Summer ILD – half ass stay at home edition

This morning, I realized that this year is my third Summer ILD. Two years ago was when day 2 of Paradiso fell on ILD and there was a picnic at the art musuem, and last year was me half-assing a coord to go eat pastries alone because I was getting over being ill and also recovering from Paradiso.  This year, I recovered from getting sick again, and half assed it even further!

I also pretty much recreated the outfit I wore last year. Pink half blouse from Diamond Honey, Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK, normie as hell socks, The Black Ribbon petticoat, and some pink shoes. Last year I wore normie socks that were pink with cats, and this was because at the time, I did not have the lace ankle socks yet. This year, it is because I am not even wearing my coord outside of my apartment.  I am not going anywhere or posting this to instagram, so not going to give any fucks.

This JSK is so damn disappointing.  I mean, the print is beautiful and I love it. It has pockets. But this dress short on me (86cm! Way too damn short!), and it just does not fit the way it should.  Looking at measurements again (bust being 90-97cm, waist being up to 79.5cm), it doesn’t fit because my waist is a bit too big (82cm).  But this dress is also high waisted, and I am thinking about my natural waist.  But even if I lost 10cm around my waist, the skirt would still only be 86cm long.

I did use this opportunity to try and find a good place to take pictures in my apartment as well. So far, leaning the mirror against the window gives the best lighting for the dress itself, but the rest of everything is lost in darkness.  Maybe I will have to recruit my honey to just take coord pictures every. damn. time.

The apartment is pretty good for selfies though.

Filters are magical, as are app stickers. I also didn’t decide to put on makeup until deciding I wanted to take selfies, so threw on eyeliner hastily.

And with Billy cat, because cat selfies are the best.

I think ever since my first summer ILD, I have spent it being lazy and ditching meetups, or this year, being a lonelita who doesn’t have a group to hang out with anyway.  This time next summer, we would have moved again, so I wonder what next year will be like.


Winter International Lolita Day 2017

It has been one year since my first meetup! I think I have improved dramatically.

Today’s coord was Angelic Pretty Rose Museum Special Set JSK, a blouse from Soufflesong, Antaina shoes, the new petticoat from Aliexpress, plain white tights (things that will never change…) and a flower headband from Sweet Dreamer (cannot find it anymore).  Also wearing two pearl bracelets and a pearl chain necklace I made.

How is it possible that I am so terrible at posing. I was even trying to stand up straight and not look so awkward. Also, my face looked especially stupid here, so it is now a cupcake.

We had tea at Anna Marie’s tea house, so this is the third time I’ve gone to tea here. I am still impressed.

We even got Christmas crackers. I have never done one before.  How it works is that you cross your arms, and then each of the people next to you also cross their arms, so each pair of hands is holding a Christmas cracker. Once you are in a circle, everyone pulls at the same time and POP~! Inside, there is a dumb plastic toy, a paper crown and some bad jokes.  This is an old tradition from Great Britain, and is the inspiration for the Party Hats worth millions and millions of gold in Runescape (at least back when I played it 10+ years ago).

As always, food was delicious. We had Christmas tea, which was tasty. Not precisely sure what flavors were in it. and their website does not seem to specify a single Christmas tea. We also had turkey apple sandwiches, roast red pepper and spinach sandwiches, cheese pennies, scones with mock cream, snowball cookies, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and cranberry orange bread. It was good, and it is always good. I like to daydream about making a bunch of cute little tea snacks and sweets and doing my own tea, but I am lazy.  Maybe in 2018, I will try to do that.

A detailed shot of my shoes from Antaina.  I actually bought these to wear at Nakakon earlier this year, but they didn’t get here in time. Finally wore them today. I usually get size 41 shoes from Sosic Shop, but these are size 42. They are a little bit loose, but they were fairly comfortable.  These shoes are the type where the straps have metal snaps, so switching between these and flats for driving is pretty easy, just make sure to adjust the straps so they fit well.  There was a small scallop by the back of my ankle where the blue coating had already fallen off, and this was the first time wearing them out (I did wear them in my house for a short period of time earlier this year). That is a little disappointing.  At this point, I think I have all the shoes I really need (maybe some gold shoes to match a few things in the future but I am in no rush), but I will probably stick to Sosic Shop for shoes, unless there is something they do not make (for example…gold shoes).

Over the past month, there was talk on my com’s page about doing a gift swap. As I am trying to save money, I never commented that I didn’t want to do one.  Thus, my first mistake. I was hoping it would be forgotten. It was brought up again at the last minute. If I had more time, I would have made gifts. I am already embroidering tons of things, so I could have made handkercheifs. But I waited until the very last minute, so this morning, I ran out to buy some very basic cheap gifts that I though could be pretty “one size fits all” like lip balm and hand lotion. It is winter, so these things will come in handy (so I hope). I made up gift bags, and behold, I have completely misunderstood. The gift exchange was supposed to be more like a white elephant, where everyone brings a gift and then they are passed around until an arbitrary time and then you get what you are holding. Oops. So half of the people just brought nothing, and then of us who remained, half brought a gift to pass around, and then those of us who brought small gifts for everyone.

I gave everyone a little gift bag, and then in the gift passing (it doesn’t really feel like a gift exchange), we tried on a pair of shoes.  One girl won the shoes, but they were a totally different size from what she could wear. The shoes were size 41, so I tried them on, but they were WAY too small. They ended up going to a different girl who wears size 39.  That girl then passed the necklace (shown above) to me because she doesn’t have anything to wear it with. I don’t have anything that deep shade of purple, but I still like it. And then we all got lollipops.

After tea, we toured the tea house and took pictures, and then drove all the way across town to a Christmas light exhibit in a park.  I would not have planned these two things on the same day, however there were good reasons it had to be this way, so I was mentally prepared for the drive.  It was actually really beautiful, but crowded. It was worth it though, and I had a really good time.

I was feeling really sick yesterday, so I was worried about how much energy I would have for today, but everything went great today.  I am a little sad, since this might be the last meet I have, since we might be moving sometime. Maybe I will still be in town, or maybe 1000 miles away.  But this has been a good year and I am really grateful.

International Lolita Day – summer edition

It was hot and I was lazy, so I went grocery shopping. Also, I overslept.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t take pictures.

Today’s coord was (again) Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK, the stained pink Diamond Honey blouse, and my beloved Sosic Shop shoes. Not pictured are hair (I did a new hair style that I think was cute, and a couple bow hair clips) and socks. NORMAL SOCKS. It was hot and I was dying.  Actually, I think aside from the socks (which were pink and had cats on them, so they matched in a round-about sort of way), this was an okay basic outfit. Lots of strangers told me I looked cute, and should check out a store called ‘Donna’s’. Okayyy.

So I went grocery shopping, and then got fried chicken for lunch because I’ve been wanting it all week.

I barely ate any of it. T_T I planned on eating it for dinner. But then I ran more errands…to my beloved pastry shop!

They were extra cute today.

A large pastry full of cream, oh my goodness. I ate this one. It was lovely.

Strawberry pastry. Is the shell just dark or is it chocolate flavored? I will find out tomorrow when I eat it.

Blackberry and chocolate? Weird combination but I will give it a shot. I hope sitting in the fridge overnight doesn’t mess it up.

Then I got home from shopping, which includes many things (rice, noodles, grapefruit tea…) and then THIS

Kit Kats with almond and cranberry on top? Sure, why the heck not. They taste okay. I think they are dark chocolate.

However, the fluffy part of the day was cut short so I could go see one of my very much non-lolita friends, and eat yet more fried chicken as a weird coincidence.

To be fair, I think I like Popeyes better than Slim Chicken, but I am a sucker for Texas toast. The “Slim sauce” is awful though, do not recommend.

So I spent ILD doing some of my favorite things: shopping for and eating food. (๑╹ڡ╹๑) No wonder boobloaf is a problem.

4 Weeks til 2017 – Happy ILD!

This week was chaotic, but in the end, I was still able to go to my comm’s Winter International Lolita Day meet.

Wore my F+F Musical Palmer JSK with the included petticoat, plus a second homemade crappy one. Also, a One Day in Paradise Clockwork Butterfly black Chiffon blouse, which is one of my Black Friday goodies from the Lolita Collective. I got a size 12, because the listed measurements indicate it should fit, and it does fit…but is slightly tight at the shoulders. I should have gone with a 14. I will know for next time. Also, plain black tights (lol) and navy flats by Sam&Libby.

Actually, I think this turned out pretty good. Especially compared to what I wore to the Summer International Lolita Day this year. Maybe I should head in a more classic/gothic direction instead of cute?

However, with this dress, I am still pretty lost on what to do for a headpiece. This dress has a headpiece which I do not own. I tried several options that I have already: the black comb (which I ended up going with), a blue headbow (would be perfect except wrong shade of blue), even attaching the collar to a headband and wearing that (it looked like a weird maid-headband and I decided it was stupid). I will not neglect headpieces in the future when buying dresses (and actually, all of my non-F+F purchases have had them. I guess I just really don’t like the headpieces F+F releases).

I still lack proper lolita style outwear, so I wore my long brown sweater and some grey gloves over this when outside. Most of the group pictures taken by people were also outside, so someone somewhere will be salty over this. I tried to hide behind people with proper outwear….hah.

The meet was actually at this cute little bakery, The French Bee, and it was tiny inside. Luckily, they were not busy, so for a great deal of time, the 10 or so of us were the only customers. I should have bought more pastries. All I bought was a quiche, some tea, and a single lemon macaron.

It was a pretty good lemon macaron. The staff there were very helpful to our group. I don’t go to that little town pretty much ever, but I think someday I will drag the boyfriend out there to get pastries and then explore a little bit.

After eating lunch, we went to downtown, and took pictures. Lots of people asked why we were dressed up (such things never happen when I’m dressed up on my own…), and one guy tried to take a picture without asking so one of the girls shoo’d him away. We went to a few antique stores and a candy/antique store. After that, I was tired and worried about my Mom (who’s health issues are the source of my chaos this week), so I decided to go home.

It was a nice experience. Found out that the age range of girls is pretty varied (some are older than I expected, and I think we have a few high schoolers or freshmen in college), and that makes me feel better. These days I worry about being too old, or being weird because I’m in graduate school.  I want to go to more outings with this group, and I need to make sure I am not a weirdo in public.

Paradiso 2016 – Saturday

I almost overslept Saturday morning, but Devil Kitty made sure I woke up. So here is the coordinate for International Lolita Day!

Chiffon Lover outfitChiffon Lover2

In retrospect, I should have saved Friday’s outfit for Saturday and worn this on Friday instead…but then again we had a picnic and white tights would have gotten dirty…At least this outfit is super comfortable, and pretty much a blue version of what I wore to the Midwest Tea Festival.  I did remember a parasol today…but my parasol didn’t match my outfit. (。ノω\。)゚ I hope no one was too offended by this…I promise I am going to acquire a black parasol in the future!

Anyway, drive to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and pay for parking (it’s $8 now…last time I went it was only $5) and meet up with everyone. There were two art tours- Decorative Arts (like decorative furniture) and Art in Bloom (flowers!). There was originally supposed to be a Chinese Collection tour, but I guess it was cancelled. However, during the Art in Bloom tour, we went to see some of the Chinese and Japanese scrolls anyway.  I love the Nelson-Atkins and have been there several times, but it’s always nice to go on tours and have new things pointed out to you.

Afterwards, we had a picnic in the park. It seems most people had prepaid lunches, but I brought my own lunch (it wasn’t even cute…just peanut butter and jelly). Others brought their own too, and one group had a super cute heart shaped picnic basket. @A@ That is so cute!!! The picnic was a ton of fun and I enjoyed it. I ended up leaving a little early since I was feeling a little sick from the heat though (and it wasn’t even that hot…and we were in the shade…I think I just can’t be outside for hours and hours at a time these days). I wasn’t able to say goodbye to everyone I’d made friends with since they were all socializing with others, so I hope they don’t think I’m rude. (╯︵╰,) I’m sorry lolita friends!

Overall, this was an amazing experience. I hope there will be something again in December for the winter International Lolita Day (Nakakon has a re-kon thing in the summer after, so maybe a Re-Paradiso? Hah..). If not, then I’ll probably just see people again at next year’s Nakakon Tea Party. If I am still living in this area this time next year, then I would totally go to Paradiso again. Not sure if I would be a VIP next year, but I would happily attend.

After all of this, I am super exhausted. But it was great.