Souffle Shuffle – the finale

My dress was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, but they were unable to get into my building. o__o So then I called DHL to reschedule delivery, and in the end, I was able to get it on Wednesday. Or rather, my boyfriend was able to get it for me.  But it was kind of a mess, so I think next time I order something using DHL, I will try to have it dropped off at a service point so I can go pick it up when I have a chance.

I really need to actually unpack my two new Soufflesong dresses and try them on and everything, but I feel so overwhelmed with life and such.  This weekend, I have to go in to lab on Saturday, and we may be taking a road trip on Sunday.  It may just be to see people, so I could probably wear a toned down coord if I felt like it.  I don’t think there will be any surprise hiking, but you never know.




Souffle Shuffle pt 2

My first Soufflesong order from this year finally shipped, yay. Only a month later than expected, but I was too distracted to care so they got off easy this time.

So far.

Because I got the shipping notice on Saturday, promptly changed my address with DHL, and then today got a text that they cannot deliver it. Oh, and it’s in Kansas City right now.


But is apparently in route to Portland once again? And will get here on Wednesday?? We shall see how this shakes out.  It worked well last time.  Here is hoping.

Life and such updates

Twas the night before Paradiso, and all through the house, not a single soul stirring, cause no one still in my house in Kansas City gives a shit and I am two time zones away.  I knew this was going to happen, so no point in being salty that I can’t go, but sometimes you can’t help but be jealous cause you wanna go tooo but caaaan’t.

So this weekend, I am going to dress up myself and explore Portland somewhat.  Even if it just means going to new shops and then eating pastries.  I haven’t worn any of my lolita clothes since the end of March, so I really need to get back into the swing of things. And then next weekend is Summer ILD, so I definitely need to do something fun for that.  I remember last year, I was so exhausted from Paradiso and getting over being sick that I really did not put much effort into my Summer ILD outfit.

Also, found out today that the earliest we would be moving again is November, and it is more likely to be January or February, which is good news! There is a tea festival here in July, and an anime festival in October.  I CAN GO TO THESE THINGS NOW.  Also, since we have more time here, there will be more time to save up for moving again and also for maybe buying things. (╯✧▽✧)╯ I am still waiting on two dresses though.  It is now officially 65 days since I ordered my Don’t Eat Bunny dress from Soufflesong (March 20th, 2018, for reference). The order I made after that has already arrived.

“This item is made to order. Usually, we will ship the goods within 60 working days after receiving clear payment. Your patience would be highly appreciated.”

o__o What’s the hold up? Do the 60 days not count weekends? It will probably ship soon, so I should be patient.

OH this also means I don’t have to worry at all about my Fire dress delivery either! Yay~

Souffle Delivery

I ordered two dressed from Soufflesong earlier, Don’t Eat Bunny and Sweet Cherry Deer. Recently got a DHL notification, saying it was en route to my old house in the Midwest, so I changed the address and hoped for the best.

Behold, it arrived at my new address on Monday, safe and sound! But it was the second dress, Sweet Cherry Deer. I still have not opened it yet. I have been way too busy with my new job and unpacking. We got the rest of our stuff on Tuesday, so now the apartment is overflowing in my weeb stuff, and I probably need to buy even MORE hangers.

I am pretty curious as to where my other dress is.  But I am also too tired to worry about it. I hope that I will be able to go out for Summer ILD at the very least, but it is coming up soon and I am so freaking exhausting.

Soufflesong Easter Sale!

I ordered Don’t Eat Bunny, and told myself “OKAY no matter what, don’t blow more money on things unless Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit go on sale in cuts you like, so the JSKs or Short Sleeve OPs. No skirts, no salopettes, nada.” I though I would be safe. I thought they would continue with the weird little sales where it’s only their unfortunate ero collection and then 3 random items.

I was wrong. For the Easter sale, DOZENS of items are on sale! Butterfly Cemetary is on sale (again, and again, I don’t care that much?) and the OTHER Don’t Eat Bunny JSK is on sale now (goddamnit, I even like this cut better). Kitty Courtyard in another cut is on sale, but at this point, I think I really only like the long cut.

But the Sweet Cherry Deer High Waist JSK and Strawberry Rabbit Short Sleeve OP are on sale. I may be able to talk myself out of Strawberry Rabbit because that OP looks short (the largest size is 92cm long), but I am pretty positive I am going to buckle on Sweet Cherry Deer.  I am also tempted to get the other Don’t Eat Bunny JSK as well.

This sale goes from 3/30 to 4/2. Go check and suffer with me.

Also, my last order has been successful, but no notice of anything shipping yet or not, so it may actually take the 45-60 days to make it. (; ̄д ̄) Which is a pain, but that is written on every page of Soufflesong’s website, so be patient and if I move first, I better tell them ASAP so my Mom doesn’t get stuck with packages she is confused about.

Soufflesong Flash Sale

For reasons unknown to me, Soufflesong has put a ton of stuff on sale! For a limited time only, until March 10! As of publication, there is 1 day and 12 hours left to this sale!

Including my beloved Kitty Courtyard Dress (do I finally buy it again but in pink?), Song of Skylark (I like it, but do I want to pay money for it?), Butterfly Cemetary JSK (damnit this was one of the first things I blogged about wanting and STILL don’t have), both Wishing Stars JSKs (they went on sale last summer, remember?) and a bunch of others.

The Sweet Cherry Deer Salopette is one of the dresses for sale, so I initially panicked and though Sweet Cherry Deer and Strawberry Rabbit may be for sale, but they are not.

Soufflesong has also put their new series of ero-lolita items for sale also, which all I can do is shake my head at. ఠ_ఠ

But before I buy anything, I wait for news on jobs and even then, I am going to buy some brand once I get a job.

2017 Wardrobe Post

I know technically, the Wardrobe post is supposed to be your entire wardrobe. But I am lazy and don’t want to unpack half of my wardrobe. Instead, I will just post old pictures of the dresses I got in 2017.

In 2017, I got 8 new dresses, 3 of them being Angelic Pretty. The other brands were Krad Lanrete (2), Long Ears and Sharp Ears, Arcadian Deer and Soufflesong.

My very brief forey into darker, more gothic dresses. Left is my LE&SE Kingdom of Faeries, which I wore to the Japan Fest. Right is Krad Lanrete Transilvania Moonlight, which I wore to the Halloween Tea in October. I really do like black dresses, but it seems difficult to find ones that I really, really love.  I wish I was able to get Krad Lanrete’s Dullahan, but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time.

So many sweet pink and lavender dresses ♡ AP True Rose Story Special Set (and the amount I like this set is part of why I wanted Cameo Window this year…maybe I will have better luck with AP USA), which I wore to the Sailormoon R Movie last January. Then the pink Rose Museum JSK, which I wore to a spring tea last year. I love Rose Museum so much.

I wore Krad Lanrete Beauty and the Beast in pink, and AP Romantic Cat in pink to Paradiso last year. The Romantic Cat picture I have here is from Summer ILD, because I love this dress.  I really wish I hadn’t have been sick during Paradiso last year, especially since I can’t go this year. >_< Rest assured, I will complain more about that in the future.  It was so fun, and it sounds like this next year will be awesome too.

Finally, my Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology Air dress in lavender, and Soufflesong Kitty Courtyard in lavender.  I haven’t worn the Air dress out to a meet yet, but I did wear it to grocery shop one day.  I think I put on wristcuffs JUST for the picture. I am extremely excited for the Fire dress in this series to be released. Any day now~. And then Kitty Courtyard went on a flash sale, so I grabbed it. I had been wanting it for awhile, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. I wore it to the Tea Festival with my friend, which was the first time I wore lolita around a friend from college. It was awesome, because we both ended up wearing purple cat dresses!

In 2017, unlike 2016 and 2015, I did not buy a damn thing from Fanplusfriend. There were times I almost did, but it just did not come to be.  I also acquired a good amount of shoes and half blouses this year, as well as small accessories.