Crafts and Sweets

My future remains uncertain and it is driving me bonkers. But I got some crafts made last night, and today I baked pastries.

I am slowly finishing up all the embroidery I meant to do for my friends for Christmas. Whoops. This is the final one, and it took a long time to decide what to do for this friend. She’s really important to me, so I wanted it to be awesome. But also, she doesn’t really have a single ‘thing’ I can easily pick. I have one friend really loves chemistry, and another who loves dinosaurs, and another who loves books. But this friend loves many things and it’s not like a single ‘thing’ really stands out. So I finally decided on a copper dragon, based on her current DnD character.  The dragon was pretty difficult to draw out actually, and I am really proud of it.  I did end up just embroidering it onto a random hemmed piece of fabric, so not sure if this can be framed or maybe just as a modern doilie-type item for decoration.

And then I randomly felt like making a necklace. I will have to think hard to recall if I have anything that would really match light blue and bronze jewelry, but I wanted to do something with my hands and was tired of embroidery.  I forgot that I have a bunch of charms that I bought to make pearl chains with.  Unfortunately, the eye pins I have are longer than what I really need, so a lot of them ended up uneven.  I suppose that doesn’t matter too much, since I won’t sell this particular piece. I wish I could find a place that sold bulk eye pins.

Then today, I made some chocolate chip pastries.  One of the coms is having a Newbie Welcome event tomorrow, so I figured I would go since it is actually really close to where I live.  Earlier this week, I decided to make chocolate chip crescent rolls, since they are easy and delicious, and do not need to be refrigerated.  Very simply, make crescent rolls but add chocolate chips to the dough before rolling them up.  This could probably be adapted to anything- dried fruit, pie filling (this is confirmed delicious by the way), nutella, jam, cream cheese, etc etc.

When I bake pastries, I usually do an egg wash on top.  An egg wash is an egg mixed with some water, and then brushed on the top of the pastry so it has a nice sheen and browns a little.  This is actually a vital step.  Last weekend when I visited my boyfriend, I made homemade poptarts using crescent roll dough and strawberry pie filling, but no egg wash because he does not keep eggs on hand (he doesn’t cook, nor does he like eating eggs anyway). They were okay, but if I had added the egg wash, they would have gone above and beyond okay to delicious (he still scarfed them down though ♡).  So this time, I definitely made sure to remember an egg wash.

But then I remembered that some people in the com are vegan, which means no eggs.  I don’t want to leave them out, so I looked online for a vegan alternative.  Many involve using non-dairy milks or agave syrup, which I don’t have on hand. One comment online mentioned that most commercial bakeries use a mixture of corn syrup with water, as actual eggs for egg washes are too expensive. Heh, of course.  So I mixed some Karo syrup with water and brushed some of the pastries with that, and the rest of the pastries with egg wash. It worked out really well! I was careful to keep them separated, and taste tested the Karo syrup pastries. They taste just fine, and aren’t significantly sweeter than the others.

…And I just learned the picnic is cancelled in place of just touring the museum. ( ̄ω ̄;)  Of course this happens right after I finish baking. Oh well. They will certainly not go to waste.


Spring Embroidery

I have a friend who was really sweet and sent me a Christmas gift, but I was awful and never sent her a gift or anything. o__o Time just slipped away and I kept forgetting. But today I made her a gift because her birthday is this month. I will mail it off tomorrow.

I haven’t really felt like doing embroidery since before Christmas because I felt burnt out from all the gifts I did make for Christmas. I blame being depressed about my job situation, and also deciding to play a ton of video games instead. But I managed to do this today and I think it turned out nicely.

A nice spring bunny and some flowers. I kind of copied the bunny design from a how to draw animals video by ChristineMyLinh, because it is super adorable.

Holiday Embroidery Projects

As part of my quest to save money to move out soon, all of my Christmas gifts to people will be embroidered items.  While I was in DC visiting friends, I worked on a few items in my down time. Sometimes it is just really nice to sit and chit-chat and embroider at the same time.  I probably would have done it on the plane, except I imagine the TSA has something against sewing needles and scissors.

Since I am 1000% sure that my friends do not read this blog, I feel comfortable spoiling their embroidered gifts here.

I embroidered a dinosaur. I found a dinosaur pattern online and I copied it as best as I could, and then added the fancy bowtie. Who wouldn’t love a fancy dinosaur gentleman? I don’t know precisely what kind of dinosaur this is.

This one is actually for my brother and sister-in-law’s kitchen. They are very health conscious, and at a dinner recently, they said they would get a kick out of having an embroidered sign that says “Gains are made in the Kitchen”. After all, you cannot outrun a bad diet.

I still have 5 more things to embroider. My Mom and Boyfriend will not be getting embroidered things, so I need to find them something else.

A long day

Today, we drove to my Dad’s hometown to visit my Grandpa, and to finally bury his ashes. My Dad passed away 8 years and 17 days ago.  It is a complicated thing, but this is for the best.

On the drive, I worked on some embroidery, which I am proud of.

I went to a tea party yesterday too, and I intend to write it up at some point too. But I have been a bit distracted this weekend.

Hello again

There was a picnic this past weekend, but I had to go see family at the last minute instead. It’s awful, because the weather was PERFECT for a picnic! Maybe the weather will stay nice too. Seeing family was pretty nice though, so it’s not all bad. I hope next weekend is nice, so perhaps I can dress up and run my errands.

While hanging out with family, I worked on some embroidery.

I think this looks really good! I drew the pattern out and then tried to use a variety of stitches to make it look cute.

I spent the night at my Aunt’s house, and this is her little dog. She’s a cutie.

Summer Crafts

I visited some friends this weekend, and one of them complimented the blue strawberry tote bag I made a few months ago. This inspired me to make the one with pink fabric today.

It is pretty much the same as the other bag, except I used pink strawberry fabric, a different lace trim, and the fusible interfacing is medium weight instead of heavy duty. Therefore the bag itself is less stiff.

Last time, it took me 2 days to make a bag, but I got this one completely done today. Yay! I never used the strawberry felt plushes I made before, so maybe I will attach some of those onto here for decoration.

Now that I have used up all the nice lace from those bloomers that didn’t fit, I will need to actually go buy some nice lace. ;+; All the lace I currently own is the awful scratchy lace that I got from a craft store before I could tell the difference between nice lace and crappy lace.  Or maybe the next tote bag will just not have lace on it. OR I could embroider it for decoration.

Speaking of embroidery…

I hand-sewed the hems of two random pieces of cloth to then embroider with flowers and practice stitches.  They are totally uneven and look kind of funky, but it is just for practice.

I really need to buy one of those pens for drawing the design on the fabric instead of just free hand embroidering.

On the other piece of fabric, I just made a random flowery design. I don’t know why it is flowers and antlers (or is it a weird tree?).


Random Strawberry Crafting Weekend

Worked on some crafts this weekend. After all, this next weekend is Paradiso and the weekend after that is the Strawberry Festival, so need to get my strawberries done.

All of my other accessories are red but these strawberries are pink. Whoops. Luckily, no one will ever see this handkerchief anyway.  It’s not even part of my outfit, it’s just a cute little extra that only I will know about.

Made some little plush strawberries that are 3D. Original plan was to make them into a charm for my bag.

But now…crap I am unsure, since I already have the other pin.

More flat strawberry plushes in two sizes. Made the larger ones and then though they might be too large to be okay for hair clips. I guess the larger ones could be for a proper brooch for my dress. Or not. I will figure something out. I made these a bit differently from the other one I made, and I think I like these a bit better. Can’t just have a plain strawberry for a brooch or hairclip (well, maybe hairclip) so I will finish these up later this week.

I also went to a craft store to find a strawberry charm to make a necklace, and see if I could get more red and green felt. Felt was successful, but there were no strawberry charms. I did find some other super cute charms instead, but didn’t buy them.

Crap, the little strawberry cake and biscuit charms probably would have worked well enough now that I think about it. Oh well. There is a super cute strawberry necklace from Kuma Crafts that would be nice, however, I don’t think I want to spend that kind of money on strawberry themed jewelry until I have a real strawberry print dress.

Look at all these little tea set charms! They are so cute! I did get a different (not pictured) teapot charm, but these would be cute for earrings (that I can’t wear ha ha) or a necklace with lots of charms on it.  Maybe eventually.