Crafts and Sweets

My future remains uncertain and it is driving me bonkers. But I got some crafts made last night, and today I baked pastries.

I am slowly finishing up all the embroidery I meant to do for my friends for Christmas. Whoops. This is the final one, and it took a long time to decide what to do for this friend. She’s really important to me, so I wanted it to be awesome. But also, she doesn’t really have a single ‘thing’ I can easily pick. I have one friend really loves chemistry, and another who loves dinosaurs, and another who loves books. But this friend loves many things and it’s not like a single ‘thing’ really stands out. So I finally decided on a copper dragon, based on her current DnD character.  The dragon was pretty difficult to draw out actually, and I am really proud of it.  I did end up just embroidering it onto a random hemmed piece of fabric, so not sure if this can be framed or maybe just as a modern doilie-type item for decoration.

And then I randomly felt like making a necklace. I will have to think hard to recall if I have anything that would really match light blue and bronze jewelry, but I wanted to do something with my hands and was tired of embroidery.  I forgot that I have a bunch of charms that I bought to make pearl chains with.  Unfortunately, the eye pins I have are longer than what I really need, so a lot of them ended up uneven.  I suppose that doesn’t matter too much, since I won’t sell this particular piece. I wish I could find a place that sold bulk eye pins.

Then today, I made some chocolate chip pastries.  One of the coms is having a Newbie Welcome event tomorrow, so I figured I would go since it is actually really close to where I live.  Earlier this week, I decided to make chocolate chip crescent rolls, since they are easy and delicious, and do not need to be refrigerated.  Very simply, make crescent rolls but add chocolate chips to the dough before rolling them up.  This could probably be adapted to anything- dried fruit, pie filling (this is confirmed delicious by the way), nutella, jam, cream cheese, etc etc.

When I bake pastries, I usually do an egg wash on top.  An egg wash is an egg mixed with some water, and then brushed on the top of the pastry so it has a nice sheen and browns a little.  This is actually a vital step.  Last weekend when I visited my boyfriend, I made homemade poptarts using crescent roll dough and strawberry pie filling, but no egg wash because he does not keep eggs on hand (he doesn’t cook, nor does he like eating eggs anyway). They were okay, but if I had added the egg wash, they would have gone above and beyond okay to delicious (he still scarfed them down though ♡).  So this time, I definitely made sure to remember an egg wash.

But then I remembered that some people in the com are vegan, which means no eggs.  I don’t want to leave them out, so I looked online for a vegan alternative.  Many involve using non-dairy milks or agave syrup, which I don’t have on hand. One comment online mentioned that most commercial bakeries use a mixture of corn syrup with water, as actual eggs for egg washes are too expensive. Heh, of course.  So I mixed some Karo syrup with water and brushed some of the pastries with that, and the rest of the pastries with egg wash. It worked out really well! I was careful to keep them separated, and taste tested the Karo syrup pastries. They taste just fine, and aren’t significantly sweeter than the others.

…And I just learned the picnic is cancelled in place of just touring the museum. ( ̄ω ̄;)  Of course this happens right after I finish baking. Oh well. They will certainly not go to waste.


March Sweets Parade – I actually did it for once

The month is almost over and my plans have gone mostly ignored, but I finally dressed up to go eat pastries today. I came to the conclusion that eating pastries alone while dressed up is really, really stressful.  I probably would not have done so if I did not also need to go to the grocery store next door.

I also really like the March freebie stickers on Line right now, so I have been using the heck out of them.  I will be sad when they expire in a few months. Anyway, today’s outfit was Fanplusfriend Musical Palmer JSK in Navy Blue, black blouse, black tights, and my navy shoes from Antaina. I only wore them for the picture. If this was for a meet, I would have worn them, but since it was just me going out to run errands, I switched to some black flats instead.

I was worried that the crap petticoat I bought off Aliexpress would be too long for this dress, but alas, it was perfect. That petticoat, as dubious as it’s origins are, has turned out to be really great, even though it is kind of scratchy.  So great that I keep forgetting to use the one that I got from The Black Ribbon last Black Friday. ಠ_ಠ What the hell.

I really need to alter this JSK at some point, because the right strap does nothing but slide down and drive me insane.  Otherwise, this is probably the best fitting JSK I currently own.

So I went to Tous les Jour and got some pastries but only ate the Fruit Pastry there. I had other grocery shopping to do and wasn’t feeling super hungry. I was even thinking that this pastry would be super easy to make yourself. Just make and bake some good, cute pastry shells (that is the hard part), make whipped cream (I am pretty good at this), add cute fruit and dust with powdered sugar. The fruits are strawberry, green grape, purple grape, raspberry (it is there but hiding) and blackberry.  Maybe not the most cost efficient thing to make, but it could be done. So I want to try this sometime.

I have mentioned before that wearing a darker outfit like this during warmer spring months (even if it doesn’t feel like spring quite yet) is difficult for me, and I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone with this. But it looks cute. I am glad I did it.

Pastry and Errands

Finally tried on my Arcadian Deer Air dress, and HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE.

Didn’t wear the headband or wristcuffs, since I was just out running errands. But damn, the fabric of this dress is beautiful and feels so soft. I bought an XL and it fits perfectly. Is my diet working? Or is this just the greatest dress ever?

So I am ALREADY sold on getting the rest of the Four Elements of Astrology series. I got so many complements today too. This makes me want to back off on the Little Dipper dresses (maybe just get 1…) and save up for the Fire dress.

Errands went well and I got my beloved pastries.

A croquette filled with ground meat and veggies, and a cream cheese pastry. Oh man, the croquette was the best thing I ate all day. Also bought a bunch of the milk pastries since they are only 180 calories each. NEAT.

International Lolita Day – summer edition

It was hot and I was lazy, so I went grocery shopping. Also, I overslept.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t take pictures.

Today’s coord was (again) Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK, the stained pink Diamond Honey blouse, and my beloved Sosic Shop shoes. Not pictured are hair (I did a new hair style that I think was cute, and a couple bow hair clips) and socks. NORMAL SOCKS. It was hot and I was dying.  Actually, I think aside from the socks (which were pink and had cats on them, so they matched in a round-about sort of way), this was an okay basic outfit. Lots of strangers told me I looked cute, and should check out a store called ‘Donna’s’. Okayyy.

So I went grocery shopping, and then got fried chicken for lunch because I’ve been wanting it all week.

I barely ate any of it. T_T I planned on eating it for dinner. But then I ran more errands…to my beloved pastry shop!

They were extra cute today.

A large pastry full of cream, oh my goodness. I ate this one. It was lovely.

Strawberry pastry. Is the shell just dark or is it chocolate flavored? I will find out tomorrow when I eat it.

Blackberry and chocolate? Weird combination but I will give it a shot. I hope sitting in the fridge overnight doesn’t mess it up.

Then I got home from shopping, which includes many things (rice, noodles, grapefruit tea…) and then THIS

Kit Kats with almond and cranberry on top? Sure, why the heck not. They taste okay. I think they are dark chocolate.

However, the fluffy part of the day was cut short so I could go see one of my very much non-lolita friends, and eat yet more fried chicken as a weird coincidence.

To be fair, I think I like Popeyes better than Slim Chicken, but I am a sucker for Texas toast. The “Slim sauce” is awful though, do not recommend.

So I spent ILD doing some of my favorite things: shopping for and eating food. (๑╹ڡ╹๑) No wonder boobloaf is a problem.