My family held Thanksgiving this past weekend, and it was really wonderful. Also, this was the first time I intentially wore lolita around my family!  Although, a very, very toned down coord, but it was something.

I am wearing F+F’s Puck’s Prank OP and a (gasp) normie blouse I got some somewhere. Plain tights and bow flats.  The petticoat is one I got for cheap from Aliexpress with the intention of sewing two together to make a super fluffy one. Actually, this petticoat is fairly decent.

Wearing this dress, I was reminded of how much I love this dumb OP that isn’t really an OP. I am so tempted to go buy the other colorway of it. But no, I am saving my money to move/buy brand/not starve to death.

Speaking of food…

Cherry pie~

I like taking pictures of food.

Most years, my family will go around the table and talk about the things we are thankful for, but we forgot to do this, twice. I am thankful for a lot of things.  I am thankful for my Mom (even if she drives me nuts) and my brother and sister-in-law, and my boyfriend. Also thankful for my friends I’ve met over the years in Grad School and College, and my online friends, and the people in my comm. Very thankful for some of the people in my lab (very strongly the opposite of thankful for other people though).  I am also very thankful for cats. All cats. My cats, your cats, my friends cats, my boyfriend’s cat, every cat ever.

It’s been a stressful year for various reasons, but I finally got to be active in a comm and that makes me happy, so I am glad I got to do that.


Another Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I went to Ren Faire with my friend! And this year, I *did* wear lolita.

I took a few pictures of my outfit, but upon review, I don’t think they are nice enough to post. I wore my F+F Chiffon Lover JSK in blue with the “black” Little Dipper half blouse. It actually looked more dark navy/blue-black. Also wore solid black tights and some old boots I got from Walmart literally a decade ago. The boots kind of match, but also look kind of bad, however, it has been rainy and no way am I going to test my blue tea party shoes in the mud-hell of Ren Faire. I considered wearing a witch hat, because it was Witches and Wizards theme this weekend, but it looked awful.  I did not do much with my hair either. In some circumstances, comfort is more important.  I also brought my parasol, which came in handy because it ended up raining! My friend and I were prepared though.

It was very humid, so one of the first things we did was buy fans. I really want a lolita-appropriate fan, but even these didn’t quite cut it for me. But it was so nice to have with the humidity. While waiting for my food, my fan ended up breaking. ;_; The little metal piece that held it together was cheap and broke. When I got home, I just removed the metal completely and now it is held together with embroidery floss.

As is tradition with this particular friend, we visited all the booths relating to yarn and fiber arts. She is very interested in someday acquiring a spinning wheel.  Some of the ladies in the historical fiber arts booth were making lace by hand, which I think is super cool. I want to try that someday! The group for historical arts also do blacksmithing and other skills from the Renaissance era.

Eventually, there was a downpour, and my friend and I decided to leave. We went to a bookstore, and then got ice cream and wandered around a bit.

At the Ren Fest, I kind of blended in with other people who were in costume (even though lolita is different from renaissance era clothes), but there was one girl who wanted to talk to me about lolita and cosplays. There were a few people at the mall who told me I looked nice too, which I guess isn’t too different from when I go out myself.

I had a lot of fun yesterday.

Neo-Ludwig Alchemy Spell: Cure JSK

What do I even call this, since Alchemy Spell Cure has a ton of dresses and the prints are all kind of different.

Doesn’t matter, since I can’t buy this dress, even if it is super on sale and then a coupon on top, because I am practically unemployed at this point (funding runs out in two months and I am panicking).  But it is free to whine and appreciate dresses on the internet.

So pretty! Not the biggest fan of the sparkly ruffle at the bottom, but the bow with the moon charm is precious. There is something very elegant about this print and cut too.

You can do bustle nonsense in the back, if you have proper underskirts! One bustle or two bustles? So many options. Also, see the two colorways here: blue and gold/ivory, and green and silver/black. I like them both. ;__; And they are both on sale right now. This is the Egypt dress all over again, and that SOLD OUT.

Details of the Moon Bow pin, and of the print. It looks like a tree from mythology or something mystical like that.

I like seeing the promo art for prints and dresses. Certainly an interesting way to coordinate this dress…

Ugh it is so cute. >_> I am so disappointed in myself that I can’t get this. Or anything, anymore.

Fanplusfriend Neo-Ludwig Mitologia Egypt Series

Mitologia is just spanish for Mythology.〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

The long awaited Bastet print from F+F is up for preorder! There are two dresses in several sizes!

First is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Dress with a Hooded Blouse. It has an open skirt front and is a sleeveless dress. However, this comes with a tulle blouse, as the model is wearing.

A view with the detachable hood of the blouse on.

There are three colors: white/gold (for daytime), green/gold (for life) and black/gold (for mystery). I really like all three of them.

The other cut is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Gauze Cape Sleeveless Dress. It includes a detachable mini capelet that buttons on the shoulders to create the little sleeves. I am a little worried about that neckline though.

I like it styled like this much, MUCH better. A blouse underneath and the bow from the other dress? I like it.

Same colors as above, except here, the dark green is paired with black, while above, it is paired with light green/gold.

I really want these dresses. ;__; I know the Lady 90 size will fit perfectly (if maybe a little big). I like the second dress in green for sure, and the first dress in black. That way, the bow from the first dress could be used with the second dress.  The black colorway makes me think of the black colorway for my LE&SE Kingdom of Faeries dress too, which is kind of a good thing.  I already have some black blouses (both long and short sleeve) that I could pair with both, and without a blouse, both of these could probably work as classy normal dresses too.

Right now they are on sale, and there is an addition 12% coupon code on top of that. With the coupon, shipping is pretty much free.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I want them!

I also need to buy jeans and other more daily normal clothes though. I guess jeans are on sale right now too…

But I want these dresses. They have CATS on them. The GODDESS OF CATS BASTET.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Man, why do I have to be the responsible person in my family.

Running Errands

The weather has been nice and cool all week, so I planned on wearing a very simple coord today. But it rained. I didn’t let it stop me though.

I’m wearing F+F Enchanted Forest JSK and Diamond Honey Chiffon Blouse. Just using one of my old, less poofy petticoats. Going to try and lose some weight before trying to wear the Aurora and Ariel pettis out. No extra jewelry or wristcuffs because I’m just grocery shopping, and I was worried that the wristcuffs would just get wet.

I know I have a few dresses that I still need to wear before doubling back on older dresses, but I really like F+F dresses. They always fit well and are comfy and I don’t completely panic at the though of them getting rained on or anything.

First time wearing the new pair of Sosic Shop shoes. They have an ankle strap, but I didn’t like how they felt with these socks, so I just removed it. Like the other shoes, these are super comfy and easy to drive in.

Tried wearing the Red Maria head bow, but head bows feel over the top for casual looks. Luckily, the bow slides off the headband, so I attached a hair clip and wore it that way. HAH this is pretty awesome.

I tried a new hairstyle too.  Most of my hair is back in a ponytail, but left some hair back so I could loop it back and pin it there. I got the idea from Victorian era hair styles.  I guess it isn’t very visible in this picture.

Luckily, it didn’t rain the entire time I as running errands.

Now to be at home, drink tea and be lazy.  I’m nearly to the end of the first week of dieting by counting calories and restricting what I eat/smaller portions, so I am hungry all the time. It will be worth it to fit into cute clothes.

Second laziest month

During July and August, I want to do nothing but sit in front of the AC and internet. Instead, one of the coms is planning a meet for every weekend and I should probably try to go meet these people and be social, but I just want to stay home. >_>

In short, there is a crepe meet, a donut meet, a arboretum meet, another meet in Lawrence and a picnic meet. These are all things I want to do (eat crepes, eat donuts, look at trees, I guess Lawrence is pretty cool and I could spend even MORE money at that tea shop ha ha, picnics involve food and I like to eat) but also, I am lazy and boring and tired. And all of these would involve planning outfits, so I guess perhaps a good excuse to wear some dresses I have not worn in a long time.

So pretty much, a bunch of F+F dresses! Left to right: Puck’s Prank OP, both Chiffon Lover JSKs, and Enchanted Forest JSK. Grabbed some blouses that would look fine with these. From left to right: Chiffon Lover Blouse, Little Dipper in pink and cream, and the one chiffon dotted blouse with no brand.

I could either wear basic tights, or I ordered some socks and I figure they won’t get here in time for some of the meets, but I could wear them later. I got a bunch of colors, and they were super cheap. So legwear is solved except that I will have to suffer wearing tights in JULY due to poor planning.

I still do not have the right color of shoes. Next on my list of shoes is to get light blue shoes (to match 3 of these dresses) and lavender shoes (for that last dress and a few other things I own). I can wear pink shoes for now with the lavender dress because of the pink blouse (hah), but for the other dresses….ha ha whoops. Even ordering blue shoes TODAY would mean it would take a good 3 weeks to get them from Sosic Shop. Plus the meets at the Arboretum and Lawrence mean walking, which mean no heels because I am not a masochist.

I should go ahead and buy these blue shoes anyway. They are gonna be comfy and easy to walk in and will match all the blue dresses I buy because I forget that I am building my wardrobe about pink.

Sosic shop SHOWS they can make lavender (periwinkle?) shoes but apparently it is a deal where you have to contact them. In the future, I will deal with that. But here is proof they DO make lavender/periwinkle colored shoes, and I will buy them some time. I mean, Antaina definitely has lavender shoes, and the Antaina shoes I have are comfy enough (haven’t worn them out yet, just around the house) but I am just so in love with this one shop that I want to support them.

So what’s left is…hair accessories. Which I do not own in light blue. What the heck, how did this happen. I have some clips that kind of work with the lavender dress, but for the blue dresses…what the heck did I do before???  o___o

Fanplusfriend what the heck

Lately, F+F has had some really wonky, very much not-lolita releases.  However, as of late, there are a few releases that look pretty nice.

This is really nice. Of course, wear a blouse with it. It could be a nice classical or gothic lolita dress. Without a blouse, I guess one could style it as plain goth and not gothic lolita. But the irregular skirt and some of the fabric is a bit sparkly, so I really like it. I would consider buying this, except for the whole “not-buying-more-stuff” kick.

Oh look, a more Rococo-styled dress, so possibly good for hime (princess) style. The pink and white is nice, but not sure how I feel about the purple and grey. It looks kind of comfortable too.

It’s pretty. However, not really enough that I would want to buy it. Not unless there was a HUGE sale.

Another Rococo/hime-style dress, but with a stained glass print. One caveat is the ruffley part of the skirt is a separate skirt. So this could be kind of flexible, or it could be weird.  Personally, not a fan of stained glass prints,or the alternating lace fabric with plain fabric.

The grey-black colorway seems kind of awkward.  I think a darker grey would look nicer. Also, the ruffles at the elbows are just gross.

What the fresh hell is this. Same stained glass fabric, but there is a shiny, terrible overlay layer over pretty much the entire dress. Why. WHY. You know the lace fabric that was used in the cut above? Make the overlay out of that, and even then, this would be weird and awkward. I don’t understand what was going on with this dress at all.

Last but not least, there is this black empire style dress that is absolutely not lolita at all. Maybe EGA, but more importantly, I think this looks cute and also comfortably. I would buy this dress just to lounge around in and be comfy, but it is kind of pricey for some casual clothes. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Unfortunately, F+F no longer gives any normal names to the dresses (“Vintage Rococo Lolita Retro Midi Dress Wedding Dress Ladies Summer Prom Dress Pink Lilac”, perfect for search terms but a crap way to name a dress).