Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Faeries 2018 Release

Wow, they are releasing a TON of stuff here.

First, some tights! But you can only buy them if you are buying a dress with this release. Their page makes it sound like you may be allowed to buy them if you bought a dress from the previous release, but it is not clear.

But they are pretty! And I would never be able to fit my fat ass into them.

Now onto the dress cuts, since that is what I really care about. There is one OP, two JSKs and a skirt.  I am not going to post about the skirt because I would not even consider it.

First is Embroidery JSK I.

The five colors are light turquoise (first image, left), navy (first image, right), black red (second image, left), icy blue (second image, right), and emerald (shown below in middle of JSKII picture).  Also, this release is made of Kokka cotton, while the last release was polyester (although printed at Kokka, whatever that means).  Emerald and Black Red are repeats from the last release, so the light turquoise, icy blue and navy are new variants. I really like the navy. The embroidery on the bodice is a really nice touch.  This cut feels less like a fairy themed dress and more like European royalty, possibly due to the embroidery.

The measurements for this JSK are as follows:

Size 1:
Bust 80-88cm, High waist 68-76cm, Dress length 88cm, Length from shoulder to waist 31cm.
Size 2:
Bust 88-96cm, High waist 76-84cm, Dress length 90cm, Length from shoulder to waist 33cm.

The second JSK is this High Waist JSK II, and I really like it.  It is LONG. It has a POCKET (actually JSK I has a pocket too). I really like the little overlay effect. This dress has a cute fairy feeling to it.

Size 1: Bust 80-88cm, Underbust 70-76cm, Dress length 95cm, Length from shoulder to waist 28cm,
Size 2: Bust 88-96cm, Underbust 76-82cm, Dress length 97cm, Length from shoulder to waist 30cm,

Unfortunately,this cut is not more forgiving than the other JSK cut, also the whole trying to save money business.

The OP comes in three sizes, but there is no mention of pockets. But it is pretty and is also very long.  I have been wanting longer dresses lately so this would be perfect.

Size 1: Bust 84cm, Waist 66cm, Dress length 105cm, Shoulders width 34cm, Length from shoulder to waist 34cm, Sleeve length 63cm

Size 2: Bust 90cm, Waist 72cm, Dress length 106cm, Shoulders width 35cm, Length from shoulder to waist 35cm, Sleeve length 64cm

Size 3:
Bust 96cm, Waist 78cm, Dress length 107cm, Shoulders width 36cm, Length from shoulder to waist 36cm, Sleeve length 65cm

There is also a blouse they are releasing that has the same style of sleeves as the OP, which is a nice touch. But also, there are a TON of different accessories being released with the dresses.

This nice little lace bolero. It only comes in white, which is kind of a bummer but life goes on.

For headdresses, there is a crown, a bonnet, a round headdress, a flat type “Butterfly Veil” headdress, a pearl chain headdress, some ugly wristcuffs and a necklace. And something new is that these headpieces can be purchased without a dress order.

The crown. It can be purchased in a set with a veil and the chain headdress.

The chain headdress which comes with a veil but it’s not pictured here. Go figure.

The bonnet, which is reversible? How do bonnets even work.

The Butterfly Veil headdress, which I love.

The round headdress, which I also love. Except what the fuck are those fabric butterflies attached to the veil itself. That will be awkward as heck and I would remove it. Also, is this a headband or a clip? It looks like a clip and that would be really heavy…

Since this is the preorder phase, custom sizing IS available, for a fee of $12 or $22 depending on how much bigger you need to go. That is actually very reasonable for custom sizing fees, which seem to be going up all the time.

If I had money to burn, I would get the OP and the High Waist JSK, likely with one in navy and the other in emerald (since I didn’t get emerald last time).  The navy feels like a blue version of the Black Red, which I have and really like.  I would have to size up because their Size 2 for both are just slightly too small (I would be more comfortable with 98cm bust and 84cm high waist/underbust to be safe according to the +4cm rule, and maybe they can make the OP shoulders a little bit wider???). I love how long those cuts are though. I would also want the cute lace bolero, and the Butterfly Veil headdress and round headdress.


Long Ears and Sharp Ears Blood Moonlight Waltz

Whelp, I am not getting this print after all.

There is a dress set (extra fancy OP with a bonnet and choker included), a long sleeve OP, two JSKs and a skirt. The colorways are wine, navy, black/brown and black/purple.

JSK2 in blue on the top left, then the OP in black/purple on top right. JSK1 in wine on the bottom left, and the dress set in black/brown on the bottom right. As usual, I don’t care about the skirt cut, but it appears to be a high waist skirt.

Not a huge fan of any of the cuts. JSK1’s neckline bothers me, and JSK2 all together is just meh. I don’t like the vest-style bodice and I don’t like the faux open underskirt style of skirt (that is more acceptible if it is a back bustle, but as a front bustle, I am not a fan). I would combine the bodice style of the dress set with the skirt of JSK1, with a bustle in the back. Maybe a more simple bodice than dress set, but combine with the waist ribbon from JSK2.  I would probably be the most okay with the Dress Set cut if it was a JSK.

On top of disliking the cuts, the bust for all of these only go up to 96cm. >__> Custom sizing IS available, for $10 for <100cm and $20 for >100cm, however the cuts do not make it worth it for me.

It’s better that I am not preordering more dresses right now, but I had hopes for this. Oh well.  Now also worrying that Camelot Market will be disappointing too, but that’s okay because it just frees up money for other things, right? Ugh, but I really love this brand so far. Maybe I just want sweeter things right now.

Right now, it is up for preorder on Taobao and Clobba, and the Storenvy will likely start taking orders soon. On Clobba, they are asking for 50% of the full price, and indicate the dresses will ship in March.

Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology ~FIRE~

For some reason, simply googling “Arcadian Deer Taobao” was failing me, so this is their shop: https://arcadiandeer.taobao.com/

Anyway, I was actually looking for more details on their Light and Breezy OP.

I like it but Little Dipper also has solid OPs that I KNOW would fit so I am tempted there. But I was curious and think it would be cute roomwear. Anyway, while looking at Arcadian Deer’s weibo, I found full preview pictures of the Fire Dress!

Red colorway JSK, looks nice. I was expecting red. This looks nice.

Black is nice too. This also appears to be a different JSK cut, and I like it better.

OP cut, and also FUCK IT IS PINK. Weibo also mentions there will be a skirt, which they had for the Air print also.  I have no plans to go for a skirt or OP, has to be a JSK. But SO many options this time around, with 2 JSK cuts and 3 colorways. I guess the Air release was successful (yay).

Their weibo indicates that it will go on sale around New Years. Wait…Chinese New Years (late January) or Standard(Jan 1) New Years?  Either way, it’s fine, because as they said on weibo:

考虑到你们已经没钱了,我打算把火象放到过年上! ​​​​

(this translates to “Taking into account that you have no money, I intend to put the fire on the New Year! The company is located in:”)

Bless Arcadian Deer for knowing my life situation.  But oh goodness, which colorway? The red is very traditionally “fire”, but the black looks nice and the pattern pops really well. But also, PINK. The pink does not seem fire-y at all, and the pattern looks slightly washed out against it, but then again I got the ligher periwinkle colorway for Air and the pattern looks great.  I almost always get pink when pink is an option too. But it looks so regal and elegant and I love it. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) I WAS NOT EXPECTING A THIRD COLORWAY! The pink doesn’t really feel “firey” to me either, but I still love it.

Thankfully, I have time to think about this. I will keep an eye out, because I already decided months ago that I am going to buy this.

What if it comes down to this dress vs Fairy Rose Museum on sale though…⊙︿⊙;; that is a tough one. At least you can find brand for sale secondhand…

Krad Lanrete Dullahan

I have done a good job of restraining myself. No Pink Up Devil Emblem, no Little Dipper dresses (neither of them!), no F+F anything.

And then Krad Lanrete releases previews of this dress, Dullahan. If I am fortunate, they won’t actually release it until next year, right?

Oh no, I love this print style. It is exactly the type of crap I love. For colorways, it looks like there is navy, grey/lavender (but they are calling it “foggy ash”), wine and black (“black coffee” is the translation so it may be slightly brown).

First image I found is of one of the JSKs, but there are usually two.  This is pretty cute.

OP? other JSK? I like this one a but better since it has a more plain skirt.

On Krad Lanrete’s weibo, it appears to have a date of 10-20-2017, which is today, so it should have order pages posted, right? YUP.

JSK I in blue…what the fuckity fresh hell is this cut? Is this the same as the first image I posted?? The weird neck ruffle can be removed, to show a pretty normal square cut collar with minimal frills.

There is one size, with a bust of 88-98cm (best to be below 94cm), and a waist of 68-84cm (best if below 80cm), and it is 94cm long.  Why is the bustle not totally in the front OR the side, but at a weird angle? Why corset lacing the way is it there? WHY.

JSK II in grey/lavender! The second modeled dress I posted looks lavender, and this looks more grey. I don’t know. And it has the cute peplum ruffles at the side. I like this one the best. There is one size, with a bust of 88-98cm, and a waist of 68-82cm, and it is 94cm long.

Finally, the OP in wine. What the heck is going on with the collar here.

The OP comes in two sizes though, M (bust 84-96cm, waist 70-86cm, 94cm long) and L (bust 88-100cm, waist 74-90cm, 95cm long).

Look at those SPOOKY DETAILS. And it’s a cotton dress.

If this is actually released now, then I expect Clobba will get it sometime next week. I originally though I would want the wine or navy colorways, but the more I look at the lavender ash colorway, the more I like it. Not going for black, since I have Transilvania Moonlight in black and these prints feel similar to me.

After my previous experiences with Krad Lanrete headpieces, I am NOT going to bother with these headpieces. Ha ha ha nope. I may be able to reuse the Transilvania Moonlight headpiece with this, or just find a different one.

Little Dipper Camouflage Alice Series

It is called “伪装爱丽丝系列” on the site, and Google Translate says “伪装” is camouflage, or disguise. Maybe it is just a plain ol’ Alice style dress. Maybe it is supposed to be Hidden Alice. I have no idea.

Which it really kind of is. It hits all the points of looking like Alice.

I like the flower lace, but am not so much a fan of the ribbon lacing on the front and sleeves. But according to their site, the shoulders go up to 42cm. That is my new concern- my shoulders cannot fit into anything.

I would get pink, not light blue. Pink is superior.

And then there is red and I do want a Christmas-y type dress still. The flower lace must be dyed to match the fabric, but it IS there still. Maybe only the pastel colorways have white lace.

This is what it looks like without the apron. Also, black colorway! With black lace flowers! Also, not shown here but on the Taobao page, the little collar is removable too.

It appears there is a long version and a short version, but these pics are all of the short version and I am not exactly sure how the order page distinguishes between them.  Usually I can pick out characters, but I am having trouble today.

There are also matching headbows.

In other news, the Lady Victoria Rose Jewelry dress from BTSSB is up for reservation until the 9th.  Upon closer inspection, there are some weird bits in the print that I don’t really like, such as photo realistic portraits of some lady who must be Lady Victoria. I’m more excited about this Alice knockoff dress and that Ista Mori meme dress than I am about real brand. Hah, I am so odd.

October Wishlist – Taobao edition

HECK. Why do there have to be a ton of releases when I should not be buying things?

Ista Mori Nameless Poem is a meme dress, in that it was super popular, size friendly, and cheap, so the meme is that lots of people have the dress. I too want the dress, because it is going up for sale.

The original meme dress.

There is also a version without the cross embroidery, which I would get. Also, WINE COLORWAY.


This will go up for order on October 5. I want it. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ The winexwhite and the blackxwhite. There is also a whitexblack.

A few weeks back, there was an event called Dream Masquerade Carnival, where Long Ears & Sharp Ears/Pink Up participated in a fashion show with a bunch of upcoming prints. No Devil Emblem, but there are a TON of dresses that I want. These are all taken from Facebook.

Moonlight Waltz in black. This STRONGLY reminds me of Krad’s Beauty and the Beast print.  I love this kind of artwork on a print. Is that a vampire on there too? =^● ω ●^= Or just some elegant nobleman?

Camelot Market, again, a similar art style to Moonlight Waltz and some Krad prints. This blue colorway isn’t bad…


Finally, there is this print, which I can’t find a name for yet.  I want to see more detail in this dress before deciding if I want it yet or not.

Other wise, I want Moonlight Waltz in some colorway and Camelot Market in ivory. Maybe AP will continue to be totally disappointing so I will have extra money for dresses.

OH WAIT, BTSSB released a bunch of stuff I want too…but it gets its own post.

Little Dipper Tasman Solid JSK Series (UPDATED)

“Tasman” is what Google Translate is using for “塔斯亚”, and google search of those characters brings up Tasmania, so…Tasman JSK it is.

I LOVE IT ;__; It will come in short (as shown) and long. The long has option for weird circular ruffles on the skirt, but they are optional. Available colors will be light blue, apricot, maroon red (cyanosis?), 绀 (process of elimination says that this is the navy blue!), black, lotus root (this is pink?) and green.

Little Dipper only has the preview pages up, so not sure on size or even preview pictures of all colors yet. But oh man, I want them. (ヽ `д´)┌┛★)`з゜) THEY ARE SIMPLE AND BASIC LIKE ME. I am not even concerned about how the bodice has ruffles. I love ruffles.

_(:3」∠)_ I guess I will just wait and see about this dress. I want the pink and maybe other colors too.

Also when is Arcadian Deer coming out with the Fire dress?!?

UPDATE 8/25/2017
So preorders are open from today until September 15, Chinese time. LOOK AT THESE AND HOW LOVELY THEY ARE. And they are only $44/45 each (if you get the ones lacking the weird circle ruffle, which I would).

Light yellow/beige. I like it. The other model of this dress is in light blue, but I already have a light blue dress and don’t feel like I really need another one. Not now anyway.

A nice dark green. I don’t have any green dresses yet.

Wine red. Wouldn’t this be a nice Christmas dress? Or Valentine’s Day dress? Or just to wear whenever because it is pretty?

I am not showing the black or navy blue dresses. Actually, both the long and short versions come in all of the colors (pink, yellow, light blue, navy blue, wine red, green and black) but they are only modelling the long dresses in the darker colors and the lighter colors with the short dress.

I want the pink dress for sure, in the shorter cut, and I am thinking about getting the red and green dresses in the longer cut. However, I am going to wait until September before deciding for sure. Torn on the yellow dress. Ha I kind of want the pink dress in both cuts because I am ridiculous. (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง Come September, I will think about what I can afford and if I still want this.