Long Ears and Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Fairies OP Preliminary Review

IT’S FINALLY HERE. No time to wear it right now, so this is just a broad overview and first impressions.

Cute postcards I got along with my package. Thanks Clobba Online! I know it’s more expensive than Taobao alone, but I think I will use them anyway, at least for preorders.

This dress is very long, but I wanted the long OP. The material is a soft satin-y type, and the back bustle is chiffon and lace. The back of the bodice is fully shirred. This dress feels kind of HEAVY. But the print is so lovely in person.

Some of the decorative pins that come with the dress. The rose and ribbon pins, and a weird frilly ribbon that I am unsure of how to attach it to the dress because it lacks a pin.  OKAY so looking back at the official pictures, the ribbon pin goes at the waist, the rose at the collar and

the weird extra frilly bow is tied in with the waist ties. HUH okay.

First black wristcuffs, and I though they would be more versatile to go with my upcoming Krad dress, but nah. However, I am trying to wear them in two ways here. Which way is correct? (I think the top way :p )

Finally, the headbow and veil! The bow on the headbow comes off (see the second picture) and I am unsure of how to attach the veil to the headbow. It has button holes, but there are no buttons on the headbow. Actually, the bow being adjustable isn’t the worst sin ever.  Am I to just use pins and pin the veil on my head? Damn, I’ll need to figure that out. I think I will be able to use the veil with my upcoming Krad dress, so that is being thrifty, right?

Anyway, it looks beautiful and also huge, so I don’t think I will have any fitting issues. I also kind of want to go ahead and buy the JSKI in Emerald Green, but on a no-buying-new-dresses-I-haven’t-already-preordered thing this month (and next month…and until I get a job…;__:). I am completely turned off of the lavender after seeing it worn badly in person. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Oh well.

I am still waiting for the Krad Lanrete Vampire dress (it was supposed to be released Mid-to-Late May and here we are in June, so behold the curse of Krad Lanrete taking forever to do things), and the Arcadian Deer Astrology Air (June or July?) dress. I imagine that I will be a bit antsy once I know I don’t have anything else to wait for in the mail. I might just need to be distracted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Long Ears Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Mishaps

This morning, got an email from Clobba that the LE&SE Kingdom of Fairies dresses are having some issues.

Custom OPs were made with too small busts and the sleeves were the same size as the one size, and JSK I dresses in size 1 were made with the shirring too tight. Clobba is returning these to LE&SE so the factory can fix the mistakes, but anything that has already been sent out may have problems.

I ordered the OP, but not a custom size because the one size should be fine.  It sounds like the problem is just with the Custom OPs and JSK I, so I won’t be affected. However, this is pretty concerning. But I guess this explains why it has been taking so long to hear about this dress. :p

Long Ears and Sharp Ears Cinderella and Princess of the Duke Made to Order Dresses

Out of nowhere, LE&SE has two made-to-order series up right now, and they are the most customization things ever.

Cinderella on the left, and Princess of the Duke on the right. They’re cute, but not anything I am particularly interested in. I mean, if I was independently wealthy, I would buy these, however I have to be more cautious in my spending. Also, Cinderella has cat ears (sharp ears) and Princess has bunny ears (long ears), but I swore I had to look at this image forever to see them. The bunny ears are hidden in her hair.

I am very impressed by all these options!

Cinderella comes in 53 different colors and 5 trim color options. That is a crap ton of options. Pretty much, every dress will be customized. How does one decide which one to get? The art is based on swatch 7 (so they say).

Princess has 4 bodice options and 8 skirt options. But that’s not all. According to their facebook, you could in theory use ANY of the 53 and 12 fabrics for either dress, although there are no patterned options for the Cinderella dress. The art above is based on light for the bodice and silver weave light yellow for the skirt.

Some mock-ups of the Cinderella dress. I like this dress the best out of the two designs. I think I’d go with swatch 4 or 9 (two shades of light pink), with white trim.

Some mock-ups of the Princess of the Duke dress. The ribbon on the skirt looks weird because there is an over skirt!

I can’t wait to see what variations people decide to get, and how they wear them.

Nakakon Day 3

It’s finally Tea Party day!

LE&SE Mushroom Forest (which I always confuse for Mushroom Kingdom…). I put little buns in my hair and used the hair clips and some other pink hair clips to try and balance it out a bit more, but it looked kinda messy. Used two petticoats, plus this JSK already has a petticoat built in…to make up for the lack of poof yesterday. I wore the lace wristcuffs for this picture, but then took them off because I think the elastic in them is dying. Also, I wore a pink cardigan (not shown here) because it is COLD. Same half blouse and tights and shoes as I’ve worn before. I wore the little kitty necklace that I planned on wearing, even though it doesn’t match very well.

I got plenty of compliments today, which was nice. It seems like printed dresses earn compliments, when I think back to what I wore last year (Musical Palmer and Enchanted Forest got comments but Chiffon Lover did not) and this year. I wondered if maybe I would only get comments on my AP also, but I got a lot of comments at the Tea Party today.

I got a few pictures taken while I was at the con too, which I wouldn’t be worried about…except a picture someone took of me showed up on Facebook already (in the cosplay photo group), and my friend posted her pictures also, and she’s already been posted on other parts of the internet. ;__; They’re not being too mean about her yet, but I really hope that she doesn’t find out. I though she looked cute today ;_____; And if people were upset about her outfit today, then what I wore on Friday would certainly set people off. I’m still not great at hair, and my shoes Friday were NOT ideal. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Maybe I will just stay away from that part of the internet for a few days.

First order of business with shopping was to buy Meowchis. FINALLY got the Mango and Lychee meowchis. Actually, they had some of the Halloween limited Meowchis from 2016, and while I prided myself as collecting all the Meowchi variants for awhile…I give up. I didn’t like the zombie and pumpkin. But mango and lychee are cute, and I look forward to the upcoming flavors.

I found a mini Hanayo nesoberi yeserday but it was the Happy Maker outfit, which is fine, but I got a mini Kotori last year with the Bokutachi no Hitotsu no Hikari/We are One Light outfit last year, and that is the BEST outfit. Internet friend found a Hanayo with the Bokutachi outfit yesterday, so I though for sure I’d be out of luck. NOPE. I happened across a booth with SEVEN of them, so of course I bought one.

Side note, I wish I would have been able to meet that Internet friend, but our paths never crossed. Bummer.

I didn’t spend all the money I saved for shopping this year. I think I will put it towards my next Nakakon (which may not be next year).

The Tea Party was in a different building compared to last year. This lead to many people getting lost, because I guess even some con staff didn’t know where it would be. There was a map in the guide book, but it would have helped if they labeled the streets on the map. >_> I did not have any problems finding the location though.

This year, everyone got a free gift! I got a bracelet. Good. This is the kind of stuff I need.

THE FOOD WAS 100X BETTER THIS YEAR. Last year, the food was awful but at least there was Tazo tea. This year, there were SO many sweets. So much. It was wonderful. Actually, the things were almost too sweet for me, so I ended up not eating everything on my plate The chocolate covered red velvet cake ball was too much so I only took one bite, and I had to pick at the red velvet cake whoopie pie to eat it. I think this is all on me though. Maybe the addition of some fresh fruit would be nice. I am not complaining about the food though. Good job organizers, this was fantastic.

However, for tea we just got Bigelow, so the cheap-one-step-up-from-plain-Lipton-tea. As a tea connoisseur…actually, I don’t care because we got individual tea bags so I could steep it myself. Last year was the same deal, but Tazo tea bags (so high end grocery store tea). The year before, there was actually loose leaf tea in the pots, so that was the highest quality of tea I’ve had at one of these tea parties.  I would have picked Twinings or Stash if I was planning the tea party, but this is really nothing to complain about.

There was a raffle again, and I won nothing, but that’s okay. The prizes were gloves (cute), a blouse (probably too small even if it has shirring because Atelier Pierrot), two parasols (which I already own) and two wigs (how do I wig?!??!). Chatted with a lot of people and it was fun. In years past, they would do group photo-shoots, but I decided ahead of time that I would skip it this year. This year, there was a location set up for individual photos, but I didn’t want to get my picture taken.

Overall, this was a fun weekend! I think that I dressed pretty well this time, except for the nitpicks I have with my Friday and Saturday outfits. I was talking to one kid that I met up with a few times over the weekend and she mentioned that she was embarrassed by her outfit last year, so I told her I was in the same boat but every year, we all get better and better at this (even though I think she is already better at lolita fashion than I am…) This time next year, I hope to have outfits that I don’t have any nitpicks about, so I can wear them to Nakakon or whatever con I end up going to in 2018. The panels were pretty lame this year, but the Final Fantasy concert was amazing and I feel like I had better social interactions this year, so that makes up for the panel complaint. One always hopes that next time will be better.

Nakakon Outfit Plans

Of course, this may all change. But I feel a bit better now that I have a vague idea of what to wear. Also, these are certainly not perfect. I will go ahead and say that my shoe and purse choice are not ideal.

So for Friday, I plan on wearing my AP Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP.

OP, matching headbow and some pearl accessories since there are pearls on the headbow. Thanks AP for allowing me to shoehorn those in! Also, not pictured are the plain white tights I always wear. For necklaces, I have a pearl necklace, a little turtle necklace (fits the theme!) and a TPS Zombie Unicorn necklace which I’m not sure why I think it would fit. Still undecided as to which necklace to wear.

I’m picking navy flats to wear, but better shoes would be

I have these in pink, and now know I want to buy 9.5 and not 9. The reason I don’t have these is that they would not get here in time. I would have had to order them in early January to avoid CNY madness and the usual 30-days-from-China delivery anyway. Next time I am in the mood to order all the shoes, I will get these, and also get the pink ones again in 9.5.(*-`ω´- )人

For Saturday, I want to wear my Long Ears and Short Ears Brown Mushroom Kingdom JSK.

White chiffon blouse, pearl bracelets (I don’t really want to wear wristcuffs to Nakakon), and the little hair bows that came with the dress. Here I have the lolita-appropriate pink shoes, but they hurt after awhile, so I am going to have some black flats stashed in my car and change into them at some point. Lolita rules be damned, I don’t want blisters on my feet. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Ideally, I would want a cute mushroom necklace. Instead, I have this cat eating a fishcake. Not sure if I will wear this one or what. If I find a cute necklace on Friday that I like better, then I’ll wear that instead. But one cannot depends on anime conventions to have good lolita stuff, even though the Lolita Collective *will* be there.

Once more trying to decide if any of those damn cardigans from H&M would work. This one kind of works, but I KNOW it doesn’t match my shoes. But then again, once I switch shoes, I will likely not give a crap.

For Sunday (and the Tea Party), I am going to wear my AP Blue Rose Museum Special Set.

This, plus plain black tights and the navy flats. I know lots of people hate the combination of black and dark blue/navy/etc, but the only other way I can think to coord this right now would be with a white blouse, gold shoes and accessories. I don’t have gold shoes yet. I don’t even have the shoes I *wanted* to wear with this dress yet. I guess as long as I avoid any photo shoots, I will probably be safe (well, safer…) from the rage of the internet.

Better shoes are these (from Antaina).

Some people in my com got together to do a Taobao order but the stars aligned against us, and there is a 0.1% chance of these getting here in time for me to wear. Sucks. They are going to get here eventually.

Still don’t have any great bag options that really match any outfits, but also my concern here was “can I carry all my stuff with me?” rather than matching. I got this bag last year and hope there will be more Sanrio/San-X tote bags this year that are cute like this.

Shopping updates

I updated the image of items I have pre-ordered this year.

Everything past July is gonna have to be from Hobbylink because I have no idea where I will be. I am predicted Ruby and Yurio will be September releases, and then I am FREAKING DONE. Other than those two items, I am saving the rest for lolita and normal clothes.

Also, the latest update on the giant Meowchis is that no, they will not be shipped in March. They are looking at April or May now. Etc etc wanting to make sure they are just right blah blah and so on. I’m not actually upset, but more along the lines of of COURSE it will get delayed. I am very much looking forward to having giant meowchis. I imagine the boyfriend is going to eventually see my hoards of meowchis and other kawaii plushies and shake his head. 🙂


Long Ears & Sharp Ears Lucky Pack/Special Sets 2017

I recall that last year, LE&SE did a lucky pack, but it was something I couldn’t fit so I didn’t get it. However, this year it appears they are going all out!

There’s a lucky pack and TWO special sets!

The Lucky Pack is 1 dress (50% chance of 2 dresses!), 1-3 tops or blouses, and 1-3 accessories, all for $130. That is less than the price of several of their dresses.  The possible prints are Goldfish & Fireworks (cotton Salopette), Museum Of Fairy (OP or JSK), The Curtain Is About To Open (print JSK or jacquard JSK), Der Seufzer der Eurydice (JSK), and The Great Voyage (OP or JSK). Not sure which JSKs in some cases, but they say that they will try to send you pieces that will fit. ❤

The first Special Set is Deer in the Mist, which has 4 pieces! The JSK, a white underdress, two hair bows and a pouch. All for $110. If it fit me (it won’t), then I’d order this.

The second Special Set is two new colorways of Der Seufzer der Eurydice, in brown and purple. These are $122 and include a JSK, headbow and a bag.

The brown is so very pretty. Even better is that the large size for the special set is a bit larger than the original! The original long JSK of Der Seufzer der Eurydice in large had a 96cm bust and 73cm waist, but these special colorways have a 100cm bust and 80cm waist for large.

These are all on sale from January 14 (20:00 Chinese time) t0 January 16 (20:00 Chinese time), JUST in time for the Kingdom of Fairies preorder to end. I already preordered mine, by the way.

Goldfish and Fireworks is cute, but I have no interest in salopettes.
I love the original Der Seufzer der Eurydice but as mentioned, the large JSK are a bit to small for me (but could it be worse than Mushroom Kingdom ha ha?)
Museum of Fairy is VERY cute, and I could fit JSK I and JSK II, but there is also the vest JSK which I don’t like, and can’t fit anyway.
The Curtain is About to Open is cute and I can fit both JSKs.
Not a fan of the Great Voyage print at all. Too pirate-y.

Unfortunately, I think LE&SE only has one blouse that would fit me also.

I really want to try the lucky pack, but I also already spent a lot this month. T_T Maybe next year I can get their lucky pack (which will have more Kingdom of Fairy stuff leftover from this year (・ωー)~☆ ♡)