Angelic Pretty Bonbon Bunny

It’s going to be out THIS WEEK! It will be out Friday, August 11 at Noon (Japan Time) so approximately 11/10/9/8pm US timezones (pick your time zone).

The white, pink and red prints looks great for Valentine’s Day, and the red could maybe look nice for Christmas. Pink would probably be nice year round, really. I am 100% not impressed by the black colorway.  However, because I made all these holiday associations with this dress in my head, releasing it in AUGUST feels weird.

I don’t really like the bodice of the JSK. While I like that it is simple, but I don’t like the white mock bib (I guess it would look fine on the white colorway). Every time I look at it, I think it is a skirt with suspenders.

Honestly, right now AP Japan has a Sweet Bakery Special Set and a Baked Sweets Parade Special Set for sale and I would rather buy those instead of this. This is pretty cute, but I am not excited about it. Maybe in a few months when I have money to blow (hah) and this goes on sale (The yellow Ribbon Berry Bunny JSK is STILL for sale on AP USA, this dumb print is mocking me at this point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I might buy it. But I am not excited the way I was for Romantic Cat.

If you miss it this week, AP USA will probably have it in 2 or 3 weeks.

Angelic Pretty Laforet Grand Bazaar MELTDOWN

Guess how many special sets are going to be released. FUCKING ALL OF THEM.

Am I exaggerating? ONLY A LITTLE.

Luminous Sanctuary OP Special Sets in new colors.

Re-release of Freshly Picked Strawberries from 2013. CRAP I really like this. Will this come to US or the Japanese online store??? The Tiered JSK (upper right) and Normal Waist JSK (bottom left) are super damn cute and I want them both. This is the kind of strawberry print I have been looking for. ;_; I want pink and white.

Hallowee Treats Special OP is up. HEY I did not think red would be a color. They only previewed white, purple and black thus far. However, sack dress so I don’t care. But still, this print hasn’t been released yet.

LOOK AT ALL THESE DAMN SPECIAL SETS. On 7/27, we have Salon de Rose, Sweet Cream Princess and Chocolate Rosette. 7/28 will have Sweet Bakery. 7/29 will have and Milky Pony Carnival and Fancy Hospital (oh, Fancy Hospital is being re-released also but I don’t care). 7/30 has Cream Cookie Parade (THAT WAS RELEASED LAST WEEK DAMN AP). Finally, 7/31 ill have those Eternal Carnival Special sets again, Baked Sweets Parade and Creamy Cherry (but in RED so you can barely see the cherries ahaha what).

And NOW my FURY.

Rose Museum Lavender and True Rose Story Mint Special Sets, for HELLA CHEAP. Because they were UNPOPULAR. FUCK. I WANT THEM. I would have paid full Special Set price for them.

18 Special sets. EIGHTEEN. AP what the hell. And it is all In-Store only, and I am 1000% sure that Tenshi is going to be FLOODED so there is no hope. Not unless the Unpopular sets remain unpopular and things go online on their shop. In the case, I will spend money on things. ;__;

What should we call this fashion?

I am not entirely sure why lolita fashion is called lolita. This article from the F Yeah Lolita blog kind of explains the origins. In short, in the 1970s, there was a trend towards clothes nostalgic of Victorian era and earlier (think 1860s on the prairie) referred to as ‘natural kei’.  In the early 90s, this branched off into various styles, such as what we call ‘otome’ and the style we currently call ‘lolita’.  ‘Otome’ just means ‘maiden’ so that name is pretty obvious (even though the style that the west considers to be ‘otome’ is different from what the east considers to be ‘otome’).  In the 90s, mainstream culture seemed to romanticize the book and movies Lolita, and found parallels within Alice in Wonderland, specifically Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell (whom the story was based on).  Japanese lolitas ended up accepting the label by spelling it ‘ロリィタ’ (ro-ri-i-ta) instead of ‘ロリータ’ (ro-ri-ta with a long i), but online shops ended up using the second spelling anyway. So it was people outside of the fashion who named it, and it stuck.

Personally, I hate the connection between Nabakov’s book and the fashion.  I don’t want to be associated with it.  I don’t want to have to explain to curious people that no, we aren’t a bunch of perverts and it’s unrelated to the book but cannot quite put into words why it is called such, and then have them figure I am lying and we are all gross.  The blog post I cited says “If they cared that much about what sort of misconceptions strangers might have about them, they probably would have never ventured into the fashion in the first place. ”  To some extent, yes, I don’t care what strangers think of me when I am dressed up, but having to actually interact with them when they are asking questions and (silently?) judging me to my face is another story.  I just want to wear cute dresses and be left alone while shopping or hanging out with my friends.

Occasionally people will suggest alternative names, but it does not seem like any of them stick.  Some of the names are better than others.

Some people try to distinguish the fashion by calling it ‘Rorita’, which is just literally translating it from katakana.  Not a fan of this because it brings to mind people mocking the L/R pronunciation in Japanese language. Calling it ‘Gosu Rori’ and ‘Ama Rori” (literally Goth Loli and Sweet Loli) has the same issue.

‘EGL’ stands for “Elegant Gothic Lolita”, and was coined by Mana. When telling curious people the acronym, they probably won’t ask more questions. However, since it specifically refers to gothic (and some may even say it only would refer to Mana’s brand, Moi-Meme-Moite), I probably shouldn’t use it to describe sweet or classic styles.

A ‘Quaintrelle’  is a refined person who leads a life of passion, expressed through hobbies, personal style and charming past times.  Quaintrelle fashion seems to encompass various historical fashions, from Victorian inspired to 1920s flapper to pin-up style.  I suppose lolita fashion could fall under that umbrella, but all the vintage styles that also fall under the umbrella should not

‘Alice Kei’, or Alice Style, could work, except a lot of dresses are not specifically Alice in Wonderland inspired.  When I think of this term, I immediately think of old school style in pastel colors.

‘Alice Deco’ has the same issue of not necessarily being AiW themed, but this name makes me think of the extra cute sweet, pastel styles.

‘Otona Alice’ translates to “Grown-Up Alice”, and the (hopefully not dead) fashion magazine Eternita defines it as “women that always have an Alice living in their heart, or women that never want to forget their pure maiden heart.” I can envision this to be used for describing classic and mature-sweet styles.  This is not to be confused with ‘Otona’ fashion, which is the grown up mature variant of gyaru. I’ve read that they are using this term in Japan also, so maybe this will catch on…or not. But I like this one the most out of the different ones listed.

‘Otome Kei’ (in the west) is a toned down, less matchy and more casual variety of lolita fashion, but still not considered to be ‘casual Lolita’ (which is still matchy). It is more quirky and unlike lolita, it does not have set rules, and is more 50s and 60s inspired (but not as sexy as rockabilly or pinup).  However, in the East, they also have a fashion they call ‘Soft Lolita’ (thanks Misako, you are not helping with getting away from the word ‘lolita’) which is a vague approach to lolita, so it can incorporate otome kei and even larme. Misako claims that soft lolita is what you wear when you can’t wear full on lolita but still want to wear something to feel cute. So, even though there are claims that otome is dead (it’s not), there are still too many distinctions between it and standard lolita to be able to steal the name.

In summary, if I was in charge of renaming things:

  • Alice Kei – Old school Sweet Lolita
  • Alice Deco – Pastel Vomit Sweet Lolita
  • Otona Alice – Classic Lolita and Mature-Classic Lolita
  • EGL – what we currently call Gothic Lolita

I have no unique suggestions for old school Gothic Lolita or old school Classic Lolita (maybe that is just Natural Kei? But that might be a style of it’s own now…). And none of these names solve the problem of people assuming you are dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I guess I will go update tags now.

Angelic Pretty Mid-July Releases

tl;dr: Nothing I feel like spending money on but want to comment on anyway.

AP USA is releasing Cream Cookie Parade tomorrow. Actually, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Especially the pink colorway. Who am I kidding, I really only like the pink colorway. However, not enough to actually spend money on it.  It also seems like this print is something that would fit in otome fashion also. I think my favorite part of this print is the tea cups. I think I would buy a pastel print with tea cups and stuff on it.

AP Japan will release Milky Pony Carnival at noon, 7/21/17 Japan time, so actually just about an hour from now.  I like the JSK cut.  I like how it seems to be a throwback to older prints (which I missed out on because it was before I started seriously paying attention to lolita fashion), however others seem to think it’s AP making crappier versions of their old prints. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I don’t particularly like the print, but I don’t like any toys/carnival/etc theme anyway.  But more cuts like this with a print I do like would be worth spending money on.

I am always amused when AP USA and AP Japan have new releases on the same day (technically). It seems so exciting, even if I am not buying any of it.


Moonlight Forest – Poetry of the Fantasy City RELEASE

Aka “City Castle Hella Pastel Whose Name I Cannot Remember” Print that I still cannot get because of 94cm bust and I am sad.

There are 3 OPs and 2 JSK, and I love them all, but my chest is too big so I guess at least I am saving money. Preorders are up until July 10 so if you love this print, don’t wait.


OP with frills in the front

OP with hella cute peplum (the left one, the right is the JSK)

Sailor OP

Peplum JSK


All of the L sizes are 94cm (bow JSK is 95cm) bust and waist are 84cm (Bow JSK and frilly OP have a stretchy waist that goes up to 88cm?) and are all 98cm long.

FIVE CUTS. FIVE. And not even one would fit because chest. :S I mean, they have S,M and L so definitely catering to many sizes, but would it kill them to make an XL too? Which I predict would be 98/78(78~94) if going by the pattern of the size increases from S to L. That theoretical XL would work. ;__; OH WELL at least my Arcadian Deer dress arrived at my SS and it should be here soon, and then maybe I can get other elements from that series. In August. When I am allowed to shop again. ;___;

Summer Dresses pt 2: So many Mermaids

I could have made this all one post, but the sheer number of mermaid prints and seashell purses this summer are RIDICULOUS.

First, we have a print by r-series. We have JELLYFISH and SEA CASTLES.

A whale! Ribbons!

There appears to be an OP (not shown because I couldn’t fit into it anyway) and I think this may be the JSK with a sheer bolero. Again, these are early images and I am unsure of what the cut looks like.

But this is screaming ‘Lost at Sea 2.0’ to me.

r-series is a taobao brand that seems to be one of the higher tier brands, like Krad Lanrete and Citanul. So this dress is similar to those in price (but hopefully without the reseller nonsense). Looking at a recent dress, it looks like I could fit into this dress (theoretically).  But did I mention JELLYFISH? ON THIS DRESS?

Das Lied Der Elfen also has a mermaid print. Not sure how I feel about the bodice being in the shape of a seashell, but otherwise, this is adorable.

(Are those wristcuffs on her ankle?!?)

Also with jellyfish!

And mermaid ruins?! Also, the scalloped hem is very cute! I don’t think I have personally seen that on a dress before, but I am absolutely sure this is nothing novel. I just think it’s neat.

I haven’t seen any pictures of the lighter blue colorway (like in this image), but it is much cuter, I think.  That seashell eyepatch is hilarious though.

ToAlice Mermaid Princess dress, but can’t find other images or even the link on their taobao.  It’s cute, but I am suspicious about anything from ToAlice fitting me, and I am not super fond of this colorway anyway.

And now onto the 4 sea-shaped bags.

Top two are by MilkyWay, and it appears the Jellyfish bag is no longer available, but the sea shell bag (called “Tears”) should be up soon. And then on the bottom left is a sea shell bag by NanNanSpecial, called Daughter of the Sea. It is currently for preorder. Finally, ToAlice also has a sea shell bag, because it’s the hip new thing.

What brand is going to come out with a mermaid sea print next? HMMM

Summer Dresses pt 1: Many Faeries edition

Moonlight Forest is gearing up to re-release “Poetry of the Fantasy City”.

Wait. Is THAT what it’s called??

Yea, I guess last time I thought it was called Fantasy Castle. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ It is so pretty and I want it, but am I really the type for overly dreamy pastel dresses? Will I ever figure out what the real name of this print is?? I really want it, but that is a theme for this entire blog really (tl;dr- look at this dress I want!). I wanted this dress when it was released last year!

Next, we have the non-print version of Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Forest. This is the only picture I’ve seen so far, but I am liking the pink dress in the bottom left corner. Still need to wear my long OP (I’ve been busy…) but I am tempted to get a JSK from this series. Maybe clearer pictures or sizing will change my mind. The top left dress looks less like any of the cuts from the print series and more like one of the Cinderella/Duchess custom dresses LE&SE released recently.  Preorders start June 28 (Chinese time) and go until July 5, so about a week. ⊙︿⊙

Finally, the brand Secret Garden has a poll on Weibo (Chinese Facebook) for colorways for this print, Flower Fairy. Not sure what cuts or sizing will be, but this is so cute!

The mint and the ivory look very nice here.

I like the pink, and maybe the reddish color is nice too.

I like fairy themed things. Also, mermaids, as you will see in part 2!