Summer 2017 Pusheen Box

I did not mean to buy this, and I will 1000% not be getting a Fall Pusheen box because I am moving/?????/etc. But let’s get started.

LOL a sleeveless shirt. It is also HUGE. For casual clothes, I do prefer things to be a bit oversized, but this might almost be too much. Granted, I have assigned all of my Pusheen clothes as pajamas anyway, so it won’t be a big deal.

Here we have an ice pack, some silly straws, ear buds and a luggage tag. Oh man, the luggage tag would have been handy back when I traveled a lot but I do not foresee my future containing much travel.  OR I just jinxed myself.

Ice pack will be handy. I don’t particular like the soft earbuds here, but I do like the little case they are in. I will comment on the silly straws further down.

Popsicle mold! Heck yea! Unlike the ice cube tray from last year, this is a sturdy plastic and I really want to make some popsicles. These are mini sized too. I want to make tiny peach pie popsicles.

Oh look, a cute little pouch, right?

IT’S A BACKPACK! It is very thin material, so probably not good for heavy use. It’s funny though, because today I was trying to compare the cost of a fall parking pass to the price of some new walking shoes and a sturdy backpack that won’t hurt my back (in the event I forego the parking pass and just walk to lab instead). (I am just going to get the parking pass, even though I really do need new shoes, and a new daily bag).

This backpack is way too thin to use daily, however it may come in handy when travelling (hmm is that a THEME of this box? ಠ◡ಠ) and you suddenly need a backpack, and ta-da!

Pusheen Passport case! US Passport not included, but it DOES actually fit. On second though, why would they make a passport case that doesn’t fit passports?

The figurine that is included in each box. This season, it is a beachy Pusheen. Sunglasses and a palm tree. So summery.

So I tried out one of the silly straws, and it is very narrow. Maybe all silly straws are like this. The hole is narrow so you have to use more force to drink your drink. Also, I did not see any advice on how to wash them.

Overall, a good box this time. Unfortunately, I would have been able to use some of these things more if I got them last summer. HAH oh well.


Spring 2017 Pusheen Box

Ah, farewell dear friend, cause I have to unsubscribe after this box. But I am glad I waited for this one, because there is SO MUCH USEFUL STUFF.

Heck, it’s a bunny Pusheen. These are pretty good boxes for storing stuff in.

Oh man, there is a shirt. I love getting clothes.

So for this spring, we have a T-shirt, a bento box, plastic utensil set, bottle opener, bluetooth speaker, pennant banner, balloons….,paper photo props and a selfie stick.

This is the stuff I am excited for. Always want clothes. I was just thinking the other day that I ought to buy a bottle opener, so that I can drink my booze without having to go all the way to the kitchen to get one and then risk Mom nagging at me (“oh you yell at me for drinking but you have a beer yourself hurr hurr hurr”). Plus, this one is a cat. Also, a selfie stick. I am vain and like my selfies, but just never got around to actually buying one. Also, I feel like my friends/family would make fun of me. I tested it out, and it actually works. Neat! That would have been handy when I was travelling and then I could have taken cuter selfies. Oh well.

Not the cutest shirt ever, but it is cute enough, and now it will be a pajama top. Heck yea! I guess if I ever want cuter Pusheen shirts, I’ll just have to actually buy them individually.

I love bento boxes. They are great. As for the utensils…meh. They’re plastic but I feel like they are weak, so who knows how easily they will break. Maybe they will live in my bag in case of emergency.

The new bento box is HUGE compared to the one I usually use. I guess I do have a few larger ones also, but this one has two layers! I could put so much food in it! And it has the elastic band (the old one used to have an elastic band but I lost it).

Oh goodness, the bottle opener is cat shaped AND magnetic.  And much cuter than a bottle opener I would buy at the store.

Not really sure why I would want or need a bluetooth speaker. The postcard included said it is so I can take the “party” with me. Uh what?  I guess now if I want to play music from my phone without using the phone’s speaker. I wonder if I can connect it to my computer, and then can play music from my laptop in a different room. Not that it matter much since the other room I would even play music in is about to be given to my brother.

Oh boy, another Pusheen vinyl I am …okay with. I am thinking of selling them, actually. I checked eBay for prices and apparently the very first one goes for around $100. Wow, do people actually pay that much? Is that Pusheen vinyl really that rare??

In case I ever want to have a party (hah), here are some balloons and pennants and props for a photo booth. Oh I know, I can use them for my graduation party….when I graduate….eventually. T_T Don’t remind me of my impending doom.

Which is why I have to cancel this box subscription for now. It was my first one, and the last one to be unsubscribed. Maybe in 2018, I will start fresh with it, and even buy it by the year so I can get that slight discount.  But if there was ever any cutesy subscription box to get, the Pusheen Box is the best one. It may be more expensive and doesn’t arrive as often as the other ones, but it has quality stuff that I use in my everyday life. The umbrella, apron, water tumbler, now a bottle opener, a few shirts, a notebook, and so on. This is the best subscription box. The only reasons I would discontinue it are money (like now) or eventually deciding that I have too much Pusheen stuff.

Winter 2016 Pusheen Box

Ta da we have now had a full year of Pusheen boxes! The first box was last winter, and now we have a second winter box.

I love how the boxes are different every time. I want to hang onto them, but what do I do with them?? Also, here is a small Devil Kitty

There is a scarf and some gloves. PAY ATTENTION DOKI DOKI CRATE THIS IS THE STYLE OF GLOVE YOU SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED not that furry abomination. So we have some convertible mitten gloves, where they are fingerless gloves but have a mitten part also. Very cute. Also a longcat-style Pusheen scarf. It is made of polyester felt, so not a super high quality material, but it IS warm. I believe a long time ago, Lolita Kisama/Lokisa/Visual You sold a similar design of one of their original characters that is now lost to the annals of the internet.

Next we have some wrapping paper with tags, some deco tape and a stamp set! Super fun! I am not gonna wrap any presents this year (going the ol’ ‘put everything in a giftbag with paper’ route), but the tags may come in handy. Stamps are pretty fun, but the ink pad will probably dry out soon, knowing my luck.

Some Pusheen battery operated lights. They are cute but I am unsure what to do with them. Too small to use to decorate my room, but too large to stick on the small Christmas tree I have. Perhaps next year, I can use them on a Christmas tree?

Before opening them up, I was SUPER excited for the thermos and tea strainer. The thermos is pretty small though (only holds 280ml), and it smells weird. I will wash it first. Also, the box says hand wash only (ok), but the bottom of the thermos says dish washer safe. What the heck? My final concern on the thermos is that the little whiskers, while cute, are likely to get pulled off once the lid is opened. It would have been better to simply paint the whiskers on, instead of having them stick out.

I do not currently own a tea strainer (I just put tea in little disposable bags, or buy bagged tea), but there will generally be a metal sphere with holes and then the decorations will be plastic. This tea infuser is 100% soft silicon (I think).  It also smells weird, but is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and thankfully labeled as “foos safe”. NO SHIT??!?! I am kind of suspicious of this, and it is sad because a tea infuser shouldn’t be that tough to design.

The vinyl figurine this month is also very cute. I wasn’t ever expecting much of the figurines, but I have been pleasantly surprised. This could be a legitimate addition to my collection of Christmas decorations! So that’s pretty awesome.

Once again, the Pusheen box has been pretty awesome.

December 2016 Doki Doki Crate

I already cancelled. I need to save up money, for future moving and such. It stinks, but oh well. If my savings goals go successfully, then I might resubscribe sometime next year. If not, then, well, I won’t. I decided this a bit ago, so whether this crate was good or bad would not have affected the outcome.

It’s the 1 year anniversary so I expected it to be awesome. I expected a neat wearable. A shirt would be fine, or a hat. But first, the things I enjoyed about this crate!

Above, we have the monthly Hoppe (a Christmas Cupcake…I like), a Calvin plush from the exclusive Calvin and Coco the Homeroom Bears series (never heard of it before), a Mameshiba Cellphone Cleaner mini plush and a tiny Usa Loppy Squeaker.

A Coco plush would have been cuter. Why do I always get plushies of the boy charcters?? Take and that fish guy and now Calvin. Hmm. Also, this plush is small, so I feel like he needs a loop so I can attach it to a bag. It’s otherwise too small to be anything else but a bag charm. Maybe I will get bored and attach one myself.

The Mameshiba cleaner is cute and soft, but looks more like a bear than a Shiba dog.

The Usa Loppy Squeaker needs to be bigger to act as an appropriate stress toy. It’s cute, but they advertised this as a special bonus. Uh, what? Really? Also, some of the Usa Loppys are supposed to have a special code for a special prize. I did not get this so oh well. This would also be better as a keychain than a random little figurine. But it will go on the shelf with the other figurines.

Not even going to talk about the scratcher code, where all I won was 50% off from something in their store. The biggest of mehs.

And now for some disappointment. They advertised a winter wearable. I predicted some cute knit gloves or a scarf or hat. A cat ear knit hat would have been perfect. Instead, we get these furry-ish fingerless cat paw gloves. Ugh. Also, a cheapo pen with a pink pom pom at the end, and a scheduler that is clearly for children.

This is cute, but also dollar store quality. It’s got the soft vinyl cover, plastic binder rings inside, weak super thin paper. Perhaps because I have high standards for stationery, this is so annoying to me. Why can’t they just have cute and sturdy notebooks/planners in this crate? I’ll find some use for this.

Finally, a portable Usa Loppy eco-tote. THIS I like. It is cute. I can foresee keeping this in my bag and then using it when I suddenly need a bag. Probably for Nakakon to carry goodies around in and not overloading my purse. THIS was an awesome item to include.

This crate was pretty meh, but there are a few items I really like. That said, I’m pretty okay with cancelling this subscription for now. Ironically, the Japan Crate family is starting their loyalty program NEXT month, so I will miss out on all the sweet points. Ugh.

And Yume Twins has apparently revamped also, starting next month. So my self-induced frugality is going to mean missing out on all the exciting changes. UGH. Maybe if I get depressed and am well behaved next month, I’ll get myself February boxes (for Valentine’s Day!).


November 2016 Yume Twins Box

The theme is Breakfast, ok? But don’t go in assuming you know anything about breakfast.

According to the pamplet, a traditional Japanese breakfast is something along the lines of rice (sometimes with egg), grilled fish, pickles, miso soup, maybe natto.  However, some people in Japan also just have more western-style breakfasts (toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc).

Now that we know what breakfast is (LOL), let’s look at this month’s goodies.

How is a Sailormoon Sweets Rement breakfast related? The same way it is relate to Doki Doki’s Cafe Theme….just barely. Didn’t open this because I am going to compare the one I got from Doki Doki to the one I got here.

Shown here, we have:

  • Rilakkuma Darjeeling Tea bags (this will be cool)
  • A mini note pad featuring food that is not specifically breakfast food
  • 2-way marker (unrelated to breakfast)
  • Sumikko Gurashi sushi keychain (I’ll get to this in a moment)
  • Gudetama Stickers (lazy egg is very breakfasty)
  • Kirimichan Post-it notes (Kirimichan is a sliced salmon character, so breakfasty, but also wtf Sanrio why is this a character?)

The booklet even admited that sushi is not breakfast food, so all is forgiven. PLUS I got Neco? which is my favorite Sumikko Gurashi character.

The big item of this box was a Shinada Baby Nature plush. This must be Baby Tiger. The other options were Alpaca, Cat or Baku. This is a HUGE plush compared to every other plush I’ve gotten from a monthly subscription box. Also, he is extra soft and fluffy. I’ve found that most Japanese plushies are super soft and plush, while American plushies are made of a different material that is less plush-feeling. Also, how the heck is this related to breakfast also?? I am glad they included this plush though, but it really drives home the fact that the monthly themes of subscription boxes are more of a suggestion than a rule.

I am actually pretty happy with this box. Plushies are the way to my heart, but also TEA they included TEA!?!?! Plus, now I can make an extra post about the Sailormoon Rement-off competition. Good times.

November 2016 Doki Doki Crate

The November Doki Doki Crate has arrived! Unlike past crates, this one only has 7 items. Also unlike past crates, I am mostly pleased with all of them! This month’s theme was kawaii cafe. Since I was pleased with Decoden so many moons ago, I figured that this would be a winner too, and I’m pretty happy.

They advertised the Rilakkuma sunglasses as a big deal to start their theme of a wearable every month (but I though they were already doing that with shirts? I guess they are changinig it up). They are sunglasses. In November. Whatever.

IT’S PETIT FREAKING LAPIN! Petit Lapin last appeared in the Decoden box (or at least that is the last box I got that had a Petit Lapin) and I am so happy he’s back. Instead of a macaron, he is now a ham sandwich. What the heck? Petit Lapin loves bread now. Okay. I am 100% pleased with this plushie.

We also have a Puchi Puchi Baguette Pouch, for pens and pencils. It is very plush, which takes away space for storing pens and pencils. I like it, but on the other hand….a plush baguette? That goes along with Petit Lapin’s love for baguettes, but I think a macaron pouch would be cuter. Also shown is the Monthly Hoppe-chan, but it’s a tiny Hoppe-chan on a large slice of cake.

There is a croisstant pen. Normal ball point ink pen, but in the shape of a croissant. This makes it slightly awkward to hold. However it does come with a magnet so you can just use it as a cute refrigerator decoration instead!

A notebook in the shape of a chocolate bar with a bite taken out. I don’t like the bitten part, since it makes it all uneven. Also, this notebook smells weird. Is it the smell of sketchy plastic? Or is it supposed to be chocolate scented but fails? It’s kinda cute, so I don’t mind too much.

The box that it comes in is kinda funny. ONLY 50g of sweetness and 55g kindness, and then for style, love and happiness, we get 70g, 90g, 100g and 100g. LOL. This Doki Doki Choco is super inaccurate! And only 100 calories for 100g of happiness? No way! Whining aside, this is cute and I like it.

And finally, the damn Sailormoon Sweet Mascot Rement Blindbox, which I am NOT OPENING YET. I want to open this one and the Yume Twins one at the same time. So this will occur after Thanksgiving probably. I hope I got the Crystal Star cupcake or the original broach cupcake. The others all look wonky.

Petit Lapin and a turnover with tea, because I needed a snack after today.

So I am actually really happy about this Doki Doki Crate. The baguette bag is ridiculous, and I think I should start a collection of weird pens that I get from these crates, but I am pretty damn happy.  I think Doki Doki has finally redeemed themselves in my eyes, and I might feel okay just continuing with the subscription until graduation panic time.

Halloween 2016 QBox

Hah, of course the Halloween QBox arrived the day AFTER Halloween. However, I am actually pleasantly surprised with what I got.

I am actually really glad that this arrived, because I never look forward to having to email customer service about anything ever.

WOW this stuff is actually kind of appealing! Not as Halloweeny as I imagined, but good.

First we have some goth/halloween nail decals, more cute socks and some ghost earrings. I don’t have pierced ears, but that is kind of rare these days so I can’t hold it against them. But socks and decals are awesome.

Here we have a Halloween Hello Kitty figure, pumpkin chipmunk Tsumtsum, mummy correction tape (white out), a My Melody pass holder, a universal stand holder (that is a skeleton bandaid looking thing) and some victorian themed stickers. Why are phone stands so popular these days?

I got a Witch Hello Kitty. So yesterday, I talked about how I am not into Hello Kitty as much as I was when I was younger. Still holds true, but the nicely designed Hello Kitty merchandise is still appreciated. Those forks and spoons? No. A little witch figurine? Yes.

Finally, we have some halloween Hello Kitty stickers, a little pouch and a wallet. The pouch and wallet seem to have the same designer, but there are no markings saying who the designer is or what brand this is or what.

This box was $29.95 and then I’m estimating $7.50 for shipping (I paid $15 for shipping for the Halloween and October boxes together).  So nearly $40 for this box. I like almost everything in the box (enough with the phone stands!), although I’m not sure if I’ll use the wallet or pass case. But the Halloween QBox is much MUCH better than the standard October “cute” box.

So where do we stand with QBox?

I very much like the idea of having to manually subscribe each month, so no accidentally paying for a box when you didn’t mean to. I also really like the themes they have had in the past and currently (Alice in Wonderland, Sumikko Gurashi, etc), but with the two boxes I bought, I am kind of meh. The “Cutest Box Yet” box was disappointing, aside from the socks and tea cup. The Halloween Box was a nice mature kind of Halloween-theme (compared to the Doki Doki Halloween Crate, which was something I expect an anime nerd would go crazy over).

I am not a fan of the shipping. Their site says they will ship on X day, and then it shipped late. If they had a better social media presence, I wouldn’t mind. Qbox has a Facebook, a Twitter and an Instagram, but it seems like the Instagram is the only one that has been updated THIS YEAR. Their Facebook literally updated a year ago, and Twitter updated this past June.  If they were more active on Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram too, of course. I love Instagram) then if there were shipping delays, I would feel a bit less worried.

I do not plan on buying another Qbox. Not even a Sailor Moon themed one.

I remember not being super thrilled with several Doki Doki Crates, but at least I felt like shipping was good, and there was a huge social media presense so if I had an issue, then I could easily get in contact with someone. I don’t feel assured about this in the case of QBox.