Summer Taobaoring Order

My last outstanding Taobao has arrived! I ordered July 2nd, and with EMS shipping and a delay with the shoes, everything arrived today.

I got shoes from Sosic Shop, hair clips and wristcuffs from Haruhiclover, and headbands from Red Maria. Also, two petticoats from Aurora&Ariel. Finally have blue shoes! I already own some of these same wristcuffs in different colors, and they are great.

The three headbands from Red Maria are identical, except pink, light blue and lavender. The little chain and gem are not removable, but I can squish the “bow” down a bit so it sits flat on my head. Also, the bows are a lie! They are not really looped bows but just sewn to look like bows.

Hair clips from Haruhi Clover. My SS wanted to make sure I only wanted 1 of each bow clip, because they are modeled as clips for pigtails (so you’d have to buy two). Maybe I will buy more later, but these look nice and seem to be pretty good quality for cheap hair bow clips. Also, Haruhi Clover included another shiny star hair clip, so now I have two. The little rose hairpin actually came with my shoes, which is kind of off, but okay, I love free gifts.

Not exactly sure on how to take a good picture of the petticoats. Not even sure which is which, but I think the Ultra Violence one is the poofier one (as it should be).

I tried on both petticoats and am disappointed, but mostly in myself. The waistband is less stretchy than expected, so I have to pull them over my head and while they technically fit, they do not fit comfortably.  Of course, I am watching my food, but life has been stressful (let me rephrase that, my FAMILY is stressful) so I have been overeating still. u__u It may be easier to replace the elastic in these instead. I will have to think about it.

There is a meet this weekend, a picnic that isn’t far from my house, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to test out these petticoats and shoes a bit more. Alas, my family is causing problems so I will have to go out of town.


I’m not popular so I guess I’ll go to a bunch of meets this weekend

Actually I just re-read Watamote and am reading Umaru now, so I am connecting with my inner gross weeb self. Actually, that is fairly unrelated to going to meets or lolita at all. That is just where I got the title from.

I threw together an outfit for tomorrow and Sunday and have decided to attend the crepe meet and the donut meet.

Outfit 1 is Long Ears and Sharp Ears Mushroom Kingdom in lavender! When was the last time I wore this? I don’t remember, but I wore the brown colorway at Nakakon.

Just wearing my Latasa Amazon shoes, and white tights because my socks are not here yet. If my socks somehow get here before tomorrow morning (they won’t), then I would switch.

Close up of wristcuffs from Haruhi Clover on Taobao. These are great and I really like them.

Wanted a necklace, but ideally I need a cat, rabbit or mushroom necklace. These are cats, so close enough, right?

Outfit 2 is pretty much exactly what I wore to the Japan Fest last fall, my Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden High Waist JSK. Wristcuffs and blouse are different, but still white. Because I am feeling lazy, I plan on wearing the same blouse with both outfits, but I will wash and let it dry before Sunday. If it’s still wet or I am too lazy to wash it, I’ll just grab a different white blouse. I do have tons of them now. (*≧▽≦)

Not sure what I want to do with my hair, but I don’t feel like a big headpiece. I figured, I could maybe do some low pigtails and wear barrettes. I also really think a cute necklace with a pink rose would work lovely with this outfit.  I am working on making a pearl chain necklace right now, so I will see if I have any rose charms around that would work.

Looked up addresses and have a plan for parking, and now I just need to get a purse together (still no lolita style purse so a pink purse will just have to do) and make sure I am rested and 100% ready to be social and eat sweets tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited for both crepes and donuts, and I hope I don’t look too bad or act too weird. I wonder how many donut dresses I will see on Sunday…(・ωー)~☆ ♡