Fanplusfriend Neo-Ludwig Mitologia Egypt Series

Mitologia is just spanish for Mythology.〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

The long awaited Bastet print from F+F is up for preorder! There are two dresses in several sizes!

First is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Dress with a Hooded Blouse. It has an open skirt front and is a sleeveless dress. However, this comes with a tulle blouse, as the model is wearing.

A view with the detachable hood of the blouse on.

There are three colors: white/gold (for daytime), green/gold (for life) and black/gold (for mystery). I really like all three of them.

The other cut is the Ancient Egypt Goddess Bastet Gauze Cape Sleeveless Dress. It includes a detachable mini capelet that buttons on the shoulders to create the little sleeves. I am a little worried about that neckline though.

I like it styled like this much, MUCH better. A blouse underneath and the bow from the other dress? I like it.

Same colors as above, except here, the dark green is paired with black, while above, it is paired with light green/gold.

I really want these dresses. ;__; I know the Lady 90 size will fit perfectly (if maybe a little big). I like the second dress in green for sure, and the first dress in black. That way, the bow from the first dress could be used with the second dress.  The black colorway makes me think of the black colorway for my LE&SE Kingdom of Faeries dress too, which is kind of a good thing.  I already have some black blouses (both long and short sleeve) that I could pair with both, and without a blouse, both of these could probably work as classy normal dresses too.

Right now they are on sale, and there is an addition 12% coupon code on top of that. With the coupon, shipping is pretty much free.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I want them!

I also need to buy jeans and other more daily normal clothes though. I guess jeans are on sale right now too…

But I want these dresses. They have CATS on them. The GODDESS OF CATS BASTET.

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Man, why do I have to be the responsible person in my family.

Summer Taobaoring Order

My last outstanding Taobao has arrived! I ordered July 2nd, and with EMS shipping and a delay with the shoes, everything arrived today.

I got shoes from Sosic Shop, hair clips and wristcuffs from Haruhiclover, and headbands from Red Maria. Also, two petticoats from Aurora&Ariel. Finally have blue shoes! I already own some of these same wristcuffs in different colors, and they are great.

The three headbands from Red Maria are identical, except pink, light blue and lavender. The little chain and gem are not removable, but I can squish the “bow” down a bit so it sits flat on my head. Also, the bows are a lie! They are not really looped bows but just sewn to look like bows.

Hair clips from Haruhi Clover. My SS wanted to make sure I only wanted 1 of each bow clip, because they are modeled as clips for pigtails (so you’d have to buy two). Maybe I will buy more later, but these look nice and seem to be pretty good quality for cheap hair bow clips. Also, Haruhi Clover included another shiny star hair clip, so now I have two. The little rose hairpin actually came with my shoes, which is kind of off, but okay, I love free gifts.

Not exactly sure on how to take a good picture of the petticoats. Not even sure which is which, but I think the Ultra Violence one is the poofier one (as it should be).

I tried on both petticoats and am disappointed, but mostly in myself. The waistband is less stretchy than expected, so I have to pull them over my head and while they technically fit, they do not fit comfortably.  Of course, I am watching my food, but life has been stressful (let me rephrase that, my FAMILY is stressful) so I have been overeating still. u__u It may be easier to replace the elastic in these instead. I will have to think about it.

There is a meet this weekend, a picnic that isn’t far from my house, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to test out these petticoats and shoes a bit more. Alas, my family is causing problems so I will have to go out of town.

Mail call!

Got home to TWO packages today. What great timing, since I had a sort of rough day.  What are they?

SOCKS. And the Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology-Air dress. I could have used those socks….the last two days. HAH. But now I should be good on lolita socks for a good long while…at least until winter. I ordered them from Aliexpress on June 30 and today is the 10th, so got here faster than expected. Yay. Later this year, I will get some nicer tights.

Tired and feeling a little unwell at the moment, so all I did was unpack my Arcadian Deer dress, and I want to go ahead and say DAMN.

DAAAAAMN. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Print looks so pretty in person. It has gold trim and the dress is shimmery and beautiful and I am super impressed.

One thing I have noticed with Angelic Pretty is that there will be a button sewn onto the strap and then the loop on the bodice, so if you want to adjust the straps to fit you better, gotta re-sew the button. But with this dress (and actually a few other taobao dresses), the button is on the bodice and the strap has button holes, so all I need to do is move to a different button hole.

Also, they included a plastic garment bag so I can protect the dress from harmful things like direct sunlight and inconsiderate smokers. AND there was a freebie hand mirror included too.

Anyway, I am 100000% sold now on getting the Water dress and maybe even the Earth dress when those are released. Right now, the only other print they have even shown is the Fire print.  However, I figure that the Water print would have mermaids or something like that, so that could scratch my itchy for a mermaid-y dress (as opposed to the r-series dress I am keeping an eye out for) and the Earth print may have some forest nymph dryad something, which would be cute too. Neither of those prints have been shown yet, only the Fire print (and obviously, the Air print).

I should probably calm down a little, at least until I wear the silly thing. :p But it is SO PRETTY ಠ◡ಠ


Moonlight Forest – Poetry of the Fantasy City RELEASE

Aka “City Castle Hella Pastel Whose Name I Cannot Remember” Print that I still cannot get because of 94cm bust and I am sad.

There are 3 OPs and 2 JSK, and I love them all, but my chest is too big so I guess at least I am saving money. Preorders are up until July 10 so if you love this print, don’t wait.


OP with frills in the front

OP with hella cute peplum (the left one, the right is the JSK)

Sailor OP

Peplum JSK


All of the L sizes are 94cm (bow JSK is 95cm) bust and waist are 84cm (Bow JSK and frilly OP have a stretchy waist that goes up to 88cm?) and are all 98cm long.

FIVE CUTS. FIVE. And not even one would fit because chest. :S I mean, they have S,M and L so definitely catering to many sizes, but would it kill them to make an XL too? Which I predict would be 98/78(78~94) if going by the pattern of the size increases from S to L. That theoretical XL would work. ;__; OH WELL at least my Arcadian Deer dress arrived at my SS and it should be here soon, and then maybe I can get other elements from that series. In August. When I am allowed to shop again. ;___;

Summer Dresses pt 2: So many Mermaids

I could have made this all one post, but the sheer number of mermaid prints and seashell purses this summer are RIDICULOUS.

First, we have a print by r-series. We have JELLYFISH and SEA CASTLES.

A whale! Ribbons!

There appears to be an OP (not shown because I couldn’t fit into it anyway) and I think this may be the JSK with a sheer bolero. Again, these are early images and I am unsure of what the cut looks like.

But this is screaming ‘Lost at Sea 2.0’ to me.

r-series is a taobao brand that seems to be one of the higher tier brands, like Krad Lanrete and Citanul. So this dress is similar to those in price (but hopefully without the reseller nonsense). Looking at a recent dress, it looks like I could fit into this dress (theoretically).  But did I mention JELLYFISH? ON THIS DRESS?

Das Lied Der Elfen also has a mermaid print. Not sure how I feel about the bodice being in the shape of a seashell, but otherwise, this is adorable.

(Are those wristcuffs on her ankle?!?)

Also with jellyfish!

And mermaid ruins?! Also, the scalloped hem is very cute! I don’t think I have personally seen that on a dress before, but I am absolutely sure this is nothing novel. I just think it’s neat.

I haven’t seen any pictures of the lighter blue colorway (like in this image), but it is much cuter, I think.  That seashell eyepatch is hilarious though.

ToAlice Mermaid Princess dress, but can’t find other images or even the link on their taobao.  It’s cute, but I am suspicious about anything from ToAlice fitting me, and I am not super fond of this colorway anyway.

And now onto the 4 sea-shaped bags.

Top two are by MilkyWay, and it appears the Jellyfish bag is no longer available, but the sea shell bag (called “Tears”) should be up soon. And then on the bottom left is a sea shell bag by NanNanSpecial, called Daughter of the Sea. It is currently for preorder. Finally, ToAlice also has a sea shell bag, because it’s the hip new thing.

What brand is going to come out with a mermaid sea print next? HMMM

Long Ears and Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Fairies OP Preliminary Review

IT’S FINALLY HERE. No time to wear it right now, so this is just a broad overview and first impressions.

Cute postcards I got along with my package. Thanks Clobba Online! I know it’s more expensive than Taobao alone, but I think I will use them anyway, at least for preorders.

This dress is very long, but I wanted the long OP. The material is a soft satin-y type, and the back bustle is chiffon and lace. The back of the bodice is fully shirred. This dress feels kind of HEAVY. But the print is so lovely in person.

Some of the decorative pins that come with the dress. The rose and ribbon pins, and a weird frilly ribbon that I am unsure of how to attach it to the dress because it lacks a pin.  OKAY so looking back at the official pictures, the ribbon pin goes at the waist, the rose at the collar and the weird extra frilly bow is tied in with the waist ties. HUH okay.

First black wristcuffs, and I though they would be more versatile to go with my upcoming Krad dress, but nah. However, I am trying to wear them in two ways here. Which way is correct? (I think the top way :p )

Finally, the headbow and veil! The bow on the headbow comes off (see the second picture) and I am unsure of how to attach the veil to the headbow. It has button holes, but there are no buttons on the headbow. Actually, the bow being adjustable isn’t the worst sin ever.  Am I to just use pins and pin the veil on my head? Damn, I’ll need to figure that out. I think I will be able to use the veil with my upcoming Krad dress, so that is being thrifty, right?

Anyway, it looks beautiful and also huge, so I don’t think I will have any fitting issues. I also kind of want to go ahead and buy the JSKI in Emerald Green, but on a no-buying-new-dresses-I-haven’t-already-preordered thing this month (and next month…and until I get a job…;__:). I am completely turned off of the lavender after seeing it worn badly in person. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Oh well.

I am still waiting for the Krad Lanrete Vampire dress (it was supposed to be released Mid-to-Late May and here we are in June, so behold the curse of Krad Lanrete taking forever to do things), and the Arcadian Deer Astrology Air (June or July?) dress. I imagine that I will be a bit antsy once I know I don’t have anything else to wait for in the mail. I might just need to be distracted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

UPDATE (7/1/2017) – tried it on, and it fits. The issue with the sleeves being too tight is apparently not even remotely an issue for me. The sleeves are super comfortable. The long OP is SUPER long though, and I am not sure if the petticoat I have will cause an awkward lampshade effect or not. It is comfy and fits, however the dress is still heavy and waaay too heavy to wear during summer in the Midwest.

Neverland/Soufflesong Thin Chiffon Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

I bought these from Taobao and not the international site, because Taobao was cheaper. Either way, it will literally take them 2 months to make these blouses. Or anything else. I think in the future, if I get anything from this brand, I will make sure it is something that only they do (like one of their dresses or prints) so that 2 month wait will be worth it. Considering I still like Strawberry Rabbit and now Sweet Cherry Deer, I think my graduation present/new job/new life gift to myself will be those dresses…if I can afford them (◡‿◡✿);;;;. (Oh nevermind Strawberry Rabbit is GONE from Taobao and the international site…damnit)

Got it in black, white and navy.  I am sure you can imagine how the black and white blouses look. It also comes in apricot, which is just their version of a cream blouse.  I considered getting it, except I couldn’t really differentiate between the white and apricot colors in their pictures, so I played it safe and just got white.

I consider these to be princess sleeves, sounds cuter than trumpet sleeves.  Tried it on, and the upper sleeves feel slightly tight. I don’t think it will be a problem. It was hot the day I tried it on, so I was glad to get this blouse off. I think this will be great for cooler weather.

The sleeves are so pretty, however I know that once I wear these out and about, I am going to constantly be worried about them falling in tea/food or getting stuck somehow. That is just part of the fun of princess style sleeves.

Taobao shop is called Neverland, tags say Soufflesong. I do like the tags here too, and the engrish. You belong to that kind, mature, lady or simple and natural, or pure, or movement, a fact that can all be fashionable.