Long Ears and Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Fairies OP Preliminary Review

IT’S FINALLY HERE. No time to wear it right now, so this is just a broad overview and first impressions.

Cute postcards I got along with my package. Thanks Clobba Online! I know it’s more expensive than Taobao alone, but I think I will use them anyway, at least for preorders.

This dress is very long, but I wanted the long OP. The material is a soft satin-y type, and the back bustle is chiffon and lace. The back of the bodice is fully shirred. This dress feels kind of HEAVY. But the print is so lovely in person.

Some of the decorative pins that come with the dress. The rose and ribbon pins, and a weird frilly ribbon that I am unsure of how to attach it to the dress because it lacks a pin.  OKAY so looking back at the official pictures, the ribbon pin goes at the waist, the rose at the collar and

the weird extra frilly bow is tied in with the waist ties. HUH okay.

First black wristcuffs, and I though they would be more versatile to go with my upcoming Krad dress, but nah. However, I am trying to wear them in two ways here. Which way is correct? (I think the top way :p )

Finally, the headbow and veil! The bow on the headbow comes off (see the second picture) and I am unsure of how to attach the veil to the headbow. It has button holes, but there are no buttons on the headbow. Actually, the bow being adjustable isn’t the worst sin ever.  Am I to just use pins and pin the veil on my head? Damn, I’ll need to figure that out. I think I will be able to use the veil with my upcoming Krad dress, so that is being thrifty, right?

Anyway, it looks beautiful and also huge, so I don’t think I will have any fitting issues. I also kind of want to go ahead and buy the JSKI in Emerald Green, but on a no-buying-new-dresses-I-haven’t-already-preordered thing this month (and next month…and until I get a job…;__:). I am completely turned off of the lavender after seeing it worn badly in person. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Oh well.

I am still waiting for the Krad Lanrete Vampire dress (it was supposed to be released Mid-to-Late May and here we are in June, so behold the curse of Krad Lanrete taking forever to do things), and the Arcadian Deer Astrology Air (June or July?) dress. I imagine that I will be a bit antsy once I know I don’t have anything else to wait for in the mail. I might just need to be distracted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Neverland/Soufflesong Thin Chiffon Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

I bought these from Taobao and not the international site, because Taobao was cheaper. Either way, it will literally take them 2 months to make these blouses. Or anything else. I think in the future, if I get anything from this brand, I will make sure it is something that only they do (like one of their dresses or prints) so that 2 month wait will be worth it. Considering I still like Strawberry Rabbit and now Sweet Cherry Deer, I think my graduation present/new job/new life gift to myself will be those dresses…if I can afford them (◡‿◡✿);;;;. (Oh nevermind Strawberry Rabbit is GONE from Taobao and the international site…damnit)

Got it in black, white and navy.  I am sure you can imagine how the black and white blouses look. It also comes in apricot, which is just their version of a cream blouse.  I considered getting it, except I couldn’t really differentiate between the white and apricot colors in their pictures, so I played it safe and just got white.

I consider these to be princess sleeves, sounds cuter than trumpet sleeves.  Tried it on, and the upper sleeves feel slightly tight. I don’t think it will be a problem. It was hot the day I tried it on, so I was glad to get this blouse off. I think this will be great for cooler weather.

The sleeves are so pretty, however I know that once I wear these out and about, I am going to constantly be worried about them falling in tea/food or getting stuck somehow. That is just part of the fun of princess style sleeves.

Taobao shop is called Neverland, tags say Soufflesong. I do like the tags here too, and the engrish. You belong to that kind, mature, lady or simple and natural, or pure, or movement, a fact that can all be fashionable.

Little Dipper Lace Chiffon Blouses

I want Little Dipper to be my favorite basic clothing Taobao shop. I want to like these blouses so I can in the future, buy more clothes from this shop and live out my dreams of being super cute but also comfy and basic.

I got a short sleeve blouse in black, and “lotus sleeve” (medium length) sleeve blouses in pink, white and cream. This is my first cream blouse, so that is exciting. The pink and cream blouses also have white lace on them. This blouse was also available in grey when I ordered, but decided against it.

Tried on the black blouse but not any of the others. Arm elastic is a concern, but it’s not too bad. I think over time, the elastic softens up a bit. Also, trying to slim my arms a bit too, so that will help. The larger size allows for a bust up to 120cm. It fits as expected and the fabric feels slightly heavier than the other chiffon blouses I own.

Are these not the cutest tags ever? AP doesn’t even have a cute bunny shaped tag.

Lace details are important! There are stars, because this brand is Little Dipper, like the constellation! It actually took me awhile to make that connection. Custom lace like this makes me so happy.

Comparison of the white and the cream blouses.

And now comparing the white, cream and pink. This pink is a softer pink color compared to the Diamond Honey blouse.  I can’t wait to wear these blouses, since they are so cute.

So which do I like better, the Diamond Honey blouses or these? I will make that final call after I have actually worn them. However, just from first impressions, I like these better.

Diamond Honey Sweet Heart Summer 2WAY Blouse

Not exactly sure how this is a 2-way blouse.

I saw these online from Diamond Honey‘s Taobao shop and the colors were super amazingly cute, so I ordered some.

Got white (always get white blouses), pink, lavender and black for some reason. There is also brown, red and mint blue. I almost got the blue instead of the black.

I tried it on and it fits ok. This is just a half blouse, so it’s short, but it fits as expected. The listed size is busts of 86-120cm.  Only worry I ever have with these kinds of blouses are the elastic on the arms and if they will dig into my arm and look bad.

A better picture of the blouse.

The tag is so cute, so I am saving it.

So after I got all my blouses yesterday, I steamed them and hung them up, and then sprayed a little perfume on them to get rid of the weird plastic smell. I was then folding them to put them away, when I noticed this atrocity.

What the heck is this stain on the pink blouse already?!?! There is a second one under the ruffle as well. I checked how I hung up the blouse to make sure it wasn’t something from the plastic hanger, checked where I hung it up, checked the perfume, checked the streamer. Nope. Nothing I have done to this blouse would have caused the stain.

This is really disappointing, because I was looking forward to this blouse the most (of the Diamond Honey blouses). Not sure how visible it will be when worn under a JSK. Hopefully hidden. I don’t even know how to remove this stain. It might even be an abnormality in the fabric itself. That said, it would be entirely too much effort and chaos to try and return a $10 blouse to China, so we will suffer with the stain.

UPDATE (6/4/2017): So I wore the pink blouse for ILD, and the stain wasn’t visible. Today, I washed it in the washing machine on delicate and in the dryer on delicate…and the stain is GONE. So that is nice. So if you got a stained Diamond Honey chiffon blouse, maybe running it through the wash would be helpful.

TaobaoRing Order Review

I made two orders in early March, one March 3rd, and the other March 10th.

The March 3rd order contained Neverland items, so it was gonna take about 2 months for them to be made (according to Neverland). The shoes from Sosic Shop arrived at TaobaoRing about a week after the order.

The March 10th order was blouses from Diamond Honey and Little Dipper. The Diamond Honey blouses arrived first, and then the Little Dipper blouses arrived later. It was the pink blouse that held up the order. However, these were all preorders that were supposed to ship early April but apparently things got behind. This is more on the shops themselves and not TaobaoRing.

I got the message to pay for shipping on May 9th, so 2 months and some days for the Neverland order and a day short of 2 months for the blouse order. I paid, and got the shipping notice the next day.  I used EMS shipping, which ended up costing about what I expected (around $50 for the Neverland and shoes order, because shoes, and $30 for the other blouse order), and they were delivered today. So 6 days to ship from TaobaoRing to my house in Midwest USA.

Neverland and shoes order

Shoes are securely packed inside.

And here we have a pile of blouses. In total, I got 11 chiffon blouses (3 black, 3 white, 2 pink, 1 lavender, 1 cream, 1 navy) and 2 pairs of shoes, one red and one pink.  This should cover any and all blouse needs for awhile, particularly since they are chiffon and thus warm. The Neverland blouses have princess sleeves and some of the Little Dipper blouses are medium sleeve.

I’ll review things more individually later.

I am very pleased with TaobaoRing as a Taobao shopping service. I will definitely use them again in the future. I felt that the shipping was fast and reasonably priced, they provided images before shipping, and the fees were not that bad. If there were questions about something I ordered, they would message me to double check, and I think their site is super easy to use to set up an order.

Grove Deer 17 Years Forever Month OP

Not sure what the actual name it, but google translate says “+17年永昼之月+” is approximately “17 years forever month”. I don’t know. The name isn’t important, the dress is.

Links for the Short OP and Long OP, for reference.

I was just thinking the other day that while fancy printed lolita dresses are great, if I was to consider this to be daily fashion, I would want more solid pieces. Particularly thinking of Little Dipper, because they have a lot of solid pieces and also seem to be size friendly. But then I found out about these Grove Deer OPs.

Now that you are done scrolling down forever, I can gush over them. These same dresses were for sale last year, and it looks like there is a second release. T_T These are exactly the kind of dress I could imagine wearing for more toned down, everyday wear. There is a long and a short version (so 104cm and 94cm long), and I think I would go for the longer OPs. I want…all the colors. T__T Especially the peach, pink and the dusty lavender grey color. But the black and wine are so pretty too…and of course I subconsciously always want navy for some reason.

There are two sizes, S-M and L-XL, and the L-XL has a bust of 90-106cm and waist of 66-84. These would fit perfectly fine and would be so comfy.

At the moment, I am done buying lolita clothes (until I get a job and my life is otherwise together), but I think I will save up to buy future dresses similar to this one. I just want a whole wardrobe of cute, comfy dresses so I can easily wear cute stuff instead of constantly resorting to jeans and t-shirts for daily life.

Spring Lolita Update of the Week

No point in weekly updates if I am only ever inspired at random intervals.

Haenuli announced a the Royal Kitten in black, blue and green, and the Royal Puppy in black only. This is apparently a re-release of the Royal Kitten print from 2013, which had red, purple and grey colorways. That is from way before I was paying attention to any of this, so I thought this was a new print. Ha ha whoops.

Royal Puppers and Nyans. On one hand, not sure how I feel about it being so photo-realistic. I mean, everything is photo-realistic here. The cats, the crowns, the puppy, the frames, the flowers and random rabbits and deer. Not a huge fan of the colors either. I suppose I am more into pastels in general.

The pupper though. He’s so cute. Even with all the qualms I have about this print, and Haenuli dresses so far (the more recent releases are usually around $270 USD so a little less than Japanese brand but a lot more than Taobao brand, and also I have yet to see a cut I really love), I want the black puppy and the black kitty prints. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ  I really liked the print for The Story You Don’t Know, but I wasn’t a fan of either JSK cut (JSK I was too plain for the cost, and JSK2 had the pentagram halter straps that I am not a fan of, at least not for lolita fashion). I think I would be more excited for a nice lavender and/or pink colorway…We will just have to see what the dresses look like, and if they are different from the OP, JSK and skirt from 2013.

Metamorphose temps de fille (or just Meta) is a brand I have mostly ignored, because they only list one bust/waist measurement, so I have been paranoid that nothing would fit. I asked around, and apparently it is actually one of the most forgiving brands in terms of stretch. So just to wait for a release that I think is super cute…

Oh shit look at this. This is what I picture in my mind when I think of stereotypical sweet lolita (as opposed to the stuff I end up actually buying). I think I will eventually look for Bakery Cafe second hand.

Little Dipper JSK that is similar to an OP they released earlier.

Still waiting on my blouses from Little Dipper and Dear Celine (they were supposed to be shipped on the 12th to my shopping service but haven’t heard anything so far). However, whenever I look at the Little Dipper web shop, everything looks so comfy and soft. I would like to save up some money and get a bunch of basics from them, and that could be my theoretical daily lolita clothes.

Hunting Mushrooms Doll is a brand I have never heard of before, but they posted this release, Royal Irtysh Princess. Custom sized, but the big selling point is all those 3D hand sewn flowers.

This dress is crazy busy.

Is that lace supposed to connect there?

Moonlight Forest is BACK. Last April, these dresses were released and I decided to not buy them. Also, for some reason I though it was from Angel’s Heart. No, the actual name of this is Moonlight Forest (that is the brand) and the print is Fantasy Castle.

Ahhhh this was so damn cute, but the bust only goes up to 94cm which is why I didn’t get it. In addition to trying to be financially responsible. Ha. Although now, I wonder

Man, it was so pretty. It still is so pretty. I wanted the JSK in both colorways, but alas, didn’t happen. The print itself, the little star buttons, the overlays…

And now, as if I did not suffer enough last year, they are re-releasing the print! With new colorways! And new cuts!

AHHHH actually conflicted on this cut. Sure, it is only a drawing, but it looks longer and the overlay is longer too, which is nice. What I am less okay with are the bare shoulders and the v-line of lace.

AHHHH And also a Sailor style OP? I am not a huge fan of sailor style OPs for myself, but damnit this is cute.

The four colorways appear to be light blue, dark blue, lavender and dark purple. Last year, it was only light and dark blue. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ But they’re all so damn cute. If I had bought the two JSKs last year, I’d still go buy more JSKs in the new colorways this year. But I won’t, because chances are, there is still a 94cm max bust and that just isn’t going to work for me.