Summer 2017 Pusheen Box

I did not mean to buy this, and I will 1000% not be getting a Fall Pusheen box because I am moving/?????/etc. But let’s get started.

LOL a sleeveless shirt. It is also HUGE. For casual clothes, I do prefer things to be a bit oversized, but this might almost be too much. Granted, I have assigned all of my Pusheen clothes as pajamas anyway, so it won’t be a big deal.

Here we have an ice pack, some silly straws, ear buds and a luggage tag. Oh man, the luggage tag would have been handy back when I traveled a lot but I do not foresee my future containing much travel.  OR I just jinxed myself.

Ice pack will be handy. I don’t particular like the soft earbuds here, but I do like the little case they are in. I will comment on the silly straws further down.

Popsicle mold! Heck yea! Unlike the ice cube tray from last year, this is a sturdy plastic and I really want to make some popsicles. These are mini sized too. I want to make tiny peach pie popsicles.

Oh look, a cute little pouch, right?

IT’S A BACKPACK! It is very thin material, so probably not good for heavy use. It’s funny though, because today I was trying to compare the cost of a fall parking pass to the price of some new walking shoes and a sturdy backpack that won’t hurt my back (in the event I forego the parking pass and just walk to lab instead). (I am just going to get the parking pass, even though I really do need new shoes, and a new daily bag).

This backpack is way too thin to use daily, however it may come in handy when travelling (hmm is that a THEME of this box? ಠ◡ಠ) and you suddenly need a backpack, and ta-da!

Pusheen Passport case! US Passport not included, but it DOES actually fit. On second though, why would they make a passport case that doesn’t fit passports?

The figurine that is included in each box. This season, it is a beachy Pusheen. Sunglasses and a palm tree. So summery.

So I tried out one of the silly straws, and it is very narrow. Maybe all silly straws are like this. The hole is narrow so you have to use more force to drink your drink. Also, I did not see any advice on how to wash them.

Overall, a good box this time. Unfortunately, I would have been able to use some of these things more if I got them last summer. HAH oh well.


Spring 2017 Pusheen Box

Ah, farewell dear friend, cause I have to unsubscribe after this box. But I am glad I waited for this one, because there is SO MUCH USEFUL STUFF.

Heck, it’s a bunny Pusheen. These are pretty good boxes for storing stuff in.

Oh man, there is a shirt. I love getting clothes.

So for this spring, we have a T-shirt, a bento box, plastic utensil set, bottle opener, bluetooth speaker, pennant banner, balloons….,paper photo props and a selfie stick.

This is the stuff I am excited for. Always want clothes. I was just thinking the other day that I ought to buy a bottle opener, so that I can drink my booze without having to go all the way to the kitchen to get one and then risk Mom nagging at me (“oh you yell at me for drinking but you have a beer yourself hurr hurr hurr”). Plus, this one is a cat. Also, a selfie stick. I am vain and like my selfies, but just never got around to actually buying one. Also, I feel like my friends/family would make fun of me. I tested it out, and it actually works. Neat! That would have been handy when I was travelling and then I could have taken cuter selfies. Oh well.

Not the cutest shirt ever, but it is cute enough, and now it will be a pajama top. Heck yea! I guess if I ever want cuter Pusheen shirts, I’ll just have to actually buy them individually.

I love bento boxes. They are great. As for the utensils…meh. They’re plastic but I feel like they are weak, so who knows how easily they will break. Maybe they will live in my bag in case of emergency.

The new bento box is HUGE compared to the one I usually use. I guess I do have a few larger ones also, but this one has two layers! I could put so much food in it! And it has the elastic band (the old one used to have an elastic band but I lost it).

Oh goodness, the bottle opener is cat shaped AND magnetic.  And much cuter than a bottle opener I would buy at the store.

Not really sure why I would want or need a bluetooth speaker. The postcard included said it is so I can take the “party” with me. Uh what?  I guess now if I want to play music from my phone without using the phone’s speaker. I wonder if I can connect it to my computer, and then can play music from my laptop in a different room. Not that it matter much since the other room I would even play music in is about to be given to my brother.

Oh boy, another Pusheen vinyl I am …okay with. I am thinking of selling them, actually. I checked eBay for prices and apparently the very first one goes for around $100. Wow, do people actually pay that much? Is that Pusheen vinyl really that rare??

In case I ever want to have a party (hah), here are some balloons and pennants and props for a photo booth. Oh I know, I can use them for my graduation party….when I graduate….eventually. T_T Don’t remind me of my impending doom.

Which is why I have to cancel this box subscription for now. It was my first one, and the last one to be unsubscribed. Maybe in 2018, I will start fresh with it, and even buy it by the year so I can get that slight discount.  But if there was ever any cutesy subscription box to get, the Pusheen Box is the best one. It may be more expensive and doesn’t arrive as often as the other ones, but it has quality stuff that I use in my everyday life. The umbrella, apron, water tumbler, now a bottle opener, a few shirts, a notebook, and so on. This is the best subscription box. The only reasons I would discontinue it are money (like now) or eventually deciding that I have too much Pusheen stuff.

Winter 2016 Pusheen Box

Ta da we have now had a full year of Pusheen boxes! The first box was last winter, and now we have a second winter box.

I love how the boxes are different every time. I want to hang onto them, but what do I do with them?? Also, here is a small Devil Kitty

There is a scarf and some gloves. PAY ATTENTION DOKI DOKI CRATE THIS IS THE STYLE OF GLOVE YOU SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED not that furry abomination. So we have some convertible mitten gloves, where they are fingerless gloves but have a mitten part also. Very cute. Also a longcat-style Pusheen scarf. It is made of polyester felt, so not a super high quality material, but it IS warm. I believe a long time ago, Lolita Kisama/Lokisa/Visual You sold a similar design of one of their original characters that is now lost to the annals of the internet.

Next we have some wrapping paper with tags, some deco tape and a stamp set! Super fun! I am not gonna wrap any presents this year (going the ol’ ‘put everything in a giftbag with paper’ route), but the tags may come in handy. Stamps are pretty fun, but the ink pad will probably dry out soon, knowing my luck.

Some Pusheen battery operated lights. They are cute but I am unsure what to do with them. Too small to use to decorate my room, but too large to stick on the small Christmas tree I have. Perhaps next year, I can use them on a Christmas tree?

Before opening them up, I was SUPER excited for the thermos and tea strainer. The thermos is pretty small though (only holds 280ml), and it smells weird. I will wash it first. Also, the box says hand wash only (ok), but the bottom of the thermos says dish washer safe. What the heck? My final concern on the thermos is that the little whiskers, while cute, are likely to get pulled off once the lid is opened. It would have been better to simply paint the whiskers on, instead of having them stick out.

I do not currently own a tea strainer (I just put tea in little disposable bags, or buy bagged tea), but there will generally be a metal sphere with holes and then the decorations will be plastic. This tea infuser is 100% soft silicon (I think).  It also smells weird, but is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and thankfully labeled as “foos safe”. NO SHIT??!?! I am kind of suspicious of this, and it is sad because a tea infuser shouldn’t be that tough to design.

The vinyl figurine this month is also very cute. I wasn’t ever expecting much of the figurines, but I have been pleasantly surprised. This could be a legitimate addition to my collection of Christmas decorations! So that’s pretty awesome.

Once again, the Pusheen box has been pretty awesome.

Fall 2016 Pusheen Box

As of this box, I have completed a whole year of Pusheen boxes (so 4).  My final conclusion is that this is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING WORTH IT. I am going to continue with Pusheen boxes because they are always awesome. This box might be my favorite yet!

The box this time is purple and has little wings…

That is because this season’s figure is a BAT PUSHEEN. It’s so cute! MerPusheen is still cuter, but I like this.

I also got a pullover shirt. It’s HUGE and looks super comfy.  I feel like it will make excellent pajamas or ‘just lounging around the house and drinking tea in the midst of winter’ attire. Speaking of tea…

AHHHHHHH IT’S A TEACUP.°˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° The saucer looks like a basket (or the top of an apple pie) and the cup has Pusheen and some apples. This is a proper tea cup. Don’t microwave, don’t put in the dishwasher. I don’t know how apparent this is, but I love tea, and I love teaware. When I was an undergraduate, I was super excited to get my own set of dishes (I ended up getting some okay ones from Target clearance, but they lasted all college) and would regularly acquire more tea cups and mugs for drinking tea. At this point in my life, since I am living in my mother’s house full of her dishes, I try to not buy more tea cups.  Sometimes I fail, and so this will probably be used a few times and then stashed away or put on display and saved for special tea drinking moments. But man, if PusheenBox had not already won my heart, this is the Cupid’s Arrow that has made me decide to give them money as long as I can.

Cute stationary types of things! There is a cute holographic notebook, which I took a short video of. Pretty average little notebook, but I love notebooks. Also, here we have sticky notes, a pen and some silicon coasters. At first I though they were silicon pot holders, but they are way too small for that. The pen is a normal ball point pen, but the ink flows nicely. It has a little Pusheen charm attached, which I think I’ll remove since it swings around in the way when writing.

A few weeks ago, my Boss’s wife mentioned she had to get a key from one of my desk drawers (this is not an invasion of privacy, because the only reason I have that particular key is for when my Boss and/or his wife forget or lose their copy of the key), and she made a joke about how I need some grumpy cat sticky notes to put in the drawer as to shame people when they have to get into it. I think Pusheen sticky notes will do

LOL here we have some clip-in cat ears and a cat tail. I already have my Halloween costume planned, but this is a good backup. I’m sure the Pusheen tag on instagram will be filled with people in this costume.

While opening the box, I smelled a nice smell. Turns out to be this pumpkin air freshner. I am not a fan of pumpkin flavor or smell, but this isn’t too bad.  I don’t think I want to put it in my car, and I’m not sure what else to do with it.

The pullover and the teacup make this box easily worth more than the $50 (this being the box plus shipping) I paid for it. Like I mentioned, I intend on buying the winter (and spring and summer) boxes in the future. As for next fall…ideally I will buy that one too. But it depends on moving and graduating and all that jazz. I worry slightly that being subscribed for too long will cause me to have an overabundance of Pusheen merchandise. Have you ever seen the website Hello Kitty Hell? It hasn’t updated in a long time, but it’s pretty much a guy whose wife was obsessed with Hello Kitty and so they had a ton of HK stuff and then it eventually became a site to list all the bizarre HK products.  ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Should I be worried about accidentally creating a Pusheen hell? Or maybe Tasty Peach Studio Meowchi Hell? I suppose my boyfriend may just have to suffer through my love of cute cat merchandise…

Another thing I wonder is if the 2016 Winter Pusheen box will have any repeats from last year. I really enjoyed and used the knit hat and pajama shirt, and I am just now starting to use the hot drink cup but I really like it too. Maybe this year they will have fuzzy socks or a scarf? The next box ships mid-December. Oh man, I am excited for that box too.

Summer 2016 Pusheen Box

I actually received this over a week ago, but tired and Florida and additional career workshops, so I am just now getting around to posting. Also, Happy August!

WOW it’s huge this season. What could be instead?

Woah! Flipflops and a drink cup! And is that a shirt???

We got flipflops and some sunglasses. I just bought sunglasses…but I suppose you can never have too many. The flipflops are great. I wore them to lab one day (I was not doing anything with chemicals! I just had to get something at my desk!) and they are noisy. Maybe it’s the floor? Maybe because they are new? Anyway, I still love them.

Drink cup, ice cube tray and an iron on patch. I love the drink cup. It is perfect in every way. I am drinking from it right now. Haven’t used the ice cube tray yet, and iron on patches are kind of silly to me.

We got a BAG! Not a shirt! Also, an inflatable Pusheen beach ball (lol what?) and a beach towel that needs to be washed for it to expand. Not sure what I’ll use the bag for exactly, but I like it. As for the Pusheen beach ball, I have no idea.

This month’s special Pusheen figure is a Merpusheen. Actually, the best one yet. I am not even a fan of the vinyl figurines anyway, but this is super cute and I like it.

Once again, the Pusheen Box has been a whopping success! I think I am going to keep this subscription going until next Spring (since next Summer, who knows where I am going to be?). I am just super thrilled every time I get one of these boxes. I love how it’s not just random cheap little things, but stuff I could actually use.

Pusheen stickers

Found a use for the stickers…put in my sticker diary and on my phone case.


I am cleaning and organizing today, so I was able to find my sticker diary.  😍

In unrelated news…my Dokidoki crate is still not here. 10 days is Monday so let’s see how this turns out…

Spring 2016 Pusheen Box

I actually received this last week, but I wanted to show off the goodies in a cuter manner than just the picture I posted on Instagram…

Pusheen Apron

I love love love useful items, so an apron is great! I wore it when making banana muffins this past weekend. It has comfy pockets (which are not actually separate, it is just separated at the top) and does it’s job. Yay apron. I am messy and can foresee this apron getting dirty, so I hope it washes well.

Pusheen Umbrella

I was super excited for this umbrella! It is cute! However, I cannot fit it back in the little holder sleeve it came in, and it is also kind of a pain to open up and close. I would not buy this umbrella on it’s own, but since it came in the box, I am okay with it. It would be better if it had a button to help with the opening and closing of it.

Tiny Pusheen Ceramic Planter

This might be my favorite item! It is the cutest, and gave me an excuse to buy a tiny succulent for my room. I really hope I don’t kill it…but after a few days, it’s still alive! Yay! An alternative use is as a pencil or other small object holder.

Pusheen Goodies

Not sure what to do with these pins, since I have a habit of losing pins. Also, they included a key topper, which I attached to the key chain that came in the previous Pusheen box. As you can see here, I don’t use that key chain. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ My current key chain is already overloaded, so I’m saving this for a rainy day. Or a future key chain.

Pusheen Snack Stickers

I got 3 sheets of these stickers, all the same. They’re cute, but also big. Too big for what I would normally use stickers for. But they’re cute. I will eventually find some use for them. Smaller, planner-type stickers would be better for me though.

Cat and cat cookie cutter

This box was supposed to be baking themed, so of course there is a cookie cutter. I have not made cookies with it yet, so here is Devil Kitty looking confused.

I didn’t take any nice pictures of the socks because I feel like socks are a better fall/winter item. It’s spring here, and May in the Midwest is like Summer Lite, so I want to wear socks as little as possible. And the socks included are knee socks. o_o; I probably won’t break them out til October. But rest assured, they are cute and food themed as well. If they had included ankle socks instead, then I’d be more inclined to wear them sooner.

Also did not take a picture of the vinyl figure. The Pusheen Box people seem to advertise the vinyl figure as a big deal, limited edition and etc. Um, okay. I don’t really care about having a vinyl Pusheen figure. Shelf space needs to be reserved for Nendoroids and other anime things, or plushies. Actually, a small 6 inch Pusheen plush would be 10000000x times better in a Pusheen Box compared to a vinyl figure. Someday, probably after the first year of Pusheen boxes have been released, I will line up all the figures I’ve received and have things to say about them.  But a cute themed plush would be so much more exciting to me. Plushies are my weakness. I don’t own 15+ Meowchi plushies for no reason. ♡

I am not on the yearly subscription plan, so with shipping, all this was $50. I plan on buying the Summer box and Autumn box later this year, so that will be one full year of Pusheen, and then I’ll probably reevaluate if I want to continue on. Also, I’d probably stay quarter-to-quarter since I am moving sometime next year, graduation-and-postdoc/industry-job-acquisition-willing. Anyway, I am pretty pleased with this box for now.

As for the summer box, I predict it will include a tank top or T-Shirt (the winter box had a shirt and it’s lovely), and maybe another drink cup (winter had a coffee/tea cup, akin to a large reusable Starbucks cup, which I also need to use but damnit it’s too cute and I don’t want to stain it with tea yet ughhhh). Not sure if flip flops would be a thing…maybe a beach themed tote bag would be nice. The summer box will ship in mid-July, so I’ll probably get it AFTER I get back from Orlando….it would have been the perfect time to use things….oh well.