Neverland Soufflesong Strawberry Rabbit Pt2: OPs

Earlier this year, Rose’s Valley and Neverland/Soufflesong collaborated to make the print Strawberry Rabbit, and released 2 JSKs and a skirt.  They are all sold out now, which is sad because I loved it. It was cute. It had bunnies, and strawberries, was not awfully expensive and looked cute. But I did not buy either because I though I had more time, and I thought that it could wait until after I get a job.


But behold, the print is back, in OP and salopette form.

Not a huge fan of salopettes, since they require full blouses and I still don’t have many of those.

This is the long sleeve OP. It is cute, and I though it was another JSK cute. If it was a JSK, I would have no worries. However, the worry with OPs is shoulder width. They don’t even have one listed ;___;

Short sleeve OPs are a bit easier even with the shoulder width issue. It looks flexible. It looks cute. It would fit.

It’s so pink and perfect.

But ultimately, I still liked the JSKs better, and I should have bought them. Actually, I should have gotten 1 JSK in pink, 1 in apricot/cream/ivory, and then I could get this short sleeve OP in mint. And then my life would be complete, in regards to this print. And then I could buy a ton of the cherry deer dresses.

But no, I am saving money right now, so this entire post is just me moping over how I cannot buy any of these prints. ;___;

Fanplusfriend what the heck

Lately, F+F has had some really wonky, very much not-lolita releases.  However, as of late, there are a few releases that look pretty nice.

This is really nice. Of course, wear a blouse with it. It could be a nice classical or gothic lolita dress. Without a blouse, I guess one could style it as plain goth and not gothic lolita. But the irregular skirt and some of the fabric is a bit sparkly, so I really like it. I would consider buying this, except for the whole “not-buying-more-stuff” kick.

Oh look, a more Rococo-styled dress, so possibly good for hime (princess) style. The pink and white is nice, but not sure how I feel about the purple and grey. It looks kind of comfortable too.

It’s pretty. However, not really enough that I would want to buy it. Not unless there was a HUGE sale.

Another Rococo/hime-style dress, but with a stained glass print. One caveat is the ruffley part of the skirt is a separate skirt. So this could be kind of flexible, or it could be weird.  Personally, not a fan of stained glass prints,or the alternating lace fabric with plain fabric.

The grey-black colorway seems kind of awkward.  I think a darker grey would look nicer. Also, the ruffles at the elbows are just gross.

What the fresh hell is this. Same stained glass fabric, but there is a shiny, terrible overlay layer over pretty much the entire dress. Why. WHY. You know the lace fabric that was used in the cut above? Make the overlay out of that, and even then, this would be weird and awkward. I don’t understand what was going on with this dress at all.

Last but not least, there is this black empire style dress that is absolutely not lolita at all. Maybe EGA, but more importantly, I think this looks cute and also comfortably. I would buy this dress just to lounge around in and be comfy, but it is kind of pricey for some casual clothes. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Unfortunately, F+F no longer gives any normal names to the dresses (“Vintage Rococo Lolita Retro Midi Dress Wedding Dress Ladies Summer Prom Dress Pink Lilac”, perfect for search terms but a crap way to name a dress).

Angelic Pretty Laforet Private Party

aka the Cherry theme event. There is a Creamy Cherry Special Set that I would care about if I liked the print better, and many cute cherry accessories. But that is not why we are here.


It’s a jumperskirt and probably not a hugely different cut from the other special set that I already have. BUT MINT. I don’t own any mint things yet. But that looks SO CUTE. Mint was not one of the original colorways (it was dark pink, red, black and blue). I didn’t think True Rose Story was even a hugely popular print, although I ended up liking it a lot more once I got it in person.

Since it is a Laforet Sale, this means it won’t be online at all so my only hope is maybe secondhand. Unless the mint is wildly unpopular and they do put it online eventually.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ But that is so cute. Times like this, I wish I lived in Japan so I could have even an inkling’s possibility of buying this dress.

Also, another(?) Chocolate Rosette Special Set, but no preview picture. Maybe one will pop up, but I’m not really interested in that print anyway.

UPDATE (6/2/2017): They released more pictures of things, but the only thing I care about is this:

I want it so badly. ;__;

Spring Tea Party Meet

Today was my group’s spring birthdays meet, which was at Anna Marie’s Tea House, which is associated with a tea shop of the same name. They have very good tea, and I first got to try it at the tea festival I went to last year.  They host tea parties regularly and also do private events.

I am still curious as to find out if anyone actually has a spring birthday. Oh well. Good excuse to dress up and drink tea in public regardless.

I feel like I am definitely getting better at this. I do need better tights, and am working on it (even if it means buying tights and having to convert them somehow). I was also thinking of how I ought to describe my style. I feel like it is sweet lolita, but not the over the top uguu-kawaii type, so maybe classic-sweet lolita?

So Rose Museum JSK is extra comfy. Fits well, even though I feel like the bodice is a little short. This might just be tall person problems.

Here is a selfie to give a slightly better example of hair and headbow styling.   My face is not always an alpaca, but it is here.

At the tea party, we had the CUTEST tea. The tea cups were cute, and we were served a sample of white champagne raspberry tea to go along with a mini fruit bowl. Then so many snacks. Cucumber sandwiches and a red pepper sandwich, many little pastries and scones and such.

Ta-da, the menu. This place really reminds me of a little tea house in the town I went to college in, except it closed down. T_T If it was still open, I bet I could have invited other people in my group to go have tea there.

Look at this cute food. The scone was my favorite, I think. Kind of makes me want to make scones sometime. But it’s best to eat them with cream (they had some at the tea party today) or lemon curd (you can buy this, but once I made it from scratch. It’s always better from scratch but man, it was a long afternoon).

The service at Anna Marie’s was really good, and there were lots of other people there for the tea (at different tables), but they thought we were all just so freaking cute.  It was a good experience, although maybe not the most cost efficient, but in the future, I would like to attend more of their tea parties.

After tea, we decided to go to a local antique shop. I really enjoy antique shops because they are filled with such weird, old items. However, I was careful to not buy anything because it would just have to be packed and moved later this year.

Top left, we have a cute cat statue that serves no purpose beyond being cute.

Top right, we have some “antique” crystal champagne glasses, wine glasses, tiny wine glasses and some other kind of glass. I put antique in parenthesis because these are the EXACT glasses we have at home. The exact ones Mom bought after Dad died…..7 years ago. I even picked some of them up to inspect them more closely. Yup. Same thing. And being sold for $7.50 each. Mom laughed when I told her this because she said she got hers for almost that much money for a pack of 6 glasses. Ha.

Bottom left is a large goose statue. Or swan. I don’t know why I felt like taking a picture of it.

Bottom right are some cute moon-shaped dishes that looked familiar to me. They are familiar because Mom has one. This is why I like antique stores- they remind me of Mom and all the antique stuff she likes.

There is supposed to be another meet next weekend (thankfully a lot closer to where I live), but there is also a Hello Kitty cafe truck coming into town, so I am unsure if this meet will be moved or cancelled. I, for one, am not particularly interested in going to a Hello Kitty cafe truck, but it is apparently something very popular thing.

Krad Lanrete – Beauty and the Beast JSK II

Blessed am I, for I got this Krad Lanrete before the heat death of the universe!

This is definitely not the nicest picture, but I am too excited to talk about this dress. But first, let’s talk about fabric. This is not some floofy light chiffon. Oh no, this is a heavier cotton fabric, but the lining is polyester.  This is the pink (more like pink-ish lilac really) colorway. It reminds me of the fabric used in AP True Rose Story, which is also a heavier fabric.  I checked for pockets, alas there are none.

Here is the back, where there is some shirring and some ribbon lacing. I already took it out and re-did it so you would tie at the bottom rather than the top.  Interestingly, there is some lace at the top of the shirring panel that is not present anywhere else on the dress. Kind of off to me, but whatever.  It stretched quite a bit, so I am not too worried about this being too small. There is a hidden side zipper, and those are usually a pain though.

Here is the front bow. It is not detachable, and has pretty lace on the bow and as a little cravet-sort of decoration. Again, this lace is unique from all the other laces used in this dress. Then there are two little bows at the waist which are…silly to me.

As I have discussed before, the JSK II cut is the more boring of the cuts. JSK I has the cute bow on the front and little chiffon side poofs. But the reason I love this dress is because of the print. There are four little drawings they have, and this one is my favorite, of the Beauty looking in the mirror. There are some little gold specks on the fabric, and they are SHINY IN REAL LIFE.

Panel with the Beauty AND the Beast. And this isn’t even my favorite fairy tale. The art style of having the people draw and then no features on their faces and being all blacked out reminds me of an anime that I really love, Revolutionary Girl Utena (tl;dr: Girl wants to find her prince, so instead she becomes a prince, sword fights a lot of people, saves a witch and somehow there was a movie where everyone turned into cars for the final battle. Good stuff).

Third panel of the Beauty and her no-longer-beastly Prince. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the fourth panel because it is almost the same as the first one I took pictures of, but she is going up some stairs instead of looking into a mirror. And again, there are many rose motifs and patterns on this dress.

Waist ties are pretty simple, pattern on both sides but no lace trim. Also, like almost every waist tie I have encountered, they are removable.

This is the lace that is at the bottom of the dress.  I like it, but also think that they could have used the lace style from the cravet for the hem instead. This lace is nice too, and JSK I doesn’t have lace at the hem, but instead it has a weird chiffon ruffle. I suppose a good thing about this hem is that I could wear this dress out with a jacket or cardigan over the top to make it more casual (compared to bows and frills EVERYWHERE). That was one of the reasons I picked the more simple cut. Also cheaper.

And now the flower headband! Like most flower headbands, it has large flowers and lace, and a veil. A veil hemmed in rickrack. Okay.

Also a matching bow and small pearl chain. Lovely. However, the actual headband part feels very delicate. It is very comfortable on my head (what, of course I try on new headbands and bows when I get them!), but I worry that this may be easily crushed or something could be done to break it. Also makes me worry about the other Krad Lanrete head piece I am waiting on.

It’s certainly no Aurelia Lost at Sea, and I’ll have to see how comfy it is to wear, but I am pretty happy with this dress thus far. I’m glad it got here, because I am hoping to wear it to Paradiso later this month.

Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK

Actually, it got here last week, but life has been hectic. Of course, I took it out and lovingly examined it before putting it back in my closet.  This is the first AP dress I bought at it’s initial release. This is not happening again, not for a long time anyway.

It is so pink. The cats are so cute, but they distract from all the roses on this dress. YES of course there is another rose dress. I feel like this dress is slightly shorter than Rose Museum. This dress does have pockets, so that is always a good thing.

The bows have little pearls on them, and more lace with roses on it. The buttons (which are decorative only), are also roses.

The top bows are also covered in lace.

I kind of like the pattern on the waist ties, however they do not have lace on the ends. I think every other Angelic Pretty dress I own (I am now up to 5 dresses) has lace on the end of the waist ties. For some reason, this bothers me slightly that there is none on these waist ties.

Lace details are very important. Pink matching lace with little bows and ribbons! And you can kind of see “AP” stitched in as well.

I did not buy the cat ear headband that goes with it, because I didn’t like it. But then realized that I needed something to put on my head, so I got out my trusty Cat’s Broom flower headband, and ta-da! Close enough! Pinks match, and roses on both. Maybe not the same color of rose….but oh well. (*-`ω´- )人 In the future, I will look for a rose headband that has a pink rose as opposed to a white one.

I don’t have a full coord put together for this dress yet, but I am planning on wearing it to one of the days of Paradiso. For the other day of Paradiso, either the Krad Lanrete dress that has been shipped and is on it’s way here (eventually ;__;) or I will figure something else out. Maybe try blue Rose Museum again but with those shoes that arrived too late.

Coording Angelic Pretty Rose Museum

This weekend starts off several weekends where people want to hang out in lolita fashion. Which means I need to come up with outfits. So I am finally going to wear my first ever non-special set Angelic Pretty dress: Rose Museum JSK.

Ta da! Only thing missing here are tights. I am planning on wearing plain white ones, but I actually asked for advice (⊙︿⊙ that was brave of me….) and tights that are more sheer with some kind of pattern were recommended. I won’t be able to get them before this weekend, but I am going to look into it.

Little pearl necklace to go with the pearl accents.

Shoes, new wristcuffs and a diy rose ring. If you look carefully, the pink of these shoes and wristcuffs is a bit different from the dress. Maybe it won’t be super noticeable in person.

When I received this dress, I didn’t do a post looking at all the details of the dress, because I wanted to wait until I got to wear it.

Yes, yes, I know, “crappy clip-art art”, but there is something I like about it. Maybe I have bad taste. Maybe I am secretly a weird grandma.

Did they sneak a cream colored rose in here? They sure did. Oh man.

I will have to say that the fabric, a really thin, delicate-feeling material, is not my favorite. But I just love rose prints so much. It is a weakness.

Also, there are TWO lace layers at the bottom. The top is a more coral, light-feeling lace, and the bottom is the sort of custom lace I expect from AP. Why am I so worried about matching pinks when AP is mismatching pinks in the same dress? And neither match my shoes perfectly. Oh well.

Lace on the bodice has little roses in it.  So nice. Also, the metallic trim is definitely gold, as is the same trim on the blue Rose Museum JSK. In the future, I am going to acquire some gold shoes to pair with these dresses.

You may notice that I do not have a bag to match this outfit yet. I am going to blame that on me not looking for one or even trying to do more Taobao shopping until my current orders (still waiting on things….) arrive. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I was really hoping I would get that order of blouses before these events, but who knows now.