said that they will not care.  Yesterday, I got an email saying that the review is done and I need to schedule my actually dissertation (it will be the week of Dec11-15 but I have not picked an actual day yet).

December 11 is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. (°ロ°);;;;

My December paycheck will be my final one (I think that will be the one that posts Dec 1, not Dec 31), and this means my final day of lab will be December 31. Because I am not going in to lab if I am not getting paid.  If my boss wants to work something out for me to come do dishes or run the lab (both of which are unlikely cause I know what his funding situation is…), I will stick around. But instead, it looks like I have 50 days to get my lab stuff together, desk cleaned out and to find a new job.

(¬‿¬ );; Well, I guess any hopes I had of buying lucky packs or Fairy Rose Princess anytime soon are put to rest. At least none of the Fairy Rose Princess JSKs sold out on AP USA. None of the OPs either. Bless me for liking such an unpopular print!

If I get a good enough job before it goes on sale, I’ll get ivory AND wine JSKs. Haha. So that gives me a month cause the Winter Sale is usually in January.

Something else I wanted to talk about was that since the Halloween Tea, and even a little before that, I feel like my participation in lolita is waning a little. Maybe I feel that way because I have not bought anything lately, or because there have been several events that I ended up not going to. This time last year, I was doing my ‘wear 1 dress per week’ project and that really helped me feel good. Maybe I should try to do something like that again, however I am going to be under a TON of stress for the next month.

Next weekend- need to see my cute boyfriend. Weekend after is Thanksgiving. Weekend after that is Winter ILD, so I guess I will have to dress up. Weekend after that is the weekend before I defend.

Maybe I need to go easier on myself. This is a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, and I can resume it once I graduate.


Traveling and other misc thoughts

I am out of town this week, visiting friends in the DC area! None of them are into lolita, so I didn’t bother bringing any dresses to wear.  We are having a fun time anyway. On Saturday, we went to Annapolis and hiked on some trails, and on Sunday, we explored Capitol Hill a little bit.  This is not our first trip to DC, but it is still a lot of fun.

The Japan release of Fairy Rose Princess came and went, and there are still dresses in stock. So I should be able to wait until AP has a big sale before buying that dress. Also, the JSK has a bust of 91-98cm and waist of 70-80cm, is 94cm long (will want an underskirt) and the fabric is shantug. AP USA is releasing this print THIS Friday also, which seems to be very quick considering only 1 colorway of the OP and JSK sold out (Pink and Sax respectively). I am thinking for the JSK, I want ivory or wine. The pink colorway has little sax bows on it and I am not a fan.

There have been some previews of the snowflake dress AP is going to release later this season too, and it looks cute so far. Not sure if it would be worth getting though.  I am also getting excited for any lucky packs or special sets that will show up at the end of the year. Last year, it was around New Years and in January.  I have not tried any lucky packs yet, but for special sets, I would want a Fairy Rose Princess special set.  A Ribbon Bunny Berry special set would be nice too.  Actually, I don’t think I would bother with a Romantic Cat special set, unless it was in an unreleased colorway (pink was my favorite, the grey turned out to not be so great, just not that into mint and I can’t remember what the forth colorway was- maybe ivory?).

Trying to not shop

I want the Soufflesong dress and the Pink Up dress, and then this morning I was looking over old coordinate pictures, and guess what? I REALLY LOVE PASTELS. Why do I want these very much not pastel dresses? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ What am I thinking?

After further inspection, I would have to get the Bat Collar JSK, even though I like the other JSK a little better. The Bat Collar JSK would fit better.  And then I would get the 2nd Wishing Stars JSK, the one with the tiered skirt, since I like it better.

And then I also want to buy sheet mass from Etude House (they’re on sale! But I don’t need more! But there are also freebies!) and also merchandise for a phone game.

Maybe instead, I should just get the Strawberry and Cherry dresses from Soufflesong.

I wanna shop OTL


I keep getting hits because I posted about AP’s Halloween Treats what seemed like a decade ago. It has been released by AP Japan and now USA (right after they let go of the problematic person so I could have even posted about that), and there is a NEW extra Halloweeny orange colorway which I have pretty much done zero research on.


I need to post more cute things. Today, I made (yet another) tote bag and hemmed the rest of the fabric I got from Aliexpress a few months ago so I can make a ton of huge handkerchiefs. The small ones I was making myself are just not as useful as a larger handkerchief. I also wanted to use up craft supplies before I buy anymore to make petticoats or anything else.

Tomorrow (well, Sunday after I wake up), I want to go through the rest of my craft supplies and decide what I can get rid of. Scraps I will never use and the like.